True love – Two of Bottles

Two of Bottles by Sacha Marina, from The Collective Tarot
Two of Bottles by Sacha Marina, from The Collective Tarot

This is love.

It’s not The Lovers, it’s not the Ace of Cups.

For me, it’s the Two – of cups, bottles, chalices, water – that really represents what love feels like when you make it real.

What’s happening is an exchange. This version of love is like, you hold this cup, this bottle, which contains all of your water – your feelings, your heart, your soul – and then you offer it to someone else. And, hopefully, they’re offering theirs to you. You offer with complete trust, with the genuine desire to connect. So you can each take the cup of the other, offered so willingly, and drink deep. It’s about saying yes, about saying ‘let’s explore this, together’, and ‘here is my heart, here is what it needs – do you think we can do it?’

This is where you get to open up that love letter that was sent in the Ace of Bottles. It says “hot. hot. hot. go for it.” So what are you waiting for?

Sacha Marina, in The Collective Tarot

Love is generous, and equal, and idealistic. It’s respectful. It’s vulnerable and very very strong. It’s made from feelings and trust and passion and courage. This card is everything we say love should be, made real, actually happening. It’s how it feels when you and someone special tip over into something extra special, when you discover a place you really know you belong, when you find something you can really give your heart to. But it doesn’t have to be the start of something. It can represent a reconnection to the love you know well. It’s the essence of connection – beyond what you can think or touch, when your heart really knows what it wants…and is asking for it.


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