Right about now – Ace of Swords

It’s been a quiet month for the Tarot and I. At least, as far as blogging goes. I took advantage of the business of moving house to wilfully drop out of touch with my computer for a while, to have less of an internet-life. Hanging out with housemates and primping and preening my new room. Cooking and walking and drinking and eating out.

I’ve been missing my daily (read ‘every so often’) cards, and decided today to take a quiet moment to find a card that best illustrated how I’m feeling about my life right now.

I shortlisted loads. There was the Three of Pentacles for teamwork and growth, the Sun for that sense of summery freedom, the Six of Cups for returning to the place I love, and plenty more. Eventually I settled on the Ace of Swords.

Ace of swords tarot card anna K

Ace of Swords, from the Anna K Tarot by Anna Klaffinger

Aces are about opportunities, new beginnings, gifts from, well, wherever gifts come from. They are about turning points and new perspectives related to their suit. And for Swords this is about matters of the mind. The Ace of Swords represents an energising reconnection to wisdom.

In the Greenwood and Wildwood Tarots, the Ace of Swords is the ‘Breath of Life’. Its position on the Wheel of the Year is spring, taking us from the chilly first of February through to the warming weeks of April, that breath of life being the new perspective that is gained as winter finally ends and the green signs of life begin to show themselves to us again. In The Wildwood Tarot, Mark Ryan and John Matthews describe this as ‘a renewal of vitality combined with knowledge of where you wish to be and how to get there.’ So it’s not just about energy and life, it’s about clarity and direction, a sense of purpose.

Ace of swords tarot card compass

I heard on the grapevine today that a person who dislikes me intensely is still, thirty months after our fall-out, finding reason to make nasty comments on [social networking site] . Whilst this might have bothered me a long time ago, I think this time it simply strengthened my resolve to be better than that. It made me feel sad that this person could be so unable to move themselves forward, and at the same time, I felt so glad not to be trapped in that way, more determined than ever not to let myself get sucked into the angsty, self-pitying mentality that had held me back in the past. As the Wildwood says, determined to know where I want to be and how to get there.

I thought about how past struggles with my own mind had impacted on my present over recent years. I saw how these struggles had caused me to hurt myself and those closest to me even more. I felt proud of the gradual process of letting go I had been through, helped on its way by a number of small and large epiphanies. Two months ago a final piece of the puzzle fell into place, allowing me to breathe that ‘breath of life’ and look at myself and the world anew. I was re-energised, excited, and full of urges make plans. And this is the message of the Ace of Swords – self-determinism. A commitment to truth and wisdom, and using this understanding to move forwards to where we want to be, forging a strong, true path.

The mind awakening for new challenges. This usually indicates that the person’s mind is feeling sharper, clearer. They want to talk, want to discuss or write. The breeze stirs through the trees and the fledgling thinks of trying out its newly feathered wings. The sword is lifted, and the querent wants to test its edge.

Thirteen, on Aeclectic Tarot

I think about where I want to be and how to get there. With my love, today, I climbed to a reservior, high on the moors. We swam across and back, then warmed ourselves in the sunshine as horses bathed in the still water. The sky was huge and the air was fresh and warm. I felt happy and free, and the freedom was coming from a sense of control over my own life, mind, heart and spirit. Today, it was the mind that was key.


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