Weekend reading + who ate all the pies?

I spent this week blissfully apart from my computer, as my dear old pal Polly came to stay! We had lots of fun exploring Manchester, visiting the People’s History Museum, going to cabaret, getting haircuts, drinking in many bars and gardens, eating junk food and generally having a grand old time. I met Polly back in 2008 and although she lives at the other end of the country, we regularly make time for catching up and checking in and our time together always reminds me how good it is to have a friend who’s seen you go through all kinds of Big Life Changes and formative experiences.

The crowning event (IMHO) in our week was the Greater Levenshulme Pie-Off – an annual event in which anyone can enter a pie into a rather formidable contest, and then a large crowd of punters proceed to demolish the lot.

Here are our entries. Neither of us won, which in Polly’s case was an absolute travesty – her pie was called The Princess and the Pie and featured a pastry princess sleeping in a bed of aubergine and ricotta mattresses, with a row of fresh peas lining the bottom. IT WAS AWESOME.


Look at her tiny feet! Mine = sweet potato, feta and rocket.

Photo 18-06-2015 20 56 29


As a result, I didn’t spend much time reading the interwebs, but here are a few things that caught my eye…

The two-card cross is the most useful spread of all – over on Autostraddle, I banged on (again) about how great the quick and simple two-card cross spread is.

Did you see this *amazing* post by Brook Shelley on how practicing tarot marks a radical break with her Evangelical upbringing? As a lesbian and a trans woman, Brook describes how working with her tarot cards helped her to articulate and express her developing identities, and connect with a queer spiritual community.

Reading tarot is my seizing of agency – a decision to do what I believe is good and right, in the face of the narrow-worldview I inherited from my parents, and knowing that the cards will never deny my gender or sexuality. I’m excited to see where my cards take me next.

In case all this talk of ‘transracial’ has you confused, there is no comparison between transgender people and Rachel Dolezal.

Alexis J Cunningfolk (who’s writing brilliant tarot herbology series that began last week) has relaunched a limited run of a beautiful offering: Tarot Stella, a tarot + herbal remedy kit.

Ever felt ‘stalked’ by a tarot card, or wondered why the same card comes up again and again in your readings? This spread from Kristen helps you figure out why is this card stalking me?

Make this beautiful moon pendant!


via Autostraddle.com

On COM|Passionate REVOLT, Traci introduces a new Tarot Tuesday Playshop series, with a look at the Seeker of Bottles.

Marianne’s new regular column Ask the Agony Augury this time features a really wonderful tarot spread by Barbara Moore. This is a fascinating reading.

Mindy at The Pure Ritual wrote this inspiring post about self-doubt and manifestation.

This weekend I’m off to a wedding. I freakin’ LOVE weddings, even the super-straight traditional kind. Whatever your stance on marriage, a big party of love with speeches, food and a bad disco at the end can never be a bad thing. And I get to meet the side of Em’s family that I don’t know yet.

As for you, lovely folks, whatever you’re up to this weekend, have a brilliant time 🙂

Beth x


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