The Fool. AKA my first selfie

I’ve been reading so many blogs lately.

Blogs of ladies who sparkle. Blogs of women who rock. Political blogs, arty blogs, tarot blogs, kerrazy blogs.

And those bloggers… they all take selfies!

Not me though. Is it because I’m British? Is it because I’m hideously ugly? Is it because I don’t have one of those phones with a camera on both sides? Is it because I’m not 15?

Nope, it’s because I’ve never really thought of it.

So, in the spirit of The Fool – my card for the day – and as a woman who (re)began The Artist’s Way this morning and as a woman who just cut her hair off five minutes ago (and I was soooo determined to get to shoulder length this time) and as a woman who has just come on her period and bled on the sofa , I give you…

My first selfie!

Here it is.


Oh gosh I’m shy and embarrassed now.

Do you know how many goes it took to get one that didn’t make me look like my face was blue?

Does Rihanna take that many?

I mean it’s not my first ever selfie it’s just the first one I’ve taken for a blog or whatever.

Is it still a selfie if you take it on your computer?

Was I supposed to put make-up on?

Is this a stupid blog post?

Jesus Beth how can you be The Fool if you keep putting it off?



Photo on 24-03-2014 at 17.51 #2


There I did it.

The end 🙂 Now where’s that Magician…

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  1. Kayla de Both says:

    Gorgeous! Welcome to the world of selfies!! You’ll either never take another or you’ll become an addict like me…

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