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When Em first started her apprenticeship up in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, I had a heavy heart. We’ve spent so much time apart in the past year, I really wasn’t up for three more months of it. But it’s turning out pretty damn cool, since I now get to head beyond the border every couple of weekends for mini adventures!

Last weekend we stayed in the world’s cutest static caravan in a tiny, tucked-away place on the south-west coast called Sandgreen. It’s on an estuary, where the river Fleet meets the Irish Sea.

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It was an emotionally-charged weekend. Em and I have both been doing some soul searching lately, and in the 48 hours we had together in that little home-from-home, a lot of stuff poured out that needed saying. Though Em and I speak on the phone, the big stuff gets saved up for these snatched weekends, making them intense roller-coasters of fun, feelings, love and that special kind of silence you can only have with someone who knows you well.

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We also had eggs.

Also! Your responses to our first open thread have been amazing. Last week, I asked the question ‘how can we make time for tarot, even when we’re super busy?’ I shared a few practical exercises, little things you could do here and there, to get the ball rolling, but you guys have been brilliant! So much good advice here in the comments. If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look!

In other news:

>> Brooklyn brujas are casting hexes on Donald Trump.

As the saying goes, there’s always strength in numbers, so Yeni’s friends contributed an array of spells for ol’ Trump. The magical menu included a hex to silence him, another to protect people of color from his evil and one that would make him mourn the loss of his infamous comb-over. That’s right—a hair loss curse.

>> Next week is Bisexual Awareness Week! Which is great for me because even though I’ve been one since I was a wee nipper I still managed to make a totally biphobic comment just a couple of months ago. Let’s all be very aware and appreciative of bisexuality next week and forever!

>> The Curandera of Teotitlan del Valle. On The Hoodwitch, Bri shared this short video in which a Mexican healer explains how she taught herself herbal medicine in order to treat herself and the people of her village.

That is how I started to go to the woods, to cut herbs that I felt would help me to be cured. I learned, by myself. Because of my needs, I learned all by myself.

>> Mandy Steward’s Magic School is open for registration and it looks just wonderful.


>> The latest addition to the Queer Tarot Project blew my mind: Siobhan Renee – The Lovers

It’s choice, pain, acceptance and real, gritty love, explored through the poetic re-telling of a burlesque performance. A moving, uncomfortable and beautiful read:

We believe the hype. We think we really breathe rainbows and see joy and know one another. Reality kicks in after the fall. Genuine fear cloaks us. We share it more intimately than any flower-filled concept our childhoods taught us and humility is the fur lining. For the first time we share something real and we are warm in it, noticing our deep dragon breaths and the way that it stokes the fire within.

>> Speaking of the Lovers, did you see Cassandra’s latest post for Queering the Tarot?

>> What is Aptomancy? Hint: many of you practice this all the time! Fortune teller Lisa Boswell explains the ins and outs of ‘reading by natural omens’.

>> Check out Karin – she’s making tarot soaps!

>> I’ve been wanting the Dark Goddess Tarot for over a year now, so I was chuffed to watch Ethony’s video review of this colourful, educational deck. It’s filled with goddesses (one for every card) so it’s an amazing way to learn about powerful and magical women across history and cultures. And if you like that – Ethony interviewed creator Elaine Lorenzi-Prince a few days later! Awesome.


Image via Two Sides Tarot

>> Do you like Kate Beaton? Course you do. (If you don’t know who Kate Beaton is, try this: do you like wittily feminist comic strips about historic and literary figures? Course you do!) Here’s a brilliant interview on Autostraddle.

>> UK-dwellers – come to Manchester, fight the cuts! There are so many events planned around the Conservative Party Conference next month – the main demo on Sunday 4th October and loads of fringe demos, actions, talks, gigs and more. Transport and accommodation are being organised too. All the info is here, with more added every day.


This weekend… it’s my friend’s birthday. So, of course, we’re heading to her local community centre disco for a knees-up. Whoop-whoop!

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, have a good, good time.

Beth x


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  1. Loving this Bisexual Awareness Week. I think I may have mentioned it before, but I have been struggling with labels lately. Wanting to stay away from bisexual (because I really though that only applied to binary gender identities), I adopted the label pansexual instead. Mostly for nerdy reasons because Pan, satyr, mythology, whatevs. I’m nerdy. Lol. I just liked the inclusive “all”, but now learning that bisexual really does include “all”, I don’t want to dismiss it.

    I’m still trying to find a word that fits me. I sometimes wish I didn’t labels, but at the same time, by not wishing a label, it is because I don’t want the stereotypes with it. Which makes me feel cowardly.

    Now I’m rambling. Lol. Anyhoo, I think this is great. Thank you, Beth!

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