Photo Diary: Summer on Skye

I’ve spent two summers on Skye.

Last year’s was heavy, a lot of processing, a lot of getting through and past a sad and difficult experience. This year’s is lighter, freer, easier, and tinged with the sense that we will soon be gone. Emma and I leave this weekend, bound for lush, green mid-Wales. In our last months here, I allowed myself to sink into the beauty and magic of this place and its wonderful community.

It has been a true privilege to live here. This has been a week of happy goodbyes, late-night whiskey, and an enjoyable look back through my photos…

Beinn na Caillich (or Cailleach) is the ‘red hill’ dominating the Broadford skyline. Em and I climbed it recently and walked the three-peak ridge it heads up.

I’ve been sent a *lot* of lovely free tarot and oracle decks this summer, for reviewing, or simply to check out. Here are two favourites: The Illuminated Tarot (top) by Caitlin Keegan, and the ExtraOrdinary Oracle (in stock now!)

Speaking of my shop, things are growing, and it’s beautiful (and, er, heavy!) On sunny days when the load is not too big I’ll bike your orders to the post office (it’s 5 miles away and over a great big hill).

One of my new year’s resolutions was to bake more bread. I’ve been doing that every few days! It’s so satisfying…and delicious.

Em and I decided to do something touristy, so took the Elgol boat trip to beautiful Loch Coruisk, where we swam, and walked, and ogled those wild, wonderful mountains.

The tiny house is nearly finished. Wow. (Check it out on Facebook!) This has been a labour of love and faith alright…

Our housemates’ big project has been the roof of their home, which needed completely rebuilding. Andy and Kat have been working on it all summer, rain and shine. There have also been a whole load of wonderful volunteers helping out (including Phil, who’s practically moved in!)

There’s still been time for lazing around outside with Jammy and my tarot cards. I love that I get to call this ‘work’!

Talking of cute animals, Kat’s dog Runa has the funniest quirk. Whenever she hears bagpipes (and they’re not uncommon in these parts) she sets up howling. Here she is on Cnoc beach, where a piper was practicing out on the balcony of a beach house that day…

Some friends of ours live just beside a remote, barely-visited beach. They created this tiny pop-up cafe for travellers who make it all the way down.

We also took a trip down to Argyll to see our good friends, who are starting a croft there.

Our friends James and Jo live in a converted library bus. They were busy travelling the whole coast of Britain before they got, well, stuck, on Skye. It happens. This place is magnetic. Their beautiful bus is currently in a fantastic spot on the sound of Raasay.

I made preserved limes! And spiced garlic pickle, and carrot chutney, and pesto, and all kinds of lovely preserves.

I’ve been house-sitting for some friends in Achnacloich, and it was B.L.I.S.S. Silence, a whole house to myself, just three gorgeous dogs and a whole host of pigs to care for.

You gotta grab the sun when you get it round here, so Em and I took a trip across the water to the tiny Isle of Canna – a peaceful paradise.

We had a party! The theme was GREEN. Our neighbour Una was one of the first to arrive and she carried (and drank) her sherry in such style.

Em and I managed to squeeze in a hot soak (and Jammy joined us!)

And we had another party – our goodbye bash was a tiny affair in a tiny house…

Well, that’s all I can dig out from my photo archives. Now I better go pick up the rental van! I love you, Skye. Thank you for being my home for 20 incredible months.



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  1. Kristel says:

    Absolutely loved the photos. Wishing you both good luck with whatever you do next. I know it will be something amazing.

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