Weekend Reading + leaving it all behind (maybe)

I had this big rambling post lined up, you know, the stuff about stepping up, changing the world, all of that.

And then I thought – sod it. These people know what they need to do. You know if you need self care or to offer more care to others, if you need to turn inwards, or look outwards. You don’t need my preaching and rambling. You don’t need my permission to act, or not to act.

You do you, and know that it counts. You are loved, and you are needed. This new year invites you to step up – or step down – in whatever way is right for you.

Love you loads.

See you in 2017.

Bits and bobs for your weekend reading

I’ve been away most of this month so it’s not like I’ve been reading much of the web…but here are a few bits and bobs I found for your new year’s lie-in 🙂

Let’s begin with a freakin’ awesome song. Hit play! Had to be this one today, right?


By Way of Sorrow: Healing magic for times of grieving | Alexis J Cunninfolk, along with many other incredible people has put together this wonderful resource of healing rituals and practices.

Avoiding inspiration porn in this time of constant vigilance | Autostraddle’s Carrie on what disability ‘inspiration porn’ is, how it’s harmful, and how not to perpetuate it.

Chemistry | Well this body-positive, feminist, foul-mouthed take on Twilight sounds bloody brilliant.

Sarah Gottesdiener interviews Tatianna Tarot | The creator of the Many Moons Workbook talks to tarot reader and dancer Tatianna about magic, ritual, finding connection in the midst of a big city, and her move to New Orleans.

Image via v i s u a l m a g i c + Tatianna Tarot

Follow Your Arrow: Sarah Gottesdiener on creating feminist propaganda | …speaking of which, did you know I interviewed her for Autostraddle last month? Instant, heartfelt inspiration for artist-entrepreneurs. This is one of my favourite Follow Your Arrow interviews.

Tending the embers: Chaga + the creative spark | Beautiful musings on winter’s energy and its potential for rekindling creativity – via some much-needed self-care, from Asia Sular.

In winter we realize that self-care is an act of preparation, a gentle gestation for transformation itself. To tend our embers is to lay the groundwork for bringing new flames to life. Even the smallest acts of self nourishment are like breath on the coals, bringing our inner hearths to active possibility once more.
Asia Sular, Woolgathering & Wildcrafting

Four lessons of the winter season | In a similar – but different – vein, Karen shares these thoughts on using winter’s darkness to turn inwards and explore our shadows.

A Scottish hot toddy recipe | IY’know, in case you need it.

The BDG Podcast: The good, the bad & the messy awards | BDG’s Raquel Willis looks back on 2016.

QTPoC in comics: Power and Magic Anthology | Also on BGD, a look at the new witchy anthology from Joamette Gil and team. Can’t wait to receive my copy!

Through fantasy and magic realism, queer women of color comic artists have claimed the witch archetype and used it to tell their own stories. By providing much needed representation for a spectrum of queer women of color, Power and Magic gives power to those who need it most and celebrates magical possibilities.
Latona Pennington, via BGD

New year horoscopes from Amelia Quint, over on the Hoodwitch

PEACE OUT 2016: A visual survey | Paige Z’s pictogram roundup of 2016 is fun!

I made a website for my gorgeous friend, Trinity Tibe, who not only written mind-glowingly good poetry, but also hosts an arts and performance night in NYC!

Revolution in Handspinning | What a gorgeous video!!

What your glasses say about you as a writer

On Being’s most listened-to podcasts of 2016 | Downloading ALL of these for in-car listening.

6 radical indigenous artists doing decolonial work

How Flannery O’Connor kicked the fear out of me | Fancy moving cities and reinventing yourself as a writer? Here’s one woman’s story. (Also: Flannery O’Connor – one of my favourite writers).

Vision boarding the hell out of 2017 | Fuck Yeah Vision Boards.

This one is by Cecelia, image via Autostraddle

Alternatively: The f*ck it year | Emilia is resolving to remove all the filters.

The ultimate guide to designing tarot spreads | Well there you have it!

“Let your song be a song of the world”: A review of the Slow Holler Tarot | Elisabeth meets this long-awaited, much-anticipated deck.

Gaian Tarot deck interview | Over on Maven Unmasked, Ariel reviews a deck that’s been high on my wish-list for ages. This post may have pushed me over the edge…

Everything is slower here | I love these artist updates from the Bothy Project. Here’s a lovely one from the Cairngorms (though honestly, I just follow this blog for the pictures…)

Image via the Bothy Project

Why Emilie Wapnick is moving to Canada | YEP.

Thorn the Witch is writing a book | WHOOP!

For the witch on the go, a quick but punchy balance & protection spray | A super-useful recipe from Asali

And that, dear friends, is that!

Have a great new year’s eve, folks, whatever you get up to.

Love and love,

Beth x

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