OPEN THREAD: My resolutions, your resolutions 2016 (and a free tarot reading!)


And so to our new year’s resolutions.

I wonder what you’re all planning – you readers out there in your different corners of the world. What hopes and dreams you have for 2016, what you wish to release this year, what you want to welcome in to your life. I hope you’ll share in the comments below.

Me? The truth is, much as I love nothing more than a good old new year’s resolution, this year I haven’t taken the time to really think about what specifically I want to create from this year. At Christmas Narney – my grandma – told me that she never makes resolutions, but makes an ambitious to-do list. For her it’s not about changing herself, but about what she wants to achieve. And then she goes and does them! It wouldn’t be hard for me to make a list like that: learn Spanish, the accordion, herbalism. Finish the boat and sell it. Find a place to put down roots. Write and launch a second tarot course.


In reality, those things will happen if they happen. To-do lists work for me in terms of minutiae – weekly admin, favours promised, bits and bobs. The bigger stuff…it just happens when the time is right.

Em and I lay in bed the other night, talking, winding ourselves up and getting really excited about just how damn open life feels right now. She’s off down to Dorset next week, finishing up the final two months of a carpentry apprenticeship. After that, there are so many options, offers of work, places to go and projects to work on. There seems to be a sudden influx of opportunities around us at the moment in terms of where we could live, what we could do. Manchester has been fun, but we both know deep down that city life isn’t right for either of us. Who knows what 2016 will bring?


Reflecting on 2015, I see a year in which I achieved a lot, but haven’t felt brilliant. So many great things happened – especially here, within Little Red Tarot. It’s been exciting, but at the same time I’ve found myself becoming disconnected from my world – as I’ve written plenty before, I’m yearning to get away from the computer and out into the dirt.

To that end, as I wrote earlier, I’m off to the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

So. Resolutions.

Just the one, for now: To live the life I want to live.

I don’t have an action plan – no steps to accomplishing this goal. This one is purely led by intuition. I know when I’m living the life I want to live, and I know when I’m not. 2015 felt like a year when I didn’t listen enough to that guiding voice, and this year I am resolved to hear it and work with it and let it guide me.

My tarot reading from new year’s eve, with cards from Dori Midnight’s Dirty Tarot:


Batter, Road Trip, Lucky Penny. Sounds good to me.

And here’s the collage I made last new moon, for the moon, for solstice, for new year, for me:


Over to you!

What’s your new year’s resolution, if you made one at all? What are your hopes for this year?

Note: For one week, I offered mini tarot readings for commenters on this post. This has now ended – though you are very welcome to continue sharing your resolutions and reflections! Big big thanks to everyone who helped make this an inspiring and encouraging open thread.


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  1. Claire says:

    So wonderful to see your collage, Beth – the Highland cow and the free bird immediately jumped out 😀 And I LOVE it’s free-form shape – no boxed in squares for you!!
    I don’t ‘do’ resolutions…
    I find/am found by a Word… last year it was ‘Delve’, this year it’s ‘Answer’ (as in the verb).
    And this year I ‘drew’ a Card for the year, or rather it’s been ‘showing up’ A LOT – X The Wheel of Fortune.
    Don’t know how I feel about it yet – hence I have blogged about it.
    Maybe the card you draw will shed light/clarify it for me…
    Thank you SO much for this and sending you warm hugs on this COLD day <3 <3

    • Beth says:

      Claire! So happy you’re the first 🙂 And I’m glad you liked the collage – totally inspired by your post, of course!

      For you I drew The Empress. The importance of knowing where your roots are as your Wheel turns, yet allowing yourself to be in that flow, too – understanding that these are natural cycles, even when they are tough. I feel that your answers will be found in the space between rootedness and flow – where you have the two working together. Happy new year to you!

      • Claire says:

        Oh Beth, your words (and the Card) and just TOO perfect! Truly, I could cry…
        ‘I am rooted, but I flow’ are Virginia Woolf’s words, but they are inscribed on my Soul…
        One of my intentions for this year is too REALLY live by these words.
        You couldn’t be any more ‘on the money’ with your reply! You precious, precious Soul-Sister, you xxx
        (Now I am crying…)

    • Elena Zora says:

      Hi Claire! Coincidentally I also drew the Wheel, as I am sure people all over the world must have drawn it and are now considering its meaning. Can you please share in a few words what it is that you got from your own card (and maybe what deck you are using, if it’s not too much to ask). Thank you and I hope this message finds you safe and sound. Elena

  2. erin says:

    My main New Year’s Resolution (ie the one i think about everyday) is that I want to re-learn how to focus. I know that this will ultimately have an effect on my creative work and life,but i cant set creative goals for myself this year until i relearn how to really give attention, to not pick up my phone or computer every ten seconds. I need to stop looking for the dopamine fix instead of focusing. So yea, focus. that’s my ny resolution

    • Beth says:

      Hey Erin! Happy new year! For you I drew The Devil – unsurprisingly, considering your question! It’s the Wild Unknown Deck so the image is playful – a friendly, smiling goat, which encourages you to see through the guile of distractions. You’ve identified your computer as your ‘devil’ (i.e. the thing that holds you back from what you really want to be doing) – remember that you have choices. You can’t ‘blame’ the devil – or the computer. Be responsible for your actions, accountable to yourself, go forth and focus and create like the free person that you are!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Like your grandmother, I don’t do resolutions. I tell people that years ago, I made it my New Year’s resolution not to make any more New Year’s resolutions, and I’ve kept it.

    I do have Projects for this year, though. Some pretty big ones.

    Get a job.
    Go back to school.
    Open a little online pagan stuff shop.
    Write more of the Litany to the Many Dead.
    Co-write a book on ancestor worship.
    Write funerary and mourning rites for my religious tradition.

    Gonna be a busy year.

    • Beth says:

      Yowzer, that’s a list! I drew the Two of Pentacles – a card of juggling, but really enjoying that juggling. Things might get manic, even overwhelming at times, but wherever possible, try to buzz off that busy energy…and know where your limitations lie and how to prioritise when it stops being fun.

      In the Wild Unknown, which I’m using, this card shows a butterfly with an infinity sign, deepening the card’s energy – being busy like this can be transformative, so let your work change you. Feel the magic in everything you do.

      Happy new year Rebecca!

  4. Sigh… I don’t have the habbit to take resolutions… But this start of 2016… I am forced to think about… We are suffering from restructuration (reorganization) where I work. Some people have been fired and I am the next on the list… I don’t know if I will loose my job and I don’t know when… Two monthes ? Four ?? I only work there for a little more then one year. I LOVE my job. It was my dream to be able to make what I love as a job ! I am an art teacher for people who are in need. Economical situation is really bad and future sounds not good… So it pushed me to think “and what if…” I am thinking about what I NEED ! I need to focus on my art (I have my own little business. but I don’t earn enough to live with), focus on my mind, my health,… I miss yoga I used to do decades ago. I love to write and have some books projects in mind and never start them… I need more to connect myself with Universe and my spiritual side… To learn more about all these spiritual, holistic things… Learn about crystals healing, twinsouls stuff,……I received so much signs in the past I didn’t pay attention to… And I still receive some now that I can’t deny them anymore !! Will I keep my SO LOVED job ? I don’t know… I am realizing that maybe it’s not the most important thing in my life… Even if I love it… Well I think maybe 2016 means that I have to find myself or focus on who I am and really want to be.. Or accept who I am and assume it… I will 42 in april. I think I only realize now (2 years after the 40’s change :P) that I have to dare to be me ! It’s not too late, isn’t it ? And be abble to say NO when I want 😉 It’s not easy but I have to learn to let go and don’t carry too much on my back (and in my mind :P)…. WOW What a program, don’t you think ? 😉 Thanks for letting me writting down all this <3 (and forgive my weird english ^_^) Smooches from Belgium.

    • Beth says:

      Sandrine, what a stressful situation! I’m so sorry your job is threatened like this. For you I drew the Seven of Wands – a righteous, feisty little card showing a single flame, shining in the darkness. This is a reminder to hold fast to your principles, don’t just roll over. You have to fight for the things you value most in life – if that’s teaching art to folks who really need it, then find other ways to do this. What you have to offer is important, and needed. It lights you up, and it shines a light that others can see too. Even when the going is tough, you still have your gift. You may have lost this job, but you can find other ways to share your gift. At the end of the day, we are defined by our actions. Shine on, hold on to what you love, be bold! No pressure! And happy new year 🙂

  5. Xe García says:

    My resolution is to become stronger and more resilient!

    Physically, I wanna continue going to the gym and being able to lift more weight, run for longer, etc. Not just to be physically stronger but to keep at bay some pain issues which have to do with sedentarism.

    Emotionally, I wanna continue to heal from trauma. I’ve made a lot of progress in 2015 but I’m not where I’d like to be just yet.

    At the intersection of both, I’ll be continuing my gender transition. I already changed my name a year ago, my pronouns last month, and I’ve been masculinizing my appearance (haircut, clothing). But 2016 will be the year of medical intervention. We shall see how that goes!

    • Beth says:

      Wow, great resolution! For you I drew the Wheel of Fortune – a card of cycles, change and the futility of fighting it. This card asks you to assess where your responsibilities really lie. In terms of both your fitness/health and your healing, try to step back from things and understand which things you can change, and which are beyond your control. Make sure you’re focused on those things that are your own responsibility, and where possible, accept, integrate or let go of the rest. Sending love for your journey, and a happy and strong new year.

      PS You might also like yesterday’s post – Cassandra continued her ‘queering the tarot’ series with the Wheel of Fortune, some interesting thoughts about gender there.

  6. Esme says:

    Hello! I don’t have a traditional resolution. There are things I’d like to do, but for the most part I have a Word of the year to focus on, and that word is Alive. x

    • Beth says:

      I loved your post about this Esme – it felt so real.

      For you I drew the Son of Pentacles. A deer, head bowed, beneath the crescent moon. You have work to do, and it’s soul work. It’s a long road, but your work is life-giving – for you and others. Go slowly and steadily, there is no rush – whats’ important is keeping the soul in all that you do. Commit to your resolution, to your word, Alive. This matters, it really matters, and you have what it takes.

  7. Ellen Chapman says:

    I usually set about 10 resolutions, do really well on them in January, then life happens and they get forgotten and I feel like a bad person. So this year I’ve chosen a word: heart, which to me is all about earth and fire. I feel unmoored and uprooted after my Mum died last year so I want to (re)connect with earth. Making new family traditions to mark the passing seasons (Imbolc feast!), and spending quality time with myself to reconnect with myself (this includes a daily tarot card, 21 days so far). And fire – this is the year to take action and create the life I want, rather than meander on slightly passively as I have a tendency to do – but also curling up in front of a log fire in my little house with my family around me.

    • Ellen Chapman says:

      I’m in awe of the response to this post Beth, and of how many mini new year readings you’ve done…but a little sad that my comment has slipped through the gaps. It’s not exactly a resolution but I’d love it if you still have time to draw a card for me.

      PS. very jealous of your move to Skye, it looks amazing and is making me yearn to get out into the wilds this winter.

    • Beth says:

      Oh Ellen, I’m so sorry I missed your question!

      For you, I drew the Empress. Wow. So everything you say about reconnecting with your self, with earth, with the seasons, it’s all right here in this powerful archetype of grounded wholeness and self-love. The Empress encourages you to renew your awareness with the good things you have in life – loved ones, your health, the sensual pleasures you enjoy every day – really relish these and find yourself within them. There’s also something here about your mother’s spirit and energy living on in the world around you.

      As for fire and manifestation – this is all about making it real, making the life you want a tangible, grounded representation of who you are and how you feel. Think of this as the real-world side of your spirituality, surround yourself with things that give you joy and the energy you need to build. Good luck and huge hugs xxx

      • Ellen Chapman says:

        Wow, thanks Beth. The Empress is deliciously perfect and exactly what I’m hoping to create and embody this year. I love the way you use words!

  8. Hmm! I tried to post a comment earlier, so this may be a duplicate, but my resolution for this year is to really stick to my creative pursuits, in particular drawing and illustration, and to build my circle of friends after a big move.

    • Beth says:

      Hey there! I drew the Three of Pentacles for you @carpesmurf. Understand that these different pursuits make you who you are – you are not ‘one thing’, you are many different things, a complex machine. Your task is to get all these different parts of yourself – especially the creative parts – working together like cogs in that machine. Also, you can do both things together – follow your creative pursuits whilst building a circle of friends – by joining creative groups! How about finding a volunteer project where you can use your creative skills for a cause you believe in, or going along to a drawing group? The Three of Pentacles is all about community. Have fun!

  9. Alice says:

    Mine is a little bit obvious but its all about health for me, cutting down on sugar and caffiene a little (although I still allow myself one coffee in the morning). I can already feel the difference and my skin is much clearer. Good luck with the move to Skye btw!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Alice! I drew the Ten of Cups for you, which suggests that this simple resolution has a much bigger impact than it might sound. This is something you know you need to do, because it’s part of a soulful search for fulfilment – it feels as though it’s a little part of a deeper movement in you towards a really happy, whole kind of place. Wow!

      • laxmi7777 says:

        I think you’re bang on there Beth, I can feel the positive changes coming in a bigger way. This one decision leads to lots more food habits, which leads to health and happiness. Thank you so much I really appreciate the time you have taken to answe all of us, and happy birthday!

  10. Shelby says:

    Last year, I made twelveish resolutions and did them all. And I’m thrilled, but I could use a more…focused year 🙂

    Only 2 this year: to read ALL of the Shakespeare canon (and some non-canon), and to kick-ass auditioning this year! I’ll let the rest of 2016 fall as it lands.

    • Beth says:

      Whoa, that’s pretty amazing (last year and this)! Luckily I drew the Empress. Indulge yourself in this whole thing, Shelby – it’s pure luxury to be able to curl up with the works of Shakespeare (and, um, to understand them), so really feel a sense of gratitude when you make that time to do what you love. When you’re auditioning, take the time to ground yourself before you begin, feel deeply aware of your body, voice, face, and their power, root yourself and let the element of earth be really strong in you. Basically, channel your inner Empress when you’re auditioning!

  11. Nicole says:

    I also love to reflect on my year and write down my resolutions. The most important ones are:
    – forgiving myself for mistakes I’ve made,
    – learning to love myself for who I am,
    – continue my spiritual growth
    – living in the present moment.
    Good luck with your move to Skye, visiting that island has been on my bucket list for a couple of years!

    • Beth says:

      Beautiful, Nicole! And I drew the Star for you. At your core is this bright, shining light that is fundamental to who you are. It can’t be crushed or put out, though sometimes it’s obscured by the junk that we accumulate in life – insecurity, fear, doubt, guilt etc. Your task is to uncover that light – the kjght of who you are, your essence, and let it guide you as you approach this year and your goals. You deserve forgiveness (and you’re the only person who can give it to yourself) and hope. You’re strong and beautiful and you can do all of this. Shine on 🙂

      • Nicole says:

        That’s probably the best message the cards could have given me! Thank you Beth! I wrote down your response in my diary so I can read it again and again. 🙂 All the best in Skye!

  12. There’s a big question. Warren Ellis, in his last newsletter before the holidays, said…

    “Just try and make things a little bit better for yourself, step by step, year by year. It’s all incremental. Lots of small victories is better than one big one. No single victory changes everything. Lots of little ones change a whole spread of things.”

    I noticed last year that my resolutions always look the same and I feel as if I’m never making any progress, so I’m going for lots of small victories this year. I have things to do:

    – A friendship became unworkable because I had stronger feelings for them than they have for me; I’ll do what I can to rebalance those feelings and hopefully save the friendship.
    – My feelings for the friend above stopped me from seeing someone else who liked me, so I opened up to that possible relationship and we’ll see how it goes.
    – The film I wrote has been winning awards and nominations, I’ll do what I can to keep promoting it and work on a sequel or another film.
    – I got a place at university to study creative writing. I’ll do what I can to make sure that I have funding for that. Later in the year will be time to organise myself to do the work that will come with the degree.
    – I have stories and poems to write. I’d like to finish some longer works, especially the first draft of a novel I started in November.
    – My mental health went downhill over the last couple of years from stress and not sleeping properly. I stopped drinking during the holidays – this isn’t a resolution, it’s just a thing, interestingly not difficult to keep up with once I got used to it – and I will be rebalancing my sleep pattern, social life, working life.
    – I got further than I ever have before with running and fitness; I will be keeping up with that.
    – I have no family since I transitioned, but my friends. I will be looking after those relationships and those people as they look after me.

    • Beth says:

      Elaine, I love you’d advice, and it’s so true – we have this tendency to think we can totally change ourselves with this one big resolution, but as you say it’s the subtle, incremental movement towards who we really want to be that brings real change.

      For you I drew the Sun. Go forth joyfully into this year, adopt an attitude of simplicity. This is actually about focusing on what matters and what brings you joy – pure and simple. Each of the things you’ve listed has an impact on your health and happiness – and what more is there than this? You might also find it helpful to follow the sun this year – watch as it returns a little earlier each morning, mark the solstices, equinoxes and quarter points. Be aware of how light and warmth affect your mood as you move through 2016.

      • Thank you. Interestingly I drew the Sun for myself this morning too. It’s a cloudless day and I got a run in, and my friend and I are talking once more. Small victories.

        I hope you have a marvellous time in Skye and find what you are looking for. I love the Islands, I feel that there’s a stripped-back simplicity to being there; that what you have with you is what you need and no more.

  13. I’m not making any resolutions, but I do have a goal to finish a *very* large chunk (+75%) of a book about the Tarot and two-card combinations. It’s my goal to write a summary of every two card combination (A+B=B=A, so there are 3,003 combinations), and the estimated word count is looking like a very conservative +150k words. *le sigh* It’s not difficult work, precisely, but it’s draining because of the thought required to put meaningful words to paper. If I can do 10 combos per day, I can be pretty much done in a year, but between work, kids, house, and everything else, it’s getting hard to carve out time for writing. Other than the, “writing will happen if you make it happen” routine, any insight for this writer?

    • Beth says:

      Bloody hell James! What an amazing project!

      I drew the Two of Pentacles. It’s not easy to juggle all of those projects and responsibilities, but there’s magic in the balance point if you can find it. Know that committing to your writing goal and following it through won’t be easy, but it’s a transformative process for you – like the butterfly on this card, something truly special is emerging from you as you write and write. You don’t need to let go of your other responsibilities, your magic is all about the juggling and the challenge. Let this, and your busy life, inform and inspire your work, draw on your personal challenge when you’re writing those card combinations, and see each pair of cards the way you see the Two of Pentacles – a delicate, sometimes difficult, but ultimately magical balancing act.

  14. Linda says:

    Like Esme I had a word for this year … action … because last year I just felt that I did a lot of thinking but never got around to starting anything! So this year I want to set up my online thing/business (your tarot reading I had still inspires me to start this!), reduce my hours in a job that is not helping my physical health, and hope for a more accepting time with my health. But this week I am in so much pain that I have no oomph at all and it feels hopeless. So I am going to try and continue with the action word but in tiny steps!
    Thank you so much for your blogging, I really enjoy it, have a very fabulous new year. xxx

    • Beth says:

      Wow Linda, I’m so glad my/your reading inspired you! I drew the Daughter of Cups for you – so be ready to go back to basics, strip away your preconceptions about what this is all going to look like, and begin to explore. Adopt a student’s mind and an attitude of curiosity, but more than this, open your heart. This is an exploration of new territory for you, but the most important resource you have for finding your way through is newly-budding intuition and a desire to build a life that truly feels good. Action is such a great word for your year – just bear in mind that things don’t always go as planned! Reflect often and don’t be afraid to change things up in line with your feelings.

  15. Rebekka says:

    I love that collage.

    My resolution/aspiration this year is to strive to make time for the things I need. Yoga, meditation, good books, ritual, Tarot, knitting, spinning – all the things that make it easier for me to be present and alive.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Rebekka! Love is the operative word here – I drew the Two of Cups. The things you need are about appreciating yourself, allowing yourself to fall in love with you, to reach out to yourself and say ‘you’re amazing, let me love you, let me care for you.’ This is so incredibly important – make it the foundation for your goals and remember it if you ever find you want to flake on these important self-care dates.

      • Rebekka says:

        Thank you so much, Beth.
        That was beautiful and rang very true.

        It’s always good to be reminded of truth.

  16. I have 2:

    Spend at least 25 minutes every day on something from the following list: reading a book, meditation, exercise, writing, and/or other skill-building. I have been renewing this as a resolution for the past few years & it’s done okay at helping me with depression-caused lack of motivation.

    Audition for a play. I love theater & acting. Haven’t done it in awhile, but I started taking classes, which I love. I’m fat & nonbinary so I often feel invisible and this feels like a big risk.

    • Oops, forgot the 3rd one! Put thought and intent into my expression of my gender identity. It’s felt nebulous since I came out to myself a few years ago. I want to find out what I actually look like.

    • Beth says:

      I really love the first one Tessa – how it’s simple and measurable, and how you give yourself a choice! So cool. I drew the Daughter of Wands for you, so this is first of all about getting in touch with your creativity and your passions and putting them at the forefront of what you do. Let yourself be childlike in your approach to all of this – consider this year an exciting voyage of self-discovery! Don’t be afraid to be who you are – especially when you’re auditioning – this is about being bold and joyful in yourself, following your gut, having fun with it and damn what anyone else thinks. Take a risk, surprise yourself, approach all of these goals with dynamism, and most of all keep looking for and following that deep-down feeling of excitement. Good luck! x

      • Thanks very much, Beth! It’s interesting you bring up being bold and joyful, it was a topic of discussion in my acting class this week– namely, how vulnerable it feels to experience joy in front of an audience, and also how most people struggle to embrace that feeling. I had come up with an imagined joyful scenario in my own life and my instructors were urging me to take it even further, which put me at a loss in the moment. It’s really had me aware of how I’m accustomed to prioritizing what’s practical and manageable at the expense of figuring out what happiness I could be striving for. A lot of signs pointing to this.

        I don’t have a copy of the Wild Unknown deck, and when I looked up the Daughter of Wands on Google, I had a little spooky moment. I have a tattoo that’s a snake twisted into an infinity symbol.

        I appreciate you taking the time out to do this mini-reading for me, and I hope you have a fantastic 2016 🙂

  17. Hi, great post. My main resolution is to feel emotionally and physically safe in my own body on a regular basis–this will be the foundation for my other goals. I love the picture–very inspiring!

    • Beth says:

      Hey Yvonne! Well, for you I drew the Nine of Swords – a scary-looking card full of eyeballs and worms! But it makes sense, reading your question. These feelings of un/safety are within your control, but it takes work to undo the stuff that keeps us awake at night or makes us feel insecure. You might find it helpful to keep a notebook by your bed to write down scary or difficult thoughts that nag at you – or find another way to get these fears out of your head. If you can write them down you can burn them and release them, slowly but surely. Prioritise restful sleep if you can, and you might also find it helpful to practice meditation to clear your mind and bring about a more secure, safe and peaceful mindset.

      • Thank you. I know you’ve been incredibly in demand, so I really appreciate your reply. I like the notebook idea. I’ve started keeping a dream journal, and I think that this would be a good adjunct. Thanks again for taking the time to do this, and for creating this blog. Have a fantastic 2016. 🙂

  18. Candace says:

    Beth, I’m in your grandmother’s corner with seeing resolutions as more of an ambitious to do list, an opportunity to articulate the few really big ideas I want to put into motion for the coming year. But what works best for me is that once I name them, I need to tuck them away and let them simmer, using them more as a guide for the course of the coming months with less active striving and controlling endeavors.
    For 2016 more cooking at home and choosing how I use my non-working hours with more intention. 2015 involved a lot of convenience foods and numbing out with massive amounts of television and tumblr. In moderation all of these things are quite fine, but for 2016 I need these to be choices not defaults. Also in 2016 I will finish at least once piece of writing for public consumption and become comfortable enough on my roller skates that I could try out for roller derby if I wanted.
    Congratulations and best wishes on your upcoming move!

    • Beth says:

      Candace! I love your approach – so grounded and powerful. I drew the Four of Swords for you, which really seems to reflect this idea of tucking things away to quietly guide, rather than being ‘on it’ with some kind of lost. It’s also a good card for intention – it’s conscious, but meditative. Thoughtful and focused, yet expansive, aware of a periphery of possibilities. Reading this card, I just want to say ‘keep doing what you’re doing – your approach is so calm, peaceful and right for you! xx

  19. abbie says:

    This is a fantastic thread! I’ve been struggling with “resolutions,” and have been more setting intentions. This feels like the year I will FINALLY get my career on track, and the year where my career and my lifestyle will finally make sense together.

    I’m a grad student at a public policy school. It’s extremely rigorous. Because of life happening, my living expenses have more than doubled, but my income is the same, and it’s solely based on student loans. So I need to start making more money STAT.

    I’m applying for paid internships or part-time work during the semester. It will be a lot of work, but I’m really hoping I can get something to give me that extra finance that I need.

    I spent much of last year thinking about my writing. I want to write, I want to host a blog, but I had too many interests to narrow it down. Well, now I think I have a project related to my pagan spirituality that I am ready to explore. I’m thinking of doing tarot readings or other related consulting as a side project, ideally to make a bit of pocket change and keep myself accountable to my spiritual path. I’m thinking of this semester as a “soft open,” to see if it’s possible to reconcile this project with my main career goals.

    Since the new year, I’ve been feeling very positive and productive, so … that’s amazing! It truly feels like a new cycle. I’m also feeling really cautious, wanting to maintain sanity and balance. (woah … this got long …)

    • Beth says:

      Hey Abbie! This is all really exciting! I drew the Three of Wands for you, which tells us that this readiness for action, these beginnings you’re about to create, are happening and just the right time. You’ve known what you want to do for a while – or at least, you’ve had the fire of inspiration burning, even if you weren’t 100% sure what to do with it. Now, finally, it’s time to act. You’ve allowed your ideas to swirl in your mind, to settle organically, to become full and possible. Now – manifestation. Step through the door and begin.

      • Abbie says:

        Thank you! That was really affirming!

        I’ve been pulling Judgement a lot in my own readings, which tells me to prioritize, but I think I’m finding that balance now. Really feeling that fire!

  20. Danielle says:

    as i told a friend who asked about my intentions this year: “i don’t know that i have any specific intentions – i think i’m just trying to be okay with me, and with being alone, and with the possibility that no one will ever kiss me again. (i am being dramatic, but also… 😉 )”

    • Beth says:

      Oh Danielle, as if. I drew the Ace of Swords for you, which is freakin’ brilliant and really reminds me of you. As you say, you’re focusing on being yourself – that means celebrating your razor-sharp mind and communicating your ideas to the world. You have truths and they need to be heard, you see the world through a different – perhaps clearer – lens to others. Develop this, let wisdom, logic and clarity be your guides as you begin 2016. Don’t be afraid of who you are, or what you’ve been through. Hold that sword of truth high, aware of it’s power to hurt, help or heal. You’re the queen.

  21. I made a vision board this year with reminders to travel, have peace, be grateful. All very ethereal and woo, but I’m using the reminders to start my day with a focused energy instead of floating about wherever the wind takes me. 😀

    • Beth says:

      That’s so cool Lis!! I drew the Eight of Pentacles for you, so focused energy is a good way to put this. Remember that this is a process, learning to do all the things you want to do, taking steps towards building the life you want, the business you want, this is slow going, but there’s magic and real satisfaction in this work, so really ground yourself in it and enjoy it. You’re building slowly, day upon day, improving gradually, becoming the master of your work. Beautiful!

  22. oddity says:

    This year I want to say what I think more and stop censoring myself, and figure out how to do the self-care thing. In 2015 I discovered I have perfectionism and that’s why I get so anxious and stuff, so I’m trying to do two big things that perfectionism doesn’t want me to.

    • Beth says:

      Wow, that sounds amazing, @oddity. For you I drew the Fool, hurrah! Perfectionism be damned, this is simply about being and doing. If possible, welcome naivety into your life right now, celebrate the fact that you *don’t* have to do a perfect job of things, you only have to be yourself. Life really is open for you right now – it’s yours for the taking. Grab hold and live it in your own unique way. Every time you find perfectionism and anxiety holding you back, see if you can make yourself take just one step forwards. This is where you get to start all over again. Go for it with a big open heart and – if you can – find joy in the not-knowing. xxx

  23. Meghan says:

    My resolutions often look like a to-do list of sorts (finish the Spanish duolingo tree! do a couch to 5k training program!), but they’re also a way for me to encourage habits that I otherwise let slip. This year two of mine are to meditate for at least five minutes a day, and to do a daily card/rune draw.

    In a bigger-picture sense, though, I always choose a word to focus on, and this year mine is Harvest. The last few years have held a LOT of thinking about what kind of life I want, striving to get there, and throwing some big changes into the mix. It’s not quite finished, but at this point there’s a clear focus in my life, and I’m ready to get there and just feel settled for a bit!

    • Beth says:

      Hey Meaghan. F’Harvest’ – wow, that’s wonderful. For you I drew the Mother of Cups – so your harvest is a creative one, a spiritual one. This card can really help with your goal of meditating each day, encouraging you to prioritise what feels good, what enables you to explore your feelings and develop your spirituality. Let your intuition guide you as you approach this bigger picture, this ‘harvesting’ goal. Deep down you really do know yourself and what you want, the kind of life that feels truly right for you. Keep listening to your heart as you harvest your hard work – prioritise your inner wisdom over what others say is the ‘right way’ to approach this.

  24. Leah says:

    Love this!!
    I have 2 resolutions, and they are connected, I suppose.
    1) Make art every day.
    2) Balance my time wisely for the things I really love and that are important to me (like making art).

    • Beth says:

      Hey Leah! Happy new year! For you I drew the Nine of Wands. being creative every day sounds simple on paper but making it a practice is much more of a task. Take one day at a time and don’t let it overwhelm you – each day that you are creative and make art, you move closer towards being that person who makes space for what they love. I know you have this deck – you see the crescent moon at the top of the ladder? That’s your soul, your wisdom, a symbol of the soul-work you’re doing bit by bit, day by day. It’s rich and deep and important. xx

  25. Dearest Beth! I am so excited for you and Em. You both have an amazing year ahead and I can’t wait to see what happens. I frequently stalk you on Twitter and here on your blog, but have been so neglectful of comments. =/ I am most eager to see your new tarot course as I feel in love with your Alternative Tarot Course and it was the reason I am where I am today with my tarot reading. I have an urge to go back through it and print it out this time so I can have it in front of me as reference book. Also, same with your tarot spread book. Girl, literally, i would print out all of your words and tote them around with me. Just sayin…

    Last year my word was Embrace and you drew the Two of Cups for me. It was glorious and I indeed did embrace so many wonderful new aspects about myself and learned a lot about self love.

    This year my word of the year is Transform. My tarot card of the year (according to math) is the Chariot. I am intrigued to see what card you draw for me this year and how I can make them all work together.

    Happy journey!!

    • Beth says:

      Hey Ashley! Aw, thanks for your kind words – I’m so so happy that you found the course helpful and that it made such a difference!

      For you I drew the Eight of Cups, which is kind of a sad-looking card, but it has transformation at it’s heart. You’re walking away from stuff that you’ve been holding on to for too long, taking back your own power, deciding ‘this is no longer for me’ and setting off to see what’s over that hill. It’s sad because there are goodbyes to be said, a process of letting go that needs to happen. But it’s empowering because you’re recognising this and taking charge of your own transformation. I feel like the Chariot is the vehicle that will carry you off to pastures new! But that first there’s some quieter work to be done. Big love to you and happy new year! xxx

  26. Christine says:

    My resolution this year is to not put up with flippant behavior from new or potential lovers, including but not limited to:

    *emotional unavailability
    *lack of verbally articulated interest in me
    *48+ hour texting response time
    *more than four date cancellations in a row
    *unwillingness to discuss uncomfortable topics
    *unwavering commitment to cis/heteronormativity
    *insensitivity — toward me or the world at large
    *unchecked alcoholism
    *poor listening skills
    *poor hygiene
    *any behavior or trait not otherwise specified which would make me feel rejected, used, unappreciated, or trivialized.

    Basically, to know my worth in a romantic context and to not waste my energy putting up with, chasing after, or pining for anybody, no matter how cool they are.

    Also just thanks for having this blog! I’ve learned so much about tarot from your posts and the tarot course, and really enjoy stopping by during my internet-ing to check in.

    • Beth says:

      Christine, your list rocks. Good for you. I drew the Father of Swords for you, which solidifies that ‘mind over matter’ approach. Your bulletpoints show you’re already channelling the Father of Swords. This is about pure, simple logic and sticking to the rules you know are right. Maybe some folks will think you’re a tough cookie or too harsh or too strict with your rules – the thing is, you know this stuff for sure, you’ve learned it by experience. Never mind what anyone thinks – be assured that you know your own mind.

  27. Sian says:

    My intentions for 2016
    1. Learn to say ‘no’ when I feel I take on too much.
    2. Listen to my body when it’s sending me signals!

    The collage is a great idea thanks for inspiration!
    Peace & Happiness x

    • Beth says:

      Hey Sian! For you I drew the Ten of Wands, which is really emphasising that first resolution! This card even takes it a little further, possibly encouraging you to put down some of the projects you’re already carrying. The image here, of densely-piled branches that we can barely see through, suggests that your two resolutions are linked – that in doing so much, in carrying so much (in the past at least) you leave no time for self-care and listening to your body. Remember that you are not indispensable – and that is a good thing! You can be useful, you can be needed, but you don’t have to say yes unless it really, really sings to you. Good luck!

  28. Arielle Ross says:

    Burnout is a big thing for me, but I often make lists of things I hope for in the new year. I’m going to be moving (again), and I’m hoping that in 2016 I find a community that will love and sustain me as the one in my current home has, but I don’t know how to make that happen. I basically fell into this one, after two years of feeling really isolated and alone after I moved to this city. What can your cards tell me?

    Also, love the collage and how dynamic it is without needing to fit in a square or rectangular shape.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Arielle. Wow, this is a brave move, good for you. I drew the Eight of Cups for you, which focuses on this turning point – the hope for the future, but just as importantly, the process of saying goodbye and leaving behind what is no longer needed. Really be present in this changeover moment between your two homes – before you think ahead to the next place, make sure you’ve said goodbye – through ritual, if that feels right to you – to what you have. Release it with love, say thank you for the good times and also the bad. Setting forwards after this is a lonely journey at first – give yourself time to find what you need on the other side and don’t try to force it. Good luck on your journey! x

  29. That collage is beautiful and a great idea!!
    I didn’t like ‘the resolutions’ part of the year, mostly because I think that life just go through in the way that is supposed to be. The thing is that this new year is so unknown to me, there are many things I wish I could accomplish but at the same time there’s a lot of things that are not in my hands at all, so i don’t know, I enter into this year with eyes closed, waiting for the things that come…

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Arlain! For you I drew the Ace of Swords – which is great for a person with no specific resolution…though it wants to argue with your ‘closed eye’ approach. The Ace of Swords says keep your eyes open, your mind sharp, notice what comes to you and be ready for a change in perspective. Approach this year as through you are a relentless truth-seeker, let bullshit wash over you and focus only on what feels real, true and just.

  30. Melissa says:

    Hello! I’m a new reader and just getting started with tarot, so this is very exciting!

    My intention for this year is to go deeper with some things I have been studying for a while (namely herbalism and birding), and to keep my focus on those things (I have a tendency to dabble and get distracted).

    • Beth says:

      Hey Melissa! Focus is a great word for you, as I drew the Two of Wands. Two wands, creating focus, creating an arrow with their shape – real encouragement for someone who wants to put all of their energy into two specific projects! Look: .
      If you care about these pursuits, if they really truly excite you, don’t let anything get in the way of your exploration. What your passionate about is the most important thing for you this year. If you believe in it, go for it. That is all!

      • Melissa says:

        thank you! i think i pulled that very card for myself the other day (i even have the same deck). i appreciate hearing your thoughts and interpretations of it. 🙂

  31. Angela says:

    My intentions and hopes fo this year as we move into it went from ambitious to simple, to, as Alexandra Frazen puts it, ‘sane, humane, realistic’ intentions. Simple, yet not easy things to move into. Things like actually beginning and completing my two trailing online courses so I can recieve my degree. Asserting myself in good ways that bring my relationship dynamic to a healthy place with my partner. Listen to my bodymind’s needs, wants, and follow them, including dancing, water, sitting or stretching. Trusting myself and following my own heart voice, bringing my trusted friends into my confidence and keeping ties with those who are mutually nourishing.

    Your blog/e-newsletter is most welcome. I look forward to each one. Keep well, Beth!

    • Beth says:

      Thank you Angela – I’m so glad you like my emails 🙂

      For you I drew the Daughter of Wands. So you can approach this year and your resolutions with a simple, unclouded feeling of joy. Do the things you love to do, just because you love to do them. Adopt a childlike, carefree attitude as much as you can. Experiment! Have fun with these resolutions, which are all about feeling good. Put joy and passion first – certainly go for it with the dancing and never mind getting the steps right! In terms of your relationship dynamic, the Daughter of Wands is very much about being unashamedly, happily yourself – don’t compromise who you are, if you feel yourself restraining your personality, toning something down or putting yourself into a box to benefit them, think again. This is an expansive card.

  32. Rebecca says:

    I didn’t do resolutions for many years- but this year I did. I have two:
    1) to be more embodied
    2) to be more generous

    I think they are actually very connected – more heart opening embodied-ness leads to want to love/share/give more.

    I really enjoy your blog! It makes me happy to watch your adventures from afar.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Rebecca! Glad you enjoy the blog 😀

      For you I drew the Son of Wands – a card for following your passions if ever there was one (almost to the exclusion of everything else!) You know the phrase ‘fools rush in’? This is the Son of Wands’ motto – you can apply this to your resolution to be generous, to be embodied, to do what makes you happy…. don’t overthink any of it. Feel excitement in your gut, and go with it. Be bold in your generosity, be passionately into sharing yourself, your ideas, your gifts. Be energised, love what you do, be unafraid of consequences. Ker-pow!

  33. I tend to do monthly rather than annual resolutions, but after a very rough end to 2015 (The Tower + Three of Swords + Ten of Swords, and it was about as terrible as it sounds!) I keep pulling Judgement for myself for this year, and I’m trying to focus on how best to rise from the ashes of last.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Lauren. Wow, yes that’s a full-on reading! I drew the Daughter of Swords for you, which brings a gentler energy to your ‘Judgement’, a card of liberation through complete honesty. You’re called to go to some of the most uncomfortable places right now, to learn and practice tough things like forgiveness (especially self-forgiveness). To own every mistake you’ve ever made. To look yourself square in the eye. The Daughter of Swords encourages you not to fear this process. It’s scary, yes, but it’s mind opening, freeing. As you move through all of this, you’re learning to see the world in a new way, a clearer way. Allow this to be a learning journey – you won’t like everything that you learn, but it’s necessary and good and you’ll be all the wiser and freer at the end of it. Sending a warm hug! xxx

  34. Mara says:

    Your collage is lovely. I hope the next year will be wonderful and creatively fulfilling for you!

    This year is a bit in-flux since the state of things all depends on how well therapy/medication turn out, my dog, our finances, and so on, but I decided this was a good time to study and work on things I DO have some control over. So, here are the things I’m tackling:

    1) Herbalism: I’ve already begun studying and am prepping to have my first garden this year.
    2) Tarot: Already a regular practice, but I’ll be taking your first course around February or March!
    3) Spanish: I have 3 years of study (and a lifetime of Latina-hood) but I’m really going to re-engage. (If you’d like a no-pressure/no time limit penpal in Español at whatever point, let me know!)
    4) Fiber Arts: Moving on from crochet to knitting and hopefully weaving later in the year.
    5) Drawing/Art: I don’t work on it as much as I’d like and I’d love to teach myself painting in gouache and watercolor once the budget allows.
    6) Programming: I have some HTML/CSS and Lua knowledge, but I’m learning Python right now and taking a self-directed course in Computer Science basics.

    It sounds like a lot, but I have the free time, am a Hermione at heart, and eventually want (and need) things to do that will allow me to work from home. I am not going to let being an avoidant little crazy lady prevent me from growing or feeling alive.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks so much Mara – I hope so too!

      For you I drew the Chariot – which is just as well considering your long list of goals! This is a card of ambition, but also of focus – it’s ambition that can be realised because of that focus. The key here is knowing what your ultimate goal is, and, crucially, the steps necessary to get there. You’ll need to call on different elements of yourself at different times, but the first step is to make sure that all of these elements are on the same page, marching to the same beat.

      • Mara says:

        Thank you so much, Beth! This was very reassuring. I used to pull the Chariot for myself quite a lot in my very ambitious “recovery” phase when I was doing advocacy work and going to school. I know I’ll never quite be able to get back to that point, but it’s nice to feel some of that energy again. I appreciate you taking the time out to reply to everything and dedicating yourself to these draws, it’s very kind of you.

  35. Rebecca says:

    I don’t have any formal resolutions this year. What I’m keeping watch for is the balance between giving of myself to the people I love while keeping enough of me for me. I also am aiming to be more cognizant of my communications with others.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Rebecca, I drew the Moon for you. This is a mysterious place for you – the answers are not necessarily obvious or easy to access, but they are there. Allow this year to unfold and pay attention to signs and symbols. You’re thinking about balancing giving with receiving, or rather, holding back enough to meet your own needs – the Moon suggests that your needs may not be exactly what you think they are. That’s okay – prepare for a weird and wonderful ride. Listen to your dreams, to your intuition. And as for your communication – clarity is key. At this time, it’s easy for people to misunderstand you – and for you to misunderstand them. Speak from the heart, but speak clearly. Where you have important messages to deliver, try drafting what you need to say first, to be sure it comes across the way you intend.

      • Rebecca says:

        Thanks very much for your reading! That is excellent practical advice for this year, and as I look at the card, I keep thinking that I miss everything that the Moon has to offer.

    • Beth says:

      You got the Three of Pentacles Kellye – so it’s great you want to be sociable! Look for ways you can work with others this year, maybe by volunteering or getting involves with a community group. Figure out what your perfect role is, the skills you bring to a table, then find a place to use them.

  36. Carolyn says:

    I love that your to do list sounds as full-on as mine. The main thing I want to do is spend more time writing and hopefully finish my novel. Which means I need to stop procrastinating and actually write when I’m at the computer!

    • Beth says:

      Hey Carolyn, for you I drew the Nine of Wands. This is a neat card for a full-on list, as it represents that overwhelming feeling of knowing you have ‘a lot to do’. The gentle, encouraging advice of this card is to take one step at a time, one day of writing at a time. Right now, don’t focus too far ahead on the far-off goal of finishing – just write. Write today. Then write the next day. Then the next. All the time knowing that this is soul work and that each day takes you higher and closer to your goal.

  37. Maximilian says:

    This new year I want to dare to change my life, even if that means living with even less – I’ve been struggling on paths that do not suit me, starting with work and the 9-5 lifestyle, that physically and mentally drains me. I also want to focus more on de-stressing, learning relaxation techniques, find time to meditate and be creative, because I’ve been on acute stress for years now, I realise.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Maximilian. For you I drew the Ten of Wands, which really reflects the stress you’ve been under. Over time, it’s like you’ve collected this huge pile of responsibilities, feeling like the world needs you to constantly show up to stuff you’re not even sure you want to do. This card is permission to put the whole load down so you can see it clearly. This is about making space in your life. Carrying less. Breathing more. All that you’re learning to do. Give yourself permission to chill out in exactly the way you feel is right.

  38. Jeanna says:

    This is beautiful. Like you, I’m moving at the start of the year — well, I moved. And then embarked on a two week Europe trip. I’ve now been in London longer than in my new home; that’s an odd feeling.

    Not one to make resolutions, but rather to recommit to things: my writing, my body, my relationship, my business.

    Hope you are well, friend. Sending you love!

    • Beth says:

      Jeanna you’re in London! And I’m so far away from there it’s untrue. Dammit! Good news, though. For you I drew The World. So there it all is. Whole and perfect. Your life. Yeah it’s chaotic and full-on sometimes but it’s yours and it’s completely awesome. Live it and love it, feeling the immense power that comes from integrating all parts of your life together. And, since this marks the completion of a cycle…be ready to go right back to the beginning and begin it all over again this year with your renewed commitments. Amazing. x

  39. Bryce says:

    Just to start… I love your site. I just started one of my ow (it’s still a baby and I’m learning the digital ropes). So to say “inspirational” is an understatement.
    On top of that when I read your blog it comes off so friendly and approachable.
    My name is Bryce and I am also an Aquarius 🙂 My new years resolution is to learn to enjoy the moment/ situation I’m in instead of putting all my focus into my future goals. I have been so incredibly anxious to jump in to changes that I forget that where I’m at now was once the goal I strives for!
    Anyway I’ve done some readings for myself to get to this… awareness but I’d really appreciate if you drew a card (and a fresh perspective) focused on how to put this to action

    • Beth says:

      Bryce! I love your blog and your tiny house! Aquarian tiny house dwelling bloggers represent!


      For you I drew the Eight of Swords. There’s a sense here that your focus on the future is sometimes an avoidance of living in the now. There’s some kinda fear here, insecurity around the present. Work on this, know that your fears are just figments of your mind. Spread your wings and embrace the now, you don’t need to have anything planned at all. You are free to simply be.

  40. Suzi says:

    Thanks for this, Beth. I hope the packing and wrapping up go smoothly, and good luck with the big move! I’m not really one for resolutions, but after this past year, I want to learn to be kinder to myself. I had some good sessions with a counsellor who introduced me to mindfulness and self-compassion practices, and I want to take that into the new year. I hope to finish a draft of my thesis this year, because it feels like a monster weight around my neck. I hope to participate in my queer community and more directly help to build the sort of world I want to live in, and I want to be well enough to do that.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Suzi, thanks – the move went well! Only nine hours in the car in bad weather with two disgruntled cats 😉

      for you I drew the Seven of Wands. Shine your light really bright, for all to see. This is about honouring your truth, the truth of who you are and who you want to be – especially idealistically. You have passion and fight in you – and this is about fighting, to an extent. The world may not always see things your way, but don’t hide your light. This is especially pertinent to your desire to get more involved in queer community, where you could look for political projects that ignite your passion. Be unashamedly yourself this year.

  41. Maggie says:

    I’m still trying to feel my way into the year, but would like to find more freedom, satisfaction, and money in my work life. And to travel, especially abroad.

    Love your posts. Thank you for shining your light!

    • Beth says:

      Maggie, for you I drew the Three of Cups – a card of community and real joy. Turn to your friends for laughter and celebration, let them lift you and show you how free your are. Celebrate what you have, understand the freedom that you do have, and do what you really love.

  42. My new year’s resolution is to be courageous in loving myself and in experiencing the vulnerability necessary to make deep connections with others. I’m nervous, but hopeful and excited! 🙂

  43. My resolution is to return to the version of myself that I like, and integrate that with the version I love. I need to go back and finish school, paint and write more, scrapbook more, get a new job, get back in shape, spend more time with my partner. What I love is the new-found freedom of being able to wear what I like because it’s comfy or beautiful and I don’t care. To eat a piece of cake and not feel horribly guilty. To find a job and group of friends that I really *LOVE*

    • Beth says:

      Hey Clara, you got the Four of Cups. You’re surrounded with opportunities for emotional growth, and until now it’s been hard to grab hold of them because of this weird rut you’ve been in where nothing quite seemed to matter enough. That’s all changing now as you lift your head to see all these possibilities, these new ways you can open your heart and be inspired by the things you love. xx

  44. emilinka says:

    Love this intention for the New Year. I’m a bit like your grandma – I write a huge list of all sort of things that I’d love to do. I suppose my main vibe for the whole year is a combination of connectedness and freedom – moving into the space that last year created for me, connecting back in with myself, other people, spirituality, and moving through life with this expansive mindset.
    Linka x

    • Beth says:

      Hey Emilinka… for you I drew the Mother of Wands. Make this the year that you really realise your own creative potential. Work out what you feel the most passionately about, and then act on this, with fire and grace. It doesn’t matter at all what anyone thinks of you or if they don’t share your ideals – what matters, and what is energising and sexy and awesome, is that these things matter to you. Listen to your gut, feel fire in your belly. Whatever you do, do it completely and wholeheartedly.

  45. Suzanne van Vliet-Struik says:

    My new years resolution is to put myself first and to live instead of survive. Everything else is linking back to this resolution. My word for this year is “trust”.

    May your year bring you great happiness!!!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Suzanne! for you I drew the Daughter of Swords, which is all about opening your mind. There is so much for you to learn right now – keep your eyes and ears open, process information with curiosity and without judgement, trust – as you say – the things people say, but not blindly, not without critical judgement. You are a student this year Suzanne – be open to what you can learn and keep thinking.

  46. Chepkirui says:

    Good morning from New York! And thank you for this lovely New Years gift; and for this blog. The phrase that is with me as the year starts is ‘the danger of home.’ Both allowing internal and external homes and also making room for what frightens me and feels dangerous. And I’m finishing my doctorate and looking for work; somehow the word work is there too.

    • Beth says:

      Chepriuki, thank you for sharing this. I drew the Mother of Pentacles for you, a reminder first of all of how you can create home wherever you go. You carry that earthing, nesting instinct within you and your home can be as safe as you want it to be. You have a deep understanding of the work it takes to create home, but a natural ability to do this work, and an affinity for grounding yourself in whatever you do. You are safe.

  47. Haley says:

    My main goal for 2016 is to stick with learning the harp. Practise every day. Be well on my way to my big goal of being a professional harpist in the next 5 years. I have a tendency to start things strongly and then let my inspiration peter out- I can’t let that happen with this!

    • Beth says:

      Well Haley for you I drew the Father of Wands, so this is totally about getting in charge in just the way you say. This is no flash-in-the-pan card – the father of Wands knows how to work with their energy for maximum impact and sustainability. Big ideas, yes, all the time, but also the ability to see them through, which takes commitment, time and hard work. This card is an example of all you can achieve if you maintain your energy – don’t just burn as bright as possible at the start leaving nothing to carry you through – learn how to master that fire within you so it burns all night long.

  48. Kelly says:

    Ah Beth, I’m so glad I found your blog earlier this year. I’m excited about watching where your journey will go.

    For me, my 2016 goals look like a mix between your grandma’s to do list and overarching ideas. My top three though are to move to Boston by the end of the year, to minimize my material possessions, and to be more open to the Universe’s signals.

    Have a beautiful 2016!

    • Beth says:

      Kelly, I drew the Fool for you, hurrah! What a brilliant card. You’re stripping away all the junk you no longer need. Minimising your possessions is a physical enactment of this, but it goes a lot deeper. You’re taking yourself right back to basics, ready to begin a totally new adventure. Allow yourself to be baggage-free in this adventure – forget what you know, what you’ve been told is the truth. Take a risk, step forwards with faith in the universe and be ready to discover everything anew.

  49. jessie says:

    my most profound resolution is to fall in love. when i set it, i meant to finally break out of my shell of limits and hiding and push myself out into the scary world to find my partner dear. but as i thought over it, i realized i also needed to fall in love with myself, after years of focusing on and prioritizing others. i love your blog–it is constantly and hugely inspiring to a new tarot lover! best and brightest of new years to you!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Jessie! For you I drew the Hierophant, so this is about going deep into the reasons you felt you fell out with yourself. Think about parents, grandparents, elders, community leaders, your ancestors. What can you learn from their lives and experiences? What lessons can you find in your own history – lived and inherited – to help you grow this year?

    • Beth says:

      Beautiful, Leah! For you I drew the Eight of Pentacles – so view this goal as something you have to work towards, not something that you instantly create. Devote yourself to this work, practice daily, observe yourself getting better and better at all of this, and keep going. This is soulful, meaningful work.

  50. I wish you much happiness and success in 2016. Sounds like you have a great adventure just starting out the year!!

    I did pull a card for myself for 2016 and it was the Six of Pentacles – so I am basing my resolution on that. Try to be a better person – give and take but be gracious. Give of myself but do not be afraid to ask for help if I need it.

    • Beth says:

      Wow, beautiful interpretation Jean. I drew the Ace of Swords for you – challenging you to look at your whole life through fresh eyes and see things in a new way. Figure out what you feel is just and unjust in the world, and work out how you can help. Make this year the year you seek a new truth for yourself, and proclaim this truth as you understand it, so others can hear.

  51. Potter says:

    Beth, this was a lovely post, thank you!

    I had a conversation with a couple friends when I was doing intention/resolution readings for them on New Years, about how I didn’t particularly have one for myself. So they had me come up with some as well.

    One was to open myself up more to potential relationships, be a little more vulnerable with other people. It’s going to be hard!

    I hope your move goes well and that 2016 is wonderful!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Potter! For you I drew the Five of Swords, which hints at unresolved grievances. This is a small card, a simple moment in time, but it encourages you to tie up lose ends if you need to, apologise/forgive wherever it may be due. This is an important step in your move towards being more open and vulnerable in the future. Big hugs xxx

  52. Shelly says:

    Love this post and your resolution! I stopped making resolutions a long time ago but I do choose a word of the year. It may sound silly but the word that kept coming to me this year is “sparkle”. I feel like I was over burdened in 2015 working too hard and not doing enough self care. I left my flame go out and I want to reignite it this year so I can feel like my best sparky self!

    • Beth says:

      Awesome word Shelly!! I drew the Son of Cups for you, which encourages you to focus on what you love the most and what lights you up – no distractions, no common-sense getting in the way, just pure, heart-led, sparkling love. Go for what you want with your whole heart.

  53. Olga says:

    Hi Beth my resolution is to let my guards down and to follow and develop my intuition and travel more. All my warmest wishes to your journey! X

    • Beth says:

      Olga – for you I drew the Nine of Cups. Dream big. use that intuition to help you visualise the life that you want. It’s all there within you – completion, wholeness. Search your soul and follow what you find.

  54. Bee says:

    Beth, thank you for your post. And thanks everyone else – I’ve loved reading such a variety of goals for the year!

    I’m waiting for the new moon to finalize my resolutions and set them all in writing, but there are a few overarching ones that I know I want to make:

    – Start thinking more about my long-term health. Exercise, more vegetables and vitamins, and just generally laying a good health foundation now so that I won’t be kicking myself in the years to come

    – Get more confident in my work. I’m in a really competitive academic field, and in the last year or two I think I’ve really ‘gotten in my head’ about my writing, and my ideas in general, and I want 2016 to be the year I start to shake that off and produce the kind of work I know (deep down, sort of) that I can.

    To that end, I actually have a big work project/milestone coming up this week, and I’m planning to reward myself getting through it with a new tarot deck, so I’ll definitely be flipping back through your LRT reviews. Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource, Beth!

    • Beth says:

      Hey Bee! For you I drew the Ten of Pentacles. So firstly, the confidence in health and work that you’re after is well within your reach – you have everything you need to feel rich in this way. Look for that earthy magic in everything you do – how amazing it feels to eat local, seasonal food that’s nourishing and a privilege to cook, the joy of work that feeds your soul – all those pentacle things that come together to make our day to day lives. This card reminds you that richness is something you find within you when you appreciate all that you have – your body, your health, meaningful work, enough to eat and a place to live. Really root yourself in those things, really enjoy them and feel how lucky you are and how magic it really is.

  55. Esther says:

    I loved your incredibly kind response to my email, and thought I’d re-post my resolutions here (so you could draw a card for me!):

    1. Buy fewer books – or none – and try to just read the dozens of books I bought, or was given, in 2015 (and 2014).
    2. Finish my own (witchy!) novel by 1 March, which is when I turn 30.
    3. Get my finances in order: keep saving for a house, spend less on sushi, buy fewer books (see above again); make clothes instead of buying them. Enjoy what I have instead of mindlessly continuing to acquire things.
    4. Heal from a recent miscarriage; try to be happy for my friends who do get pregnant or have babies in 2016, even if I don’t manage it; and forgive myself if I can’t be happy for them.
    5. Spend more time getting to know my Wild Unknown deck – not just superficially and “for fun”, like I did in 2015, but for real: profoundly, meaningfully, creatively.
    6. Get real about the balance between singing and writing. The truth is, I want to do more writing than singing. I need to have the courage to prioritise it, since it’s not currently bringing in any income.
    7. Stand up to bullies in the professional music world. There are many.

    Happy new year, and thank you for your wonderful blog! 🙂

    • Beth says:

      My pleasure Esther. Gosh, it’s quite a list. For you I drew the Four of Pentacles. The amount of energy you have available at any given time is the result of a simple sum which also involves what you’re giving away for free. This may be a good time to be selfish with your time and resources – focusing on yourself and your needs it totally okay. The heart of this card is sustainability. The ability to be who you want to be and do what you want to do, because you’re aware of how much energy you have. Take a practical approach to all that you can. And as for healing from your miscarriage and being happy for others – again, don’t be afraid to protect yourself where you need to. If you know that going to a friends’ baby shower is going to cause you a lot of pain, it’s okay not to go. Take the time you need with this – this healing process belongs to you.

  56. Elisabeth says:

    OMG! Yes, Beth!

    Your resolution is pretty much identical to my own.

    I’ve been reevaluating a lot of things in my life. The school I’m in doesn’t feel right and the place I’m living doesn’t feel right. I haven’t been doing what I want to, just plodding on with old circumstances. Previously, it felt like finding a different place to live and a different school felt like monumental tasks that I couldn’t begin to approach but now things seem to be flowing, falling into place, and opportunities are opening up everywhere. I’m actually starting to see things that I want and ways I can make that happen. I’m considering moving to Portland, OR with my partner. Together we can make this happen. This year is starting out feeling amazing and full of potential and newness. I want to live fiercely and without fear–to be myself.

    I wish you the best of luck in your resolution!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Elisabeth! For you I drew the Emperor – so this year shows you really ‘getting in charge’ of the things you want to manifest this year. Take a no-nonsense, practical approach to what you want from life – understand the realities of what it will take to achieve your goals, then make plans to achieve them. Practical, real plans, so you can work steadily towards what makes you richer and happier in life. This is about building something real, on solid foundation, and it’s exciting precisely because of that tangibility.

      • Elisabeth says:

        Thanks so much for the reading Beth! I’m simply blown away by all that you’ve put into everyone’s readings here! Thank you so much!

        The Emperor feels like something I really need to manifest right now! Let me tell you, it’s feeling pretty darn hard!

  57. effie says:

    Instead of “resolutions”, I choose a word to represent my year. this year i have chosen “expansion”, for many different reasons. I’m hoping to expand my tarot readings and spiritual offerings, we will be expanding our family literally as I’m having a baby in June, and I’m dealing with the expansion of my physical body and channeling my inner Empress. so there’s a lot going on for me in 2016, and I needed a word that would help me open up and accept all the gifts flowing my way instead of contracting and hermiting, like I am apt to do ????

    • Beth says:

      Effie, for you I drew the High Priestess – which makes a wonderful counterpart to the Empress you’re channelling. Where your physical reality, your health, the baby are all grounding, sensual experiences, the High Priestess asks you what you can learn spiritually from these experiences. As a tarot reader and a spiritual practitioner you already work with your intuition on a regular basis – but it feels like this card is asking you to extend this soulful activity into the rest of your life, so it all becomes Empress-like, and it all becomes High Priestess-like. The outer and inner worlds working in harmony.

  58. Wow.. you have so many responses this year! I hope you get to me also, as I really need a mini reading this year especially regarding love.

    My resolutions are: to learn more French, so I can write some tarot articles in French language on my blog (; to get more social in social media and open accounts in Pinterest, Instagram and maybe Periscope; to make enough money to move out and move in with my boyfriend and to learn some Html coding.

    Thanks for reading,
    Love and Light,
    High Priestess

    • Beth says:

      High Priestess, for you I drew…the High Priestess! Dig deep, as you know you can. You’re standing at the gateway to your subconscious and this is not the time to turn back. You’re discovering amazing things about yourself right now – enjoy this process and try not to force it. Be in your own flow, listen to your intuition, don’t be afraid of your shadow. Good luck! xx

  59. John in Brooklyn says:

    First Beth, I want to wish you all the best in Skye and say that I loved re-discovering your photography website recently.

    My one resolution/goal for this year is to look for and take opportunities for the femme part of me to get out and shine more. I tend to present in conventionally (and even conservatively) masculine clothing and styles, but that doesn’t really jive with my own sense of non-binary gender identity. I’m in an ongoing process of finding ways of expressing my femme-ness that feel right to me.

    • Beth says:

      Glad you’re enjoying my photos John! I drew the Three of Pentacles for you – the magic number. You have three (or infinite!) identities, and they all combine to make up the whole that is you. If it’s time for your femme-ness to come to the fore, your other elements are still there, supporting the whole. See these identities as cogs in a wheel, turning together – the machine (hmm, this is a poor analogy for a human life!) won’t work with out all of them present. Have a wonderful femme-ed up year! xx

  60. Jane says:

    Hi Beth, I love your Skye adventure .

    My word for this year is transformation.

    Currently I’m between homes just camping with a friend in their home.

    So I am showing gratitude for the following

    Number one on my list is to manifest a home for me

    Number two is to revamp my investments, very thin at the moment.

    Number Three regain my health and vitality ( I’ve been unwell since November though I am making progress).

    Number four probably the hardest is to work out my direction not really career more to build a portfolio of things which I can offer. I also want to figure out my USP ( there are a lot of readers/ healers / Feng Shui experts)

    Number 5 Have fun and express creativity photography, and learn to draw/ paint etc.

    Number 6 no,plan just leave some space for the magic to work, well, it’s magic .

    Thanks Beth comments welcome.

    • Beth says:

      Jane – I answered you previously but it doesn’t seem to be here! Hmm! Let’s try again – with a different card…

      Oh wow, the Ace of Pentacles. New home, new investments, the building of solid foundations. This is a card of real manifestation – tangible, real, solid manifestation of those basic things that form the foundations of most of our lives: home, meaningful work, enough to live on, good health. You can do it – the opportunities are close by, but you have to say yes, and grab hold with both hands. This card promises hard work, and real rewards. It’s about building, and nothing strong and sustainable ever came easy. Take your time, roll up your sleeves and dig in. And as for the magic – you’ll find it in the earth around you, in your senses, in good wholesome food, in movement, in the trees, in the seasons. Enjoy.

  61. Hi Beth, just discovered your website, love it. My resolutions are create a healthier life for myself, study the tarot and get past my fear of reading for others and use my intuition, find in back really and develop it!
    Happiest of New Years to you! Renee

    • Beth says:

      Renee, for you I drew the Emperor. Take a structured approach to the changes you want to make, planning things into your days and committing to these changes. Before reading for others, you might find it helpful to write a code of ethics, or a statement about who you are as a tarot reader and what people can expect. Be bold!

  62. Catherine says:

    Beth…. I am so happy to have found your blog. I want to try learning tarot. I find myself grabbing at bits and pieces but can’t seem to tie it all together neatly. So one goal for the year is to take your class (assuming I can somehow pay in US dollars) and also to get one part of my life under control and I hate to even name it here…

    • Beth says:

      hey Catharine! I’m glad you found it too!

      I drew the Empress for you. So firstly, let your tarot practice be a pleasure – not a task on a to-do list but a special time each day that you really enjoy. Allow yourself this enjoyment in the name of self-care! In terms of your difficult life situation, take a look at how much you’re giving to it. Does this situation depend on you, are you enabling it? Sometimes the kindest thing all round is to give less.

  63. okymiden says:

    My intentions this year are to build inner strength and a louder inner voice through meditation. To be more quiet and observant, without placing false judgement based on programming. This is a year with a lot of new responsibilities, a year that will really require a lot of determination from me. This is also going to be the year where I confront the people I have wronged, it’s been far too long but I’ve had to make progress on my inner work first. I hope for the best this year, for I know there are many challenges to come. I have a good feeling about it though!

    • Beth says:

      Okymiden, for you I drew the Star. This card represents your inner guide. Understanding who you are deep, deep down, and articulating that essence of you. What do you stand for? What guides you in life? If necessary, clear out any junk that’s clouding this star of your self – let your true self be seen. It’s the simplest kind of honesty. This is also a card of hope, of calm after a storm. Focus on that bright point in the sky above you as you tackle your challenges.

      • okymiden says:

        Thank you for taking time out of your day to help myself along with all of these people. It really means a lot and is very appreciated <3

  64. Michelle says:

    my resolution is pretty much your resolution as well! “to live my life’s purpose”. and like you, I only came up with the one. I mean, there’s some other things I want to change or tweak, but mainly I want to stick to what I want to do without allowing distractions; that was a big issue for me personally. Anywho, Happy New Year! and good luck on your resolution!

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Michelle! I drew the Sun for you – all bright and bold and warm and positive. Approach your goal with the attitude of someone stepping out into the sunshine on the first warm day of the year, suddenly feeling free, like things are going to be really great. Never mind distractions – the things you really want to do in life are exciting enough. Enjoy yourself and do what makes you happy!

  65. Spooteh says:

    I think my favorite thing about this post has been getting to read everyone’s intentions/resolutions.

    For me, I’m describing my resolution as “text first.” See, I’ve always prided myself on being good at being alone, but it’s recently been pointed out to me that this can make me seem distant and unavailable to my friends and loved ones. Sure, I’ll always respond to a message or a phone call, but I rarely, if ever, initiate a conversation. So this year, especially because I’ll be moving and starting a whole new path in the summer, I want to focus on being active in my relationships, reaching out first some times.

    • Beth says:

      That’s such a beautiful resolution Spooteh. I drew the Two of Pentacles for you, which in this deck shows a butterfly with a bright infinity sign across its wings. You’re juggling two opposites here – your need for solitude and your resolution to reach out to others. There’s real magic in the balance point between these – with your resolution you’re actively seeking this balance point. It may take some practice to get your balance right, but it will feel good when you get there.

  66. Paige says:

    Best wishes for you in the new year 🙂 All those opportunities sound exciting. It must be a wonderful feeling to have that sense of openness…!

    I had a few new year’s resolutions, but the one I think I want to actually work on the most is “better attitude.” I do a lot of activism and the degree I went back to school to pursue deals directly with learning about systems of oppression. It can be very discouraging, so part of me is like, I don’t need a better attitude, I need society to stop sucking! While that’s true, that change is going to take a long, long and in the meantime I’m hurting. And lately it’s like…everything. It’s just been coloring my world so heavily, it’s hard to find joy in anything, even things I love doing seem pointless. It seems to me like I complain about everything, have a problem with everything, am critical of everything, to my detriment. I guess it sounds like depression but I’ve been there before and this doesn’t feel the same. It could be just a different shade, but this time (as opposed to those other times) it feels like it’s actually in my power to do something about it but I don’t know what, and so the nebulous “better attitude” is my resolution. Anyway… thanks for your generous offer of mini readings 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Hey Paige. It completely sucks trying to change the world when sometimes it just feels like to big a battle. But I drew the Father of Pentacles for you who is bringing you this huge dollop of common sense. This is someone who has been through it all, has worked really hard, and has practical advice and a no-nonsense attitude. Look at it this way – you only have so many resources available to give to the good fight. It’s amazing what you do put in. But there also has to be some take, some filling of your well. It’s about sustainability. It’s an essential part of activist work to practice self care and to be proud of the steps you do make. The work you’re doing is slow and real and truly makes a difference.

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Ekstasy! Expression is a good word to describe your card, the Mother of Wands. Creativity is within you, you are a vibrant, powerful, creative person and the world needs – and loves – what you have to share. Be your true, individual, brilliant self and follow your passion – you won’t go wrong.

  67. Samantha says:

    Beth, I am so excited for you and your new year plans! I feel like recently I’ve been torn between feeling like this is a really good life I have right now and I should be grateful, and also feeling like there’s so much MORE that I want out of life. One of the things I’d like to do this year is start developing and nurturing my creative side more. I want to both write and draw more, but especially write. I just feel like it’s hard to find the energy or the right headspace to devote a chunk of time to doing the thing that I actually want to do, especially when every day I come home from work exhausted.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Samantha. I drew the Wheel of Fortune for you, which brings ups the age-old argument between fate and free will. Essentially this is about responsibility – you looking life in the eye and seeing which parts of it are beyond your control (and therefore need to be accepted) and which you can steer or at least influence. Maybe you can’t change your job right now, but what other parts of your life can you change to make room for creativity and exploration of new ways of living? It’s totally in your power to make this space.

      • Samantha says:

        Thanks so much Beth! I’m definitely going to take a hard look at things and figure out what can go or be rearranged in order to have that time for writing. <3

  68. emily says:

    My intention for the year is to move ahead with COURAGE (my one word for the year) and grace–I spent a lot of last year in a dark and brooding place and this year I want to take all those lessons and pain and transform it into something beautiful. I want to get back to living and thriving. I also would like to have another child this year and successfully knit lots of beautiful things because creating makes me happy! 😉

    • Beth says:

      Hey Emily, for you I drew the Three of Swords, which is just exactly what you’re saying – transforming those lessons you learned into something beautiful. We associate the Three of Swords with sorrow and pain, but it’s also a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human heart – of your heart. You are stronger and wiser for your experiences, wear your scars with pride and keep opening up your heart for more.

      • emily says:

        Thank you, Beth. I am so happy I remembered to come look at this post again. I will keep these words and that card close to me this year. I think you are right–it has to be about resilience. P.S. I’ve already manifested my pregnancy I spoke of in my original post!

  69. Dae says:

    I’m a long-time lurker, though I’ve not commented before; followed a post from Autostraddle here and have been enjoying the blog ever since. Thank you for this post, and I hope your trip is wonderful!

    The one thing that’s really important to me this year, goal-wise, is finishing my thesis work and successfully completing my PhD. I’m losing my funding in the fall, so…. yeah. The timeline is pretty tight, and it’s going to take a lot of sustained effort to make it. My New Year’s resolution, such as it is, is to keep pushing forward and not lose big chunks of time to my avoidant/escapist instincts.

    • Beth says:

      Dae – I drew the Magician for you. You can totally, totally do this! Work magic! Get it done! Do what you want to do and go far with it. You’re amazing. x

  70. Bianca says:

    All I want in 2016 is to ALIGN (a verb, not a noun, because I understand this will be a continuous work in progress) – to discard what does not feel like it should belong to my life, and devote myself to what feels right.

    It will be hard, both because some of my friends and colleagues won’t like the news at all and because one of the worst cases of self-doubt and self-negativity has been overwhelming me from the moment I chose that word. As somebody would say, “the struggle is strong in this one.” (Note: not like I didn’t expect it – my year card is Death!)

    • Beth says:

      Hey Bianca! I drew the Eight of Pentacles for you, which highlights the honour in this work you’re doing. This is about devotion, just as you say. There is real magic in committing to a thing, knowing how much work it will take, and seeing it through. It’s a slow process, isolating at times. But it’s worth it. You grow as a person, as an artist, as you steadily work towards the improvements you want to make. Good luck! xx

  71. sarah says:

    So kind of you to do this for us all, Beth. I’ve been a reader of your blog for at least a year now, but never commented (some sort of residual anxiety, I’m sure – my tarot confidence has barely risen since the day I first shuffled the deck.) I’m in my first year of university and the same problem seems to plague me – fear of engagement, the irrational terror of jumping in headfirst to this new phase of life. I feel held back by my insecurities and insignificance, tethered to this person I don’t know if I really even am. Unfortunately, it takes more than an articulation of the problem to move forward. Hope your 2016 is as wonderful as it sounds it will be, with new experiences and struggles to overcome and joys to revel in. xx

    • Beth says:

      Sarah…I drew the Hierophant for you. Go steady. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed because this is a big moment – but you are so much wiser than you know, and you can absolutely do this. This new phase of your life is about learning, specifically about learning from others. Maybe through your Uni course, maybe you’ll meet a mentor, there is a heck of a lot of interesting stuff for you to learn right now. Put your insecurities aside (I know that’s far too simple but this is only a mini-reading 😉 and apply yourself to this new phase.

  72. Lara says:

    This year I want to be me, to explore what I want and do it. I moved home and ended a relationship and I’m ready for new things, new places, new girls to flirt with…Just to be bold and feel good.
    Best wishes for your move! 😀

    • Beth says:

      Lara! I drew the Fool for you, card zero, before the beginning. This is a totally fresh start for you, time to take a risk, to live boldly and as if bad things never happen. Be free, don’t overthink things. Imagine yourself spreading new wings. I’m excited for you! xx

      • Lara says:

        Hi Beth! Thank you for your generous answers! I love that it’s The Fool I got. I feel like it! In such a good way! I hope your year is starting off magnificently!

  73. I have so many tangible goals this year: make my blog a thing, work on a queer tarot book deal, grow my business, THEN in my theatre life we’re moving into a space, doing a really huge project in August and finding ways to subsidize other queer artists using our space. So my word for the year is “Movement,” but my seemingly contradictory goal is this: create both peace and joy every day amidst all the movement, even if only for a few seconds.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Cassandra! Wow, that all sounds exciting. Okay, I drew the Tower for you – whoa! So you know how we make these big plans and it’s all figured out how we’re going to do it and then suddenly…argh. Things don’t go quite that way? I know you’re a pro tarot reader so you’ll make of this card what you will, but be ready for a rocky one. What you’re doing is big stuff – it could change the world! It’s definitely going to change your world 🙂

  74. Lara says:

    Hi, Beth, first time commenter here, what a beautiful post, thank you! “To live the life I want to live…” Yup, that’s pretty much it! I haven’t written my resolutions down yet, so this is a great opportunity. The only thing I am sure of is that my power word for 2016 should be “independence”. I’m in my twenties and financially still completely rely on my family, I am also a complete relationship addict, emotionally dependent and building my identity based on connections to others for as long as I can remember. In 2015, a lot of my relationships have been reshaped or ceased to exist. I want 2016 to be the year I stop pining for what was lost and let it become an opportunity for growth, I want to focus on myself – my spiritual path and finishing my studies – without the constant need of approval and support from other people. I wish all the best in 2016 to you and everyone else here 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Hey Lara, I’m so glad you commented 🙂

      I drew the Six of Pentacles for you, which is interesting since it raises questions around both themes you mention – growth, and power dynamics. Your own development is held back by your need for approval, because in following this need, you’re handing all of your power to other people. The Six of Pentacles asks you to think about where you give and where you take in your life, and whether the two are in balance…which you’re doing. Think of last year as a weeding process – not that everything that you lost was unwanted, but that it has created space for new shoots to come up. This is your own garden, water it with love and attention, giving your power back to yourself.

  75. Mary Silla says:

    Hi! I am also a Manchester Aquarian. I had a bad year. My aunt died after I hadn’t visited her recently enough. I lost my flat of 12 years. I didn’t get enough work. I then gave up my next flat for stupid reasons and I’ve suffered every day for that decision. I also had a painful crush. My resolution is to get back all the things I lost – my independence, my freedom, my life and get back to where I was last year – starting to branch out and use my creativity. I’ve gone so far backwards I barely survive. I’m entirely reliant on friends right now, hopefully I can become a source of support by the end of this year.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Mary Silla…I drew Death for you. Big changes are afoot, and you’re encouraged to go with them. Don’t be rigid or scared, work with this card, Death, to find out what you need to be letting go of at this time. There are some big goodbyes to be said – say them with love and with honesty, so that you can shed that old skin and start again lighter, renewed. You’re on a rough ride, but it’s part of a natural cycle in your life, and things are about to really change, if you let them.

      • mary silla says:

        Thank-you for replying! I hope you have a peaceful time in the countryside. Looks like I have a lot more disruption coming, sigh. Still, when I finally do get a room of my own again, I’ll kiss the sofa every night.

  76. My resolution/phrase/intention is “Authenticity with a Sprinkling of Magic” The mission at the heart of my art is to create connection – to create a bridge between my inner world and yours. I want to share even more of true self to take this mission deeper and inspire others to share more of who they really are. I am a bit of a strange kitten when compared to what is portrayed as standard in the US (that is probably why I love this blog though!) Someone, actually once told me that it was people like me that cause the fabric of society to crumble because I don’t follow a lot of the “rules.” Well, maybe it needs some crumbling. Hee hee hee.

    I also have a secondary intention which is “to feel at ease while working.” This is a mindfulness practice that is very important to me and I could use some work on. 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Hey Nicole! I drew the Six of Wands, which is all about themes of victory and pride and righteousness. Stand tall in your mission – it may be a battle at times, as when folks tell you you’re crumbling the fabric of society. Maybe that crumbling is good, honest work, and an idealistic practice for you. This is a transformative process for you, and you should be proud of what you do. Build your bridge, mindfully but with pride and confidence, and it will work.

      • eric271137 says:

        Hi again Beth.This is my second visit here.Hope ypur day is going well. I am engaging in a meditation programme with two of my tarot decks.One deck I draw a weekly card and the other deck I use for a daily card.I drew the 4 of pentacles for my weekly card yesterday and the 4 of wands for my daily card,I am hoping that the wands will some kind of magic and produce “pennies from heaven”,or rather big pounds.One can dream.can’t one?

        Best wishes Robin.

  77. Lor says:

    I’m a graduate student in my fifth year of a Ph.D. program, and I’m no longer enjoying graduate school. So! My New Years Resolution is to leave academia! Or, alternatively to make a plan for how to do so over the next couple of years. I’d like to get out in a strategically-retreating kind of way rather than a setting-all-the-bridges-on-fire-and-running-away-screaming kind of way, so it might not happen in 2016, but I’d like to make good progress on that goal.

    • Beth says:

      Lor, I drew the good old Ten of Cups for you. You’re making the decision to follow your heart, to listen to your intuition, to put how things feel above the logic of what’s sensible. This isn’t advice so much as an encouraging omen that you’re doing the right thing here – keep that knowledge in your heart as you strategically retreat. Feel your way through this – you may not be able to plan your exit as much as you’d like, as you must do what feels right, when it feels right. Good luck! xx

  78. TRW says:

    this is so fun! my resolution this year is to become strong enough to weather any storm – to learn how to be happy no matter what my life circumstances are. no big ask 😉

    • Beth says:

      Hey TRW, hah, no biggie, right?

      I drew the Five of Cups for you. Go easy on yourself and don’t beat yourself up if sometimes storms do take a while longer that you’d like to ‘weather’. Be with how you feel, when things are tough, you’re allowed to feel sad – it’s not about being happy 100% of the time. You have the emotional strength to weather any storm and come out the other side even stronger… just stay in touch with how things really feel in the moment. xx

  79. Nini says:

    Hello Beth, my name is Nini and I have been following your blog quite a while but I suck at comments. I promis you to do better this year. ????
    I do not have real resolutions. It’s more a feeling of hoping to get through the problems I already know I will encounter in 2016, the best I can.
    I’m helping my grandmother of 95 in a legal matter. She has problems with one of her daughters. My grandmother financially has to sell her house but my aunt forbids it for the moment. I am trying to get an agreement with all the parties involved and avoid going to court. The process is very slow and I am often not sure if I am doing things right. I really hate being involved in this fight. A lot of times I would like to tell all of them to just sort things out for themselves and leave me allone. But then I see my grandmother and I just can’t walk away from her.
    So for 2016 I am hoping to be finally able to sell the house and have things settled correctly for everyone.
    Love, Nini

    • Beth says:

      Dear Nini, that sounds so challenging. I drew the Two of Wands for you, which is firstly about focusing. If you’ve decided to help your grandmother, see it through. But don’t lose yourself in all of this. Listen out for your own ideas and desires bubbling away beneath the surface. While you’re busy helping others, you also have plans of your own. If you’re inspired to begin something for yourself this year, it’s important that you listen, and be ready to act on it when the time is right.

      I hope it all goes okay for you xxx

  80. This year for the first time I decided to do the ‘Find Your Word’ method to guide my coming year. I have chosen the word Shine for 2016. I want to shine with inspiration and creativity; with health; with my own uniqueness; with my talents and gifts and putting them out there in the world. A card to point to a jumping off point would be amazing! Good Luck with all your endeavours in 2016 Beth! x

    • Beth says:

      Thank you! Shine is such a beautiful world, and for you I drew the Daughter of Pentacles. In this image (in the Wild Unknown, which I happen to know you have!) a pentacle shines in the sky, embedded in a rainbow above a young deer. It’s filled with the promise of adventure, of being a child again and letting curiosity guide you. Don’t worry about the ‘right way’ to do this or that, or what anyone thinks – you get to reinvent your path. Keep your eyes and your heart open – the world has so much to offer you. Just be open and curious and ready to do what feels right.

  81. I don’t know if this is exactly a resolution, but I have been thinking for such a long time now, years in fact, that I need to travel to Europe, France to be precise. I have always felt a mixture of a connection to France, and a disconnection with where I live now (Adelaide, South Australia). When I think of Europe, I think of its culture and history, which makes me happy and completely warm up inside. I dream of walking through the old streets, thinking of all the things that have occurred there, being surrounded with centuries of history. Even writing this is making me happy! So I said to myself that 2016 is the year! Luckily I am under 30, so I can apply for a 12 month working visa, but I am also quite scared, as I have never been overseas before, (apart from a small trip to Korea for work) let alone by myself and for such a long time. I will also have to give up my job, which has been incredibly good to me, I was recently promoted to salon manager. But when I think about it, I’m not exactly following my dreams by working there. I don’t know, I’m just very confused I guess. Fear might be holding me back, but this it is my resolution to make it to France this year, I just hope I follow through!!

    • Beth says:

      Wow, that’s so cool! For you I drew the Ten of Pentacles. Remember that everything you do, travel, work, exploration – it all has magic embedded deep within it. In everything you do, seek out that kernel of magic, because this is the part where life feels at its most complete, its most fulfilling. Also – you have everything you need to make this trip! A job can be replaced, you have the resources you need to make a life anywhere you go. This is going to be an incredibly fulfilling experience for you. Best of luck! xx

  82. Vera says:

    Hi Beth! I’ll be working on your new moon spread in a while; I’ve been excited to use your spread since I first saw it! Thank you!

    As for the new year, well, I used to have resolutions, but I tend to lose steam after a few weeks or months. The things I remember most are words, and like a few other commenters, I don’t really have set resolutions to recite, just a word: Home. And it’s about a bunch of things: rekindling lost friendships (I dropped off the face of the earth last year, really), finally applying for schools and pursuing further studies in a new country, feeling comfortable in my own skin (which I’ve started by taking my first yoga class yesterday! And I really, really want to continue).

    Another interesting thing about this year is that my card is Death — which means there’ll be lots of transformation and change. Which is exciting and terrifying. I really want 2016 to be the year everything happens for me.

    I’m hoping this year will be as wonderful for you!

    • Beth says:

      Thank you Vera! For you I drew the Ace of Wands, a bright, bold, exciting card. This is about being inspired the idea of ‘home’ and letting it energise you. This card is also a reminder that you have the opportunity right now to create exactly what you want…but it won’t happen unless you grab hold with both hands and say YES. Good luck! xx

  83. Trine says:

    What a lovely resolution Beth!! I can relate to that one! For me, my resolution for 2016 is to set aside some sacred time every week to do something that will help me connect with myself. One of these is start writing again.

    With love, Trine

    • Beth says:

      Hey Trine! What a lovely resolution. I drew the Mother of Pentacles for you – a reminder of how grounding your creative practice is, and how much richness it brings to your live. Nurture your creativity as if it’s a child – give it what it needs, sacred space, time, resources, and watch it grow into something you can be truly proud of. xx

      • Trine says:

        Thank you so much Beth! I love the card you drew for me. Actually it keeps following me around, I’m starting to think that it’s highlighting a general theme to look out for in 2016 as well! I’ll keep you advice close to my heart and make nurturing myself and my creativity a priority for the coming months!

        Thanks again! xx

  84. Jodie says:

    My resolution is a simple one. Have as many ‘firsts’ as possible. Last year was pretty intense for me as is was packed full of ‘first times’ and I really grew as a person, and I want to continue on this journey. It’s part self discovery and part just fun getting to do all these new things. I’m not even talking like ‘first skydiving trip’ or anything, just small things that make me happy, that I’ve never done before due to fear of consequence or other people’s opinions. I asked someone on a date last week, which I’ve never done before, I charged for a tarot reading and I started a journal. These small changes are really helping me break out of life’s monotony a little bit each day and it’s liberating to slowly be less and less concerned with being judged and to do things for myself.

    • Beth says:

      Wow Jodie, this is so cool! Good for you. Sounds like you’re all set – but I drew you a card and it’s the Eight of Wands. It’s as though with all of these wonderful ‘firsts’, you’re seeking to convey a message – to yourself, to others, to the universe. Get clear on what that message is so you can shout it loud and proud. And have fun with it all!

  85. Lea says:

    Hi Beth,

    I stumbled across you blog a few months ago, and i’ve been following it ever since. I love the way you write, and the topics you wrote about.

    This is my first time commenting on anything, though. So here goes ~~

    Like several people who commented above, I do not set New Years resolutions. I did, however, set New Years intentions for myself – things I intend to do. The general theme of the intention is to develop/become closer to my spiritual self.

    I intend to do this by creating a daily personal yoga practice (i’ve been doing well so far!), exploring myself and healing past trauma through meditation, devoting one night a week to spiritual pursuits (whether it’s reading books about spirituality, meditating, playing with my tarot cards, performing ritual etc.), journaling to help heal past trauma. In addition to the more spiritual stuff, I intend to sort out my career path. I’ve been juggling different ideas for a while, but the only idea I have held onto is becoming an elementary school teacher. I’m still not sure if it’s the right path, but my intention is to figure that out in 2016!

    Safe travels to you, Beth. Happy moving-in !

    • Beth says:

      Hey Lea, thanks for sharing this! I drew the Six of Cups for you, which encourages you to look to your own roots as you develop your spiritual practice. Does your family have a history of spirituality, is there an older relative you can speak to? Go deep with your yoga and meditation, let it become something you are rooted in, rather than something you ‘just do’. And let your healing include simple acts of kindness – by putting kindness and love out into the world, you invite the same back into your life.

  86. Madhvi says:

    Hey Beth 🙂 Happy 2016 once again, sending you happy wishes for the move and for the year that’ll unfold.

    My resolution ((hope)) for 2016 – is to be “fully” open to romance this year. The last two years it was convenient to blame moving, re-settling and work as being the key reasons for why I put relationships on the back burner. This year however, I really do want to work through whatever it is that might be holding me back from being fully open to being vulnerable again; to taking another chance on love. I hope to get back to the dating space in order to meet special soul mates if not “the one”.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Madhvi! I drew the Four of Cups for you, which simply supports exactly what you’re saying. Look at what’s blocking you from opening up your heart to new love. It’s possible you’re surrounded by opportunities for connection and/or romance, but something is holding you down, as though you’re focusing on lack, rather than abundance.

  87. Meg says:

    Exciting times ahead for you! I’ve been to Skye twice now and loved it both times. It’s ruggedness and isolation make it a very special place.

    I don’t usually make resolutions for the new year but this time around I was feeling the pull to identify some goals. The main one I want to work on is to work through (with?) my fear to write as much as I can and begin submitting fiction to places and pitching articles to others. I want to open the well I know is inside myself. I’ve been hiding from it and fearful of it for too long. The time is now. 🙂

    Wish me luck, I’ll need it!

    • Beth says:

      Hey Meg, yes, rugged is the word! I’m looking forward to exploring slowly over the next few weeks 🙂

      For you I drew the Son of Wands. You’re right, the time is now! Be bolshy, bold, confident. Enjoy yourself! Take risks, rush in, if you get an idea or a flash of inspiration, grab it and just do it – act fearlessly. That is all!

  88. Julie says:

    Hi Beth,
    Wow, I really liked your post. It really resonated with me. I myself have just moved this week from a very large city to a much smaller one and I am looking for clarity. In terms of goals for this year, I am working toward:

    Finishing the writings I have started and finding a way to publish them.

    Creating a little bit of art each day.

    Making good friends.

    Trusting myself and my decisions.

    Thank you for your blog and all you do!

    • Beth says:

      Hi Julie, congratulations on your move! I drew the Mother of Swords for you. In working towards your goals, be assured of your own wisdom and strength. Your experiences in life have made you stronger than you know. When you’re ready to publish your writing, don’t hide your light under a bush – be confident that there is an audience for your work. Trust in your own decisions – you make them from a place of real wisdom.

      Good luck with the writing, and everything! x

  89. Happy New Year! And thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in over the last, this blog has been a bit of a life-line for me in the past few months.

    My resolution is to take control and gain clarity this year. I gave birth a year and a half ago, while studying at uni, and I’m now half way through my final year. Everyone keeps asking me what I want to do with my future and I’m just so lost… everything seems so unattainable. I want to move through that and hopefully figure out a way in which my writing (my real passion) can support my little family.

    This time next year I want to feel like I actually have some semblance of control over the direction my life is going. So here’s to that!

    • Beth says:

      Ellie! I drew the Emperor for you, so if you ever needed encouragement to take control – and feel in control – then this is the card. This is about getting in charge, giving yourself that power, self direction, going for what you want. It’s also very much about common sense and making shrewd decisions – this might not be the most free-wheeling of years for you, but that’s fine. It’s much more about setting realistic goals, then taking logical steps to meet them, knowing that you can have what you want in life if you’re prepared to put in the work that you know that it takes. It’s also about taking zero shit from anyone who comes at you with questions! This is your life, not anybody else’s. Go forth and be the boss of your life!

  90. raevynwoods says:

    I haven’t read every comment posted, but it seems to me that a lot of them are about connecting with yourself, feeling more confident with yourself and in general coming closer to and taking better care of yourself. So to all of you (and everyone else ofcourse), I wish you all the best luck.

    I don’t really make resolutions, I think, but I have a lot of things I want to work on in the next year. I’m currently in the middle of my gap year, so the first thing is that I want to apply to university. I kind of already know where and what, but I just have to make the final step of applying. But I haven’t done that yet, because that will make it all so REAL…

    The second thing is that I want to learn more about myself, develop myself, etcetera.
    The third thing is that I want to learn how not to be so damn HARD on myself. I want to be perfect, I want everything I do to be perfect but that’s not realistic and I know it. I want to learn to trust myself, to let things be when it doesn’t go as planned.

    Maybe I do have resolutions, when I look at what I’ve just written…

    And Beth, to you: I just want to say I’m really jealous about your move to Skye and I hope you will have a wonderful time there.

    Love, Raevyn

    • Beth says:

      Thanks for your warm comments Raevyn! I drew the Devil for you – so this is about setting yourself free. This card suggests that there are ways that you hold yourself back, and that maybe you’re afraid to tackle them. You hint at this when you describe your uni application – you haven’t taken that step yet because it makes it so real. It’s like the being hard on yourself has become this cage that traps you and stops you going for what you want. Grab the bull (goat, in this case) by the horns and make it real – no-one else is ever going to come along and do it for you. You have a key in your hand and all you have to do is put it in the lock. Go for it!

  91. Your new year sounds exciting already! My new year’s resolutions include the standard “exercise more/eat better” one, but I’m also just…for lack of a better phrase, “live life to the fullest”? I’m participating in more comments over at Autostraddle, allowing myself to make things special (like the tea I’m drinking right now), and just, I don’t know, feel things. 2015 was kind of awful for me, especially December, so 2016 seems very shiny and full of possibility (it’s also, quite literally, my year- year of the monkey, in the Chinese zodiac. That’s what I’m telling anyone who asks, anyway.)

    Wow, I use a lot of parenthesis. Anyway- I hope your 2016 is full of beautiful things. <3

    • Beth says:

      Hey Lindsey! Exciting you’ll be in the Autostraddle comments more – that is one fun place to hang out 🙂

      Okay, for you I drew the Nine of Cups. There’s a feeling of something ‘missing’ here, yet it’s actually more that you’re not seeing it – it is actually there. It’s a cliche to say ‘you have everything you need within yourself’, but that’s really the message of this card. You don’t need to force anything to feel ‘complete’, just do what you’re doing – AS comments, special tea, the small things that feel good – and allow yourself space to dream. In focusing on these small pleasures, you’re making space in your life for what you really want to flow through (you already know what this is deep down). As you say, 2016 is full of possibility!

  92. nemo north says:

    My new year’s resolution is to work on saying no to people/spaces that I know are bad for me even if we are all ostensibly friends (i.e. spaces where I am the only POC and racist microaggressions are constant). The flip side of this is to work on nurturing relationships with people that I care about and have mutually healthy relationships with, as well as (somehow) overcoming my social anxiety in order to connect with new people.

    • Beth says:

      Hey nemo north. I drew the Seven of Pentacles for you, which is an amazing card for making conscious tweaks and changes like this. In putting your self care at the centre of things, you’re taking an empowering stance – ‘this is my life, and I don’t have to do these things (e.g. be in spaces that are unhealthy for me) – I can choose how I want to life, who I surround myself with, what contributes to and what detracts from my growth and happiness.’ It’s really important to do these ‘check in’ assessments every so often – what works at one time might need tweaking a few months later, so let all of this be a process that you are in charge of.

      It’s right and good for you to claim this power for yourself, and taking a pause when you need it to look at what changes you need to make is an important part of this. You already know what you need to do – the Seven of Pentacles is gently supporting you!

  93. I have three New Years Resolutions.

    1 – To live more (just to keep experiencing life and what it has to offer, being open to new experiences and whatever life has in store for me)

    2- To stop being so darn hard on myself (I hold myself to a ridiculously high standard and often put myself down)

    3 – To get a divorce from my ex husband (this is already under way. I just decided enough was enough and six years was more than long enough to wait. Should be finalized in February).

    Thanks Beth!!!

    • Beth says:

      Hey! Congratulations on getting that started, sounds like an important release. Correspondingly I drew the Ace of Swords for you, which represents a completely new outlook, a different perspective on life, thinking differently about what you want. You’re going back to basics here – this card encourages you to strip out the junk you no longer need, any insecurities, old beliefs that no longer hold true – let your mind be like a blank canvas, ready to learn new things in new ways. (Also, I don’t do predictive tarot, but this card looks like a good omen for your divorce going through quickly!)

  94. Kallisti says:

    Happy new year, Beth! Looks like it’ll be another exciting few years for you.

    As for me, When I boil down my still-in-progress new year’s resolutions and intentions and goals to one thing, it’d be the same as yours: live the life I want to live. One aspect of that is to include the tarot more at the center of my life, and I’m certainly off to a good start on that front 🙂 Let’s hope I make as much progress on other aspects!

    And my hopes for the year include to continue to be happy, working on something I’m passionate about with people I like and love, learning and teaching, and experiencing the magic in every day things.

    • Beth says:

      Kallisti! Hi! Beautiful words. I drew the Six of Swords for you. So this year is a journey. In focusing on all of the lovely things you mention, you’re transforming everything you experienced in 2015 into valuable lessons. This year, as you grow and change, you renew yourself emotionally and mentally. It’s an organic thing that can’t be rushed; stick with your simple goals of doing what makes you happy, and let this carry you to a new place. Also – allow folks to help you – you don’t have to do all of this on your own.

  95. Amy Jane says:

    My main goal (I’m more like your Gma with a list) is to solidify a novel out of its very rough draft. From there I actually want to polish it and try for a traditional publisher by the time my kids are out of school for the summer.

    I’m also commenting to say thank you for the most useful thing I’ve read on your site, which was crazy-useful. It was when you pointed out that too many readings is essentially procrastination, and that (for example) leaving FB open when you get to work on your writing– the behavior reveals the truth of one’s intention. How focused I am planning to be from /Go/.

    That was hugely eye-opening for me and has dominoed into thought about my attitude toward art and my commitment to finishing and treating my writing work as a serious work.

    So, thanks.

    • Beth says:

      I’m so glad that helped Amy Jane! Thanks for taking the time to let me know 🙂

      For you I drew the Four of Pentacles. If you really really want this, make it a priority and don’t worry about what other people think. You have a limited number of resources and though it sounds crass to apply this thinking to a creative process, it comes down to a basic sum. This is the amount of energy you have, and these are the places you spend that energy. Reduce your outgoings – pause or close out commitments that drain your time, and give yourself permission to be selfish, even a little isolated if need be. It’s okay to do the thing that you really want to do.

      • Amy Jane says:

        This is lovely.

        I have a number of digital decks (via the Fool’s Dog app) since I’m in love with the art and the way I’ve learned has largely been through the comparative analysis of different decks.

        I don’t usually think of the 4 of pentacles as a positive card– most of the images reinforce a stingier view and generosity is one of my core values– but this card in the Hidden Realms deck is a mama badger watching over her littles. Very much in line with the guarding image you used, and doubly special because badgers are (for lack of a more precise term) sort of my spirit animal.

        I’ll be putting that image where I can see it this month while I dig in. Thank you.

  96. Robin Casey says:

    Hi Beth.Jst read most of the posts.Very interesting.I am studying tarot and have been for some months.My new year resolution is to become a intuitive reader and that is what I am working hard to be.

    BHest wishes Robin.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Robin, well, unsurprisingly I drew the Moon for you! Trusting your intuition – especially at the start – can be really hard. Where are these messages coming from, what does this or that mean? The Moon reminds you that trusting intuition sometimes means confronting shadowy or uncomfortable truths, or going to places you don’t recognise…and that discerning real intuited wisdom from the other stuff with which our minds play tricks on us takes practice. Prepare yourself for a weird and wonderful journey, and don’t expect to get it straight away.

  97. Cara says:

    This year my resolution is to Flourish. I find my self living in a new state with my husband far away from my beloved friends and my family. So for me, the word flourish is important in order to make this state a great home like my previous state.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Cara! For you I drew the Daughter of Swords, who reminds you that this is an adventure. ‘Flourish’ is a great word to carry into this new adventure, and the Daughter of Swords suggests this is a place where you’ll learn plenty, and gain new perspectives, a new outlook. This card is the ‘student’ of the tarot – how about signing up for a class or course, something you’ve always wanted to try?

  98. A. says:

    Hrm, I’m having trouble posting comments on any blog posts, this or others. Strange.

    Happy New Year and good luck finding the steps to your direction as they come up! I’m a fairly new reader of this blog, but I really enjoy the perspective you bring.

    My resolution is to put a lot more focus into self-care, and actively maintaining that rather than just waiting until things get too bad to keep going. Self-neglect is way too easy when you have a lot of things going on! In fact, think I’ll go make myself a little toolkit/basket of helpful/calming objects and list of reminders for less tangible tools.

    • Beth says:

      Hey A. – your comment came through okay 🙂

      For you I drew the Son of Swords – a reminder that self-care is not only about what extra things you do, but also the things you don’t do – in other words, the things you hold on to that no longer serve you, or that are causing you harm. Be really honest about grudges that you hold, resentments or feelings of injustice – can they be resolved? If so, find ways to do so quickly and cleanly. Otherwise…let go.

  99. Hi Beth! Happy new year!

    Something I am continuing to grapple with and sense will be a big theme for the next era of my life is my ability to own my soulfulness, to grow in my steadfastness and loyalty to myself, and my confidence to share it with others and honour the value of what I offer.

    Thank you for your wonderful responses so far, I feel really moved reading them.

    • Beth says:

      Hey! I’m so glad you’re enjoying this thread – I am too, so much.

      I drew the Father of Cups for you, which is in part about becoming a ‘master of your emotions’. Getting into the driving seat with how you feel, knowing and understanding why you react the way you do to things that trigger you. ‘Owning your soulfulness’ is a great term for the Father of Cups – as are all the things you say here. Knowing your own value, yes. There’s a steadiness here that comes from long-learned wisdom. Beware of becoming aloof or feeling that you know yourself too well – there is always more to learn.

  100. Kate says:

    It’s so lovely to read others’ thoughts and (non)resolutions, and your beautiful responses.

    I’ve never been one to make firm resolutions, but rather I know what wholeness and accomplishment feel like and I try to keep that in mind as I work on and growing and maintaining balance in my life. Hold fast to the vision, but let the path vary, y’know?

    I like to reflect on how the choices I have made have led to wonderful and not-so-wonderful things, and have come to realise how important making those choices are (instead of wallowing in indecision.) I’ve realised how important it is to keep opening doors, opening myself to possibility rather than worrying about specific outcomes. So I like to think that my “resolutions” are more like “doors I want to open up for myself this year”.

    I quit my job at the end of last year because it was wearing me down and the work conflicted deeply with my values, so there is going to be a great deal of exploration this year into what I would like to do with my time and energy (that hopefully can keep me fed and with a roof above.) I need to complete a necessarily big and ugly document required for an important professional certification (that I’ve been procrastinating on to an embarrassing extent.) I will be taking a course on something drastically different for me, but something I’ve always felt is very important and aligned with my values. I will be practicing yoga at least twice a week, and doing something physical with my body every day – I’ve underestimated how important this is for my mental health until recently. I will be working on my Spanish so I am at least modestly conversational. I will be developing a more regular tarot practice (using your lovely course, which I joined last year but have yet to dine into!) And… I will be looking for good work, but I don’t know what that looks like yet. I’m frightened, but thrilled.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Kate! So great that you’ve joined the course – hope you love it. For you I drew the Daughter of Cups – so openness to what may come is a key theme for you this year. This is specifically about being open in your heart – ready to set forth on a journey of self-discovery, to feel your way through all of the changes you’d like to make. If you feel it’s time to take an emotional risk, be bold and go for it. Forget all that you think you know, be prepared to start from scratch, and imagine this year is about being a ‘student of your self’.

      • Kate says:

        Thank you so much, Beth, for this lovely reading. Being ‘a student of myself’ is a perfect way to frame this year, and I think that feeling my way through all the upcoming changes will be exactly what I need to do. Thanks again, take good care, and keep warm up north. x

  101. moss says:

    My new years resolution is to cement this statement into my soul: I am the love I seek, I am whole I am complete. I am in a relationship right now with someone who is secure and loves me, and it has been an emotional rollercoaster due to my own insecurities. Does he love me? Does he like her? Does he want to spend time with me? Why is he talking to that person like that? Etc. Possession, jealousy, scarcity mindset. I seek to move from this scarcity mindset that leads me to believe I can only get love from outside sources. I want to work on my relationship with myself, to heal old wounds and traumas that keep the stories of scarcity alive within me. I want to be in abundance mindset, where I give and receive love freely, am liberated from jealous and possessive thoughts and provide myself with a steady stream of unconditional love and care.

    Thanks in advance for your care, Beth!

    • Beth says:

      Moss, for you I drew the Eight of Cups, which is a card of moving on. It’s also a card of saying a loving and grateful goodbye to what you are leaving behind. This isn’t about turning your back on the past and pretending it never happened – it’s about finding closure in a sensitive way that is kind to yourself, that acknowledges those hurts and traumas and says ‘you have brought me this far, but I must go the rest of the way alone.’ A closing ritual might be a helpful way to mark this turning point and leave you feeling lighter and more hopeful for the future.

  102. Monica Bee says:

    Exciting, hopeful post! Happy new year!

    One of my hopes is to get outside more this year…purposely bring more nature and earth in my life. I also am taking steps to up my metalsmith game–not just puttering, but taking a twice weekly class at a community college (and being gratified to live in a place where such an affordable option is available). I realize this may mean shifting away from a few things that have been a huge part of how I identify as a person, work and hobby wise, just given the number of hours in the day. It’s a little scary to imagine, so I’m very much in a ‘one day at a time’ kind of zone, carrying on as normal and seeing how these things settle in as the year goes on. But I’m excited by the choices, too, so hopefully any sense of loss will be tempered by new, as of now unknown, gains.

    • Beth says:

      Happy new year Monica! For you I drew the Hermit, which immediately encourages you to apply yourself to your studies at college. The path to the level of knowledge and skill you can attain is long, so go steady and keep at it with your blacksmithing (how coo, BTW!) This is also a card of turning inwards, finding the widon=m that already exists within you – especially this seems to speak to your hopes to spend more time outside in nature. Pay attention to your own responses to the natural world and the changing seasons, and uncover that ancient knowledge of nature that we all have within us, but that we often need to rediscover later in life.

  103. AE says:

    My new year’s resolution is simple: Stop living small. Dare to expand. Step into the life you’ve been called to live since you were a small child. Come out of the spiritual closet, live big, live bold, live beautiful 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Hey AE. I drew the Nine of Pentacles for you – bringing the message that you are not small, you are not insignificant. You are an immensely gifted, resourceful, powerful person who can be whoever they want to be – and you don’t need anyone else to help you do it, either. This card is a declaration of independence, a proud statement that you can and will create the life you want. It’s proud, rich, confident and strong. Go for it.

  104. Blunt-Handed Bess says:

    Hello Beth,

    I just had my first email from you and it brings me here, so here’s my dirty dozen for 2016:

    #1 be brave
    #2 enact The Plan
    #3 love James
    #4 make some money (see #2)
    #5 learn leatherwork
    #6 buy my own vardo (see #4)
    #7 refine tarot to professional level
    #8 start belly dancing again
    #9 explore mediumship
    #10 be industrious
    #11 watch my step more re: health condition
    #12 remember to keep my diary

    Also I made my mother a promise in October that one year on I’d sit on her sofa wearing Christian Louboutins that I bought myself.

    Gosh, it feels much more real now!

    Brightest blessings



    • Blunt-Handed Bess says:

      I’ve just reread my email and I wrote it in such a hurry, it came off kinda blunt! I ought to have said also: thank you for adding me to the list and for the invitation to post, and happy new year x

    • Beth says:

      Hey Samantha! Woah, well there’s a list. But guess what I drew for you – the Tower. Forget everything you think you know – it’s time for a total turn-around. Three’s something right at the heart of everything right now which needs to be burned away so you’re free to do all this stuff. Don’t be scared – this lightening, this fire, is liberating and amazing and awesome in the true sense of the world. You can step in now and create the change yourself…or sit back and wait for it to happen. I recommend the former 😉

      • Blunt-Handed Bess says:

        Oh my days…thank you for my card! The Tower….I sort of know what it is that needs to go…a part of me. I think it’s fear and guilt. It cripples me and when I get ill (number 9) it is all I see. I apologise constantly and it drives everyone bananas. It’s my younger days that I feel ashamed of, tI put my parents through like, decades ago, and it’s being thin-skinned to the malice of not-nice people to the point where I sat over the solstice feeling blue that these people are unkind about me, when actually I don’t like them either and they really don’t matter. I’m not gonna lie, I kinda was frightened when I saw you’d pulled me the Tower but last year was the most amazing year of my life in terms of me taking control. Everyone was kind of amazed that I stopped drinking and got myself together, I’m still amazed at myself. And sometimes that was hard, and scary, and nobody had any faith in me. So if it is more of the same, I can deal with that. I’m not sure how to do it but I will take your advice and find out, I’ve felt the stones crush me before cos I didn’t move in time. Thank you so much! I’m going to my own cards now xx

        • Blunt-Handed Bess says:

          I feel I must leave this addendum: wrote the above message last week, went upstairs, boyfriend and I broke up *immediately* thus rendering me heartbroken and homeless in one fell swoop. The Tower, eh….I was totally gutted but in that week I got on, I went to work, I didn’t drink, I worked on my record, and I found a new place to live. I move in there today even though he and I have eventually sorted stuff out….we moved in together too fast (sort of by accident) and a whole load of bullshit issues had spawned and neither of us was happy. He did the right thing and now all the crap we were going through is getting worked out, and I’ll finally have space of my own which I really deeply need; I never really had any room that was mine in his house. Basically we went too fast and buggered it all up. So this is the healing fire I spose..burning away the bad bits and oh, it did burn. It was a truly rotten week and I must have cried about two hundred times, but it’s better for us this way and definitely better for me. My new room is right by my beloved cemetery, it’s not full of computer buzz, and I can set up my altars, make my daily devotions to Hecate and the dead again without him thinking I’m bonkers. Another thing is that I was reminded once again that I have the most stellar friends and family in the world, everyone was so kind to me. I’d never gone through that situation sober! Now we’re together again I’m glad and relieved cos I love the dude, but I feel the work’s not over yet – and it’s to do with me inside, it’s not really to do with him at all. It’s me not getting frightened over nothing and not forgetting my mission when I get confused.

          Sorry this is so long but I thought of it so much this week. The crumbling Tower did topple and it was awful but it *wasn’t* the end of the world, I did not lie down and die, and now I will stand up with my multicoloured bruises and build a better tower; just a little tower for one for the time being. Thank you, Beth, for your insight; also what with the outcome (now thankfully resolved) you can now officially call yourself Mystic Beth. Growing and improving and accepting dreadful things and working with what I have are lessons I must never stop learning, Hecate’s like that.

          Brightest blessings

          Samantha xxxxx

          • Blunt-Handed Bess says:

            And…finally…it’s true when you said forget everything you think you know….I was believing all sorts of suspicions in my daft defective brain, thinking he was against me somehow. I think ‘everything I thought I knew’ was, thanks to a very unpleasant ex, that my role in relationships is to be sexy and accommodating and put tons of pressure on myself to be the best girlfriend ever, which turns me into a lunatic actually. But…yeah. Thank you x

          • Beth says:

            Wow, thank you for sharing this Samantha! What a tower indeed…but you’re totally right – now you can rebuild with a different design, making sure that you’re not compromising or hiding yourself in this new instalment of your relationship. Big hugs and good luck, and happy room-warming 🙂

  105. Belelels says:

    Hi! My resolution for this year is to live, truly live. I was depressed when I was a child, since I was 7 years old (I think, I started eating normally at 9 years old, I was nearly hospitalized) I’ve had suicidal thoughts since then, I still have them, but they are more of a little powerless voice in my head. I started listening and liking music at 14-15 ish years old and since then to my 28 years old I have been kinda numb. I have never taken any risks, I have few (truly) friends, I have never been in a relationship (I have never dated to be honest… And enough of my story.

    Last year I decided to change that, and I have been keeping pushing myself in little things, now I’m learning tarot, about healing crystals, I intend to start Reiki therapy along with regular therapy, so what I intend this year, my purpose is to start not only existing but living.

    I hope you and Em have a marvelous year!

    P.S. I really didn’t intent to write for so long, I hope you can understand it, I’m not a native speaker of English 😀

    • Beth says:

      Wow, Belelels. Good for you for taking things into your own hands – this sounds like an incredible journey thorough huge challenges. For you I drew the Mother of Pentacles, which is at heart a card of nurturing. Looking after yourself and your body. Paying attention to what feels good – and the way this changes from day to day, season to season. Touch base with the natural world, as regularly as you can. Cook nourishing, healthy food. Look at beautiful things, listen to beautiful music, burn oils that smell good – really indulge all of your senses and immerse yourself in beauty as much as you can. Look for ways to ground yourself (crystals might help with this), walk barefoot on the grass, hug a tree – those good old earth-loving things. You are worthy of love, worthy of having beauty in your life. Look after yourself, keep warm, make your home a space of safety and comfort.

  106. Liyana says:

    What a beautiful resolution, Beth! I hope 2016 brings you all the best! Thank you for sharing your journey with us here. 🙂

    This year, my New Year’s resolutions this year are to work on at least one of my artistic projects every day, to polish up my Spanish (I still consider myself fluent, but not using it much for two years means that my vocabulary has atrophied and my speaking skills are rusty), and to get better at standing up and saying something when I see something Not Okay happening.

    • Beth says:

      Liyana – for you I drew Strength, which is a reminder of your courage and fortitude. All of this is about putting more love into the world, acknowledging what is wrong out there and being part of the solution be responding with compassion. All that you do is a response to your world – your art especially, and of course finding the courage to speak up against injustice. Anger and frustration can get you so far, but love can take you even further – find ways to challenge what feels wrong to you that create better energy, that demonstrate the solution, rather than just calling people out. (And as for your Spanish – keep going! You can do it – nothing worth it ever came easy.)

  107. aeosw says:

    I know I’m late to the party on this one, Beth, but I’m planning to get back into circus acrobatics. My body felt so wonderful when I was standing on my hands at least once a week, and I miss that feeling. <3 Best of luck for your 2016 life, Beth!

    • Beth says:

      Dude that is so great. For you I drew the Father of Pentacles, so this is totally about getting in control of your body and mastering it. In really simple terms, you can think of it as something you can shape, making it what you like – if you want the strong flexible body of an acrobat, you can do that with work and devotion. There’s magic here too, though – the Father of Pentacles wouldn’t be so powerful if they didn’t also have a really deep understanding of the magic and power of the human body. Respect it, work with it, experience that joyful magic of using your body.

  108. Amber says:

    My resolution is do what I know must be done. I want to surrender to the changes of life, to shine and be of service to others as a teacher, counselor, and professional helper. I want to heal the intergenerational inertia I’ve inherited and claim my life.

    • Beth says:

      Dear Amber – for you I drew the Six of Pentacles. Do what must be done and be of service to others, because this also nurtures yourself. There is nothing you can give that doesn’t also benefit you, nothing you can receive that doesn’t in some way benefit the giver. Be aware of this flow, this symbiosis in life and community, as you approach your work.

  109. Tam says:

    My focus for this year is integrity, in all meanings of the word, but most especially in the sense of being whole, entire, or undiminished. I’ve been dealing with health issues for the past couple of years and really feel that this year is the time for me to return to health, and that requires a deep integrity with myself and with my path.
    Thank you for sharing your resolution and best wishes for 2016!

    • Beth says:

      Tam – for you I drew the Eight of Wands. You have a message to deliver and the world really,r really needs to hear it. That’s what all of this is about – in working to restore your health, in all that you do, be figuring out what this message is. Maybe you already know. As it becomes clearer, keep honing it, keep perfecting it, keep working at it til it’s a powerful, electric lightening bold you can throw out into the universe for all to see. You are powerful and amazing. You can do this.

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