Lead us not into procrastination

Oh my.

Only yesterday I cursed myself for not finishing a damn thing, and began a spread for project planning in the face of un-finishing-ness, and even sought advice from the experts, and was all ready to sit down with a nice glass of the old homemade tonight and scrub up that spread and make it perfect.

Well guess who got distracted.

Not only by a very funny cat, an email from a distant friend containing gossip, some saucepans that needed sorting, a mix CD I’d forgotten I’d made, the excitement of making a lovely fire In My Own Bedroom and some homebrew that needed doctoring, but also by going off on a little tangent with my spread.

Well, it couldn’t be more appropriate, so without further ado …well maybe I’ll just put the kettle on first… no no! Without further ado I give you…

The procrastination conversation aka get-on-and-do-it! tarot spread

procrastination tarot spread

Hmm. My writing is not the clearest of scribbles…so here are the card positions in a format we can all understand:

1. Dude, how’s it going?  You at the moment of asking

2. Awww…I can’t get my thing done because…  Excuse number 1

3. Rubbish! Just do a little of this…  Something to do/think about/focus on

4. Nah, I can’t get my thing done because I’m doing this…  How you are procrastinating

5. Dude, seriously. Just focus a little on this.  Something else to thing about/focus on

6. And whatever you do, do NOT do this…  Something to avoid

7. One final thought…

Now go get on with it! says Emily.


It’s a little ol’ conversation with yourself, and hopefully by the time you reach the end of it you can see either just how silly you’re being, or else you’ve realised you never wanted to do that damn thing anyway.

Either way, it’s gotten you out of doing it for half an hour longer… oops.

Need an example? Here’s me taking it for a spin…

So – what are you procrastinating about?

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  1. Emily says:

    I just used this spread with the William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination. Clearly, a deck to be used with this spread if there ever was one! Thank you for the kick in the pants!

    • Beth says:

      Perfect! Thanks for sharing (also I’ve never seen that deck but oh my goodness, if it has William Blake illustrations I’m going to need to check it out…

  2. Naimy says:

    Hi there!
    I am a huge The Wild Unknown addict. So, you can guess my heart melted when I found out that Kim made a new deck+guidebook, Animal Spirit. Do you think they will be available in your shop?
    Bright Blessings!

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