Transformation + new moon in Sagittarius


New moon, new moon, I need you now.

Skye. From the old Norse Sky-a: Cloud Island. The northernmost of Scotland’s inner Hebridean islands.

After months of what I’m starting to recognise as anxiety (hello, old friend) and rambling here about work, computers and daily routines, Skye gave me what I needed, simply, generously, groundedly, with a blast of Atlantic wind so strong it can send a waterfall uphill. Luminous lichen, bleak moors, sudden cliffs, and a turbulent, ever-turning sea. We didn’t even make it to the mountains.

Skye, I will return.


On the beach, before leaving, we drew oracle cards. Transformation was mine. A week before the winter solstice, the return of the light, on the cusp of a new year, my god, I’m ready for transformation. Let this sea wind batter and transform me. Let my fingers be numb and my skin whipped raw and let this tension finally give, and snap, and change into something new.


From the Earthbound Oracle by AL Swartz

And now it’s the new moon, in fiery, brave Sagittarius, and back home in this not-home of Edinburgh, and I’m ready to turn a new page. I’m tired of rambling here. Tired of the twisting feeling in my stomach and my racing, incoherent mind. This is so much more than than the platitudes I’ve been grasping for. More than ‘less computer time’. More than ‘drink less coffee’, more than ‘remember my hobbies’, more than ‘switching up my daily routine’ and more than ‘try being less fiery’. It’s time for a profound change.

I’ve been enjoying Esme Wang‘s thoughtful daily emails throughout December. This morning’s mused on the idea of ‘bad years’ and ‘good years’  and I realised that lately I’ve been beginning to frame 2015 as the former. But this hasn’t been a ‘bad year’. It’s been an incredible ride – as always – with some dark moments and some dazzling realisations. It’s been a confusing but necessary chapter. And now I’m ready to turn the page. Ready to do something positive. Ready to actively create change. To make a commitment I’ve been fumbling towards all year.


This is the first new moon in Sagittarius that we’ve had with Saturn co present in about 28 years or so. Saturn, having recently moved into Sagittarius where it will stay for the next two years, is encouraging us to embark upon our journey with a great commitment to its process.

Saturn isn’t the easiest planet, nor the kindest, but it is the most serious. In Sagittarius, Saturn asks us what journey we might be serious about taking, what we are serious about learning and what spiritual pursuit we are serious enough about to take on in earnest. […] Since Saturn will be here for the next two years it might be helpful to use this new moon to consider what projects you are willing to commit to, which journeys you are prepared to take and which pursuits feel like they need your full-on yes in order to really get going.

Saturn in Sagittarius might also be asking us to harness our faith, show up for what we believe in and offer our lives as sites for the miraculous to occur.

Chani Nicholas


I remember the ritual I performed in March, alone in a cabin in the woods, yearning for earth, determined to ground. Those themes have been with me all year, but clearly I haven’t managed this, not yet. Maybe I wasn’t ready, or maybe I needed to become even more lost in order to figure out what ‘grounding’ really means. Maybe this ‘not bad year’ has all been preparation.

New moon, tell me. Give me a clue, a direction to head, even in your dark. Sagittarius, you know I love you, lend me your courage now, make my fire a brave one. And serious Saturn, I’m here. I’m ready. I promise.

I made this tarot spread to use tonight, for the full moon: Creativity, courage, commitment: a tarot spread for the new moon in Sagittarius.


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  1. Victoria says:

    Ah, beautiful Skye. Few better things for the soul than the sea and the sky and the wind and the wild.

    It’s been an odd one, 2015, hasn’t it? I’m also trying to refrain from labelling it a ‘bad’ year; yes, some bad things have happened, but some glorious things have happened too. More than anything though, it has felt like a ‘holding’ year. Liminal. Changes are now underway but I’ve felt a lot like I’ve been in suspended animation for much of the past 12 months!

    Wishing you well on your transformation – may you emerge from your cocoon when the time is right! 🙂 xx

  2. Selkie says:

    Skye Mo Cridhe land of my Grandmother, Grandfather and back 400 and some years , she is my greatest love more so than any man I have loved and deeper than can be described and after years of travel the only place I feel right in . I was there in 2013 with the ashes of my sister and I long to go back there and wish I could afford to live there . I am glad her magic healed you and you did not return home feeling Scotland was filled with stiff east coasters 😉

    • Beth says:

      Wow, Selkie. I hope you are able to return to Skye some day very soon! What a heritage to have in your bones and blood. It is a magical place and I can’t wait to go back.

      • Selkie says:

        I will I hope … if you read the books of Neil M Gunn although not set on Skye you will get an insight into the way of life after Culloden and how the women were very strong and so connected to the land and sea. It is a very magical place and the mountains demand respect , my Dad climbed the Cuillins as a young boy with his brothers . Again I am glad you went and felt her magic .I very nearly left a comment here to tell you to go when you posted you would be in Edinburgh 🙂

  3. Julia says:

    Thank you, thank you for this. So much I needed to hear and am working to come to terms with, especially this: “Maybe I wasn’t ready, or maybe I needed to become even more lost in order to figure out what ‘grounding’ really means. Maybe this ‘not bad year’ has all been preparation.” May it be so, that this year of feeling lost and struggling to recenter has all been in preparation for transformation. It does feel as though change is coming. Wishing you all the best.

    • Beth says:

      Oh, thank you Julia. I’m so glad my words resonate with someone other than myself. I’ve felt lost in my own head lately. Much love to you, and for your own transformation, and recentring, when it comes. xx

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