Weekend reading + manifesting all of the things

First off: Are you in or near Manchester tomorrow? The Tories are in town for their annual conference and people are, naturally, gathering to tell them how unwelcome they are. As Maxine Peake put it, how dare they come to our city, a city annihilated by their cuts.


Protest the cuts, protest the government and stand up for social justice at the national anti-austerity demo, 12 noon, Oxford Road, Sunday 4th October.

There are also events happening throughout the weekend and the coming week – check the People’s Assembly website for info.

So. This was a week of turning intentions into actions. Testing out living by the manifesto I created for myself on last week’s full moon. I wanted to make a few changes to my lifestyle which seemed (perhaps) simple, but would have (hopefully) a big effect on how I feel at the moment. It’s working. I’ll write about it soon.

In other (like, way more exciting) news, Cristy C Road informed me that the Kickstarter for her tarot deck will soon be going live – and it will be called the NEXT WORLD TAROT. Aw yeah. Watch out for news on that. I promise to tell you all the SECOND I hear anything more. MEANWHILE Cristy has done this *totes amaze* painting of Mercury Retrograde:


Mercury Retrograde © Cristy C Road

…get it while it’s still going backwards guys! And while we’re at it, you should really look at all of the things in her lovely newly-made shop, as there are posters of some of the cards from the upcoming tarot deck.

And when you’re done browsing that little diamond mine, here are a load more gems for your weekend lie-in!

>> Bandelettes | Do you suffer from chafing thighs/thigh rub/chub-rub or a variation on that name which means your thighs rub together and hurt? If so, have you heard of Bandelettes? They are amazing and also beautiful!! Jess Baker has some to give away.

>> Kill it with fire: Chaos Magick is the latest fashion trend | Lee has some helpful gifs for the trendy folks taking up her craft in the name of fashion. (Her whole blog is brilliant, by the way. If you have time, take a browse.)

>> The Foundation of Bones: The Herbal Wisdom of the Suit of Pentacles | The fifth instalment of Alexis’ brilliant tarot herbology series. If you’re interested in herbalism, I really recommend you take a read of these posts – they’re packed with herbal wisdom, going beyond most herbalism resources in that they also discuss the elemental and tarot correspondences of many plant allies.

>> Schizophrenia: An Insider’s POV | An informative, helpful cartoon which explains some of the experience of living with schizophrenia, starting with a huge question: have you ever actually heard a first-hand account of schizophrenia? Or are your ideas formed by how the media presents it? I know mine are.

>> Supermoon eclipse photos | Here are some neat pics of the blood moon last Sunday night.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 08.30.08

Photo © Gavin Jackman, via BBC Weather

>> Behold! A Portrait of Donald Trump Made from Menstrual Blood | If you can bear to look at his face yet another time, I’m sure you’ll love this.

Portland artist Sarah Levy got the idea for the menstrual blood portrait a month ago, but then had to wait for her period to come around again to acquire the proper material.

>> Breathing Fashion Tarot Series | Gabriela Lorraine has done what I’d guess 50% of the readers of this post would like to do and dressed up as her favourite tarot cards! (I’ve actually been having a wardrobe clear-out to align myself more with the style of the Dreaming Way Tarot…maybe I’ll share some photos soon!)

>> How to avoid the comparison trap | As in, stop comparing yourself to others = be much happier. Talk about a life hack.

>> How to create mental white space (tips from the Page of Swords) | Carrie at Happy Fish Tarot uses this brilliant card to prompt ideas for mental clarity and clearance. Nice!

>> I am my own worst enemy | Paul Jarvis on being your own critic. Incredibly relevant for me right now as I figure out my work for the coming year, and probably for many of you, too. If you’re a writer, artist or creative type – or you want to be – and you struggle with putting yourself out there, take a read.

The only reason I finally got over myself and started to share my writing was because I realized that even the greatest failure that could come of me writing wasn’t that bad. If people disliked it? So what. People dislike me regardless of whether I write down words or not.

>> Shut up, sit down, and type | To put it another way.

>> Everyman Tarot: Bear Edition | John Mangiapane, creator of the male-centric Everyman Tarot, has reworked his deck especially for the bear community!

>> St Clements Cake | Fancy some weekend baking?

>> I’m thinking of subscribing to Flow magazine | I love magazines, but so many are meaningless drivel. Flow looks lovely, is made in Amsterdam, and feels like something I could curl up with and really enjoy.

Like I said, this weekend is one of protest. As well as Sunday’s demo there are anti-Tory pro-justice events across Manchester. And my gorgeous, wonderful Emma will be here to take part with me. What a weekend of passion we shall have.


Whatever you’re up to, make it count.


Beth x


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  1. Claire says:

    Wow, what a post! So much DELICIOUSNESS!!
    And yes, do subscribe to Flow – it’s GORGEOUS! I have every issue (minus the free goodies – I use them or give them away) xx

  2. The Breathing Fashion Tarot Series is amazing! I love it so so much and it has definitely inspired me to recheck my wardrobe for tarot pieces 😉

    (Oh, hi! I got my comments working now!)

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