Tarot for relationships

A commonly-asked tarot question is ‘does XXX love me?’

Me? I turn these questions down. It’s against my policy to read (and darn impossible) for anyone who has not consented to a tarot reading.

But if you feel differently, or better still, you have the other person/people present, here’s a neat spread you can try out to look at your relationships via the tarot cards.

You, Me and Us

This spread creates three simple columns for looking at what two individuals need, and what the relationship between them needs too. I love this recognition of the ‘trinity’ in friendship or couplehood (including within polyamorous relationships) – between every two people is a third entity – the them of them.

Here are the card positions:

Lay the nine cards out in three columns, one row at a time. Start with yourself on the left, then the other person on the right, the the relationship itself in the centre.


[dopgrid size=1/3]

1. Me

3. What I’m doing or bringing

6. What I need from this relationship


[dopgrid size=1/3]

5. Us

8. Where the relationship is heading

9. What the relationship needs from both of us


[dopgrid size=1/3]

2. XXX

4. What XXX is doing or bringing

7. What XXX needs from this relationship


After a quick text to my love to ask if she’s okay with this, I’m gonna try this out. It would be better if she was actually here, but hey – I can’t wait til Sunday!

1. Me – Two of Wands

I’m scheming and dreaming, sending my ships out to sea with big hopes for what they’ll bring back. I’ve got this sense of having the whole world in my hands right now…

2. Emma – Wheel of Fortune

I drew this for Emma just last week when she called me up for a quick one-card reading! Here she is, at a time of complete change – the wheel is turning and she is rolling with it. She is open to luck and opportunities, and focusing on her responsibilities.

3. Us – King of Swords

Wow. This makes so much sense. There is so much thinking and planning going on right now – we talk so much about what we want, obsessively creating lists and plans and communicating our ideas to each other. It’s powerful stuff.

4. What I’m bringing to this relationship – Ace of Pentacles

New opportunities for the way I ‘run’ my life. This bangs the nail on the head in terms of the work I’m doing right now, restructuring my business and looking for new ways to ensure my work can fit around our plans for the future.

5. What Emma’s bringing to this relationship – Queen of Pentacles

This is Emma all over – she never stops bringing love and generosity to our relationship! Here, she is a supporter and a provider…but very aware of her own personal needs at this time. She is restructuring her own work life too, in a truly soulful way.

6. Where the relationship is heading – Eight of Cups

There are goodbyes coming up, it’s time to say adieu to the old ways and move on to pastures new. This card points out that this won’t be easy, and won’t in itself be a joyful thing. But a necessary, heartfelt change.

7. What I need from this relationship – Seven of Cups

Dammit! Just when I want to think I’ve got this all figured out, this card reminds me that nothing is yet decided, least of all in my own heart. There are so many decisions still to make…and I need space to be overwhelmed by this and to explore, experiment, and not be committed right now.

8. What Emma needs from this relationship – Six of Cups

Emma needs to know that this relationship supports her – that she will be nutured and treated kindly. The little gestures matter right now. It’s important that I focus on the simple acts of kindness that keep love flowing when there is *so much* else going on.

9. What the relationship needs – King of Pentacles

Practicality! Strength and clever use of resources. We both need to start saving up and keep our business sensibilities in focus as we navigate the coming months. Wise decisions need to be made ‘for the good of the family’, rather than impulsively or emotionally.


Wow, what an interesting reading. I love how this spread has made me focus on the whole picture – not just bogged down in my own stuff. I can see Emma here, I can see us. And I can use this to ensure I’m looking after all three elements of this relationship as I move forwards.



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    • Little Red says:

      Thanks Melodie! It really did feel like the spread covered all the bases for Emma and I right now.

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