Moving house and the Seven of Pentacles

Well. The lovely Posterous is closing down because Twitter bought it I can’t say I understand what that really means or why Posterous can’t keep hosting my blog but nonetheless, I’ve had to move house. Here we are on WordPress…pastures new and all that. Ah, WordPress.

Anyway, we’re not here to talk blogging platforms. I think it’s time for a card and since I’m feeling all *tech* today I guess this calls for Barbara Moore and Aly Fell’s Steampunk Tarot.


The Seven of Pentacles. The interim report card. I have a soft spot for this card, it appeared in a reading my love gave to me just the other day, helping me to see that I am on the right path, that the changes I’m creating in my life right now will bear and are bearing fruit. Like the man in the image, this is a time to step back and look at what’s happening in my life, to check my progress and do a little steering if necessary. It’s a very quiet-feeling card to me, but it implies hard work, both in the past and still to come.

I’ve got a few projects bubbling along at the moment, and in the midst of this I decided I just couldn’t keep going to my much-maligned job any more. It’s changed beyond recognition and I no longer enjoy it, so I’ve quit. Fun for a second…and then the inevitable worry about money and rent and food kicks in. But I feel confident. I need to put a lot in right now, to create the life I want, but this card reassures me that I’ve taken the right steps so far and that I’m on a tricky but very true path.

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  1. Glad to see WordPress allowed you to migrate all your old posts 🙂 I’ve updated the link on both my page and the TABI one 😉

    Good luck with your new endeavours – the Seven of Pents is definitely a good sign, though it does suggest things may take a while to work through…

    • Thanks Chloe! I appreciate that 🙂
      Yep…I can really feel this Hard Work feeling at the moment, it’s hard to keep momentum going (the weather and temperature don’t bloody help!) so the Seven was a nice little reminder that you don’t achieve great things in a flash, OR by sitting on your bum…
      B xx

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