Luke Dani Blue

Luke Dani Blue is a fiction writer and accidental nomad currently based out of Alberta, Canada.

They’re also a typical Capricorn does-it-count-as-workaholism-if-i-love-it? workaholic, so when they’re not writing, they’re astrologizing! Astrology found Luke around 15 years ago. It was the first language that described who they were and helped untangle the most private, difficult parts of their experience.

Luke writes the Star-Crossed series on Little Red Tarot.

Most of Luke’s days now are spent counseling astrology clients all around the world via the miracle of the internet about the good and hard stuff going on their lives. You can find fun (yet accurate) writing and videos about the lighter side of astrology at Luke’s website, Seagoat Astrology.



Luke’s posts on Little Red Tarot