The Knitted Goddess – a Queen of Wands

A friend of mine who is a genius created her.

Before I share her with you, a few words. The Knitted Goddess is a combination of incredible knitting skills, ‘timewasting’, and musings on body image. She is an aspirational mascot for freedom from food/body issues, and the incredible result of something that was considered timewasting in the production stages, but now brings me daily joy. I give thanks to my friend for ‘wasting’ her time in this way – she reminds me of the importance of things that are physical and powerful and weighty and real, she makes me laugh at what is forcibly skinny, hungry, attempting-etherality.

The Knitted Goddess is also, to me, the Queen of Wands. I’ve been thinking about her a lot recently – I love the spirit she embodies. Here are the things I associate with this Queen:

deep spiritual awareness
understanding and support
humour, and ability to see the silly side when things get tough
peace and firey energy combined
a best friend
perception of what’s really happening
ability to put things into perspective
willingness to laugh at herself..and to make you laugh at yourself

I type these things, I feel like I’m writing about my knitter friend. She is all of this and more.

My friend describes the Goddess:

Goddess is

Bodily present

Goddess is not


Here she is:

The Knitted Goddess

The Knitted Goddess is about knowing your own power. She represents having no truck with fucked-up attitudes to food, but taking control, loving yourself, being present (not wanting to disappear), putting things in perspective, understanding what’s real, and moving forward using your own, unique, beautiful energy. That’s what my friend does. That’s why I love her.


(The Queen of Wands from the Tarot Ravenfield by Thomas Sheriden)

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