My resolutions, your resolutions 2015 (and a free tarot reading for you!)

Is it too late to share these?

What the heck. It’s taken me this long to figure out what mine actually are.

***Share yours in the comments below and I’ll draw you a tarot card to help you achieve it!***

There’s a difference between resolutions and goals. 

With resolutions, it’s about improving or ditching a habit, incorporating a practice, generally being or doing a little more this or a little less that. With goals, it’s more like – pick a thing, then achieve it.

Or at least try 🙂

paris toyshop

I’ve got a few of both for 2015.


  • Be better dressed. Because ‘boater’s loungewear’ isn’t making me feel good any more.
  • Move more. Because I’ve gone and created a life where I’m tied to a computer half the time. The rest must be spent furiously doing star jumps. Or, um, just not sitting at the computer.
  • Travel. In general and also specific ways. I’ve booked my flights to the States!! And a trip to Scotland and a trip to Wales! So I guess that one’s happening 😀
  • Stop being so self-deprecating. Nobody finds it fun.
  • Stop smoking. Properly. It’s going well so far.
  • Give up on new clothes. Manchester is vintage heaven – there’s no excuse for that sweatshop nonsense.


Tarot/work-y things…

  • To launch the Alternative Tarot CourseTICK! Yesss.
  • To write a book of tarot card meanings. Eek that sounds hard.
  • To build an alternative tarot social network. Comin’ atcha very soon.
  • To create and do – in some form – the Queer Tarot Project. This one is no compromise. It’s f-ing ON.

Life things…

  • To create a stable base with my partner. We each live on boats which is a wonderful adventure, but we’re both self-employed, planning a family and want to create a home that enables us to live and work in comfort. We also want to live with lots of people in a big community! I want this to be the year that we start to build this.
  • To find a sperm donor. The search for the perfect wigglies continues.

Also: I started trapeze class this week! It was SO FUN. It wasn’t a resolution but hey, by the end of this year, this will definitely be me and my mate Kelly:


And yours?
















Just a few then Corina… 😉

I could reignite my love of tarot… I did your new years spread from a few years ago. Yes yes yes! I just felt right. So here I am 🙂


I use my cards everyday and in the future I would love to do readings for others. It’s hard to find ppl to practice on though! I do find sometimes I rely on my books too much, looking to them as soon as I’m confused. I would like to connect more with my cards and open up my intuition more.

Wonderful! You’re in the right place 🙂

To fulfil my “Extreme-Selfcare-Quest for this year, I worked out a morning & evening. Routine-plan with different chores like affirmations, JinshinJyutsu, warmup. Exercise, Qigong, Breathing, Acupoint massage, Meditation ( change is rest) , timed it and started to work with it! Having FUN! : D


I have big plans for 2015, too, though none involve leaving home 😀 Well, or at least not leaving the UK, given I’m scheduled to teach workshops at two or three Conferences later in the year.

And I’m also hoping to do some webinars, release another Lenormand deck, and maybe figure out how to release an app or two – as I say, big plans!

Everything you do is awesome, Chloe xxxx

polly's feet


What about you? It’s not too late to let us know!

AND! If you post your new year’s resolution in the comments below, I’ll draw a tarot card for you to give you guidance on how to make it happen!

Go for it:


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  1. Linka says:

    I don’t have resolutions but I do have some wishes for 2015: my main one is to show myself loving kindness, nourishing my mind, body & spirit, helping myself become strong and healthy again. I also want to dedicate more time to relationships with people who have a really juicy, abundant energy. I want to have adventures, big and small, whenever possible and to prioritise pleasure and fun.
    Linka x

    • Beth says:

      Hey Linka! I love the one about spending time with positive, upbeat people. And adventures… always the adventures…

      Your card is the Ace of Pentacles – hurrah! So a whole new approach to your health and wellbeing, starting from the core, from the ground up. Listening to your body and digging in. YUM.

      It’s like you’re planting this beautiful seed full of *potential* and all the wishes and things you’ve mentioned above are ways you can water and feed it. So in everything you do, imagine that it’s nurturing your little seed, growing it, bringing it to life. It’s such a beautiful card:

  2. Lilith says:

    My new year’s resolution is is stop bitching about other women! Not pleased to admit it’s something I do, but it’s something I wanna unlearn. Even the word “bitching” is so gross, and indicative of the fact it steps from misogynistic patriarchy bleurgh. Aiming for either more positivity in it’s place, minding my own business, or constructively challenging things!

    • Beth says:

      Lilith! If that’s your real name! You won’t believe the card I drew for you, I think you will love it It’s from Dori Midnight’s Dirty Tarot Cards.

      Heart. “Compassion without self sacrifice”, Dori writes. So you can call people out or work to improve the world without the nasty gossippy stuff.

      Acting from love in everything you do. So when ‘bitching’ (ew god yeah, it is such a gross word) comes up, pause and think ‘is this loving? Is this making the world a better place?’ I love the image on the card which is an anatomical heart. What an amazing organ, strong and rhythmic and consistent.

      Such an admirable resolution.

  3. emma says:

    wow, this is so cool! so great to here people’s resolutions.
    So, mine are:

    Stay grounded like a big old tree

    Be adventurous with my ideas – BIG loud, long term and out there

    Push through the moment when something inside me says – NO I’m too scared! by just staying focussed and DOING/MAKING SOMETHING

    Eat more oats

    Keep in touch with people and hang out with friends old and new.

    My goals are:
    Create a gorgeous loving, functional home which is the inspirational and nurturing base to fly from.
    Launch my business BIG STYLEEEEEEEEEE!
    Be financially sound
    Make so many things out of wood that i feel like i am turning into a tree.
    Finish and Sell my boat
    Find sperm and a loving, perfect donor to go with it

    whoop! what’s my tarot card! what can it be!

    • Beth says:

      Hey babe! Exciting resolutions alright!

      Your card is the Two of Pentacles – so this is all about being transformed through your work and making sure to keep the magic at all times. If you can keep all of those plates spinning, and really buzz of the excitement of doing all the things, you’ll make magic. See the whole process as a transformative one. Spread your wings!

      All whilst eating a bowl of porridge <3

  4. Ellen says:

    What a wonder idea!
    My main resolutions are to be me and to be confident about it and to practice painting with watercolors and not to be anxious about the results

    • Beth says:

      Hey Ellen! What a beautifully simple resolution. And your tarot card is the Artist of Keys, from The Collective Tarot – this corresponds to the Queen of Wands in regular decks.

      Confidence! Yes. What you say about not being anxious about the results – absolutely. Be proud of your art, take pleasure in your art. You are an artist! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks and you don’t need any validation. You are aware of your own creative power. Beautiful.

      Good luck! x

  5. saricchiella says:

    Wow, one of my resolutions would be to lay my hands in all these gorgeous decks! I’m jealous…

    Anyway, this is going to be a wild year.

    My resolution is to discover how to be the best mom possible to my two month old munchkin while still being myself. The loss of self to the almighty motherhood annoys me to no end.

    And my goal is to get in one of those cool Google seminars for self employed mothers (you can even assist with your child, how cool is that!). To get that, I must have a business idea half implemented at the very least. So, self employed mom. Yeah. I’m scared.

    I’ll accept all the help thrown my way 🙂

    Ps.- I’m one of the students of your course! It was my Christmas present (here we get the presents on Jan 6th, from the three wise men… very fitting ^_^)

    • Beth says:

      Hey!! So glad you’ve joined the course… that’s exciting!

      It IS going to be a wild year. I drew the Nine of Wands for you, which is a really warm, helpful reminder that even when the going gets tough, what you’re doing right now is proper soul work. It’s a steep climb, but it’s worth the work. When you feel overwhelmed, come back to your heart’s desire (the moon, in this card) and take things one step at a time. It’s gonna be great!

      (Image from the Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans.)

  6. Celia says:

    Hey, congrats on the trapeze class! I’ve always wanted to try something similar, but never find myself staying put in one state/country/area long enough. ojalá, someday!!

    I have a couple of resolutions/goals.
    One of the combined ones, the one that’s the most important to me is to write more and submit something to be published! The actually getting published, while v exciting isn’t the most important part, rather it’s the putting myself out there and polishing something enough to get it looked at, at a minimum!

    Related to that, a friend and I are trying to get a podcast finished by October– we’re aiming for a script contained in three episodes, so we’ll see how it progresses as the year continues!

    Oh, and also do the tarot course of yours 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Hey Celia – happy new year!

      I drew the Four of Wands for you – which is a reminder to be proud of how far you’ve already come. This is an exciting moment, there are great plans afoot and plenty of work to do. Start by celebrating where you’re at right now, toasting the writing you’ve already done, so you’re extra fired-up for the hard work of the coming months 🙂

  7. This is brilliant! I particularly like your resolution for vintage clothes! I am going the minimalist route this year with everything from my wardrobe to my living space and vintage has always appealed in terms of how to decorate minimally. 🙂

    I’m so excited to see your resolutions happen this year and am SOOO stinking excited for the Alternative Tarot course. I am going through week 1 right now and maaaaay do it in one day. I can’t stop! Lol. It’s too perfect!

    So, for my resolutions, it’s not so much a list as it is a word of the year. My word of the year is Embrace. Embrace new things, good and bad, learn from them, learn from people. Tarot has just become one of the first things I will embrace in 2015 and I am beyond excited. 😀

    • Beth says:

      Ooh, well you may well be embracing a person too, look! The Two of Cups:

      More generally, this is about opening up your heart in everything you do. Really make an offering when you’re putting yourself out there. Invite people to enter into a genuine, hearfelt exchange with you. This is such a beautiful card for you and fits perfectly with your tarot mission 🙂

      So glad you’re enjoying the tarot course Ashley!! xxxxx

  8. I need to stop self-sabotaging in health and in business. By self-sabotaging, I mean quitting-but-not-quitting smoking and putting off tasks that I know will enhance my business, and instead, laying on the couch and watching Parks and Rec. My goal is to overcome both of these things. 🙂 Wish me luck, sweets.

  9. emily says:

    My New Years resolution is to stay committed to my commitments and not lose steam halfway through. I am headed to welding school in a few weeks and I know that about 6 weeks into something else will grab my attention. But this is a goal and a resolution rolled in one. Goal: finish welding school. Resolution: stay committed!

    • Beth says:

      Hey Emily! Wow, welding, that’s so cool! I drew the Four of Cups to you, which definitely fits with the commitment thing. Keep your heart in it and remember why you’re there…even during the boring bits…

      • emily says:

        Thank so much beth! I am so excited. I just plunked tuition, so I better be. I am going to keep coming back to that 4 of cups when I feel my wander.

    • Beth says:


      I drew the Five of Bottles for you Danielle – so don’t be afraid of the darker side of witchiness… you can use your new skills to deal with sad stuff, process pain and mourn (as well as all the exciting joyful stuff!)

          • Beth says:

            I love this deck. Still getting to know it…do you have one? It says (about the feeling of sadness that comes with this card) “Unnoticed in the corner, a bird carries one of the bottles safely in its protection. All is not really lost.”

            It’s like the crow is witchiness, for you. It can take the sad things in your life and help you magic them into good stuff.

  10. laura says:

    My goal is to turn my magical “business” into an actual business. I feel like I’ve gotten off to a great start so far, getting my vision and website and stuff all clear and worked out, but I’m feeling kind of wary about the next steps. The whole how-to-get-money-for-it part I guess, argh. Thanks for this!

  11. Victoria says:

    It’s never too late! I think it always takes a little bit of time to get to grips with the new year and how it feels. So far for me 2015 seems to be trying to get me to think about the UNIVERSE, physical and nonphysical – I’ve spent the past few evenings gawking at the night sky and trying to get my partner to explain particle physics (midnight probably isn’t the best time to take it in, tbh), and have ordered a tarot deck from your good self, Beth – not had one for about 20 years so that will be a learning experience in itself 🙂

    The resolution I wrote down is to ‘live a more creatively-focused life’. I’d like to spend more time making, learning and doing. Today I signed up to a course to learn how to play the drums 🙂

    Lots of love to all for a fabulous time in 2015 xx

    • Beth says:

      That’s such a good resolution Victoria…I think most of us want to be more creative. Good luck! I drew The Chariot for you, which is a good sign. Just make sure you really focus on your goals, really dedicate yourself to your creative work. You have to show up and do it, even the tricky first parts where it feels like it’s not going anywhere. It is. Keep driving it forwards.

      I love the sun and pentacle in this card, too. I wrote a post about it here.

      • Victoria says:

        Ooooooh, ‘you have to show up and do it’ really resonates for me – it’s no good just sitting thinking about stuff! Thanks so much for this 🙂

  12. Claire says:

    Happy new year!

    Using numerology my card for this year is Strength. My resolution is to embrace and develop my strength, especially in two areas. First, I will take more risks in putting myself out there, flaws and all, with the hope to feel more connected to people and community. Second, I will develop more stamina to stay focused on work and building my business.

    My goals are to do more tarot journaling (hello alternative tarot course!), start an aerial journal with notes to help me learn complicated silks and trapeze moves, and to do more home/office stretching and conditioning (more Strength!).

    • Beth says:

      Oh wow, you’re learning the trapeze too? Ace!

      How did you get Strength numerologically? Is it your birth card, or is there a calculation you can share? Sounds interesting 🙂 Great card, too.

      So, I drew The Emperor for you Claire. It will help you to be really organised about meeting these goals – like working out sensible ways to fit stretching into your routine or setting aside regular times for your journalling. Create a friendly, helpful structure for your activities to keep you on track 🙂

      • Thank you, Beth! That is very good advice from the Emperor.

        Strength is not my birth card – in fact, the Emperor is! The way I learned to get a card of the year is to add the current year to your birth month and year, but without breaking down the numbers into single digits (like you would for a birth card). Then add together the resulting digits together, breaking it down until you reach a number 21 or below.

        So for me that’s 2015 + 6 + 12 = 2033, and 2 + 3 + 3 = 8, Strength (I know some would say Justice).

        Last year was my year of the Chariot… It started out with two car accidents within the first six weeks of the year, but thankfully once I grabbed the reins on that Chariot energy by quitting my job to start my own law practice I had no more car troubles. So this year I am determined to purposefully channel Strength so I don’t get strong-armed by the universe!

        I have been learning trapeze for about a year and a half, and aerial silks for a bit longer than that. I freaking love it so much!! Seriously.

  13. constance says:

    I think that my theme for 2015 is to make it a year of beauty! I spend so much time designing things for work, that sometimes I forget to apply my talents to making art that I would personally enjoy. And in the theme of beauty, in 2015 I plan to see more of nature; I live in a major city, and it’s always so refreshing when i get a chance to see an actual horizon.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Constance… well, I drew Reception, from the Collective Tarot (which corresponds to The Empress in regular decks). This is about getting in touch with your own earthiness. The beauty you’re looking for is all around you in your environment, your home, your community… getting out into nature sounds like a perfect idea. This is a truly creative card, and it’s all about really nurturing yourself and growing.

  14. Jeannette says:

    Hi beth! my goal this year is to work on being more generous with my light and knowledge and work on being more inspiring to myself and others, sharing that good ol’ witch knowledge in my heart. Also really want to create something amazing, music and poetry wise! <3

    • Beth says:

      Hey Jeanette! That’s really beautiful, and I drew the Mentor of Keys for you. You have *loads* to give. Don’t be afraid to step up and be a leader – people want what you have to offer and find you inspiring 😀

  15. Nova says:

    My resolutions are to meditative everyday and exercise three times a week so I can survive teaching and accomplish all my creative projects (and not let stress and anxiety gain the upper hand). I also want to go professional with tarot reading. An opportunity presented itself, so I just need to follow through and keep on practicing with the cards.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Nova. I really admire people who can stick to a routine like this… and that’s so cool you’re a teacher! For you I drew the Six of Swords, which suggests allowing yourself to be helped when you need it. Don’t be afraid to accept the kindness of strangers.

      And good luck with your tarot work!

  16. Mary L says:

    Wooooo, resolutions! I tend to not use that term because it makes me think of, like, Jazzercise videos and sad neglected to-do lists. But really, this year I do have a resolution: to spend the next months laying the foundation of a life philosophy/spiritual practice for myself. I haven’t had any kind of religion or conscious philosophy in my life since I stopped being a practicing Catholic years ago; for a long time I was okay with that, but I’ve realized recently that I miss having the kind of day-to-day keystone that religion can offer. Plus if there’s one thing ex-Catholics miss, it’s usually ritual. Rituals are cool.

    So. Now I just have to build my own thing from an agnostic-atheist, tarot-reading, conscious-living perspective, without making myself feel like a complete quack. Should be totally easy.

    (Also, thank you for opening up this little space for us to write things out and get a virtual high five for it.)

    • Beth says:

      What’s wrong with Jazzercise??

      Okay, so you want rituals! Well, I drew the Three of Pentacles, which feels less today about teamwork, and more about the magical power of the number three. Like, this is a lucky number for you at the moment. Try to bring ‘three’ into your rituals and practices…I’ll leave you to decide what that means 😉

        • Beth says:

          Sorry I can’t be more specific! But yeah – it’s your magic number. Use it!

          I totally want to sign up for a Jazzercise class now.

  17. Bobby says:

    My resolutions are like ongoing… but in a nutshell:

    To start the year as I mean to go on… Check!

    To continue to support and be there for my four amazing little people and my grandson Blue, on each of their journeys through this amazing life.

    To continue my journey in learning Astrology

    To strengthen my Tarot skills and intuition, do more daily draws etc

    To come home to Blighty for a visit, I would love to come in June when big things are happening for Tabby in London, but if not I will be there in spirit.

    To finish the final year of my BA in Arts and Media and get that funny black hat on my head in December!

    To blog more regularly!

    To save up for a camera and use my photography skills again, other than just with my iPhone!

    To come out of my hermitage and be more social, and embrace all of life

    To be true to myself and all of those in my life

    To love and love and love and love…..

    xox Bobby

    • Beth says:

      Oh wow, just a few then Bobby! You got ‘Leather’ from Dori Mindight’s Dirty Tarot Cards. Dori describes this as “rough and tough display of power and desire. Playing out hidden places, healing through confronting and embodying fears.”

      Wow. I feel like it’s telling you you need to really go into the grit of what you want and experience this as an animalistic kind of desire. To go into your fears and ask for what you need. Powerful stuff.

      • Bobby says:

        Thanks Beth… I think I am getting down n’ dirty n tough with my needs and desires after many years of procrastinating and just ebbing along… now I am diving into the tides and swimming towards my dreams 🙂 Thank you xox

  18. Meghan says:

    Thank you for doing this! 🙂

    My resolution for this year is to create more balance in my life. 2014 brought a lot of awesomeness in the form of a new career, which is wonderful and I am loving, but I’m also finding that it’s harder than I thought to have that balance between work, partner, friends, other responsibilities, taking care of myself by doing stuff like going to the gym and the time I need for myself to just kind of unwind and *be*. I find myself feeling kind of overwhelmed and stressed, and something has to change. So, this year, I am trying to find a way to create that balance for myself.

  19. Tabby says:

    What a lovely idea, so cool reading everyone’s goals and resolutions and seeing the beautiful tarot cards they get!

    Some of mine are to trust my intuition more, really get my organisation off the ground, running and recognised, learn more astrology and keep it present in my life, learn more/do more tarot, swim more, get my restricted driving license and live in a beautiful, clean, warm house. Oh and to find a way to keep doing *all the things* but not to be constantly stressed – to self care better and set better boundaries!

  20. Darian says:

    Hello! My resolution is to dig into my religious and spiritual beliefs to build a strong{er} foundation for myself and for my practice. Having my own space (physical and energetic) is crucial for this – part of the resolution. Structure, in one word.

  21. Erica says:

    This year I will no longer be a shrimp. I am strong, brave, and recognized for my gifts. No one may step on me. Situations and relationships that foster a shrimp attitude will be no longer.

  22. Jesteresse says:

    Having finished teacher training last year, moved to another part of my country and started in my dream job, I feel like my soul didn’t have time to catch up.
    So my resolution is to come home. In my new role as a teacher, in this new city, in our apartment, but also in my mind and in my body. Create a circle of people I feel at ease with (now there’s my wonderful partner, but I need friends in my life, too), and be enough at ease to try out new ways of creating beauty, like improving my drawing and painting.

    Right now, I just feel so restless and am longing for… something. (But maybe that’s nothing new.)

    Thank you for letting me share.

    P.S.: I fell in love with the Wild Unknown Tarot. Is there any way to get one (and the Guidebook, as I have no experience whatsoever)?

  23. Lena says:

    Mine is to let things be, dropping the control, mastering self love, balance and healing. Learn to receive to be able to let a life partner come into my life. Thank you Beth, your site is great!

    • Beth says:

      Thank you Lena! I stopped doing one-card readings at the end of the day on Friday, but it’s great to read your resolutions. Good luck! xxx

  24. Leslie Ann says:

    My resolutions for 2015 can be summed up as “reclaiming.” I want to go back to things that made me happy that I’ve lost along the way, like writing or long bubble baths.

  25. Elisabeth says:

    Finally have an moment to read this amazing thing you’ve done here! I’m facing probably the busiest year of my life. My challange will be to stay grounded in the present, and pay attention to my needs so I can correct anything before it becomes a personal/emotional/relationship crisis. I haven’t had time to think about resolutins but off the top of my head I think getting back into a daily meditation and also work out routine will be essential, as will going to sleep early. I want to rock the hell out of this new internship and school and still do stuff that makes me and my love laugh and enjoy life and eachother.

    Best of luck to you this year Beth! I can’t wait to see all you accomplish! I know it’s going to be amazing!

  26. Diana Corbeil says:

    Get back in shape so I feel better, look better and bike season is Enjoyable this year. I have joined a gym, have a workout plan, I just need to START.

    Decrease the emotional Shopping.

    Use my free time better… Less zoning out in front of the computer, escaping. Read more books! Get outside!

    Start writing again. I used to write poetry all the time and I have a book to finish.

    Finally Learn to read Tarot! I just started your course! One of my problems is never asking for help, so I may be in contact with you with some questions or needing advice 😉

    Be reasonably fit by bike season… May? I live in Canada so that could be by April or June, haha!

    Create and put on some workshops at work. Aromatherapy, Crystals 101, Herbs 101…

    My word for this year is ARRIVED. The last few years I feel I have been incubating and healing. This year I want to Arrive and be all of myself again. Happy.

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