Valuing friendship

Before I went to bed last night, decided to let the Wolf Pack decide exactly what I would do first thing in the morning.

Here’s what I drew:

16 – Friends  A friend is about to play an important role in your life. Nurture this friendship. A new friendship is coming your way. Job offer may come from a good friend. A trip with a friend may be planned.


16 – Friends, from the Wolf Pack Tarot by Robert Petro, illustrated by Pat Morris

I opened my computer and lo! An email from a distant friend. Or rather, not so much a distant friend as one from whom I’ve been distanced by circumstances, for several years. We’ve been inching closer to a reunion for several months now, so I got stuck in and suggested some meeting places. Hurrah!

One of my resolutions this year is to truly nurture all of my friendships.

Anyone who’s stuck with me to this grand age (I turn 30 in January) deserves to feel that I highly value their friendship and that I am willing put put in as much as I recieve…although in some cases I wonder just how that could be possible. So in this lagging, rainy period between Christmas and new year I’ll fetch the typewriter and some pretty paper and begin to let my friends know how much I love them and how much they make me happy.

My housemate is about to turn 50.

He’s thinking on similar lines, but has a wondeful idea. Rather than holding one big party where it’s only possible to have superficial conversations with a large number of people, he’s dedicating his 50th year to visiting each of his dear friends, taking gifts to them rather than recieving, collecting stories and memories and whatever else to create a book, a record, an album or some other record of this stage of his life and the wonderful people that make it worthwhile. What a beautiful idea.

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