Tips and a tarot spread for Venus Retrograde

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We’re entering our second week of the current Venus retrograde.

Venus retrograde is an astrological transit that lasts six weeks in total and only happens every eighteen months. Venus is only retrograde about 7% of the time – the least of any planet, which means the impacts of this are felt strongly.

Retrograde periods can get a bad rep, but especially in Venus this is best seen an opportunity for inner work and healing. Retrogrades encourage us to look inwards, remember, reflect, refocus, recharge. That isn’t always easy – especially when Venus takes a microscope to our relationships – but taking the time to reconnect with our selves and what we truly desire can bring a lot of peace and clarity further down the track.

Venus rules beauty, love, partnerships, money, possessions, and the things we value, so these are the themes of the retrograde over the next few weeks.

Venus retrogrades asks us to go inside ourselves, find the things that matter, find the bits we want to hold onto and release the rest. She nudges us to look at the lost parts of ourselves, the messy areas of our relationships, the ways we may or may not be honouring our values. She tells us it’s time to reflect on where and to whom our energies really belong.

Venus turned retrograde on March 4th and will stay that way till April 18th.

She kicked off the retrograde period in the sign of Aries but will move into Pisces from the 2nd April and stay there until past the 15th, when Venus will station direct again.

The move from fast and fiery Aries to whimsical watery Pisces on April 2nd will make this retrograde particularly interesting. Venus in Aries will instigate challenges and frustration as she wants us to move quickly with everything, while the retrograde period is better left for contemplation. Here Venus will call on us to look at our independence within our relationships and voice our desires. We’ll be supported by Aries to assert ourselves, look at our own needs, to be bold and brave.

When she moves into Pisces the focus will change. Pisces values unconditional love, flexibility in attachment. Here Venus idealises connections and gets caught up in fantasy. Emotions that were hidden from us while Venus was in Aries might come to the surface, and as Venus goes conjunct with Chiron (representing the archetype of the wounded healer) at the very end of the retrograde, we’re given a final opportunity to utilise this time for deep healing and reflection.

If you know how, take a look at which house in your chart Venus is currently transiting to get a clearer idea of how this particular retrograde might affect you.

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Best to avoid during Venus Retrograde

• Starting new relationships or making big decisions about connections
• Drastic changes to our physical appearance or environment
• Financial investments, big luxury purchases

Making the most of Venus Retrograde

• Review and reassess your relationships (of all kinds)
• Resolve relationship issues and reconnect with your partner/s
• Tread carefully when your ex’s reappear – because when Venus goes retrograde they’re renown for popping up! Sometimes this provides a nice way to reconnect with someone important to us, other times it’s a recipe for disaster.
• Reconnect with people or things from your past
• Go secondhand/opportunity shopping and find vintage bargains
• Reflect on your material goals, savings plans
• Rekindle your fire for the things that bring out your passion and bring you pleasure
• Revisit your favourite movies, music, books
• Take some time and space to be with yourself, find ways to get back to the roots of your values and desires – refocus where you’ve been putting your energies.

A Tarot Spread for Venus Retrograde

Retrograde periods are all about those ‘re’ words – asking us to go backwards, go over things again, retrace our step. We’re going to use some of these as prompts for this Venus retrograde tarot spread.

There is a visible pattern in the motion of Venus that can be seen from here on Earth. After eight years, she returns to the same place in the sky on the same date, known as the Pentagram of Venus or the five petals of Venus.

Follow Venus’s movements and read your cards here from left to right, starting at the top of the pentagram:

1 – Reflect on…
2 – Reconnect with…
3 – Resolve…
4 – Remember…
5 – Release…

If you like you could pull bonus cards for this particular retrograde cycle:

6 – What Venus in Aries wants to teach you
7 – What Venus in Pisces wants to teach you

So how’s your Venus retrograde going so far?

I’ve already heard from six former lovers in just the first week of the retrograde! I’ve been reminiscing over Tegan and Sara’s Get Along live concert DVD from 2011 and I’m convinced I missed a flight so my body could be given the space it needed to find solitude and recharge, (remember to make time for this, the Four of Swords reminds me).

Let us know what you’ve noticed so far, or how this tarot spread went for you in the comments!

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  1. Potter says:

    Well, I already did a big hair cut chop, so I’ve already violated one of the main rules of dealing the retrograde, lol. Whoops?

    This spread looks lovely! Can’t wait to try it out tonight.

  2. Catalina says:

    I broke up with the guy I was seeing on the first day of venus retro 🙁 … my natal venus is also in aries

  3. la galesa says:

    I’ve just tried out the spread and found it really interesting! Thank you. The strong message coming through for me is that this is a time to focus on relationships of all kinds – with my family, my friends and my partner. This is a slightly tumultuous time, following a big decision to leave an established career path and reconnect with things I really care about, and I know I need to tend to the relationships that have helped me (and allow them to help me!)

    For ‘release’ I drew the King of Pentacles, which… makes sense, given some of my recent decisions, but still… checking in with savings and budgets really does seem like a good idea right now, because it feels like stability is on its way out.

    • Tabby says:

      Thanks for sharing this! All the best for moving forward and refocusing on your relationships and the things you care about x

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