Weekend reading + ups and downs

It’s been a tricky old week. It got off to a bad start when I slipped a disk in my back, which basically means standing, sitting, walking and good old lying down are all damn painful. Gah!

Things didn’t improve when I implemented my long-term plan for the Alternative Tarot Network, adding a small subscription charge for members. No sooner had I done this than I realised it was a mistake. So I ate my words with a big side of humble pie and restored the network to it’s old, totally free self. The experience of making a mistake like this left me sad and embarrassed, a feeling that lingered all week.

But do you know who made me feel 100% better? You! Gorgeous people who added your thoughts, ideas and supportive remarks in the comments of that post, sent ’em by email or added to the thread in the forum itself. As I’ve said a gazillion times, I’m making this whole thing up as I go along and to get it right for me and you and everyone we know, it really needs to be a conversation. I love it when you talk to me. Thank you if you did.

And there were other high points! One was the arrival of my Earthbound Oracle deck, a gorgeous hand-illustrated deck of 50 cards for oracular divination. Read about that here!

earthbound oracle 8

Last weekend’s anti-Tory demo was absolutely amazing. 80,000 people marched through the streets of Manchester, united by a single message: the Conservative’s austerity policy is harmful and wrong, endangering the lives of our most vulnerable people, threatening our National Health Service and prioritising the profits of bankers and big business over the needs of real people.  View some great photos of the march here. And check out Helen’s banner!

banner march

If that’s not enough, here’s a round-up of lovely things to read over the weekend:

>> What’s really holding you back from your creativity? | Since connecting with writer Liz Worth in the Alternative Tarot Network, I’ve been exploring her blog. She writes a lot about a subject that fascinates me (and many of you): Doing your work. Her newsletters are great too! Oh, and she’s a tarot reader.

>> So you just got your first tarot deck…. now what? | I took my Fool’s Journey column right back to basics with some helpful tips for total newbies.


>> The (never-ending, tempo-changing) dance of to-do and to-be | Carrie at Happy Fish Tarot gets some wisdom from the High Priestess.

>> Y’all need help #2: You can’t avoid your ex forever | You know who gives the best advice? Laneia Green, editor at Autostraddle. She has this wonderful regular advice column now where she’s dishing out pearls of wisdom for confused queers everywhere. Check this sample of classic Lancia-Style advice:

Over time the bubbles eventually turn into something like… an egg? Like if your heart was in an eggshell; a heart egg. So the moment you start thinking, “Ugh I feel stifled and annoyed by this situation with the basket full of bubbles,” it’s because your bubbles are a heart egg now. Congratulations! Your heart/egg thing still needs near-constant protection, but also some oxygen and music and other people. They need to be carefully moved around and inspected for damages. They need warmth and attention! But also air.

Yeah, she’s good.

>> Navigating the road blocks to getting started with a tarot business | Not everyone finds it easy to just ‘pull on a positive mental attitude’ and get a sustainable business off the ground. In this guest post, SJ explains how it feels to want so badly to follow your dreams, but at the same time needing to prioritise the demands of your mental and physical health.

+ PS if you enjoyed that, here’s the latest’ from SJ’s blog: What’s next for me?

>> The Dreamer and the Builder – the Seven of Cups | I loved this post from Adam James Carter on the questions raised by the Seven of Cups in the Shadowscapes Tarot. (Actually, if you love that deck, Adam’s blog is a real treat – right now he’s blogging with it every day and his ideas are though-provoking and really interesting.)


From The Fox and the Otter

>> Astrid’s stuff | A brilliant, personal post about decluttering, announcing a new weekly series on the same topic, at Flow.

>> Follow Your Arrow: Coffee roaster Tara Brown on Courage, Connections and Simple Pleasures | Ever dreamed of running your own food/drink business? Tara Brown’s story of how she set up her artisan coffee store is inspiring and down to earth.

>> Talkin’ Tarot with Ashley Oppon | Theresa Reed interviews tarot reader Ashley, of Dreadlock Tarot, who shared this advice for budding tarot readers:

Fall in love with your cards. Become so familiar with them that they feel like they are part of you. Get a deck that you connect with and look at those cards everyday. Even if you’re not doing a reading, just look at them and study the way each card looks and feels to you.

>> Here are some really nice mittens you can knit!


via thehomesteady.com

This weekend, I’m up north again, this time in Edinburgh, where Em and I are off to a wedding. Cue kilts, whiskey and dancing – I can’t wait (hope my back’s improved so I can throw some shapes, cos dancing with Emma is the best.)

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope it turns out to be a right old shindig.


Beth x 

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  1. Oh no! Boo for a slipped disk. I’ve never had one, but I can only imagine that EVERYTHING is painful. =/ Here’s to a speedy recovery!

    I cannot wait to get a new laptop so that I can get back on the Alternative Tarot Network. My laptop is soo old and hates it….I can literally only have one thing open at a time other wise it freaks out. =/ And I like to read the forums by opening multiple tabs so I can get through them all without having to hit the back button. If that makes sense, lol.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend, Beth!

    • Beth says:

      Agh, as someone who worked with a nearly-dying laptop for at least a year (and my job right then was a web designer) I feel your pain. It’s hardly the worst problem in the world but still infuriating! Hope you can get a new one soon 🙂

  2. Ren D. says:

    Beth, it’s Ren, your birthday sister … I SLIPPED A DISC IN MY BACK THIS WEEK!! I’m not kidding. (when I say, “I feel your pain”, I really feel your pain!!) Was it written in the stars?? Has anyone given you the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue? Find it and read the section on backs, for so many people its a life changer.
    So now I’ll go back and read the rest of your post, but honestly that just blew my mind a little. Hope you are feling better soon!!

    • Beth says:

      Oh wow, thanks for sharing this Ren!! You poor thing too! I had a Shiatsu massage in Edinburgh which has really helped, and I’m seeing someone next week who I hope can help me in the longer term. (What I don’t recommend is going to a wedding ceilidh… eek.) I hope so much your back gets sorted soon too.

      I will definitely check out the book – I’ve had a bad back all of my life and this has finally made me realise I have to make some changes if I don’t want to be in increasing pain all my life…

  3. Wow!! I am utterly flabbergasted :). Ever since the first link love you posted back in 2014 I’ve wondered what it would be like to be among those who got mentioned! I feel so honoured that you linked to my little blog especially seeing that the posts are really just the thoughts of a beginner learning his way through the cards. Thank you so much Beth 🙂 🙂

    And I hope your back is feeling better and you recover quickly 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Adam James Carter xx

    • Beth says:

      Aww, my pleasure! I love reading newbie blogs, it’s so good to see familiar old cards through fresh eyes. You gave me some real food for thought 🙂 Keep blogging! xx

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