Waxing and waning – a full moon tarot spread

Full moon tonight.

A friend had a question about whether or not she was on the right career path, so I used the tarot spread below to look at the energies that were waxing and waning in her life, going back two weeks to the last new moon, and looking forward two weeks to the next.

I originally came across this spread as a ‘dark moon’ tarot spread (more about that here) but it seemed perfect for today’s question and lunar moment.

This isn’t about being super proactive – the full moon is a time for reflection, rather than starting new things.

The new moon, where all we see in the night sky is a blank canvas ready to wax…that is the time for beginnings, plannings, new starts and proactivity. So this spread is for the ‘interim report’, half way between one new moon and the next.

Full moon tarot spread

Lay the cards out like this:


Waning moon

1. Things to let go of
2. Things to keep
3. Things yet to come

Waxing moon

4. How the world affects you
5. What to give
6. What to receive


7. What to learn

Moon phase tarot spread


Here’s a reading I did using this spread – though I used it at the ‘dark’ (new) moon.

Did you try this out for yourself? Let me know how you get on! 


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  1. KenJos says:

    Hey this was a helpful spread. It illuminated some things I was already thinking and gave me a clear step forward. So yeah, I’ll be adding it to the small repertoire. Thank you. _/\_

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Hi my name is Gabrielle and I write for a pagan magazine called Witch Way Magazine. I was wondering if I could feature this beautiful spread with your name attached of course for our Coven issue? please PM me on Facebook if possible as I’m at work. You can find me as: Gabrielle Indigo Darque on FB. Thank you!

  3. dorkas says:

    Hi Beth — I love this spread and have used it before, but you know what I just noticed? The waxing/waning is backwards in the diagram! The moon waxes from the right in the northern hemisphere. Whoops! I’m going to try laying this spread backwards for today’s full moon 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Oh my gosh that’s embarrassing! I made that picture years ago. I’ll update it when I have chance – thanks for letting me know Dorkas!

  4. Mandi?? says:

    Just like to say how much i love ur web site beth – i’m just a new member, i also love crystals, tarot, angels, anything and everything spiritual & i love learning more on these subjects and more – blessed be xxxxx

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