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Whoosh! What a week what a month what a year so far! Regular readers will know that this February I’ve been having all kinds of fun in my personal and professional life (okay okay, I know, there’s no distinction, I totally have no work-life boundaries) and now here we are in March, and heck, the beat goes on.

This week, I launched a whole new chapter for Little Red Tarot, bringing on board two talented and wonderful writers and one super-fantastico Guest Post Editor!

We kicked off yesterday with Siobhan’s new column, Face Up Tarot, which looks at what happens when we consciously choose our cards (rather than drawing them ‘blind’). Her first post, Face Up Tarot: Three Cups Reversed, is one for the introverts, looking at alternative interpretations of the Three of Cups (beyond the drinking and dancing we so often see on the picture).


I also decided to move to Skye with my love and my cats. Because given the opportunity to run an eco campsite and wake up to the sea each morning and generally indulge the part of me that has been yearning for dirt and earth and trees since I moved to the city just over a year ago… quite frankly I couldn’t not.

Now I’m dreaming of the Alternative Tarot Festival we could have. Imagine!


I’ve  been selling loads of old junk on eBay, as you do. And preparing to sell our wonderful houseboat, Empress. And marching against the renewal of Trident (here are all the reasons).

Oh, and I posted out a gazillion back-orders after running out of my three most popular products and worked through a large and delightful backlog of tarot readings for beautiful clients around the world.

Not to mention lots of lovely time with my gorgeous girl Emma – we’ve just been reunited after two months apart.


Any excuse to show you her beautiful face.

And shopping around for a van. A van I say! Watch out, motorists.

Yeah…it’s been a bit hectic around here lately. But it’s all been good.

Fortunately there was also magically time to read the internet and compile this rather wonderful list for your click-clicking pleasure. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Let’s begin with a song. Hit play! (This intense Scottish traditional/electronica fusion is from right here on the Isle of Skye – I found the CD for sale in the post office.)

It’s the North West Tarot Symposium – right now! | I was at the inaugural NEWTS this time last year in Portland, Oregon and wish so much I could be there again. Fortunately, Cameron is there to document the whole shebang, follow along on Twitter and Instagram!

I’ve been interviewed! | My friend Lis was one of the first folks I met in the tarot community when I was learning what a blog was even for, and we’ve remained firm friends. She asked me a whole load of interesting questions about life, love and tarot. (PS Lis is also running a workshop at NEWTS – Kitchen Table Tarot. If you’re going along, make sure it’s on your schedule.)

Ethically-mined Celtic Quartz Crystals | If you love crystals, but worry about the way they’re often violently mined, polished and transported, take a look at these Celtic quartz clusters which are gently mined by hand in west Wales – a land steeped in myth, moss…and dragons.


On barrenness and lying fallow | Esme Wang had me at the title with this short, thoughtful musing on the Queen of Wands and the Empress reversed, and the days when you simply can’t be that perfect, busy, get-it-all-done person we’re constantly told to be.

Researcher and author Brené Brown’s concept of “hustling for your worthiness”—and the damage of this common belief—is especially challenging, I believe, when living with chronic illness. The window of opportunity to do and to make and to produce becomes small, slim, or altogether absent; when unwell, it becomes difficult–or impossible–to contribute to society in the socially sanctioned ways. Still, I do my best.

Beautiful nacreous clouds over the UK | Lookit! Iridescent, ice-filled clouds which shine like mother-of-pearl in the sky.


via bbc.co.uk

Hearts Like Vessels: An interview with Mary Elizabeth Evans | Our lass Marianne from down under interviewed the creator behind the Spirit Speak Tarot and Vessel Oracle (both available here!)

Cultural Appropriation: A conversation | Sanaa Hamid’s photography explores cultural identity, gender and colonialism. In this project, she photographs her subjects wearing culturally significant clothing and accessories (a bindi, a kaffiyeh), sharing their thoughts on what it means and why they wear it. (This is one project among several – I recommend exploring her whole site.)

A wintry day in the life | Here’s a real snow-day for ya (complete with a wood-burning stove.)

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 17.27.51

via sarahannelawless.com

From intuition to inspiration: The connection between tarot and creative writing | Professional author (and tarot reader) Liz Worth on how she works with her cards to better her writing.

It’s not all about you | Tarot readers are usually the types who want to help others. However, even the most well-meaning readers can fall into the ego-trap, making our tarot practice more about us than our clients.

i slay. in formation. | Asali Earthwork on Beyonce’s grown-up Black Girl Magic.


This is a different Beyonce than the maiden witch who ran through Louisiana fields not too long ago in Deja Vu, curious with wild magic and startled by her own power. This is mother witch Yonce and muva came ready to serve everybody the tea with their lenormand and tarot readings.

In her newest, and I have to say one of my favorite, incarnations, ConjureWoman!Bey serves up a vision of BlackMagicWomanhood that is collective, without eliding the individual Black woman’s right to be her own damn power for her own self.

20 Feminist, Queer, Body-Positive and Otherwise Radical Coloring Books | For kids, for you, for everybody. And not a mandala in sight.

The High Priestess: Own your spiritual autonomy

Create your own poetry-inspired tarot spreads | Why not?


via Worts + Cunning

Who are you, really? | Paige’s snow day musings resonated with me.

I went to a tantra workshop | I mean, Siobhan did. Here are her thoughts.

How to make your own tarot or oracle deck | A totally brilliant, practical, helpful step-by-step guide for anyone who dreams of making and publishing their own deck.

Queering the Tarot: 12. The Hanged Man | Cassandra’s awesome queer tarot column continues with a look at this quiet, understated card.

Silicon Dawn

It’s International Women’s Day on Tuesday. Is there something happening near you?

Here are your queer horoscopes for March, from the incredible Corina Dross.

Lastly… Our new writers Siobhan and Andi are both wonderful of course, but did you know our Guest Post Editor Tango is also a blogger? hHere’s a great post about the power of mini-habits to bring about bigger changes. (There’s also plenty of writing about living on a fishing boat in Alaska!)

That’s it from me. It’s mothers’ day tomorrow so I best get myself equipped with the customary items that my dear wonderful mum enjoys. She had a hip replacement last month, so needs lots of extra care and attention.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, have a good one!


Beth x

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  1. Alternative Tarot Festival?? Yes, please!!!

    There are so many good things here and I am just over the moon for all these changes and growth for you. 🙂

    I have so many great things to read while stuck at work now 😉

    • Beth says:

      Haha! Give me a year or so and I’ll be on it.

      You know me, Tango – though the travel to Skye might be pricey for some, the festival itself would be as affordable as I could possibly make it (none of yer $2k retreats here, thanks 😉

  2. Lisa says:

    Wonderful interview and as always, days of link hopping here to dip into and enjoy! Looking forward to seeing & hearing more about Skye through your journeys … I always wear a silver Triskele necklace from Skye Silver 🙂 How fun to think a return trip could coordinate with Alternative Tarot festival?! Loving the new guest bloggers – oh my, Face Up is such an empowering process! Having a preteen in the house, I have found consciously choosing a card as an ally/teacher is helping me maintain a position of calm presence in the face of transitions, confusions and strong emotions. Really, a live-saver.

    • Beth says:

      Wow, thanks Lisa. The responses to that post have been so interesting and shown how many of us need that process of consciously choosing cards to define our experiences.

      Also – Skye Silver! I just checked them out and am now lusting after necklaces cast from broken shells found on the beach. Incredible.

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