Weekend reading + not fighting my body

This was the week that I finally gave in to the cold that’s been dogging me for two weeks.

After fighting and fighting and flat-out refusing to be poorly, I went to see a herbalist who taught me that colds are our bodies’ way of recuperating after a period of stress, purging old, damaged cells and bringing on natural renewal. Occasional colds are a sign of a healthy immune system.

I looked back on two weeks of working round the clock to get the Alternative Tarot Network built, and how the feeling of exhaustion and illness had hit just moments after launching, and had to admit it was true. I knew my body needed to give in, be ill, and come out the other side.

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She gave me a herbal tea of peppermint, elderflower flowers and yarrow leaves to bring it out, I drank three cups and boy did it work. No choice but to embrace that sucker and a day or two of achey, nose-blowing, sluggish, slowed-down sickness.

Shame Em’s not been around to wait on me hand and foot… but hey, she’s off building a straw bale house in Spalding. Like you do.

Naturally I turned to the interwebs for comfort!

Here’s what’s been getting me through…

If you loved Kristen’s recent post on creating a charmcasting oracle, check out the latest on her blog: Adventures in Charmcasting: Reading combinations.

Jes AKA The Militant Baker has these Suggestions for your next ‘Holy Fuck this sucks so hard’ bad body day.

Check out Miyuki Baker’s drawing project, No, I Don’t ShaveIt’s drawings of a whole range of unshaved vulvas, with brilliant quotes from their owners.

Here’s a sewing pattern to make a beautiful flat-bottomed bag for your tarot cards!

Photographer Mary Ellen Mark has died. “Mark captured the tough edges of society in a humane but realist style. She was a gifted street photographer, but what made her at portraiture exceptional was the intimacy embedded in all her pictures.”


Pinky and Shiva, The Great Royal Circus. 1992 | Mary Ellen Mark

My wonderful friend Hebe is cycling 26 miles to raise funds for the amazing grass-roots work of LGBT Youth North West. Please consider supporting her with any amount large or small.

26 miles is a big challenge, but is nothing compared to what it’s like to be a young LGBT person, facing discrimination, homo-bi-transphobia everyday and often not being listened to when they tell an adult something is wrong. LGBTYNW are invested in helping young people feel safe and using education as a tool to make positive change.

Sara Blackthorne On Slowing Down… And Revving Up. (Have I mentioned how much I love Sara’s writing?)

StyleLikeU took a while to win me over with their What’s Underneath Project: videos of fascinating people disrobing whilst talking about their philosophy on clothing, style and body image. But it truly is brilliant. I loved this interview with Ellen Elias who is so defiant and feminist and god damn cool.

Here’s Kelly-Ann Maddox on the art of internal permission.

A Roundtable on How We Want To Feel – seven Autostraddle writers (including moi) on how we want to feel in our lives, and how we plan to get there.

The idea is that once you start focusing on how you want to feel, you start making different choices. Instead of looking for the dream job, you start to look for a sense of stability in the smallest ways. Instead of exhaustingly waiting for your dream grrl to come along, you can start finding love in your other relationships until you’re so full of it you burst. By looking deep into your heart and your brain and all the little nerve endings in your body, you start to realize that you don’t have to wait ’til you have the family or wait ’til you have the dream job to feel the things those goals were gonna make you feel.

Also on Autostraddle, an *incredibly* helpful article about how to make queer women’s spaces more trans women -friendly (most of which are also applicable to making all spaces more trans women -friendly.

Did you see my new tarot spread? Begin now, with what you have. It’s a simple seven-card spread to help you take steps towards a goal.

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If you’ve got a cold too, try this awesome garlic soup from Hungry and Frozen. I’m gonna make a not-got-all-the-ingredients version tonight 🙂

A friend sent me a link to the Order of the Good Death“a group of funeral industry professionals, academics, and artists exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality.” What do you think?

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