Weekend reading + a bike without brakes

I’d like to introduce you to my new friend – Nancy!

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Yep, she’s a bike. My old one was nicked back in December and I’ve been seriously missing my pedal-powered transportation around the city. Well, I’m back on two wheels again, hurrah. I’ve tried all different kinds of bikes, mountain bikes, racers… a good old fashioned sit-up-and-beg is my favourite – easy on my bad back and makes me feel strong and confident sharing the road with scary city drivers. And that saddle is as bouncy and comfy as it looks 🙂

There’s one small problem… Nancy doesn’t have proper brakes. You have to back-pedal to slow down and stop, and – eeep – it’s not exactly the most responsive situation. This week I’ve been busy ordering a new wheel and break mechanism so I can safely sort her out.

Here’s what else has been distracting me from my to-do list this week…

If you don’t know what’s happening in Baltimore or want to get the whole picture on the uprising, this is a really informative primer with a ‘how you can help’ at the end.

Mecca Woods has your monthly horoscopes for May on My Life Created.

Ever wished you could learn tarot with Barbara Moore (one of my tarot heroes)?? Now you can!

Pagans down under observed Samhain (rather than Beltane, in the northern hemisphere) last weekend. I loved this post from The Chaos Witch: I Know What You Did Last Samhain, redux (or, what to do when security busts you doing witchy shit in the cemetery) 

Q&A: On Plotting a Course – Sara Blackthorne on switching gear and getting organised for longer projects.

If you like oracle decks, here’s a stunner: The Alchemist’s Oracle, by Lauren Aletta (imagine using it alongside The Wild Unknown Tarot)


Whole Foods does it again. Those guys are the *worst* dressed up as the best. Here they are supporting the institutions perpetrating violence against protesting communities in Baltimore, and here (again) is the low-down on CEO John Mackey’s nasty political leanings (think anti-union, anti healthcare reform, pro ‘heartlessness’ in business. Nice chap.)

I love the shaggy bears Marissa Louie is making!

Chloe on how to create a portable altar.

I really want to go to the 2015 Radical Herbalism Gathering in June.

It’s worth subscribing to Autostraddle’s A+ just for this honest and heartwrenching personal essay: A Million Red Flags: My Polyamory Failure. (This post is available to members of A+ only.)

And Lisa, one of my wonderful hosts on my recent ta-road trip sent me this advice for grounding:

As you continue your work on grounding yourself, may i recommend this idea that I have applied to myself for years:

Find your balance. Imagine your life as a four-sided shape.

The bottom is your physical self. The top is your spiritual self. The left is your emotional self and the right is your social self. Each part needs to be cared for & nurtured and ideally, they should be in balance forming a perfect square. If you neglect an area and it becomes smaller, the opposite side will become larger and out of balance also affecting the pieces on either side.

Anytime you feel out of sorts, check your balance.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Beth xx


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    Again, so many great links!

    And again we’re on the same page with decks–I was just considering The Alchemist. It’s now on my ‘will be ordering in the future’ list. Every time I look at oracle decks I grumble because Dirty Tarot is not longer in print.

    Nancy is wonderful! I’ve been drooling over Pure City Cycles for a while now–SO expensive! But SO beautiful! Good that you’re getting some better brakes!

  2. Ellen says:

    I love your bike! I’ve had a similar one a long time ago. Here in the Netherlands we call it a granny bike because of the old fashioned design.

  3. I always ALWAYS find something interesting in your recommended lists–thanks! I was bummed though that the polyamoury one comes up to me as pay-only, since I think it is a configuration that can often be seen as ‘the solution’ for many folks, but which turns out to have as many pitfalls as any other relationship situation, and I think it helps everyone to be able to read about the diverse experiences of others and what worked for them and what didn’t. Thanks again for intriguing diverse links!

    • Oh gosh – sorry I meant to put a note saying that it’s a paid-for article (as in, you have to be a member of A+ to read it) – I’ll add that now and sorry for the disappointment.

      If you search for polyamory on Autostraddle you’ll turn up a wealth of amazing stories, tips and advice.

      Those very personal essays are one of the wonderful benefits of making a modest contribution ($6 per month!) to keep Autostraddle’s many amazing writers fed and housed. There’s not a lot of content that’s only available to paid members, but they do have to offer something extra to those who support financially.

  4. chloetarot says:

    Ooh, that deck does look lovely, and I see what you mean about it matching the Wild Unknown! As a kid I had a backpedal brake bike, and it worked quite well, but that might be cos it was German technology 😀 And thanks for the link to my vid 😉

    • I’m actually getting used to the back-pedal brake now, it’s a lot faster for me to quickly hop back on my pedals and come to a fairly fast stop…I think it’s a pretty good mechanism! I’m still gonna fit a front brake just for security though – scary city drivers on little streets, plus kids on the canalside makes me want a super-fast stopping mechanism.

  5. Scott says:

    Oh for the love of…really? Another link to another beautiful deck…I mean…come on! Pardon me while i just go and gently fan my credit card! 😉 Hurrah for the dollar -> pound exchange rate! BOOM! 😀

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