Your own personal compass

Everyone needs a compass

Something that gives their lives direction…or if it doesn’t do that then at least lets them know in which direction they’re heading, and where to go next.

In the past couple of weeks I’ve received several separate questions from people seeing ‘direction’ in their life. A pretty common request I think, but I struggled to find a spread that answered it just right.

tarot personal compass

I created a different spread for each querent based on the nuances of their particular question, but the one I liked best was the one I’ve shown below.

There are no positions we’ve not come across before in other spreads, and it starts off rather similar to the Celtic Cross… but I found it uniquely helpful in answering this querent.

Personal Compass tarot spread

Your tarot personal compass spread

1. You at this moment

2. ‘Crossing card’: something which you are carrying at this time

3. ‘Basis’: what has brought you here

4. Something which is leaving your life

5. Something which is coming into your life

6 Resources you can call upon in moving forward (x 3 cards)

7. A word of advice…

8. A purpose or direction in which to head

It’s based on the importance of examining the present in order to find possible ‘direction’; the querent right now and the energies surrounding them.

tarot personal compass

I’m in the habit at the moment of beginning most readings with the small cross, and that felt appropriate here, along with the ever-useful ‘basis’ card, and cards for energies moving into and out of the querent’s life.

After card 4 or 5 there’s space to pause and ‘sum up’ the reading so far with a picture of where the querent is at.

Then there’s the resources part, cards 6, 7 and 8, which I really like. I’d firstly tried labelling these for mental, emotional, physical resources, but decided in the end to simply let them be what they were without those added constraints. Again, after drawing these cards, I took a moment to sum up the picture there – a really positive little package for the querent.

Finally, there’s that handy little ‘word of advice’ card, and finally a ‘direction’, answering the original question, but bringing in everything we’ve learned along the way. These last two cards provide a course of action for the querent which can be linked directly to the resources.

I left the only home I knew
I stayed alive and I found you
Now I take you where the water’s deep
And make the air you breathe so sweet

But is it not enough to be complete? Please?
Let me give you everything you need, please?

We found a way, we found a street
Directions sweat under the sheets
And I let you have it, let you have it

But it can be a lonely place
Desire comes, desire fades
There’s a bright one caught your fancy eye
It’s okay so long as you stay mine

And I’m so number one that it’s a shame, a shame
That you let other numbers in the game

Now I suffer for your hungry eye
Oh why must it see more than mine?
It’s a light you’re after, ’cause light moves faster

But when I ride again into the night
My torch will shoot flames strong and bright
And my absence will remind you of
How tough it is to be in love

And it’s not what I think it’s what you say, hey
And it works great for you to have your way, hey

But if the west can be a desperate place
You search all day for just a taste
Of the cold, cold water, cold, cold water

And if you think I’ve gone too long
Listen the sky will sing this song
As it burns up all the memories
That flow like water out of me.

Mirah – Cold Cold Water

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  1. Erin says:

    Nice little spread. Think it captured things accurately. After all those resources it seems the direction I should be heading is represented by the Wheel of Fortune. So in the end, looks like fate will unfold as it should.

  2. Elena Hummingbird says:

    Hello, Little RedcTarot! Can you please help me with something? What are the blank cards for? I think they are for a rearrangement, for when you add the 9 and 10 maybe? What are they for? Further information? Sorry to bother with something so minor, but I am very new to this, and also English is not my first language so I might have misunderstood something essential you said.
    P.s. I suffer from anxiety, so eversince I discovered you page, from time to time I like to fall asleep reading it, because it maxes me feel protected and at ease 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Hey Elena! I’m so glad my website is a comfort to you! Thank you so much for being here.

      The blank cards aren’t blank, basically they’re all part of position 6 – your resources. So you have three cards representing your resources.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Elena Hummingbird says:

    Ooh, and then 9 – advice, and 10 – direction! Thank you so much Beth! Lovely, cozy place here!
    I thank you for your generosity of sharing your heart and mind with us 🙂 Keep warm!

  4. panne says:

    I’m not very good at reading individually, it’s just easier for me to take the whole reading in and..understand it? idk.
    this hit me right in the chest with accuracy, so thank you for posting this spread

  5. bluespunk says:

    thank you for writing this!
    i had to laugh when i lay down the third card. it was the devil. in the deck i use (silicone dawn), the devil is a pretty interesting figure though. and rather frightening the way the worls is frightening anyways, so.

  6. Melisa says:

    So in my resources section I got the Devil, and King of Cups reversed and The Emperor reversed. What the… should I not read the reversals in this position? L

    • It’s up to you how you interpret the reversals – and there are many options. Just because they’re reversed doesn’t make them incapable of being helpful resources. :]

  7. Elle Loughan says:

    Thank you for creating such a beautiful space, easy to navigate and relatable. I would love some insight as I’m just starting my journey with Tarot.
    In position #4 I pulled The Chariot and in position #5 I pulled the 4 of pentacles. At first I thought I miss placed the cards, but I should’ve known better – there is no “miss placed” with The Tarot.
    Any guidance and/or interpretation that could provide clarity would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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