Your top ten tarot decks

Last week, I shared your top ten tarot cards, as chosen by the 520 people among you who took my recent wee survey.

It’s been so great reading through your answers, finding out what really makes you tick, why you love the cards you love.

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This week, I’m presenting your top ten tarot decks!

Here they are, in order of preference. Altogether you mentioned over 150 decks in the survey – is your favourite below? Let us know in the comments!


1. The Wild Unknown Tarot

Kim Krans’ beautiful, sparse and modern tarot is beloved by many. Along with my Rider-Waite-Smith (in second place) this is my favourite deck too – it’s the one I use for most of my readings.

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2. Rider-Waite-Smith (including Centennial and Radiant versions)

Many of you said this was the deck you learned with – and the one you keep coming back to. That’s my experience too – whenever I feel a little detached from my cards, or lost, or I just need to talk to a really good friend, I come back to Pamela Colman Smith’s distinctive illustrations and everything seems to make sense.

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3. The Shadowscapes Tarot

I was so excited to see Stephanie Piu-Mun Law’s beautiful fine-art deck coming out so high in the poll – it’s another of my favourites. It was the second deck I ever got, marking the moment that I realised there was more than one way to read a card (imagine that!)

It also has a book written by the wonderful Barbara Moore (and it’s worth getting the deck purely for this!)

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4. The Collective Tarot

Lovers of this pioneering deck were divided into two camps – those who joyfully proclaim they have a copy…and those who wring their hands and pray for the day it will be published again. Whether you own it or not, a lot lot lot of you love this radical, queer tarot.

The Collective Tarot is out of print, but if you’re on my mailing list, I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as I hear about a reprint (there’s a rumour going round right now…)

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5. The Fountain Tarot

It was great to see this deck coming out so highly, considering it was only published a few months ago! Fans are in love with the detailed illustrations, muted yet powerful colours and the feeling of ‘connectedness’ they find in these cards.

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Buy this deck from the Little Red Tarot shop!


6. The Wildwood Tarot

This nature-based deck has a cult following of folks who use it to feel more in tune with seasons and natural rhythms. It’s based on the Wheel of the Year, combining seasons, ancient festivals, elements and a revisioned system of tarot to provide really thought-provoking readings.

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7. The Motherpeace Tarot

I don’t have the Motherpeace Tarot – one of the first feminist tarot decks and one of the first to have round cards – but plenty of you do.

Read a guest post about this deck here: Motherpeace: Watercolours of the Second Wave

silicon dawn extra cards

Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

Egypt Urnash’s sci-fi, trans-friendly, deviant, kinky, brilliant little deck is divisive, but those of you who love it, absolutely adore it.

Read a brilliant review of this deck.


The Dreaming Way Tarot

Aww, I’m so glad this snuck in at the end, it’s another of my own favourites! Quirky, modern, and incredibly insightful, this is another I turn to for client readings. It’s also the best-dressed tarot around, in my opinion!

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The Prisma Visions Tarot

Another that I don’t have, so again, over to you. If you’re among the many who love this deck, do you fancy writing a review or a post about it? Let me know!


So – what about you? Are your favourites listed above? Let us know!


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  1. Christine says:

    Anybody else in love with Mary-El tarot? I recently looked through all the cards on her website and got huuuuuggeee chills. I have to admit I’m a bit intimidated by its intensity and scope, but it really pulled on my gut.

  2. Hey Beth, it’s Cassandra–AMAZING list and I’m coming around on the Dreaming Way getting added to my wish list and library. Really lovely list overall.

    I have and adore both the Motherpeace and Prisma Visions if you’re looking for write-ups! Just let me know. Blessed be.

  3. Jeanna says:

    Shadowscapes was also my second deck! <3

    Tarot of the Silicon Dawn totally intimidated the fuck out of me when I first started doing tarot, but now. Now. Now I want it. Next deck. Yup. Yup yup. Xxx

  4. Jay says:

    Oh man, the Prisma Visions is my favorite deck currently – I actually just read with it today publicly for the first time as a promotion for a local Pagan and Spiritual group I co-run. I’d love to see someone do a review of it, its SUCH a nifty little deck. The Fountain is next on my buying list, when I have some cash to spare, and I can already tell I’m going to fall in love with it.

  5. Amy Jane says:

    Have you ever talked about how you choose which deck you’re using for a particular reading?

    I find that having multiple decks can be a *tiny* bit anxiety-producing, since even the same cards will result in a different reading.

  6. A few of these decks are new to me, will have to keep my eye out for them! My first deck was the Voyager tarot, which is still one of my faves. I also love the DruidCraft, which I think is by the same people as the Wildwood tarot.

  7. Gavin says:

    Hi Beth!
    New to tarot but getting along fine .. My fav deck is the SmithWaite centennial deck, but my second deck that I use for learning purposes is the Eternal Tarot by glorian publishing, pictures are beautiful and their web page gives informative lessons on the major arcanum. However other no one else seems to have given their 2cents worth and I’m dying to read a review other than from a gnostic source. It could be because there is no suite divisions in the minor arcanum, but with a little homework it can be worked out.. Maybe one day you’ll take a look 🙂 ?

    A deck that didn’t gel well with me and one that stays in the back of my drawer is the Hermetic Tarot , maybe I’m to much of a novice but the picture has to speak to me at face value together with the other pictures in the spread and not be clouded with too much complex geometry, something that Smith Waite and Eternal Tarot both do !

  8. Thanks for this list! I was in the bookstore with cash in hand but was totally overwhelmed by choice as per usual. I bought the Wild Unknown deck and it’s amazing. I feel very connected to it already. Perhaps because the artist is a Portlander too. It’s a great complement to my Tarot of the Trees and Thoth decks. Well done!

  9. Rachel Lewick says:

    Hey there Beth! I’ve been stuck on your site for a couple days now <3 Thanks for the ABUNDANCE and wealth of knowledge you bring to the community with your blog! Thanks to you and all your mentioning of journaling, I have finally picked up and started my own tarot journal! I have been fumbling around with my deck and finally put my pen to paper and it was amazing what I was able to connect with while I read my cards. Lets just say a few pages later, I surprised my self with how much I had to "say"! My favorite deck is the Dream's of Gaia Tarot by Raven Phellen and her Messenger oracle deck. Phenomenal art and so much messagry and symbolism with a great balance of masculine and feminine energies. I also use my Shades of Magic deck by ElenariMagic when I want to go a little deeper and need more direct guidance. Thanks 🙂 – Rachel

    • Beth says:

      Wow Rachel – thanks for sharing all of this, and for the lovely comments! So great you’ve gotten off to a good start with your journal! Good luck on your tarot journey, and hope you’ll hang out here and share your discoveries as you go xxx

  10. Kate Mayfair-Taylor says:

    I am in love with the Tarot Illuminati……very very busy but beautiful, opulent and sensual imagery….gold edges too!! Worth a look…

  11. Frankie says:

    By the dates this article is a year old. I wish I had seen it sooner. Just getting into Tarot. (my first deck didn’t make your list. However, maybe it’s because it was the warming up to the idea deck. And it chose me. Still love that deck.) The second deck made your list. “Shadowscapes” . Originally purchased for my sister. (and I had to open them to have a look. One look and it was over. I kept them. I left a very strong connection with them. So much so I’ve been learning double deck reading.

  12. Tina says:

    Thank you for your post…through it I’ve discovered the Dreaming Way deck and love it! I am considering keeping it for personal/friends/family readings only because it is so special.

  13. Louis Souza says:

    Your post about this tarot decks looks not serious in any way. More than one are unknown by tarot readers, except Rider Waite.

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