Weekend reading + party party

This has been a quietly busy week.

Lots of planning, lots of *sitting with my feelings*, lots of letting ideas stew and marinade before beginning anything. You can read all about that here.

I’ve also been writing the first post for my new Autostraddle column! It’s gonna be a monthly series of interviews with 30-something queer-lady entrepreneurs at all stages of starting/running their own businesses. The focus of the column is on ‘finding your thing’, and different approaches to making money from your passions. Look out for that in the next few weeks!

And the weekend…is a right oldĀ party

Last night was Black Angel – hands down the best night out in Manchester IMHO. I’m writing this on Friday, so I’ve no idea what state I’ll be in on Saturday morning when this post goes live, but chances are I’ll be sleeping in šŸ™‚


From the last Black Angel’s photo booth. Photo by Jules Styles Photography

Then tonight, hooyeer, it’s EUROVISIONĀ – live from Vienna!!! Anyone else partying?

And, it’s a bank holiday weekend. Whoop!

Here’s what’s been floating my boat this week:

If your understanding of Mercury retrograde (like mine) begins and ends with ‘um, communications get messed-up’, read this really helpful guide by Mecca Woods.

We live in a world of movement and as such, time slows down for no one.Ā  With all of this constant forward momentum, it can be tough sometimes to determine if the direction that we’re moving in is the best one. This is where retrogrades come in. They act a little like time machines, helping us to go back and see where we’ve might have missed important information necessary for our progress and evolution. The goal is then to use the clues we’ve discovered to inform our future decision making process.

Missed out on theĀ Slow Holler TarotĀ Kickstarter? Great news – you can still pre-order a copy of this deck (and buy otherĀ Slow HollerĀ goodies) in the new online shop.Ā The first print run will be limited to just 2000 copies – bagsy yours before they all go. (Read more about theĀ Slow Holler Tarot projectĀ here.)

Four things cis* people forget.Ā (*Cis: comfortably living/presenting as the gender you were assigned at birth.)

You know how your cat is so adorable the way they jump on your face, meow and knock things over to wake you up at 3am? There’s a game about that and it’s amazingly addictive!


What do you think about this art project which is sending 9000 drawings to the moon?

Maybe you’ve heard that the new Mad Max film has some women in it, being heroes.Ā Well shucks, not everyone can handle that. Check out theseĀ Mad Max: Fury Road posters improved by Dailt Mail comments.

Scarlett Crawford is an artist and facilitator whose work looks at cultural and social identity within marginalised communities – and she’s about to take anĀ MA in Global Creative and Cultural Industries at SOAS. If you’d like to help towards her fees, do so here.


Ā© Scarlett Crawford

Lookout these gorgeusĀ Feminist Playing CardsĀ from Homoground!

Kesiena Boom is a friend, fellow Autostraddle writer and radical Black feminist writer extraordinaire. Seriously, she’s going to be very famous, very soon. I was honoured to have helped her get her website off the ground. Go read everything she’s writtenĀ and follow her on Twitter!


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  1. Tango says:

    I’m so pumped for your new AS column!

    Oh Mercury in Retrograde, I love this time in theory and yet it always trips me up in reality. Reading, writing, thinking, and traveling encompass most of my work *and* my play, so the retrograde consequences are hard for me ignore: even when I all I want is too blaze forward! I hope to one day sync up better with this, my favorite, planet.

  2. chloetarot says:

    Hilarious comments from the Daily Mail on the Mad Max posters. I’m just wondering whether, despite all the bitching, the film is actually all that feminist. Not that I’ve seen it, but will it fill that criteria of the women in it actually talking to one another (not just to the men), and about something other than men? We shall see…

    Love the sound of your new column on autostraddle, too! Great idea šŸ™‚

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