We interrupt this programme…

I’m off exploring for a bit.

This is just a little update on what will be happening here on Little Red Tarot over the next three months

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Regularity.. be damned.

I’ve had fun getting a really nice routine going lately, but sadly, no more. Life’s gonna be anything but regular for a while so posts will go up when they go up. Maybe I’ll blog every day. Maybe I’ll have weeks off. Who knows!

Guest posts

We’ve had some really ace guest posts recently sharing a whole load of new tarot-y thoughts and ideas, and I’d love to keep publishing these – once a week is working really well. Read this if you’re interested in contributing and then get in touch and share your ideas!


Em’s gonna be running the shop while I’m away, and she’s the person to speak to if you have any questions about your order (or if you just generally want to tell her how beautiful and amazing and kind she is): shop@littleredtarot.com


Patiently awaiting your order 🙂


If you’re on my bits and bobs list, I’ll be in touch. As always, feel free to reply to me and talk to me about tarot. I’ll probably take a little longer than usual to reply.

Catch you soon!

Beth x


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