Tapping into your confidence – a tarot spread

I recently received a question from a querent who wanted help to tap into her confidence in order to start a new job on the right foot.

I looked at all sorts of spreads – things about moving forwards, SWOT analyses, the ‘personal compass’ spread and so on, but nothing seemed to quite address the root of the question, which was very simply ‘how can I tap into my confidence?’

So I created this spread. It’s designed to help you work out the roots of your insecurities and find ways to overcome this, as well as where you can find strength and confidence to move forwards.

Tapping into your confidence tarot spread

confidence tarot spread

1. The root of insecurity

Where is your anxiety actually coming from?

2. How to tackle this right from the root

A response to this insecurity; an approach you can take to learn from and overcome it.

3 and 4. Your main sources of power

Here you go! Here are two reasons you are awesome; sources of personal strength from which to draw confidence.

5. How to tap into this

It’s all very well knowing your strengths, but how do you use these and boost your confidence? This card offers an approach you can take.

6. One thing you can do right now

Because confidence-building is a slow process and you want to crack on now. Whilst you can adopt the approach suggested by card five slowly and surely, here is one thing to do today to get you on your way.

So there you have it. Confidence in six simple cards! Lemme know how you get on.

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  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Beth. Now that’s just the spread for me. I could use some improvement in that area 🙂
    I like your spreads a lot. They are very practical and to the point.

  2. jay says:

    Thanks so much for this spread! I’ve been having a lot of anxiety/feeling paralyzed about a project, and this spread really helped me process how to move forward.

  3. hanhanfish says:

    This was a really refreshing reading. The cards are telling me to accept a lot of change, which is a great way to address that which makes me unhappy. Thank you 🙂

  4. Maria says:

    This spread is wonderful- thank you! My cards cut to the quick, in the best possible way; 3 & 4 were especially poignant but so reassuring.

  5. T. says:

    This spread with my Angel deck liftd my spirit–was so reassuring and confidence-boosting. I couldn’t thank you more!

  6. Rachelle Storti says:

    This one really made me think, which is exactly what I needed. My current tarot deck is based on astrology and it happened to work out that cards 3 & 4 were my sun and moon signs. That was really powerful for me, to know that my greatest assets are an undeniable part of my natural being. Thanks!

  7. Maximiliane says:

    I went back to this spread because I’m at a crossroads – the advice on how to tap into my strengths was Death – out with the old, in with the new then!
    The advice for now was Justice, so gotta trust my gut and make a decision.

    Thanks for this spread!

  8. Vael says:

    It was weird for me, cause all I had when I did this Spread was backward cards. I had some troubles reading it, but in the end it felt like my deck was telling me “you already know all of this you know, so just go and try” ^^

    Thanks for the spread !

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