Weekend reading + an astrologer to watch out for

This was the week of Getting My Shit Together. Because, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been kind of a wreck. Things like having no running water or stove (i.e. heating) on the boat, my back still hurting from a slipped disk and a serious attack of procrastination really gave me the feeling that I was not in control of my life at all.


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Just keep the food and snuggles coming and everything will be okay.

Anyway that changed this week.

Partly because a project I’ve been secretly working on for months is about to launch. Not a tarot thing – it’s a website I’m making, a really incredible, special website. Probably lots of you will know the artist Corina Dross. She created the Portable Fortitude deck and lots of other incredible illustrations which are used all over the place.


A fundraising poster for a Ferguson campaign. via corinadross.com

Guess what – she’s also a lifelong astrologer! Corina’s new site, Flax and Gold Astrology, launches on 1st November, which also coincides with her starting a monthly horoscopes column on Autostraddle. (Oh yeah, she’s queer too. Gah! She’s too perfect!)

Anyway, gushing aside, you should totally check out Corina’s site when it goes live next week. I’ll send y’all a link 🙂


Tabby is back next week with Astro DIY #12, which is all about understanding aspects (those red, green and blue lines) in your birth chart. It’s amazing and it’s on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, here’s some stuff to read!

>> I interviewed Alexandra Franzen and it was totally awesome. Everyone who has ever dreamed of being a writer (or of making a difference in their own special way) should read this!

>> Five coded phrases people post on Facebook to excuse their racism.

>> Mary Oliver reads Wild Geese | Poet Mary Oliver is 80 and has just released a new book, Felicity. Here, she reads one of her best-loved poems.

>> YOU ARE HERE – this spread we just came up with | Lis at Little Fox Tarot on reading tarot for someone who’s just having a real shit time.

>> Pleased to meet you | My friend – a trainee midwife – had a baby named after her!

>> Hair | Scherazade Siobhan

I didn’t know of her name except that she called herself Eba and had pink nails. To me she was Pink Eba. She wanted to be a beautician, she told me. She offered to make cornrows for me and I told her of my habitual hair sniping proclivity. I wondered why did she not grow her own hair. She said she couldn’t after the soldiers poured acid over her head. She said that once she made it to Netherlands, she would save money and buy a wig of dreadlocks. The word always sounded peculiar – dread and locks. The lock of dread, the dread of locks. I gave her my mailing address and asked her to send me a picture of herself when she made it through. I never got that envelope.

>> Here are 9 ways to be an ally to sexual abuse survivors.

>> Compare and Contrast: Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory vs Snowpiercer | This is an amazing analysis of the common ground shared by both children’s films! I haven’t actually seen Snowpiercer but Willy Wonka was a big childhood favourite of mine. Martha Grover’s observations are brilliant.

>> The Clay Will Tell You How You Are | Discovering the Mary Oliver recording led me to explore the podcast blog, On Being. This recent post on an amateur potter’s difficult day really moved me.

Were these two hours fun like those other classes? Nope. Did I risk getting clay all over my iPhone by taking proud pictures? No, as I’d made nothing and the only thing to photograph was my corner of the room, slathered in wayward clay. Still, this new adventure has already succeeded beyond my wildest expectations.

>> Our two day trip to Petersburg took four days and not because of sightseeing | LRT regular Tango lives on a fishing boat in Alaska. It’s safe to say her boat-dwelling is way more adventurous than mine. So I’m excited she’s recently started blogging about it! This post is a brief, beautiful peek into a different way of life.

>> A ritual to help you welcome Scorpio and the shadows of October.

>> Three Bees Co-Operative | Alex, Tom and Ellis are my neighbours here at the mill and there are always the most gorgeous scents coming from their studio as they make soaps, balms and oils. They’re beekeepers too, and keep bees on the roof of our building! I’ve just bought their face oil and have to say, slathering it all over my face before bed is just the most wonderful little luxury.

That’s your lot, guys. This weekend, for the first time in what seems like forever, I don’t have plans. I’m just gonna laze around, read some stuff, give the boat a really good clean and maybe – just maybe – make a start on that bathroom. (Cos yeah, I don’t actually have a bathroom. Ho hum.)

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it’s just what you need.


Beth x



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  1. tuitarot says:

    Beth, I hope things will get better for you! It was quite a hectic time indeed, I have also had a hard time and many of the people I know as well. Oh well, I’m happy til I have my cards and, ehm, snuggles… 🙂

    I’m super excited to hear about Tabby’s next column! Let me tell you, I’ve always strayed from astrology because it always got just way too complex… But Tabby has managed to subtly force me into actual JOURNALING! And I actually understand what “Virgo Rising” means now. Well, kind of… Looking forward to it!

  2. Danielle says:

    this whole post has me flailing my arms in excitment. i LOVE corina’s horoscopes & am SO SO SO SO SO excited she’ll be on autostraddle!!



  3. Joy says:

    Oh, Beth, I love your posts. This one has so much for me to explore.
    I’m new to tarot and love it. I think the “honeymoon” is over, because after weeks of really deep readings and feeling that I understood, I’ve had a week of feeling like I have no clue (not so much not liking what I see), not understanding how the card(s) responded to the question. Obvious solution: sign up for the glorious Alternative Tarot Course! So I did that this morning.
    Thanks for all the thought and heart you put into this blog. I really appreciate it. I hope your week has lots of good in store for you.

  4. Skye says:

    Sorry to hear you’re in so much pain and having such a hectic time. I love the news about Corina! Very much looking forward to her horoscopes and the new website!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

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