A return

I’m not really sure where I’ve been.

But I haven’t been *here* for nine months. What happened?

Tarot reading Wild Unknown 4.1.14

Cards from the Tarot of the Wild Unknown, by Kim Krans

Past: Seven of Swords

Losing trust – in myself? I felt it gradually wearing away over the final months of this year – felt my grip loosening, my temper shortening, my confidence failing. I’m a victim, I’m my own worst enemy, I’m an idiot, I’m so lucky, I’m being ridiculous, oh my god will my head be quiet? I feel six swords bearing down on me yet I covet the seventh.

Sometimes the card will come up because we have such a poor view of ourselves. We start to believe that nothing we do could possibly make a difference to the unhappy circumstances we find ourselves in. If not challenged, this attitude will lead us into being poor-little-me’s, when we adopt a victim mentality, and secretly expect everybody else to sort things out for us.

Jan Shepherd, Angel Paths

Present: Son of Swords

Have. To. Stop. Thinking! Just for a moment. The Son of Swords is mocking me! Attacking the past with more of the bloody same. This determined, yet misguided, little owl has seized the fox’s hidden sword and now uses it to try to ward back the Seven. But this is no way to learn, no way to approach the new year. It’s the Son of Swords’ blinkered-ness that led me here, forgetting to love, forgetting to laugh.

Future: XIV. Temperance


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    • Little Red says:

      Not all – but mostly, and there are no people. Amazing use of colour too…it really is a stunner. It’s the Tarot of the Wild Unknown by Kim Krans – will add a credit to the post now, but you can also find it here: http://www.thewildunknown.com

      Hope you’re doin’ good Dodo! xxxx

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