Shine (a reminder)

Shine, little light
Flicker and glow and grow
Breathe in, breathe out
Stretch your arms skyward
And blink.

Do not bow
To the watchers who watch
Or the murmuring wind
Fill yourself with joy
And leap.

Sarah J Bray

Isn’t this poem perfectly The Fool?

When I read it, I imagined myself on her cliff, about to step into some unknown abyss. All that’s needed is faith in… the Universe maybe?…and the courage to fail, and learn, and grow. It’s the constant re-beginning of an exciting journey, the stripping out of complications, the readiness to say ‘okay. Let’s start again. Let’s see where life will take me this time!’


1. The Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Piu-Mun Law
2. Tarot of the Cat People by Karen Kuykendall

…which is kinda how Sarah’s blog feels to me. Her emails, too.

I’m not on many mailing lists (I join a lot…but I leave a lot). Sarah’s is one where I actively look forward to what she has to say. She writes about this big human struggle you might recognise to create meaningful work, to write through writer’s block, to investigate self-improvement (and dismiss it brilliantly), to create, to give, to be recognised, to be good enough.

She writes about procrastination too – and we all can relate to that shit.

She’s working on a book right now which (I reckon) fits so nicely with that Fool theme. It’s a book about creation. I think. I mean, it’s not actually written yet. I’m totally guessing.

Anyway. If you’re a writer or a community worker (or actually who likes reading intelligent, heartfelt writing about *life*) I think might appreciate Sarah’s writing.

Such as…

And loads more. Seeing someone else take these little (and big) leaps of faith and confidence is gently inspiring and quietly exciting.

It’s all here:



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