The World is endings & new beginnings

The World, from the Numinous Tarot

It’s the one card I’ve never written about on this blog, not once.

Isn’t that odd? In so many years of rambling about every other card in the deck.

Perhaps I never felt that I had a true sense of the meaning of this card – the last in the tarot’s major arcana. Perhaps I never felt ‘complete’ enough to interpret this card, to bring it alive here.

But LRT is winding down tomorrow.

And it is Samhain, the Celtic new year, and Halloween.

And so it is time.

The World is the ultimate card of completion, of wholeness.

It is the final card in the Fool’s journey, a depiction of what it is, what it means, how it feels, to come full circle in our lives, to wrap something up, to righteously and humbly own ourselves, fully, and the space we occupy.

It is the end of an era for me, and for many in our community – perhaps for you. This is a space where we have come together and learned, and shared, witnessed, and been witnessed. Not everything that has shared here has been super-perfect, right-on, neat-and-tidy. Much has been messy, vulnerable, incomplete. Pieces shared long ago no longer reflect who we are today. That is itself a beautiulf thing. This site is a document of a changing time, of changing people, not a difinitive answer. We have changed, and grown. I have changed and grown.

What have we learned here, together? What have we slowly, at long last, integrated? What does wholeness look like, at this turning point?

Little Red Tarot has been its own Fool’s journey.

With cards and without, together and individually, we’ve moved through curiosity, fear, rage, joy, despair and empowerment. We’ve discovered and discussed new (and old) ways to claim our magic, to step into our power, to come to terms with our varying privileges and oppressions. We’ve practiced showing up in ways that feel honest, authentic and real. We’ve supported each other through some seriously shit times. We’ve witnessed a relentlessly horriffic news cycle and found sanctuary in community. We’ve talked about revolution – discussions that continue elsewhere.

In all of this, I believe, we have been learning to become more and more ourselves.

The World is energetically aligned, broad in vision, and willing to listen. The World can see the reality of healing as they walk through the earth in the truest manifestation of themselves.
– Cristy C Road, The Next World Tarot

The World, from the Next World Tarot

The biggest lessons I have learned in holding this space for seven+ years are about authenticity and enough-ness.

About self-acceptance. About allowing space for the journey to unfold.

About how truth is not the clear, sword-sharp right-or-wrong, good-or-bad I once believed, but a slow peeling back of layer upon layer.

Truth is each of us digging into our stories, our shadows, our secrets, coming up with sometimes difficult, sometimes swinging, always healing pieces of truth.

Sharing these truths as a channel of humanness, a mode of connection.

That is what we have done here. That is how it feels for me.

And really, this digging, this peeling back of layers and bringing forth truth, this belongs to Judgement – the card that comes right before the World.

It is in Judgement that we face ourselves, face the flawed, earnest and contradictory fullness that we are. It is in Judgement – such a harshly-named card – that we own and embrace our complex, contradictory selves. Here that we choose to own it all, and forgive it all, and love ourselves over and over once more.

I am not turning against myself, I am multitudes. The tide to be turned is a process of inner alignment, those who wish to support me need me to be vulnerable with that inner contradiction.
– adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy


Because then:

The World.

It is radical self-love.
It is owning your whole beautiful f’ing life.
It is knowing, on a cellular level, on a spiritual level, on every level, that you belong, that you are enough.
That I belong. That I am enough.

How beautiful it would be to be there. Able to love generously, abundantly, unconditionally, thanks to that deep, embodied sense of our own enoughness.

The World shows us how it feels, how it looks, how it is to walk through the world with that understanding. 

It is what lies on the other side of Judgement, the other side of shadow work, this work we do alone, this work we do together.

It is a moment of joy, of clarity, of illumination.

A moment of completion. Of wholeness.

Before the wheel turns onwards and we cycle back to the very beginning and become the Fool once more.

Now is a time to be proud of where you are and what yo have achieved. You are different, and the same. You are old, and you are new. Take a rest and enjoy the view before the cycle begins again, and you once more become The Fool.
Noel Arthur Heimpel, The Numinous Tarot

I am so proud of us. So proud. I sit here, as Noel says, enjoying the view, and my heart is so full of love for the journey this site has brought me.

I don’t know what’s next – it is the Fool’s perogative to not know, only to step forwards in faith. I only know that I am grateful, that I am grieving, that I am proud, and that I am ready to rest.

And that I love you. For this World card belongs to all of us. Wherever you are in your life right now, a cycle is ending, and a new one beginning.

Enjoy this moment. Take a rest, take a view. And know that it is enough.

I recognise the importance of holding space for all kinds of feelings to be witnessed, shared, held, in times of transition and wish more than anything to be able to offer this space to our community. Please feel free to share anything you wish below. It does not have to be loving or grateful – whatever you feel is safe to share here.

This is a community space and I will hold and moderate it, read every comment and respond wherever needed.

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  1. Ava says:

    Discovered this blog a few days ago, only became interested in Tarot recently after watching Lune Innate’s videos. Wish you all the best!

  2. Hillary says:

    Dear Beth,

    Thank you. Thank you for this wonderful community that you have helped to come together, for without knowing, assisting me in finding my first Tarot deck, and for making a space that I always have felt safe.

    As I read your post this morning over tea, I feel a sense of sadness and excitement. Sadness that this chapter is coming to an end but excitement for what is to come for you. I wish you a world of adventure and relaxing days to reflect. May your road be always full of possibility.
    So much love to you my darling ♡

  3. Jendi says:

    A blessed Samhain and Halloween and thank you a million times for starting me on my Tarot journey in a queer-affirming environment!

  4. A long-time lurker says:

    I’m definitely feeling the turning today. Went out and impulse-bought way too many books of theology and poetry, going out tonight after dark to feel everything moving.
    Feels right to make today a day of change. I’m sad about this blog, of course, but I hope you feel this same sort of manic awakening that I’m feeling. It’s so beautiful to live in a world that can change, and so beautiful to have had things worth grieving.

  5. Laurie says:

    I only discovered LRT a few weeks ago, but in that time the queer community here has helped reach an epiphany. For most of my adult life I have struggled with how I wanted to identify. My spiritual path has always been a lone walk incorporating everything that feels meaningful to me, from the Bible to Wicca to music and books and nature. I never wanted to identify by religion. I also don’t want to identify as a particular sexual orientation, because I am a very happy and healthy single woman who is sexually inactive by choice. And thirdly, I’ve never wanted to be identified by what I do to earn money. And the blessing I have found from the queer community is that I don’t HAVE to. Like those folks who prefer the pronouns “they” and “them,” rather than strictly male or female, I can choose something beyond the normally accepted identities. LRT has helped me to ask a most important question: what DO I want my identity to revolve around? The answer is, the things that feel REAL to me. The elements that truly make me, me. What are those? That is a most delicious question. And it feels unbelievably liberating to finally feel genuine about my identity, after decades of feeling conflicted and lost and angry, unable to ever be able to reconcile what’s in my soul with what’s accepted. Thank you, queer community, for helping me get there.

  6. Amy Ramgeet says:

    Thank you Beth and everyone here. I love you! Drew season’s ending cards for myself here, too. So much surrender and peace.

    One thing I’m so thankful for is the queer community here that feels like home, Queet is a new public identity for me, and I struggle for feeling like I belong. But queer taro reader, contemplative, and observer of nature’s seasons, yeah I’m qualified for that. Enough. Maybe even have something to offer others.

    Looking here at Animal Wisdom Tarot with card XXI The All Encompassing. A whale! Brunke says “Whale sings with a radiance of love. Welcome home”.

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