The Chariot

This week, I’ve been offered the opportunity to submit a business proposal for a new project.

The work is not something I’ve considered before… well, that’s a lie. I have considered this line of work before, but laughed it off thinking it ‘just wasn’t me’. Now I’m thinking differently. It’s a new year, and I’ve been actively looking for new business opportunities. Not cute friendly community things – real businesslike things, where I can make some money. I’m a little tired of being poor, quite frankly.

So my head is filled with wonderings. Is this ‘me’, or isn’t it? Am I ready for a new project (considering the business I formed last year has not yet passed the twelve-month mark)? Is this something I can make a success of?

Funnily enough, it’s something several people have suggested to me in the past month or so. Strange how, after that, I should be presented with the chance to do it.

Is this a sign? Or should I laugh the whole thing off?

A card, methinks.

The Chariot - Wild Unknown Tarot
The Chariot, from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

Yowzer – The Chariot. Well – I can’t argue with that, can I? This version, from the beautiful Wild Unknown Tarot, shows a white horse, mane blowing in the wind, eyes fixed directly upon me. Such focus. The pentacle around her neck tells me this is a good time to plant a seed. The moon on her forehead whispers ‘keep your intuition close’. The sun blazing above her says ‘anything is possible’. It’s a difficult image to brush aside – so focused, so strong.

Emma and I made collages last weekend – not planning, not deciding, just collecting inspiration, bringing in ideas. As we flicked through magazines, I just couldn’t find anything I liked. So while she covered her page with many gorgeous things, I fiddled about with a simple picture.

New Year Collage

Looking at it now, I have to laugh. A horse, again – galloping determinedly onwards. The baggage she was carrying begins to fall away. One word: Yes. Because last year, despite my achievements, was a ‘no’ year. I felt conservative, cautious, niggly, withdrawn. My usual opportunism and open-hearted approach was tempered by the need to close things down a little, draw them in, keep them quiet. It didn’t serve me well, and I’m up for some of that galloping horse in 2014.

Well, here she is! The Chariot. it’s a Yes.

Yes – give this proposal a shot. Yes – ensure your heart beats throughout it. Yes – work hard on this, put in the effort, plant your seeds carefully, nurture them – they won’t grow themselves. This is not a quick hit. Self-control is needed, self-discipline, focus.

Okay then!

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