How to rock out your 2017 planfest

First of all, hit play below. All the best roundups these days have soundtracks anyway right?

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My year ended a lot like this first song progresses.

It expands subtly but quickly with languid layers. It’s gentle but also continually builds. Like folds of a sonic dream – a scarf trailing through fingers during an interpretative dance.

This song takes me back to mid-December. To a well-lit studio with hardwood floors. To a circle of black women, gathered to raise energy, and most of all, to dance. Both my mother and sister were there. Despite how unlikely it was with me living halfway across the country. Yet, there they were, shoulder to shoulder with these witches, dancing, breathing, bringing down the moon. Maybe thinking I was a bit nuts to twirl my scarf just so and arch my back and skip around a room half-full of strangers. I don’t know.

I didn’t care. I was celebrating. A tricky move into my first house. The end of a difficult year. And what better way to do it than with a dream community – the perfect mix of people I know well and love, people I don’t know well and love anyway, of music, sisterhood, magick, and dance.

It is with this dream community spirit that I share some of my favorite planning posts for 2017.

Some I found last year and used again. It’s an organizational orgy. A link roundup that threatens to exceed the bounds of usefulness. Enough to make my Capricorn-moon heart sing and test my already shaky nerves. So if you’re anything like me, with a tendency towards anxiousness, be warned: take this with a big ‘ol grain of Himalayan salt.

I regularly flirt with overwhelm.

Ultimately, It’s up to you to decide what supports your well-being regardless of what supports mine.

A lot of these links have a story, and each of those stories is a little too long to tell. So hit up my email list if you want to know the in-depth why behind these.

A roundup to rock your 2017 planfest

#yearofslow – 2017 is my first year with a working budget. Well, two of ‘em actually. This is thanks to Cait Flanders’ writing. I love her thoughts on making 2017 a #yearofslow. My year probably won’t go that way. But it should. :: clears throat ::

Theresa Reed’s Word for the Year – By the time I saw this post I already had my word/phrase for the year. But if I hadn’t, I’d have flipped out and used her approach. As it stands, I still may go back and tweak mine because of this post.

I love Year Ahead spreads

So much so that I offer them over at my website.

Your Solstice Seed by Carolyn Cushing – I love Carolyn’s ritualistic approach to the Wheel of the Year spread. A lot of times it can be easy to get caught up in the details of what everyone else does or to forget the big ‘ol spread we did in January (or in some cases October). She reminds us that we can make rituals our own and would do well to revisit them.

Gathering In Spread – Dharma Eyes Tarot – I’m a fan of most elementally themed things, so I liked Emily’s elemental breakdown of a year ahead spread. I’m dying to know what this spread would look like with elemental dignities layered on top. Hopefully, I’ll remember to give it a shot later…

Here are some of my fav Year-Ahead spreads from Instagram:

I’m dipping into Astro-planning

I might even be a bit obsessed this year. This probably isn’t news since I’ve been collecting horoscopes and astro-guides for a few years now.

The more I look back at the months and years and see the how the planets affected me personally, the more I recognize astrological patterns in tarot, the more I see how accurately brilliant diviners call all kinds of things, the more interested I get. It felt daunting to me, at first, to incorporate astrology into my planning. Don’t let it spook you. It can be as simple as:

And remember, you could always keep it simple

Jeanna Kadlec talks about how to do a vision board.

Elena Brower did a livestream on Facebook of a two-page planning system that knocked my socks off. I’m already planning to use it when I want to get back to my spiritual center stat. One of the best things to do is to just voice your vision. Even if it’s only once with a single person. Beth’s open thread resolutions post is perfect for this. There’s magick in only letting your intention be known. Be heard. The universe is listening.

Join my dream community – the perfect mix of people I know well and love, people I don’t know well and love anyway.

Soon I’ll dish about my planning system for 2017 and how these links fit. Did I miss any great planning posts??! Share in the comments or tweet me Want a Year Ahead reading? Or Want to collaborate on one? Work with me

Featured decks: Centennial Smith – Waite US Games 2013 Thoth Tarot by Crowley & Harris US Games 1978

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