Ta-road trip #1: Dreaming up a tarot road trip

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So this is happening.

In a month.

And I haven’t even really told you guys about it yet! So here goes.

Last year, I hatched a plan.

I’d been (and still am) bowled over by the kindness and warmth of the community that had started to build around this website. I’d been blogging away for years, but it had never occurred to me that Little Red Tarot might become a place people wanted to hang out, you know?

Turns out it was. (Is!) I get so many emails every week from people telling me their tarot stories, asking advice and generally being awesome. It’s the most beautiful thing I could have imagined for my little tarot project.

And I wondered if it would work in the ‘real world’.



What if I went on a road trip and actually met some of these people? What if, instead of connecting online, we met up for a cuppa, or a pint, or went camping, or hiking, or for dinner, or what if you invited me over to stay (or, um, I invited myself) and you showed me round your city?

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And then I thought – okay then!

Because (as I apparently keep saying) why the hell not.

I’m long overdue a holiday anyway. Time to pack up a rucksack, grab my tarot cards and head west.

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It’s soon!

I arrive in Portland on the 5th March, just in time for the Northwest Tarot Symposium with my old pal Lis (one of the very first people to reach out to me online, right when I first started this blog!) Then I get to hang out in Portland for a time, before heading to Austin for GayBiGayGay (I know, it’s a ridiculously long way, but could I really resist a festival with a name like that?!)

And after that… um… okay. I don’t actually have a plan.

There are dear friends in New York I’ll be seeing. There’s a beloved childhood friend in Vancouver. And so far, I have invitations to Boston, Detroit, St Louis, Oakland, New Orleans, Chicago, San Diego, Colorado and a couple more. And there’s A-Camp, of course.

And somehow I’m gonna string the whole lot together (with a few extra destinations I’ve always wanted to visit – Carson McCullers’ birthplace being my no.1) into a big, beautiful, chaotic road-trip-with-tarot-cards.

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I’m calling it the ta-road trip.


And this is the first post. As I prepare and head out to the States I’ll be blogging the whole wayphotos of your gorgeous faces and snapshots of our tarot readings and gushing reviews of your favourite city haunts or remote hideaway places.

To everyone who’s already reached out and invited me over – thank you thank you thank you! You are currently a pin in a very large map and a row on a spreadsheet! I’ll be back in touch soon as I start pulling this whole trip together and am clearer about when I’ll be heading your way.

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And this might be the most presumptuous thing I’ve ever posted on this blog of mine, but hey. If I don’t ask, it won’t happen…

If you’d like me to come see where you live, or you just wanna do some tarot face to face – go ahead, invite me to your place for a night or two!

It’s beth@littleredtarot.com…or just go ahead and leave a comment below (I’ll be able to see your email address though it won’t appear online.)

Like most things I do on Little Red Tarot, the ta-road trip is all about you!

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I can’t wait to meet you  ? 


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  1. SatMiter says:

    Being Finnish I could never do that – all that socializing…would exhaust me in a heart beat ????. Seriously, what an adventure of lifetime, Beth! It will be a thrill just to read about it ????.

  2. chloetarot says:

    I’m hoping you’ll have an afternoon in London before or after your trip… 🙂 Such exciting plans, Beth! I’ve done some road trips, but nothing on this scale! I’m sure it’ll be fabulous, and can’t wait to read all about it, with lots of pics!!

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