Tarot against the cuts

So, I’ve started a little fundraiser for UK Uncut. A UK-wide organisation, they (along with other groups such as Occupy and Queer Resistance) are leading the direct-action fight against our government’s policy of cutting public services to pay for the financial crisis.

This policy says that the UK’s poorest/most vulnerable citizens should pay for the mess created by an irresponsible and unethical finance industry, and UK Uncut work to highlight realistic alternatives through naming and shaming the biggest tax-dodgers, holding free seminars, organising teach-ins and clinics in banks and shops and much more.

I’m trying to raise funds for UK Uncut through doing three-card tarot readings at a fiver a pop. Please help out!

You’ll find it all here on my website, tarotagainstthecuts.posterous.com

More about UK Uncut at ukuncut.org.uk

Thanks 🙂


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