The Tarot of The Silicon Dawn: A really in-depth review

deck interview silicon dawn

Tarot is a big pack of lies and misinterpretations.

What you probably think of when you think “a deck of Tarot cards”…is the end of about 400 years of semiotic drift…Deep in the core of the Major Arcana is something central to old Christian views of the world: a parade of the States of Man, in ascending power…The Major Arcana was rather a mess to start with…Then people copied the cards and lost the context…That’s how I see Tarot: A historical trainwreck, pulled by about twenty-two decontextualized images.

That’s a bunch of decontextualized quotes from the intro to the accompanying book to Urnash’s deck, that I originally read online. The artist’s views on Tarot are what made me want to instantly buy the deck. I was dealing with some gender confusion stuff when I stumbled onto it and I felt like I had found some hidden treasure. On top of visibility in the Tarot, I am interested in supporting the work of trans artists period. I have a lot of problems with the gendered, hetero, and cisnormative aspects of the Tarot. It’s definitely time for some revolution. It was a relief to find someone else who felt that way too and had done something about it. I wanted to know more.

The descriptions I’ve read online about this deck don’t do it justice. Some emphasize the gaming and programming references. I know absolutely nothing about these things and I thought I might not understand it. For a long time it ended up sitting in my ‘wish list’. These references are actually very few and an understanding of them is not necessary to the use of the deck.

Beautiful Packaging

The packaging is impressive. A gorgeous box opens on its side, a magnet keeps it securely closed. There is a guide to the unique structure of this deck printed on the inside of the box, which, because of the structure of the deck is very helpful. A ribbon allows for easy removal of the book and deck, and is a really nice touch.

silicon dawn box 1

The deck and book come in a beautiful box.

silicon dawn box 2


The Major Arcana is largely based on the Golden Dawn’s deck but has a mix of the RWS also. Crowley-Harris influenced the Minor and Court cards. The different structuring of this deck is perhaps one of the most striking things about it. I hope anyone who is considering it doesn’t decide against it because of this. As someone who is only familiar with RWS decks, I was not lost at all.

There are extra cards. The box says “78 traditional Arcana and 21 unconventional Arcana to challenge your world”. In the accompanying book Egypt (I imagine with a shrug) says something like, use the extra cards or not, do whatever you want.

sililcon dawn extra fools

The deck begins with ‘History’. There are four Fool cards!!! The fourth one is below, with the extra cards.

silicon dawn extra 99 cards

Each suit has a 99 card. Do you get the references? So charming, intelligent, and witty!

I love the structure she made for her deck, it works really well. It’s nice to have something totally different. It’s also just really awesome to make that statement: the Tarot is a tool you can and should do whatever you want with, you don’t have to stick to the traditional anything! Basically, it would be faster, and make more sense for you to just see the deck structure as it appears on the box. So, here it is.

silicon dawn deck structure

Don’t be intimidated by the structure of the deck. It’s really awesome!

silicon dawn embossed void cards

Each suit also has a void card. The images are entirely made up of a glossy embossed layer.

The Book

The book is 127 pages long, 77 of which is the English version. I was hoping for more of Egypt’s insights into the Tarot. What is there is filled with her enlivening wisdom and insight, but I want more and hope she writes a bigger book someday.

Quality And Size Of The Cards

The quality and size of the cards is the only thing I find disappointing. Eqypt’s artwork is beautiful. The images are so intelligent and thoughtful, they deserve to be printed on larger cards, of high quality card stock. You get a lot for the price of this deck. It isn’t expensive as decks go. It’s definitely worth buying, but I would definitely pay a lot more to have her wonderful artwork on larger, heavier card stock.

The cards are small and thin, measuring 4 1/16 x 2 1/4 inches/10.31 x 5.72 cm. The surface is not very slick, and the cards tend to stick to each other rather annoyingly. Many of the backs of the cards in the deck that I got had white spots where it looked like the printer missed. The fronts of the cards are fine though, and it’s not bad enough to warrant me sending it back. The quality of the printing isn’t the greatest either. You can see dots from the printing, kind of like newspaper photos, but not as bad. With the technology that exists now, it feels kind of frustrating to see artists work being printed like this.

The Artwork

Glossy embossing appears on many cards. The ‘Void’ cards are all embossed, except one. The embossed ‘Void’ cards are horizontal/landscape format, so there’s no upright or reversed meanings. They are entirely black, no colors, just the glossy embossed areas that make up the image.

But, did I mention the artwork is wonderful?! It is deceptively simple. It’s very deep, while also being funny, and erotic, and a lot of other wonderful things all at the same time. The stark, simplicity of the blocks of color and use of negative space are refreshing. This deck definitely contributes a unique perspective and approach to the body of the Tarot, that I think is invaluable. The images are sincere, and extremely intelligently and thoughtfully made. Egypt knows a lot about Tarot! A lot! And it shows.

The characters in the deck are diverse. They’re not all white, nor are they all even human, which is really cool. Most of them are female looking but there’s also a lot of gender queerness. One of the extra cards VIII: ‘She-Is-Legend’ specifically deals with gender queerness, referencing Shrodinger’s cat, which is mind blowingly sexy. (Sigh…)

Another extra card, 8 1/2: Maya, depicts a hemaphrodite wrapped up in private sexy times. These subversive cards were another reason I really, really wanted this deck! Trans and gender queer visibility, or even being dealt with at all in a Tarot deck, hell yes!!!

silicon dawn extra cards

The extra cards. Check out 8 1/2: Maya (top left) and VIII: She-Is-Legend (top right). The purple building in ‘The Fool’ reminds me of the Tardis (bottom left).

There’s body acceptance, bodies in all shapes and sizes, including pregnant bodies. There’s acceptance of sexuality (in a very natural, unforced, non-heteronormative, self-loving, innocent kind of way) which a lot of us in the trans and queer world are taught we don’t deserve.

Egypt’s interpretations of each card are very refreshing! Her views on the Tarot reverberate throughout the deck, of course, but are by no means heavy handed. There’s a feeling of ‘make of this what you will, it’s in your hands now’ kind of approach even in her imagery. This charmingly witty and intelligent (as usual) footnote on ‘Temperance’ demonstrates my point:

These are just suggestions, and hints as to what may have been on my mind when I drew it. Burn this book and write your own.

This is how she describes the deck on her website:

Slick, dynamic art and deep research combine to create a stunning new Tarot deck for the modern age.

This is not your grandmother’s Tarot deck. It’s cartoony, silly, perverse, and irreverent. It’s got robots, it’s got curse words in the book. It’s got a type-in program in there, too.

And it’s got spot gloss on some of the cards, creating imagery that’s only there when the light is just right.

Warning: This is not a deck that only tells nice futures. It’s fully equipped to give you the finger.

This deck has an awesome energy and attitude. It is so approachable and has so much meaning! Urnash has created something really wonderful! It is my fond hope that someday this deck will be available with larger cards and on a better card stock. I will enjoy working with it and I can’t wait to do The Alternative Tarot Course all over again with this deck so I can really get to know it!

Here are some of my favorite cards. A lot of the subtle texture you see is the glossy embossment.

Is that a polyamorous lesbian relationship? The 7 of Cups reminds me of Amethyst from Steven Universe. Kinky selfies. Dope smoking amidst chaos. Wielding the universe. Oh, and the heroin of the Swords suite, the 6 of Swords, has electrified her sword! How sexy is that?

Deck Interview

deck interview silicon dawn

What is your most important characteristic? 14: Temperance

This deck doesn’t take things too seriously, but rather, is very balanced. Urnash relates this card to Alchemy, the Philosopher’s stone, the perfection of self, Kinky, Tantric sex, the great oneness of the universe, and the moral virtue of compassion.

2. What are your strengths? 6 of Cups

Total fullness of life. “Fuck the system, I’m going to be who I really am”!
Urnash says this card is about pleasure, harmony, well-being. Awakening buried passion, reaching for the heat and love of the sun.

3. What are your limits? VIII – She-Is-Legend

Perhaps it can be a bit ambivalent, while oh so alluring: what is reality anyway (batting eyelashes)? Urnash herself describes her own slight confusion about what exactly this card means. She says in it’s description that everything is fluid (gender specifically). I feel that elusiveness is the nature of the card. It’s kind of vague, and nebulous, and existential.

4. What are you here to teach me? 9 of Wands

How to enjoy life and make the most of what I have. Urnash calls this card ‘gain’ and says it’s about making your resources work for you. It can help me prioritize my values and projects and put effort into what is most important. It’s not always about money. Oh, how I need to prioritize all my irons in all my many fires!

5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you? 5 of Pentacles

By not being afraid and not confusing others’ problems with my own. This is about boundaries and staying present to myself and the issues I need to work with (ugh! again, painfully relevant). I shouldn’t shy (or run) away from my problems.

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? 7 of Swords

Overcoming internal conflict and the resolution of emotional strife. Be better equipped for the battles I have to fight, but to also learn which battles are for real and which are imagined from a place of fear. This card is called ‘futility’, and Urnash writes about how the battle depicted isn’t really going anywhere because no one’s blows are thought out. Everyone’s just striking randomly. Through working with this deck, I can create better strategies and find the best plan of attack. Sounds good! I can’t wait!

Want your own copy of this deck?

I have a copy of this deck to give away to one lucky commenter, and if we get 50 comments, Egypt Urnash will add a signed copy to the giveaway!

Leave a comment letting us know what you love about it or why you want it, and I’ll draw the winners on Thursday 18th June.


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  1. Oh! Oh, I want it! I want it because it is beautiful. I want it because it is smart and irreverent. I want to share it with my wife, because she’s trans and a programmer and a gamer, and because we are queer and poly.

    And also I want it because I haven’t had a new deck in years, can’t afford one, and don’t know when I’ll be able to.

    But someday I will get this one, even if I don’t win the draw.

  2. Excellent! I’d like this deck because I read for Sex+ St. Louis, and it would be great to have a deck that relates to the queer, poly, bi, etc. relationships and people who sit in front of me. And because I listed after Beth’s deck in Portland. 🙂

  3. Macey Hoffmann says:

    While reading the post about this deck I instantly thought of my friend who is starting in this field with tarot and stuff. The deck reminds me a lot of her so I know that if I get the deck I’m instantly giving it to her. If not I’ll send her a link to it

  4. John says:

    I’d like this deck because I’ve read interviews with Egypt Urnash but didn’t realize how trans and genderqueer-affirming the deck is. Plus the five of swords looks like the land-walking version of the “hard femme” mermaid sticker I bought to represent the femme-ness underneath my own conventional masculine gender presentation.

    • NOVA2BKNY says:

      While I appreciate that this tarot deck exists and is being featured on Little Red Tarot, I’d also like to remove myself from the current giveaway. Other people who have commented here can make much better use of it than I can, and I’d want the deck to go to someone for whom it will really make a big difference rather than being a nice-to-have prize for me.

    • NOVA2BKNY says:

      Also the card that I thought was the five of swords is the six of swords, which is a really cool take on the card. Also John and NOVA2BKNY are the same person. Sorry for any confusion.

  5. Megan A says:

    I am blown away by this deck since the first time I laid eyeballs on it. Seriously…a deck of WIN. Thanks for the thorough glimpse into it!

  6. J. says:

    Thank you for this super thorough and thoughtful interview 🙂 It’s great to have a good closeup look at these cards too!

    I would LOVE this deck because it is so different from anything I’ve seen. I love that it’s its own world. I love that it’s queer. I love that it’s the work of a trans artist. I love that it’s pretty geeky. I love that it’s totally serious and totally silly and really clever all at the same time. Ahhh, it’s just fantastic.

    • J. says:

      *whoops! That should say review, rather than interview – but I do love the ‘deck interview’! Since I spotted this idea here on Little Red Tarot, I have adopted this practice and get a lot out of it.

  7. Wow! I am floored! I have actually never seen anything like this deck before. I would love to win it! Will be sure to get my hands on a copy either way. So awesome!

  8. Jess says:

    Oh this deck is awesome! I actually had it when I started my tarot journal several years back but I moved it on to someone else. I was just thinking about this deck the other day and how I wish I still had it in my hands! This would be perfect!

  9. Eric Soto says:

    The slant this deck takes is right up (or Down) my alley. The energy is FIERCE, the messages universal (and I say that from a str8-married 20 years but pro LGBT stance), and the audacity the creator had to add more cards…and why not? This is a new time. Everyday changes are coming and this deck reflects the positive vibe and feel we are all moving to!

  10. kate says:

    I saw those extra cards and swooned hard. The void cards are calling for me to stare at them for hours. The subversive sexuality of this deck has me all in a frenzy. I’ve been using Wild Unknown to get deeper into my knowledge of Tarot and Silicon Dawn seems like it would mess up what I think I currently understand… in the best way possible.

  11. A lot of my clients are part of the GLBT community here. I would love it if I could give them more accurate readings. This deck might just be the piece of the puzzle I have been missing!

  12. Mark Williams says:

    This is such a beautiful deck! I love that a talented trans artist has produced a wonderful divination tool, and that it is quirky, thinky, queer, and inclusive of many identities. I love the way Egypt Urnash expands the traditional Tarot format with additional cards, and the artwork is gorgeous. This deck now has a prominent place on my wish list!

  13. Julie says:

    I think sometimes the artwork and images on a desk can add to their effectiveness and value to a user, especially if the user really connects with the pictures and images on the cards. This deck sounds lovely, I’d love the opportunity to try them!

  14. breyonne says:

    I want it because it’s different. It’s hard for me to find decks because I’m so out there. I want something that is grounded in simplicity (clean lines, etc – that’s the artist in me), but also something that has something to say. I clicked on the link in my email inbox not really expecting much, but I was blown away by the images. They’re sexy, they’re fun, not self-important, and the artwork kicks ass. And they’re outside the box. Just like me. 🙂 xxx

  15. Kayla says:

    This is absolutly awesome! This deck is so outside the box and in-your-face sexy and no-bullshit it makes me giddy! If I have to say a reason for wanting this other than “awesome deck” it would be that the majority of my clients are queer, trans, poly and fit outside the gendar binary etc. and I feel it would be a very appreciated deck for both myself and my clients!

  16. Rochelle says:

    Here is how it strikes me – Original; creative; mind-bending; playful… It calls forth adventure. I’d love to have it. So I will put myself in the game with hopes to win. I am a new reader – building a business. Every bit helps.

  17. strophoria says:

    Oh this deck is so beautiful! I had it on my wishlist because the structure intrigued me and I love sci-fi and pop art, but now that I know it’s so trans and queer, I absolutely need it! I have been searching for a queered deck that speaks to me, and the fact that it’s made by a trans woman makes it even better. My wife and I are both huge sci-fi nerds, trans and non-binary, and our queer poly family style is so rarely represented in the media we love. This deck could give us the rich symbolism we deserve in the language we naturally speak, instead of having to translate everything from CisHet to Weirdo. I can’t even articulate how excited I am to get my hands on this deck – If I don’t win it in the giveaway, I will definitely buy it.

    Oh, and I also sort of wrecked my only deck. I forgot it was in my backpack and then filled my backpack with plants and dirt 🙁 It survived but it’s wiggly and dirty. So, yeah, I really need a new deck. Pick me!

    • NOVA2BKNY says:

      I just want to say that I will likely use your notion of translating things from CisHet to Weirdo . . .

  18. This is an absolutely stunning deck. Looking at them, I find my breath catches in my throat and my mouth waters. Though I always love esoteric theming, the SciFi theming of this deck captives my imagination and calls me to work with them. Glorious! Thank you for sharing these!!!

  19. Nikki says:

    This deck is beautiful and a wonderful tool to help everyone 🙂 I love the Temperance and the High Priestess cards! Thank you for creating this deck it would be wonderful to own.

  20. Kim says:

    It is indeed a fabulous deck! I had to sell off a lot of my collection last year to get through a tough time, and this was one of the first to be snapped up. I really regretted it, even though I had no other options. I’d love to have the chance to be able to reconnect with it.

  21. Saricchiella says:

    I’ve been in love with this deck for a couple of years now, although it’s platonic and from afar. The artwork, the queen take on the cards, the words of the author, the COLORS! It really fascinates me. And a lot of the cards I’ve seen seem to speak to me directly: the Galacta of the 10 pentacles, the 6 of swords (it IS sexy, wow), that magician (she makes my inner computer engineer jump with joy!). Plus, I can totally see me pulling out the void cards in a reading and instantly upping my enigmatic tarot charisma by 10000.

    Well, I tried to control the fangirl in me but it didn’t go as expected… sorry about that. I really like this deck, ok?

  22. Celia says:

    What a gorgeous deck! The swords look so intense with the color choices in that little slideshow. Normally I’m not drawn to such colorful decks, but this art speaks to me!

    I’ve been hunting for a new deck for months now, specifically looking for a deck with a particularly queer vibe– and this one seems to go above and beyond. Not only queer sexuality and queer gender but queer as in embracing that other, that weirdo-ness in such a charismatic way.

    Also I’m 300% in love with the idea of void cards.
    Hearts in my eyes from the first line of this post.

  23. Amanda says:

    This deck looks so incredible… I’d love a copy (actually I’ve been planning on getting this deck when I had the money for a while now) because I’ve been feeling like I really need a new influx of queer, joyful, interesting energy in my life… everything’s starting to get a little stale and stifling, and this deck feels like it might help reintroduce a little color. And I really love that there are four separate Fools.

  24. accessdenied says:

    ooh this deck looks rad as hell. i just recently started reading tarot and i don’t… actually… have a physical deck, or the money to buy one, i’ve been using the Ellis deck app on my phone cause i was drawn to its imagery the way i’d never been drawn to any tarot imagery before. this deck’s art style reminds me of all the things i liked about the Ellis deck! unfortunately Ellis’s writing is pretty cisnormative and dude-centered, like all the knights are men, all the pages are referred to with he pronouns even though they look pretty gender-neutral… i’ve been queering it up as i’m learning, but it would be nice to have one pre-queered! it would also be nice to have one i can, like, physically touch. ,_,

  25. Alli Sehon says:

    I’m quite new to tarot and the deck I have, while beautiful [Paulina Cassidy] just does not speak to the bisuexual radical inside me and I have been straining at the bridle to find a deck that would allow me the full range of expression in a reading. I think the Silicone Dawn is EXACTLY that deck and I would love it.

  26. AH! I love and want this deck so, so much I could cry. Queer tarot is so important to me–I actually write the queering the tarot column here! (Which may make me ineligible? I dunno). I’ll probably eventually buy anyway but am super strapped atm, so here’s hoping!

    Also I read a lot of deck reviews and this one is so good–you’re honest with your passion for the deck shining through, so thank you!

  27. the moon and 2 of swords are so gorgeous they give me goosebumps. i want this deck! i really hope i win this deck! very interested in the unique structure and additional cards. i wanna see how that works out. <3

  28. Gingko says:

    Wow wow wow. I have tended to shy away from decks heavily featuring humans because they are so frequently representative of hetero and cis experiences. As a genderqueer person, I also struggle with the masculine/feminine energy dichotomy that seems to pervade most tarot decks. But to see a deck that depicts and embraces the joys and struggles of the human experience and does so in such a queer, affirming, body-positive, sex-positive way is heartening. I am constantly trying to find ways to push back against tarot “norms” and create a new, evolving understanding for myself. Urnash’s perspective (from what I can tell) speaks to me deeply. I would love to have this deck!

  29. Ohhh I love the concept of “modern” tarot decks but they never were really visually appealing until this one. There are a lot of pop culture references I love also! I’m really thinking about buying this one.

  30. I love this deck. As a trans* person and a SF/fantasy writer it speaks to aspects of me that no other deck does that I’ve found. And I love the queerness and gender ambiguity of many of the illustrations. Here is my interview with it…

    1. What is your most important characteristic?

    The Fool 2 – fearlessness

    2. What are your strengths as a deck?

    The Sun – Boundless energy

    3. What are your limits as a deck?

    The Chariot – Could run wild if not kept well in check

    4. What are you here to teach me?

    The Moon – Madness, ambiguity

    5. How can I best learn from you and collaborate with you?

    The Star – Who knows what’s out there? Creativity without limits

    6. What is the potential outcome of our association?

    Eight of Cups – Party’s over, move on and deal with the morning.

    For me this is a deck with which to break down conventions, to turn things upside down and in the end, to look on the changed world and figure out where to go next.

    I don’t need a deck from the giveaway, I have one already. I’m commenting here so that some other lucky person can get a signed copy. Best of luck…

  31. Jessie says:

    I want this deck because it is pretty much the deck of my dreams. I’m going through an exciting but scary period of transformation at the moment and I think this deck would prove to be an excellent navigation tool.

  32. Jessica Cardinale says:

    To fully understand the thoughtfulness and the witty intelligence behind the amazing artwork and diverse characters in this deck is now my goal. Thank you Egypt Urnash for making this deck and thank you Elisabeth Waller and Little Red Tarot, for writing about it and for providing a home for this review. I love what is happening here, BRAVO!

  33. Pete Jeffs says:

    Thanks to Elisabeth and Little Red Tarot for sharing the adventure of this deck with us ! Looking at this deck shifts all I have seen in other decks, and makes my own adventure with tarot wilder and more extraordinary !! To who ever wins – enjoy, enjoy, enjoy !!! X

  34. Scott says:

    What a very intriguing deck! Bold and modern, with just the right touch of irreverence to be able to deliver clear messages, or a kick up the arse, depending on just what the querent needs! 🙂

    Love the review, too! 🙂 always love seeing the deck interviewed and the results that other readers get from their connection to their tools!

  35. The gamer in me would like this deck because it’s always trying to level up Tarot and our poor activist self has yet to find a deck in a dumpster.

    Also, I really like companion books, so any deck that comes with a companion book becomes high-priority around here. Plus the artwork looks amazing.

    But the main reason that I want this deck is because 78 cards is just not enough! First I added reversals so that I could have more to read, and it’s still not enough. But my decks with extra cards only go to 79 of them… must explore all the cards!

  36. Sophie says:

    This is such a special deck, thank you for this wonderful exploration of it. As a non-binary person I am always so heartened to see and hear about the amazing, inspiring work of other differently gendered folks and how we’re reimagining and recreating our worlds to be more loving, honest, safe places for *all of us*. I would freak out if I won this deck, but I’m sure whoever it goes to will be equally excited!

  37. harvesthq says:

    I’ll try my luck with this giveaway as well—I love that the deck isn’t as conservative/heteronormative as many others, and the additional cards are SO intriguing. I’d love to see how they work in readings!

  38. ladyknightofcydonia says:

    Ooh! I glimpsed this deck in real life and salivated. It challenged yet enticed me. My partner is going through some real gender feels right now and seeing this deck cycle back through my life feels a little like a sign.

    And the artwork is just so wildly sexy! I love it!

  39. Erin Moore says:

    I love the idea of a gender and heteronormativity free chunk of work. Also the sense of creativity and play — it’s a unique thing to see done well, which I super think is the case with silicon dawn.

  40. Janetcetera says:

    What an amazing deck! I just made a personal post on why I changed the Queen of cups to the Queer of cups (with a sharpie marker) in my first ever deck, a RWS. The tarot should be for everyone!

  41. Yes yes yes! Nothing excites me more than a female identified getting lots of masculine cards and vise versa. As fluid motion through the arch types of masculine/feminine energies is where one finds balance and wholeness. Often when reading for others they become uncomfortable when I explain their roles as contradicing that of their identifying gender. A deck that embodies the reality whole person is what the precious tarot seeker needs in the modern world. So excited to check this out!

  42. Sarah says:

    It is through the deconstruction of gender that I found a deeper connection to my spirituality. What a beautiful step to see the same deconstruction happening with our tools. A release of the structures that are not ours creating space for those that allow us to be who we are. Sending gratitude to all those who continue to create space for us.

  43. Claire says:

    Great review! I’m so interested in this deck now. I want to get to know all those extra cards!

  44. I watched this deck being created right from the early days on livejournal and it got me so excited about all the possibilities the tarot holds outside of the standard structure traditionally accepted as the default (much like characters this deck represents!) When Egypt Urnash announced the multiple Fools, and the extra cards, and then the Void cards, it was a revelation! And yet, it has lingered on my wishlist because I thought I wouldn’t “get it”.

    Thank you, Elisabeth, for the most enlightening review of this deck I have seen! I feel like I finally understand where it’s coming from and how much more unique and important it is than I ever thought. I’m with you in hoping the deck – and Egypt Urnash by association – get the treatment they deserve in a larger reprinting on better cardstock!

    (Please do not include me in the drawing, Beth; the deck should go to someone who truly /needs/ it!)

  45. Lauren says:

    I love the bright, beautiful colors! As a queer woman, this deck is definitely speaking to me. Also I’ve been struggling with anxiety lately, and a lot of it comes from this (erroneous) idea that I have that there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to do things. And it seems to me that this deck is saying, “Fuck that! Don’t be afraid!” I love this idea of queering the tarot.

    • Elisabeth says:

      I’ve had a lot of anxiety about doing things the “right” way, but what you say is correct! This deck has allowed me to let go of all of that! I don’t even feel the need to ever put it back in order to “clear” it/refresh it. This deck is like no other!

    • Elisabeth says:

      Also, this is the best deck I’ve encountered for just picking up and reading. Forget about memorizing meanings. I didn’t have to study it. I just started, and instantly got what it had to say. I’ve longed to flex my intuitive reading muscles. This deck doesn’t make me bend over backward to do that, it works with me.

  46. Rochelle says:

    Beth – I just wanted to tell you that this newsletter and announcement are great. You include just enough things that make it interesting instead of “fluff” like I find elsewhere. Thank you for putting it all together.

  47. Sophie says:

    Wow… The ideas behind this deck and the finished artwork are stunning. Loved the interview.
    I’m GQ myself and one of the things I’ve found hard with a lot of tarot decks is how binary they are because its something that I don’t agree with generally as I think gender, expression and feelings shouldn’t be pigeonholed into little boxes like ‘man’ and ‘woman’.
    Thanks for the heads up about this deck, I’m super excited about it! 😀

  48. aeneas2989 says:

    This is a truly exciting deck, I must have it in my hands. And what a wonderful review! As a collector I look for new, unusual and art decks. So many decks are now mass produced with digital graphics and no thought put into them by the creator, this is not one of those decks. The images on the cards are creative and you can see a great deal of thought and Tarot insight was carefully placed on every card in the deck. The Silicon Dawn by Egypt Urnash will soon become a standard by which other decks are judged.

    Keep kind and Tarot On,

  49. Moonstone says:

    I was going to comment in order to boost numbers but it is seriously not necessary at all. You can feel the desire for this deck oozing from the ‘puter screen.
    It is so fabulous to see a deck generating this much love and it must be breath taking for the author Egypt, to see this and to know that wherever the decks end up they will be adored.
    BB to all and whoop whoop to whoever gets their mitts on it.

  50. Chaely says:

    I purchased this deck for my partner for his birthday in October. I was drawn to it for the nod to futuristic comic book style illustration, as well as the fact that the cards feature men & women, as well as POC & myriad characters of fantasy & imagination. It brought tears to his eyes. He said he’s never been given a more perfect or thoughtful gift before & set out to learn how to read tarot immediately.

    The cards are beautiful & we can’t show them to enough people. He keeps them on his nightstand, tied with a silk ribbon. They’re going to be used & cherished for years to come.

  51. magstheaxe says:

    I consider this one of the loveliest decks in my collection–the artwork is simply jaw-dropping. It’s also a complex. highly-textured deck, so it’s a challenge to read, but that just adds to its charm.

    Thanks for the excellent review, BTW.

  52. Callie says:

    Yes! The artwork on this deck really pops, and I love the queer-aligned in-your-face energy of the cards. My favorite aspect though is the four fools. We all approach new beginnings in different ways, and I love the reflection of that in the different fool cards. It would be amazing to be able to do readings with this deck.

  53. Zöe says:

    I’ve always been interested in tarot cards but I never really started seriously looking into them until today! I was looking into finding a deck I though was beautiful as well a book and your blog came up. I stumbled across your blog and honestly it is so great and refreshing for a beginner.

    A lot of the decks I’ve seen are very old looking but these are so amazing. The artwork is so beautiful and fresh and the entire thing just looks so well though out and put together. I’d love to have a deck like this and this giveaway is so generous. Eitherway, amazing blog and amazing deck!

  54. Spooteh says:

    I’m really interested in finding more decks that aren’t so stringently gendered, and I’d really like a scifi feeling deck, so it’s so exciting to see something that fills both of those desires! And I know this review noted the smallness of the cards as something they aren’t thrilled with, but I have tiny hands, so that actually sounds great to me!

    I’m also really intrigued by the extra cards in this deck, so I have a feeling this will probably be my next treat yourself deck.

  55. Beth says:

    Hey all! It’s the closing date!

    All of the above names will go into a hat and I’ll draw a winner today! Feel free to add your comments below, but know that the contest is closed. Thanks so much for 81 lovely comments!! Beth xxxx

  56. Isabelle says:

    Missed the boat for the contest, so can only wish good fortune and enjoyment to whoever wins these beautiful decks 🙂

    I just want to say thank you to Elisabeth for the wonderful, in-depth review / deck interview above. I stumbled upon the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn recently, and felt instantly drawn to its supreme badass-ness. Despite being a (mostly) hetero, cis, white-passing woman, I definitely speak (to borrow @strophoria’s amazing terminology) Weirdo, not CisHet, and have always felt totally disengaged from the many (many, many, manyyy) decks based around traditional white, Christian, patriarchal archetypes. Every time I’ve found a deck and thought that aspects of it were cool, there’s always been a disappointing moment of, “Oh, everyone’s white,” or “Oh, there aren’t many women here,” or “Wait, why is everyone the same fucking shape.” Which is why I love the Wild Unknown. But really, of the decks I’ve seen, the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn is the only deck that pushes the archetypes into places that make sense in relation to the world I live in now. And it does it with a punk rock attitude that tells of what a struggle it’s been to even get here.

    Anyway, thanks for reminding me to get some cash saved up so I can get into this deck first hand. Early favourites are The Moon (urghhh, so incredibly perfect), 6 of Cups (pure joy), and 8 of Wands (so dystopian, I love it). Ultimate thanks to Egypt Urnash for creating a deck that actually reflects the people around me and the thoughts inside my head.

  57. this is so awesome! I literally just (as in TODAY) did the last photo for a tarot deck ive been creating for the past 6 years. and I decided to play a little bit with gender and have a rather gender non conforming prince of cups.. oh and my lovers are 2 men. this deck is rad!

  58. Donyae says:

    This is a super old post of yours BUT I stumbled upon it and I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you! I LOVE This deck and I would really use it as my main but the cards are SO flimsy! I would totally buy a more expensive version of this deck with better quality cards.

  59. dawnwish03 says:

    You have the BEST review of this deck. I was so attracted to it. It’s so whimsical and unabashedly authentic. I may get this deck one of these days!

  60. Nin says:

    Thanks for the great review, I immediately ordered the deck after reading it, lol. I am new to your sight, but love your content, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

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