Spring cleaning new moon equinox lunar eclipse!

The first day of spring, a lunar eclipse and a new moon?

That’s a lot.

A lot of exciting new energy, a great time to begin something, to launch something, to have a good old clear out and feel some fresh new-start clean-slate energy.

Here’s a roundup of resources you might want to use on this most auspicious of days…

A spring cleaning tarot spread

A tarot spread created by yours truly for figuring out what all that junk is under the bed, what to chuck out, what to keep, and where to focus your energy.

Want more tarot spreads? Try…

  • SWOT analysis – a tarot spread for looking at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within and around your latest project.
  • New year tarot spread – for any time you want to begin a new era in your life.
  • The bridge – a tarot spread that puts you mid-way on a journey, at a point where you can look backwards, but also for the first time see where you’re headed.

Supermoon, Solar Eclipse, Equinox and Crystals

Bri at The Hoodwitch provides a neat summary of all this energy, and which crystals you can turn to to help keep yourself in balance when everything else is in flux.

Eclipse of the Spring Equinox

Chani Nicholas on the astrology of right now. (If you haven’t checked out Chani’s amazing weekly horoscopes you should do – beautifully written, amazing ideas, every Monday. Get on her mailing list to get them in your inbox!)

Planting the Seeds

Sara Blackthorne’s simple ritual for manifesting your dreams and welcoming spring.



Happy new season, happy new moon, and happy weekend!

Beth x

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