Soul work: Knight/Son of Pentacles

Here’s one of the hardest-working cards in the tarot deck.

The Knight of Pentacles – like the other knights – is obsessive about their suit.

Where the Knight of Swords could be fixated on a grudge and the Knight of Cups is a dreaming romantic, the Knight of Pentacles has signed up for some seriously hard work, and is gonna see it through to the end.

I’ve written before about this card’s steadfast, plodding, perhaps-a-little boring (sorry!) qualities. Unglamorous qualities like commitment, stamina, determination mean that you can always rely on the Knight of Pentacles will get the job done. And I wonder if this means that they get taken for granted?


But looking at The Wild Unknown version of this card (the Son of Pentacles in this deck) where the image is of a young stag, head bent under a crescent moon that is made full by a pentacle, the work itself, or rather, the purpose of the work, becomes the source of beauty.

This doesn’t just represent a person who is committed and hard working, it’s a person who has found genuine fulfilment in their work. They’ve found the soul in their craft, or they find the process of work a spiritual experience, or else they simply know that what they’re doing is deeply, genuinely important.

I feel like this knight wouldn’t commit to just any old task – the plodding workhorse just doesn’t come through here. It feels so much more conscious and more self-directed than I’ve through before. This person watches and waits, listens to their intuition, pays attention to the world around them…until they see the opportunity to do work which is truly meaningful, and which feels just right for them.

So when they find that work, they put their heart and soul into it and see it all the way through to its end. And that is a beautiful thing.

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  1. I pulled this card yesterday as my card for the day (well, I do it every few days) from the Smith-Waite deck. The past two weeks I have been diligently working away on a new creative project which may become new job for me. It kind of just happened and it has been so joyous. So I found it very reassuring to get the Knight of Pentacles. Also, I picked the card just before taking a long bus ride (slow, plodding horse) to buy some supplies for my work (handing over pentacles), so even the imagery was literally spot on. Tarot is weird!

  2. Jeanna says:

    This card just came up in a particularly pertinent position in a relationship spread. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it, but this post has really helped. Thank you, Beth!

  3. jmk says:

    “The Knight of Pentacles – like the other knights – is obsessive about their suit.” That is such a helpful image. Thank you.

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