Tarot cards for protection and boundaries

Whether they intend it or not, other people have the power to hurt us.

‘Hurt people hurt people’, as they say – and there are times when it’s neccessary to protect ourselves from the pain of others.

There are plenty of ways to do this. For the magikally inclined, spells, visualisations and rituals can help. For the analysts, rationalising the behaviour of others can help one to rise above attack. For the online peeps, it’s a ‘block’ or ‘delete’. For the quiet folk, a little exile or downtime, simply keeping away from the negativity, is the way to go.

I’ve been wondering about self-protection a lot lately.

Seems like there’s a whole bunch of bad/sad vibes around the moment, and since I’m going through my own emotional changes, I’d like to protect myself from the impact of others’ negativity bumping up against me.

How about a little tarot? Choosing a card to carry with me, tucked into my diary? I can pop it on my desk while I’m working, and let it pop up and remind me of my boundaries when I’m scribbling diary notes.

Tarot cards for self-protection


You are responsible for your own actions, and even your own feelings. The greatest power you hold is quiet, subtle strength that allows you to forgive. Tame the reactionary beast within you. Act only from love.

The High Priestess

Your boundaries are your own. No-one can trespass, no-one can own you. You are yours and yours alone.

Six of Cups

Simple acts of kindness. Forgive, let go, don’t judge. Remember your roots – these cannot be taken from you.

Queen of Swords

You are wise. You have seen much. You can be angry and bitter, or you can turn difficulties into lessons – you can lean on this new wisdom for further strength.


Have faith in the currents of cause and effect. All of our actions produce reactions, results, consequences. If your path is true, stay true to it.

The Wheel of Fortune

Awareness of where responsibility lies. Courage enough to work with what you can control, and self-restraint enough not to meddle with what you cannot.

Three of Cups

Surround yourself with those you love. Take comfort in your friends. If it all gets a bit much, go out for a bloody drink.

Today, I’ll take Strength, from the Anna K Tarot. I’ll smile in the face of negativity. I’ll rein in angry reactions, exercise control over petty retaliations. I’ll kill it with kindness.

 strength tarot cards for protection
Strength, from the Anna K Tarot by Anna Klaffinger

If you wake up
And the day feels
Just lean into the crack
And it will tremble
Ever so nicely
Notice how it sparkles
Down there

I can decide
What I give
But it’s not up to me
What I get given

Unthinkable surprises
Are about to happen
But what they are…

It’s not up to you
Well it never really was

Bjork – ‘It’s Not up to You’

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  1. Adam Carter says:

    This is beautiful. I love the way you have linked each card to self-protection. I will definitely be using some of these over the coming weeks :). Thank you x

  2. Jordan says:

    Hey, I was wondering if there was a Tarot Card that would mean that I am going to protect someone else?

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