SWOTting up – a business tarot spread

I recently carried out a career-related reading, for which I designed a new spread based on the SWOT analysis. I thought I’d share it here.

If you’re not familiar with SWOT, it’s a very simple method of analysing the strenths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within a situation or organisation. Strengths and weaknesses come from within, opportunities and threats are external.

Building on this model, I decided it would be useful to not only be able to see the SWO & Ts, but also an action corresponding to each one – a way to avoid harm or make the best of a strength. Here’s the spread:

SWTO business tarot spread showing card layout

1.    A source of strength within your situation
2.    An action you can take to build on this
3.    A source of weakness within your situation
4.    An action you can take to improve this
5.    Opportunities available to you
6.    How you can approach these
7.    Something which threatens your situation
8.    A way to deal with this threat

As well as the usual information you can gather from the reading, you end up with your odd numbers describing your situation, SWOT-stylee, plus an action plan comprised of your even numbers. Bingo!


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