The High Priestess

Daily draw – 13th April 2011

My word, has my daily draw-ing been going off the rails? Today I drew the Six of Wands, and dutifully I tucked it into my diary and set out to catch my bus…or so I thought. When I opened my diary to examine the day’s challenge, I found the High Priestess in its place. Strange! But waaaay more interesting.


(The High Priestess, by Alexandra Genetti from the Artists’ Inner Vision Tarot)

This is the card of stillness, of passivity or non-action. The card that tells us to stop all that rushing around, and think for a moment about what’s lying behind it all. The card for our deepest secrets, the light and dark within us.

The major cards are ‘archetypes’ – models of a specific aspect of personality or behaviour, rather than whole people. So when we draw them, we don’t necessarily think ‘this is what’s happening to me’, it’s more like ‘where is that energy coming from – and is it something I need to channel a bit more of, or something I need to stem?’  In the High Priestess, that energy is about intuition and reflection. There’s a High Priestess inside all of us, and we can make a choice to pay her visits. She’s like the guard, standing at the doorway to our inner feelings…and she’s not standing there to prevent us coming through, but to help us to find our way through. In traditional images, she sits in front of a veil hung between two pillars. Behind the veil lies our unconscious, symbolised by a pool of water. And the only way to reach it is through absolute stillness. You can’t fit an appointment with the High Priestess in between meetings – you can only go to her when you are ready and willing to look deeper into yourself. And that’s not easy. It means clearing away all of the crap that you think is driving you forward, and revealing the truth that lies beneath that – your true motivations, desires, wishes and secrets… the true you.  Maybe some people reach her through meditation. And maybe some of us actually can’t choose to ‘go to her’ at all…maybe she only comes via dreams, or flashes of intuition, things we can’t control, but that appear when the mind is still, whether invited or not. Will we always understand her messages? Since they come directly from our own subconscious, I believe the answers must also be in there somewhere. The trick with the High Priestess is not only to be open to the messages, but to know how to translate them too.And what if her messages are unpleasant? Jeez, like most people I spend way too much of my time shoving things down into my subconscious so I don’t have to deal with them on a daily basis. The danger, as everyone know, is that these things start to fester. And they don’t stay down, they rot, and this decays other aspects of our lives, whether we realise it or not. So in this sense, getting in touch with the High Priestess can be beneficial…even if we don’t like what she tells us. Again, the trick is what we do with those discoveries, how we translate them into action, how we confront those scary beasts that we thought were sleeping down below, out of sight and out of mind.

I had a busy day at work rushing from place to place and wasn’t able to see her energy at work. That in itself relates directly to the card’s message, as I would have had to have paused, silenced my buzzing mind and reflected quietly to have found her. Now I’m sat in my bed, my eyes drooping, ready for some sleep. At the start of the day this witchy lady snuck into my diary…so to finish the day I’ll slip her under my pillow and see what she brings me in my dreams.



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