Spirit Cats: An unexpected visit

A guest post shared by Nicole.


I did not plan to create my Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck but like some of the most amazing things in life, it happened anyway of its own accord and in its own way.

Once the Spirit Cats appeared on the page, it was as if they had always been there and I was just confirming their existence in paint and words.

Today, the deck is complete and available via Kickstarter. I have painted 44 magical cats and written their healing messages. The box is designed.  A printer is in place. I am ready to share these decks with you.


However, a bit over a year ago, I didn’t have even a fuzzy idea about these Spirit Cats.

It all began when I initiated  a 10-minute daily ritual of intuitive, free-form painting. As a professional illustrator, I was spending my days creating artwork for clients and I wanted to reconnect with the play and magic of art-making without expectations. This was to be a sacred space. I would light a candle, breathe, and just watch the paint flow from the brush and onto the paper. I had no plan but gradually images would appear – an androgynous elf deep in a golden meadow, a languid caterpillar, a girl with trees growing from her body and over and over again, these strange cats.

I got curious. Who were these feline creatures? What secrets did they have to share with me? What were they whispering? So, I set out to paint a cat a day for a month. At first, I thought it would be challenging to keep coming up with new and different cats.  I mean a cat is a cat is a cat and as a lover of variety, I didn’t want to paint the same exact thing every day. This fear turned out to be  completely unfounded. The deeper I traveled into this project, the richer it became. A whole world of these magical cats came into being just behind my eyelids.  They couldn’t wait to visit our world. I would simply open the door and they would walk through into my paintings.


What’s more, they were coming through with names, personalities, and healing messages. There is Kalico, the Maven of Purification, Helix who is as unique as his DNA, and Esmeralda of the Mystery.  Some of the cats are cuddly and compassionate and others are strong, solitary and watchful. Some are very familiar and others are otherworldly. Each one has a bit of wisdom and inspiration to share. These tremendously healing energies were flowing through and taking the form of these cute, magical kitties and people were loving them and being inspired by them. So, I kept painting them and kept writing their stories.


When the Month of Cats ended, incredibly, an actual cat appeared on my doorstep. What a complete surprise! She needed a home and I was delighted to have this new friend. Now, I do believe, to a certain extent, in manifestation but I never really considered it working so directly. Paint cats for a month and a real cat shows up? Would this work with other things? Hmmm. Not so sure but it did give me a feeling that magic was in the air. My cat, Lexi, became a healing presence in my life as cats often are for people. Maybe, that is why these energies took the form of feline friends because they are our natural helpers.

The Spirit Cats Deck was, in a way, forming itself.

Once I recognized that, it was simply a matter of gathering all the elements together as they were always meant to be. This deck is a playful, intuitive tool that anyone can use. It is simple and yet, it has a depth and power that surprised even me.


I was recently pondering that mysterious moment in the making of things when something seems to appear out of nothing. Even when I am the one painting or writing, it never ceases to surprise me. I don’t claim to know how it works but the results are beyond anything I could plan or imagine and that, to me, is magic.

In that way, the Spirit Cats Deck came to be and it is here now to guide you on your journey – to help you find clarity, make decisions, deal with life challenges, and connect with your inner wisdom, all while adding some sparkle to your day with a wink from a cute, magical cat.


The Spirit Cats Deck is available February 1st through March 4th on Kickstarter. Spread the word, get your deck and join me in bringing this vision to life. 

NicolePiar_picAbout the author

Nicole Piar is an artist and illustrator on a mission to awaken a sense of wonder, inspire wild flights of fancy and create a bridge between her inner world and yours.

She received her BA in Art from Yale University and went on to be a professional illustrator for the last 10 years. Her magical art balances on the vivid intersection of intuitive visions, healing, storytelling, and dreams.

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  1. Janet Lynn says:

    This is an amazing blog on how your spirit cats became to be. I am sure if anyone is on the fence about pledging to your Kickstarter, this blog will absolutely convince them that they must have a deck of your magical cards right now!

  2. Paige says:

    Oh my God. I don’t usually do well with these types of oracle decks but I love this art sooo much. I am like 98% going to back it anyway…

  3. Kels says:

    An American friend just happened to ‘like’ this on Facebook and I’m so happy they did, or I would never have known about them – these cards are magical. I’m looking to pledge for a pack on pay day at the end of the month (its been an expensive month thus far!). Will that be okay as long as it’s before 4th March?

    • Yes, you can back the project at any time before March 4 and get your Spirit Cats Deck. However, even if you back it today, your card will not be charged after the campaigns ends. So if it is easier to remember, grab your deck today. Thanks so much for your kind words and support. 🙂

  4. Becky says:

    Beautiful cards, the illustrations are so adorable and I love the fact they are square 🙂 thank you for sharing the story behind them, I’ve pledged and look forward to receiving my first set of cards in due course.

  5. Endo Alien says:

    Really enjoyed reading this and learning about the creation. This deck really calls to me so I’m hoping it comes to the UK lol. It is truly stunning and really captures the feline spirit with the playful and colourful artwork.

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