A beautiful Slow Holler Tarot video

My heart, my beating heart.

I’ve just seen this beautiful video, made by Slow Holler artist Xander Stewart and had to share it:

Along with a message from organiser E Henderson:

Contributor Xander Stewart made this short storytelling film about the deck. Share it with all your people, and ask em to support the project!!

Love what Xander said about making it “with the help of so many sweet babes, I made this short storytelling film for the Slow Holler tarot deck to try and capture bits and pieces of the things that make my tiny southern queer heart keep beating for this deck and this home of mine.

help make this dream of a project a reality by pre-ordering a deck at funding.slowholler.com and share widely.

xo, xander”

You can also read a wonderful interview with E Henderson on Little Red Tarot here. Guys there are only a few days left to support this deck and help to make it happen!

You can help out at funding.slowholler.com.


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  1. Celia says:

    Every time Slow Holler releases something new online I get more and more excited for the prospect of this deck!! I’m in love.

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