The well of love – Page of Cups

Ah, the Page of Cups. Seeker of true emotion and compassion – true love. The Page of Cups, from the Anna K Tarot, by Anna Klaffinger. I chose him for myself for the coming weekend, the moving house weekend, as a representation of the kind of energy I wanna be channelling. It’s a move that brings with it the potential for awkwardness, upset, difficulty…and also the potential for love, harmony and renewal. I’m fancying the latter.

The Page of Cups invites us to turn to our inner self, our soul, and to look for the well of love, sympathy, harmony and readiness for reconciliation there. He invites us to drink from this well and then turn back to the outside world and to approach every being with this love, sympathy, harmony and readiness for reconciliation.

Anna Klaffinger, the Anna K Tarot

Page of Cups Anna K Tarot

That’s the thing that I like most about this Page – they represent a sort of making-it-right quality. And within that, I find an accepting-wrongdoing quality. Because accepting and trying to heal our mistakes is an act of love, and a creative act. It requires us to look into ourselves for that well of love, and put aside self-motivated, petty, angry thoughts. In the Waite-Smith Tarot, the Page holds a cup out of which a fish is leaping! The suggestion there is that we are willing to be taken by surprise – our hearts and minds are open, we trust in our own spirit and let it guide us.

This is one of those truly good cards…and thinking of court cards as representing people, the Page is a person who is able to overcome those petty thoughts and live gently, happily in the moment, finding those opportunities for love. I’d originaly selected the Ace of Cups as the card to carry with me this weekend. But that’s all about the opportunity being offered. For me, the Page feels like the answer to this Ace – it’s the ‘yes, thank you! I will have a bit of that loving energy, thanks very much.’

Gosh what a hippy-dippy post. Well, that’s the Page of Cups for you. Peace.

Gaddings Dam Page of Cups


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  1. Little Red says:

    Cheers Chloe! <br/>Yeah, I’d always seen the navel-gazing aspect too – esp looking at the RWS card. I do think that’s a strong theme for this card …but also maybe that navel-gazing can sometimes be reinterpreted as looking within? Trick is to know which interpretation to use in a reading!! xx

  2. deyne says:

    Interestingly, I got this as my limitations as a reader while doing your “reading for the reader” spread. I know this is an ancient post, but I’m not entirely sure how to interpret it, since the Page of Cups doesn’t seem to have any negative associations at all. Do you have any thoughts on what it could mean? To compare, my strength is the Knight of Swords.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Deyne!

      Think of pages as the ‘children’ of the tarot, with knights being more like teenagers and queens and kings being ‘adults’… the idea being that each has a different kind of grasp on the qualities of their suit. So a page would be all eager. openminded, ready to learn, perhaps with great instincts…but lacking in firm knowledge and skills. Add the suit into the mix, and The Page of Cups could be someone keen to develop intuition, spirituality, emotionally – but is still in a learning stage, perhaps doesn’t know themselves very well yet.

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