OPEN THREAD | Join our last ever community card pull!

The Numinous Tarot

I traditionally host this community tarot reading at new year.

If you’ve not participated before, it’s the just coolest community tradition. Each of us, pulling cards for another. Each of us offering tiny, encouraging tarot readings, before sharing our own questions.

It’s a beautiful thing, truly. Reading through those beautiful threads makes my heart sing.

Let’s do it one last time.

At new year, we tend to share on the theme of intentions or resolutions. This time, though, it’s late October, nearly Samhain. In the northern hemisphere, leaves are falling, sap is moving downwards in the trees, and life is dying back, shedding old growth, furling inwards to compost and recover in the darkness of the coming seasons.

What will you be composting this autumn, this winter?
What has this year brought you so far, what lesson, what nugget of truth are you carrying deeper inwards now?
What intention are you setting? What question do you have?

If this resonates for you, please take part in our community card pull below!

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Find the last unanswered comment below, and pull a card for that person’s intention or question. Post your reading as a reply to their comment. It needn’t be long! A few sentences is enough.
  2. Create a new comment to share your own intention or question.

It may get a little chaotic. That’s okay! If the person above you has been answered, scroll up a little and find someone who hasn’t had a reply yet. Don’t over think it – the point is simply to give a reading, and get a reading too. I’ll make sure that everyone gets an answer in the end 🙂

This thread will close on 30th October.

Let’s do this!

Love and love and love and love and love.

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  1. Beth says:

    I’ll go first…

    My intention as autumn draws in is to create and maintain a sense of space. The past years have been so incredibly full and I long for a quieter, gentler schedule so I can return to self and learn who I am, now. BUT – I’m scared! I find myself scrambling to fill any available time with work. How can I open up to space?

    • Steve says:

      Hi Beth,

      For your intention of creating space and longing for a quieter more gentle time for self reflection, I pulled the Eight of Wands from the Darkness in Light tarot. Depicting a statuesque figure ( stagnant energy) with a bow in their hand, they have already let fly seven of the Wands (shedding old growth) leaving one final wand growing beside them with budding new leaves.
      You are letting go of unnecessary energies and ideas which have become stagnant in your hectic life. This will leave behind fresh budding growth, plans for returning to a more peaceful time to focus solely on one aspect of your new life. The little sapling by your feet, is your new life for 2019 away from Little Red Tarot, enabling you to become Beth Maiden.

      • Beth says:

        Thank you for the beautiful reading, Steve! The image of a little sapling is really helpful and encouraging, especially right now, as I do feel like I’m firing out a bunch of arrows – shedding, as you say.

        Don’t forget to leave your own question below so the next person can read for you!

  2. Scout says:

    What am I supposed to be learning? Am I doing this right? I just wanna be on the right path. ;-;

    Am I? Should I course correct? If so, where should I head instead?


    • Hi Scout! I drew the lovers card for you. Could you learn to take baby steps in learning to choose from the heart? I sometimes notice that I get lost in THINKING about what I “should” do or what would be best for me or for my desired outcome. I forget to check in with my heart to FEEL what gives me most joy. What sparks life? Follow your intuition and combine it with focused action, the journey will be full of pleasure! Best of luck. Hope this helps.

    • nancy says:

      The cards seem to be saying that it’s time to start a spiritual practice. Doesn’t have to be meditation or ritual, per se but it does need to be consistent. You are coming out Of some kind of heart break and in those times it’s hard to see a clear path to the future. Your inner goddess wants to help you clear away the fog, getting much clearer on your path ahead. But, it’s going to take some kind of consistent spiritual practice on your part so that you can hear your own wisdom.

    • Emily says:

      Hi Scout!

      I drew the ten of keys (pentacles) from the collective tarot in answer to your question.

      So! I’m reading this as you having too many options, spreading yourself too thin and trying to do everything, to the point that you’re not getting anywhere, and exhausting yourself in the process. I’m getting a sense of your overwhelm here – even if you’re doing things you want to be doing, that they are taking over, and you are struggling to cope. This path may or may not be the right one but if nothing changes, it’s leading you to burnout.

      The advice this card is giving is to centre looking after yourself as you go forwards. When picking you path, ask yourself does it nourish me? Does it leave time to take care of myself? Is this path inadvertantly harming me?

      One of the best ideas I came across recently is that when you are on the right path, you will know because it will stop being so difficult. The right path isn’t the one where you are pushing a boulder uphill and feeling like you can’t rest for a moment or you and your community will be obliterated as it comes crashing down, taking you with it. The right path is the one where you are doing what you are good at, and what brings you joy. You are allowed to play to your strengths, and that is where the “right path” lies because it allows you to make maximum progress with minimum effort.

      Hope this resonates!

      • Emily says:

        and my question for the next commenter is:

        I’m feeling unrooted in my life in this city after 16 years. Is it time to burrow down deeper and reconnect with my community, or is it time to move on?!

        • fran says:

          You’ve got 4 of Swords…..Perhaps a mixture of recent heartache & burnout has led you to this point. Before you seek to answer this question there is a more pressing need for deep rest & period of low demand. You are tired in body & mind. Time spent in self care & spiritual practice will restore you & a sense of flow to your life. Unplugging from giving to others & all other demands on your time is paramount. In the long run, choose the option which will bring you some stability & calm.

  3. Hi beautiful Community!
    I would like to leave some apathy behind and be more creative. I am thinking of starting a Patreon account and gifting my people exclusive content and healings each month. I don’t know if it’s the best use of my time and energy though.
    How would it be received? Thank you for your reading love! xoxo

    • Amy says:

      Hi Aline,

      Two cards for you: King of Wands and The Sun. This tells me that you’re in an important part of your evolution right now – your creative side really wants to emerge in how you work and setting up the Patreon would be a great way to channel this. The advice is not to make yourself small – go all in with your highest vision (no matter how crazy you might think it is) and success and creative fulfilment will be your pay off. Good luck!

  4. Lila says:

    The theme of the past few weeks has been letting go of shame (lifelong shame from my identities, sexuality, etc). A dear friend said, “blow the layer of ash (shame) off your hands and you’ll see a clear map of your life left behind.” Letting go of shame will give me clarity. At Samhain I plan on asking my ancestors what generational trauma & shame I’m carrying for them, but for now and moving forward: how can I begin to PROCESS and LET GO of this shame?

    • Ether says:

      Hi Lila!

      I drew The Hanged Man for you, that they may help you flip your view upside down and let of go the shame that plagues you. Where is your pride? What values, what pride can you find both within yourself and from your ancestors? Fill yourself with what you can uphold, find your banner and fly it high.

      I hope this helps. Have a lovely Samhain. Good luck on your journey.

    • Kuba says:

      Hello Lila, your post resonated with me strongly and I’m truly sorry you feel this burden. I have pulled SEVEN OF PENTACLES for you. This is such an encouraging card & I feel like the message came through loud and clear. Sevens are not easy cards, they ask for patience & come up often when we experience conflicts stemming from clashing of ideals, morals, fighting and frustrations. So although you might experience heaviness and impatience, this message is about persevering, putting the work in, planting the seeds, tending the garden and just KNOW, KNOW deep down inside, that the ugly backyard will sprout flowers of all kinds when the time is right. I’m sending you lots of love!

    • Rose says:

      I hope you don’t mind if I share…
      If your interested in exploring shame and trauma in relation to ancestors/ancestor communication you may want to listen to the medicine stories podcast episodes with Daniel foor (episode 26) and the two episodes with Darla Antoine (episodes 19 and 27). Very interesting and helpful on this subject!

  5. Sandhya says:

    Hello! I am a second year university student, and I have loved stories and magic my whole life. This summer I finally began to learn tarot from this website, which has been so incredibly amazing. I have never been a decisive person; my whole life I thought I would go into medical school but I quickly realized that I love writing and social sciences. I am so preoccupied with a future career and what I could do with a any degree over my happiness now. How do I zoom out, focus on doing what I love now and craft a big, scary future later? How do I get out of my own head and stop doubting myself?

    • Morgan says:

      Hi Sandhya! I am also a newbie tarot reader and your question really reminded me of things I’ve gone through so I thought I would give it a shot. I apologize if this doesn’t resonate.

      I pulled the Page of Swords for you. What this feels like to me is partially a reminder that it’s okay to take time to think through things clearly and rationally. It’s important to think about the pros and cons of choices, so don’t feel too bad about overthinking! At the same time, the Page of Swords suggests that you have gathered the information you need and are ready to make moves.

      So I would say that, in general, your way forward might be to consider that you have already analyzed the situation, and therefore, you can trust what you want as well. Your logical and emotional minds can work together!!

      I wish you the best in this situation, I know how hard it can be. Sending love!

    • Amanda says:

      I pulled the three of coins. For me, this card is about seeking or starting (lol, so… on-point) something new that promises to give satisfaction. It could be short-term, but it’s still a good start for the long haul (work) of whatever new course you’re considering.
      Hope that helps! : )

  6. Ether says:

    Hello, hello,

    The first time I am partaking in this, the last time this event is being held. It does feel a little momentous, doesn’t it?

    I am feeling trapped, entangled in a web of relationship I am stuck in– some because of financial dependence, some because I cannot find the strength in me to leave, some because the bad might be bad but the good is helping me become the best version of myself, and I need that. This season, my intention is to find freedom in my relations to others and to myself, freedome in lonesomeness. Yet I am terrified; whether I stay or go, everything seems like it will go for the worst, and I cannot find the way to make it work. How do I set myself free?

    • Hi Ether! I pulled the World for your enquiry! I think it’s such an appropriate card for your situation, you have reached the end of a cycle and you have passed all the lessons and trials you had. The relationship has reached its completion. Trust that the Universe has your back and let yourself rebirth again!

      • Ether says:

        Hi Carolina,

        The World does find an echo in me– surely it is the end of an era. Thank you for your reading!

  7. Amy says:

    Hello lovely community!

    I have been toying with the idea of launching my own tarot business for years now but the fear of failure (and i’ll admit publically embracing my tarot abilities) has always gotten the better of me. But there’s been a change in me this year and I know this is something I’m meant to do. So my question is… what do I need to know about pushing forward with this? What guidance do the cards have for me?

    Thank you!

    • Lila says:

      Hi Amy! Do your words ever resonate with me. I find myself on a similar path.

      I pulled the 10 of cups for you, how fitting. As you push forward to follow your dream, remember to keep your people close. Fall into your community when you reach roadblocks or experience failure. Let your people celebrate you when you make breakthroughs and find clarity. You were meant to do this. You know it. Your community knows it. Let their strength and love and belief in you keep you energized.

      • Amy says:

        Thank you so muchLila!

        It’s a scary one, isn’t it? What a beautiful card to get. Thank you, this resonates a lot. Wishing you luck on your own journey too ?

  8. Callie says:

    Awesome thread!! Hi beautiful people!

    My enquiry would be if I’m on the right track with my tarot practice 🙂 I have a website and insta page where I share my insights but do I move forward, or wait? Anxious to hear from you!

    Thank you!!

    • Noisette says:

      Hi Callie, I’ve drawn the Six of Athames (swords) for you! In the deck I have, it shows a woman and a horse travelling on a raft across a lake or stream. The background (where they have come from) is dull and misty and unclear, but the foreground is bright and full of mustard flowers.
      To me, this card suggests that where you’re headed is the right place to go, and that which you’ve left behind is best left in the past. This card indicates steady progress so I wouldn’t be put off continuing with your plans.
      I really hope this helps! Have a lovely weekend <3

    • Claire says:

      Hello Callie, I pulled you a card from Maia Toll’s Herbiary deck – Vervain ‘Let the Magic In’! Vervain is potent, her power is all about the liminal times – dawn/dusk – taking in ‘those moments when night slips into day or day into night’. She knows you are at a crossroads – call on Hecate or Cailleach, guardians of the crossroads – they, and Vervain, will see you right <3

    • Tamara says:

      Hi Callie! For your enquiry, I pulled the Page of Cups-a great card for this situation! This card is about being a seeker and being brave enough to feel the fear and act anyway. Its okay to not know exactly where your practice will go, its okay to have mixed feelings! This card calls on you to simply explore, move into new territory, learn new things and grow from it. The commitment to your journey is more important that the fear of failure, rejection, or getting hurt.

    • Lila says:

      Hi Callie! 🙂

      I pulled the 5 of wands in response to your inquiry. The 5 is in the middle of your journey – you’ve worked hard to get here but there’s still a long way to go. This part of your path feels confusing and chaotic. You’ve got the energy required to really commit to your dreams but right now it’s spread out in many different directions. The 5 of Wands is asking you to focus. To hone in on what you actually want. To ask yourself big questions about where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want to do. So, if moving forward with your tarot is what your intuition tells you to do then you must really focus on it. Let go of other commitments to give yourself more time and energy to focus on tarot. If your intuition is to wait on the tarot, then look at the rest of your life and ask where your focus is needed. Ultimately, you know exactly what you need. So work on quieting your world to focus on what your intuition is trying to tell you.

      Sending you much love as you navigate this journey!!

  9. April Jade says:

    Hello all! I’ve been dealing with chronic Lyme disease for the past six years and I’m wondering if some serious healing will take place in the coming new year and what I can do to facilitate that healing? <3

    • Claire says:

      Callie’s got a load of responses, so I pulled you a card too, April Jade 🙂 I drew Rose from Maia Toll’s Herbiary – she invites you to Crack Open, to embrace your Beauty aswell as your Thorns… See yourself whole, loving every part of what makes you, You! See yourself ‘whole against the sky’ <3

    • Rhonda says:

      April I have drawn the Page of Wands in regards to this question.
      This means you will need to take action and a new direction in your health and wellness. Approaching it from a different and new perspective. This could come in the form of a new diet and exercise plan as well as seeking some holistic approaches.
      This card is a good indication that new and better days are ahead for you.

      • Rhonda says:

        I am dealing with some very stressful issues in my life currently and need insight on how to handle things more effectively. It has caused me some health issues.

    • cam says:

      Hi April! The ace of cups jumped from my deck as I asked about the potential for healing! Sometimes the scariest part of healing is the moment when you feel so full of hope and so afraid to hope. But ace of cups reminds us of the unending potential for healing in many ways, and the power in holding ourselves in open to it.
      I pulled from the wild unknown deck which shows a radiant goblet on a background of snakeskin. I always take the snakeskin as a reminder that renewal itches as we move into it.

      On what you should do I drew a card from the illuminated earth oracle, upheaval: prepare for, or perhaps move towards big uncertainty.

    • Naomi says:

      Hi April – I have had chronic Lyme Disease since 2011 so it felt fated to answer your question. I have pulled the 5 of swords and although initially this looks like a battle, I feel this is more about how you have felt living with a chronic illness. I have a strong hunch that because you have been living with the disease and perhaps feeling defeated by it at times that your world view has been one of winning and losing. I think the greatest healing you will find at this stage (and by that I mean the coming year) will be internal. You will be exploring parts of your life and history where you have felt powerless and defeated and other times when you have seen things in terms of power dynamics and being victorious in order to survive. I think that the Lyme Disease has brought the question of power and mis-use of power to the fore in your life, and what it means to surrender. Sometimes surrendering is the right thing, other times it’s about standing your ground. I also feel this is going to be time to really examine past traumas and how they relate to the body.

      In short I think the healing that you will be allowed now is going to be initially much more about your feelings and the unconscious mind. The inner growth you experience will be enormous and I feel that this will happen before the physical healing. Not that the physical healing won’t happen but this will come first.

      Much love from a fellow Lymie xxx

    • ifé says:

      Hello April,
      I pulled for you on friday but was not able to write until now. I hope this reply adds something useful to the one you’ve received since.

      I pulled the Emperor in the Osho tarot, which is called the Rebel. It’s a person holding a flame, dressed in all the colors of the rainbow. As often with the emperor, there’s a message to take charge of your healing even and especially in ways that are unconventionnal, or might require you to push against authority. The flame in particular draws me, as a call to believe in your life, that the journey of your soul here on earth as worth beyond measure and carrying it is a sacred act.

  10. Noisette says:

    Hello, isn’t this fantastic! I’ve never done anything like this before. I feel that I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my work life at the moment. I’m not sure whether I should continue with what I’m already good and established at, or whether I should go with a possible new venture? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Many thanks.

    • Haile Reed says:

      Hi Noisette, I pulled the Three of Wands for you from the Anima Mundi Deck. I would encourage you to open the doors to new opportunities and broaden your horizon and scope. Think long term, embrace change and start putting plans into action. I think you may already know what it is you want to pursue – go ahead and just do it!
      Sending bravery & best wishes…

      • Noisette says:

        Hi Haile, thank you so much for taking the time to pull a card for me! How uncanny that you pulled one from one of my favourite decks! In fact, it’s the deck I bought from Little Red Tarot for my son for his birthday (his first ever deck!). Isn’t it beautiful!
        Well, your reading makes perfect sense for my situation; I’ve been trying both angles for some time but the new venture doesn’t seem to be working out and I just wanted to know whether to stick with it or not. Your reading is SO helpful! Thanks ever so much. Have a wonderful weekend <3

        • Haile says:

          Hi, yes I love the Anima Mundi deck, I think it’s a perfect Autumn/Winter deck. I like having seasonal decks because it’s the perfect excuse to have more 🙂
          Stick with the new venture….!
          Wishing you every success!

  11. Claire says:

    My question is – should I invest in learning Sacred Oils and becoming a Myrrophore? I’m feeling a pull, but I’m second-guessing my intuition… Some clarity from a card would be much appreciated, thank you! <3

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Claire,
      For your question I pulled the 3 of Spears from A Keeper of Words, my absolute favourite deck. I think you’re right to trust your intuition – do your research while you continue to envision possibilities. The 3 of Spears indicates taking a step closer to a goal by making educated choices; success will come through ingenuity and practical knowledge.

      Good luck with your journey, it sounds amazing!


      • Claire says:

        Thank you, Jenny, I will indeed research further… As a Taurus, I do tend to rush headlong into things, maybe a more measured approach is needed 🙂 And I must look up that tarot ‘A Keeper ofWords’ sounds right up my alley! Thank you, Jenny xx

        • Jenny says:

          You’re welcome!
          It’s the deck that I’ve been using for nearly 20 years and feel such a deep connection to it. It’s based on Arthurian legend and has gorgeous artwork.

    • enidhedgehog says:

      Dear Claire,
      I drew the Eight of Swords for you.

      The card is heavy and dramatic, showing (in the Wild Unknown deck) a butterfly hanging in a chrysalis with swords surrounding it, points looking sharp and dangerous.

      Your question was about a decision to be made, and this card suggests that you are in the chrysalis, hanging in stasis whilst you make this decision. Perhaps it is not the Sacred Oils or the idea of becoming a Myrrophore that is the issue, but the very idea of making a decision that troubles you.

      The eight of swords draws on the idea of stillness for fear of moving wrongly.

      If you are feeling a pull, what are the swords stopping you? What is their name or shape? What is frightening you into this place of stillness? I sensed some frustration at your inertia in your question, but perhaps the stillness of the crysallis is precisely what you need right now?

      This card is dark, but remember that swords are always connected to our intellectual selves and may not represent reality. There are swords pointed at you, eight of them, in fact (!), but are they real? Are they really that sharp, or has your mind conjured the idea of sharpness? If so, remember that your mind has the potential and the power to disappear them and overcome them, when you are ready to leave your crysallis and fly away.

      • Claire says:

        Thank you SO much for this powerful reading!! I spend too much time in my head, so the last paragraph really spoke to me!! I will seek the middle way between these two cards drawn for me… THANK YOU!!

  12. Steven says:

    I would like to know what the theme of 2019 will be, so that I can focus on my soul’s spiritual journal in the new year…

    Thank you

    • Alison says:

      I pulled 6 of Vessels:Reunion from the Wildwood deck. This could be a reunion with those who have been important to you or a reunion at a deeper level between you and your own true nature/purpose. By being more fully in your true nature you’ll naturally draw those to you who’ll be in tune with you and this in itself could feel like a reunion with kindred spirits. I hope this resonates with you. Best wishes.

  13. Morgan says:

    Hi friends. The intention I am setting moving into this part of the year is focused on my relationships. I’ve done a lot of work focused on myself this year, I’ve just finished grad school, and am now in a really quiet moment in my life.

    I have been paying attention to a lot of anxieties I have with my relationships. I have a wonderful and supportive friend group and chosen family, but I still feel very insecure regarding my relationships. This is something I’m actively working on. I guess my question is, what do I need to focus on to bring a positive energy into/strengthen my relationships?

    Much love to you all!!

    • Angharad says:

      Hi Morgan – that’s a great intention. I held it in my mind as I shuffled for you. The card I drew was the 8 of Swords.

      What you’re going through – your anxiety – is real, but not impossible. You can overcome it. Look inward to find your strength and resilience, because you have so much. Use it to push past the anxiety that stops you from doing what you want to do. If you find you’re limiting yourself, or getting fenced in by fears and thoughts of what might happen, take a moment to re-centre, ground yourself, and focus on what you’re really feeling, what you really want. Reconnect with that. And remember to be kind to yourself along the way.

      Have a truly wonderful winter /|\

  14. Jenny says:

    My question is how to get past this block I’m suddenly feeling. I have worked so hard in the last year to start over and I have done really well, for the most part. But in the last few days, I have felt frustrated about everything – I’m very uncharacteristically lonely, worried about money and my job, and have lost all my enthusiasm. Maybe it’s the weather or Venus retrograde but I would like to see if the cards have an answer for how to push through this, so I can get back to feeling fantastic.
    Thank you so much! 🙂


    • Peach says:

      Hi Jenny, I pulled the King of Wands for you which I think shows that you are able to take action and find the direction you need to take within yourself. It’s time to plan for what you truly want for yourself and believe that you have the power to move it forward. The Kind of Wands in The Everyday Witch tarot deck shows the King pointing his wand to a map, strategically planning, showing his cat the way to go. At the moment you may be feeling lost and in need of direction, you just need to remember that you have the strength to find your way on your own. Find what really excites you and drive yourself towards it, have faith in yourself.

      Peach x

      • Jenny says:

        Thank you, I do believe that is exactly what I need to do. I spent all summer teaching and making art but now that it’s cold out, I feel let down. I opened an Etsy shop and am now at loose ends, creatively. I think I just need to find the thing I can do inside and get excited about making again.
        Thanks again,

  15. Otelia says:

    This season my intention is to listen to my heart. I’ve been living in a city I love for 9 years. It’s far from where I grew up and I’ve struggled financially the whole time but it’s the place I’ve felt the most at home. And I’m in a 6 year relationship which offers many things I never imagined I could have from a partner but which also lacks things I’d taken for granted as a normal part of any relationship. Work has offered the chance to relocate me an ocean away, to the continent where I grew up, and I feel paralysed by the decision. My partner wouldn’t come with me if I went. I’m trying to listen to my heart but it feels like a nonstop storm and I’m struggling to know the right path forward. How do I know what is right for my heart when it feels so torn?

    • Lily A says:

      Hi Otelia, the card I pulled for you is the Page of Wands, I think it’s very positive! To my interpretation it means most of all you have to increase your self confidence, it appears you’re already on the right path to achieve success and able to take good decisions for your future. It is obviously not an easy one to take, for sure it is wise to study the pros and cons of both possibilities without rushing things, but the other side of the coin could be the risk of delaying for too long, and you may miss a interesting opportunity of growth in your life. As you certainly know it’s up to you to make the right choice, and one thing is certain, don’t forget to consider your well being in the process on spiritual and material levels. In any case if you want to continue moving forward with enthusiasm, you shouldn’t focus too much on the past, be reassured, the situation and cared people around you will evolve over time in the line of your impulse. With this card there’s an adventure theme and you seem to be shaped for it!

      • Otelia says:

        Thank you so much, Lily, for such a supportive and encouraging reading. It definitely strikes a note for me and I will hold onto this in the challenging decision-making moments. <3

        • Lily A says:

          It’s a pleasure and I’m glad it resonates with you .?.:?? just to let you know I chose the Circo Tarot from Marisa de la Peña, super colorful and powerful deck when you need a hand on serious matters, wishing you all the best in the process .?.:??

  16. Rhonda says:

    I am dealing with a lot of stressful situations in my life currently and I would like insight on how to deal with things in a better way.

    • Beth says:

      Hey Rhonda!
      For you I drew the Four of Pentacles, from Thea’s Tarot. This brings encouragement to reclaim your self from the stresses and obligations surrounding you. This is often framed as a ‘selfish’ card, but here it’s more about self-care. Are your own needs being met as you deal with these situations? Who is looking after you as you show up for others? In particular, who is caring for your material needs? Focus on creating a solid, nourishing foundation for yourself – I’m thinking proper meals, enough sleep, time out just for yourself – to support you in showing up.
      Hope things improve for you <3

  17. Alison says:

    I have spent the last year in a place of waiting, learning, surrender and acceptance as I heal from illness. My question is whether the energy is starting to shift yet or am I still in that transitional stage?

    • eli says:

      hi alison!

      i pulled the ten of cups reversed; i think this means that everyday problems are consuming so much of your energy (and healing power) that you find it difficult to take a step back, and look at the bigger picture (i know i’ve been there). the card suggests to not obsess over the perfect life. however, the magic and energy of the upright card is there for you – perhaps a change of scenery (nothing drastic) or routine will help you reconnect to it!

  18. Angharad says:

    My focus this winter is reconnecting with desire. I find it so easy to drift off into critical thoughts about what I could or should be doing, I lose sight of what I want. There are some big decisions looming in November / December / January and instead of overthinking everything I want to approach them in a grounded way, rooted in a sense of what my real desires are. So I guess my question is: how can I centre my desire in the coming months?

    • Beth says:

      Hey Angharad.
      Relating so so hard to your question.
      For you I pulled – for real – the Moon, from Thea’s Tarot. The image on this card is sideways, showing a femme person enfolded in layers of… something. Moonscape? Seascape? Cloud? They seem meditative, lost in the waves. As I write this the fat waxing morning moon is shining down on the yard outside and a pink glow is starting to lighten the clouds. If you have a meditation practice, start there, let your meditations lead you to the truth of what your wild soul truly desires – it may surprise you. The Moon encourages you to expect the unexpected and trust in the strange – it contains that paradox of confronting mystery and confusion to discover truth. (And it doesn’t give straight answers, gah!) The overriding message I’m getting here is that you already know how to do this, how to centre your desires. It’s a case of getting out of your own way (ditch those rational, cognitive ‘should’s – they’re not really yours at all) and allowing yourself to be in the mystery. Your body knows.

      • Angharad says:

        Thank you so much! ?? And – gah – tarot is so good at reminding me of what I already know deep down! I have let my meditation practice slide recently. And this is such a beautiful reminder that to remember to let myself be magical / irrational / intuitive without it having to be for anything.

  19. Peach says:

    I’m very conflicted at the moment as to whether I should wait for a specific person or not. I am in a polyamorous marriage and would like to know if this third party is worth holding out for. All signs point to them being my twin flame but I’d like some form of confirmation. So my question would be, is this person my twin flame, or should I move on?

    • Beth says:

      Hey Peach!
      Just to say: my code of ethics rules that I can’t look into another person’s heart/mind for you, so can’t answer the question ‘are they your true flame’.
      So I asked the cards for advice, and drew the Six of Pentacles, from Thea’s Tarot.
      I am also seeing you as really solid and grounded here, there is a sense of self-assurance and self-reliance. I can see you giving this more time simply because you’re not in a rush and it feels worthy of it.
      It’s also important for you to examine the power dynamics in your relationship with this person, be really honest and real with yourself about who holds power in what areas of your relationship, who is giving what, any areas of balance or imbalance. What are each of you putting in here, what are each of you taking? Be really honest. This is an interesting and important question for any relationship, and right now this can help you figure out your next steps.

  20. Enid Hedgehog says:

    Hello comrades

    I have had many experiences and realisations this year that I am trying to integrate so i can live my life as fully and as actively as I can.

    My question is how can i learn to trust my intuition and judgment as I make major life decisions over the next few months.



    • Mattie says:

      Hi Enid!

      I drew the 10 of cups from the Wild Unknown tarot.

      My interpretation is that you’d do well to look at how well you have done this far! Have you worked some stuff out that was super challenging? Good effort friend! Made some realisations that have lead to you deciding to make your life harder in the now so you are better in the future? Props! Have you realised some goals? Airhorn noise Have you been bringing your learning to your friendships and relationships in order that your people can grow with you? You’re an inspiration!

      You’ve reached a place of completion (even if what’s ending is any sense that you can tell yourself you don’t have to change, that’s still a thing!). To trust your judgement and intuition you’ve got to take some time to value them for the clever tools they are.

      Don’t doubt yr power. You’re doing great and you’re only gonna do better as time goes on!

      • Enid Hedgehog says:

        Oh Mattie, I type with tears in my eyes at your enthusiastic and reassuring reading. I take it as a reminder to give myself a break, look at where I have come from and appreciate that at least as much as I look to the future. Thank you xxx

  21. eli says:

    i’ve spent a long time feeling directionless and unsure of where or how to spend my energy (which is in short supply lately). i feel like all my creativity has vanished!

    what is the next step i need to take?

    • Lena says:

      I pulled 6 of Pentacles for you. This card normally talks about prosperity and money but I see creativity as a kind of prosperity, too.

      What this card asks you to do is to be generous with your time, with y our help – or be gracious about accepting help from others. Have you thought about joining an artist group or hanging out with friends who inspire you? It’s okay to take time, think of creativity like a seed: you need to plant it and give it time to grow and flourish. Maybe you’re in the waiting stages: you could listen to music you find inspiring, journal, go on walks, daydream – whatever it is that inspires you. Sit with it for a while, let it stew inside of you – and then don’t be afraid to accept help if you need it.

      Does any of this vibe for you? If not, please feel free to ignore it!


    • Adi says:

      @eli “what is the next step i need to take?”

      I pulled a card for this question and the answer is: The Tower- Providence, a new cycle of evolution, It is a period of questioning, of restructuring your life through a test. Sometimes it is a quick and strong awareness that brings the opening, represented by these multicolored flames from the tower. And from heaven falls a shower of blessings.

      How can I bring love back in my life?

  22. Isabel says:

    I am completely new to tarot so i better not pull a card, I meam i bought my first deck last week and I am reading through a huge book, so am in my first steps on this path.
    During this last year I have had living at home a friend who is having a really rough time, been a balanced relation since I have received back a lot of help from him, with his help I have been able to desidentify myself from my adopted persona and am going through a self knowledge process to find out my real me, my real identity, hidden under tons of false identity, culture and education, My me. I. It’s very difficult to trust women I have realized I have 0% sorority and the reason why is very easy: i was abandoned by my mother and the “mom” who raised me didn’t love me, she had a dream of me as daughter but never loved my real me. So it’s difficult for me trust women. My question, if anyone wish to answer, is “what is the path to heal the feminine wound in me?” Am afraid it is affecting my relation with my daughters and would love to heal also my relation with my twin sister (adopted together). Thank you xx

    • Valeria says:

      Hi Isabel,

      I pulled a card from the Dreams of Gaia tarot deck to answer your question and was surprised when it turned out to be the Mother card. But its message makes a lot of sense — the only way to break a pattern is to be change yourself.

      That means be a good mother to your daughters. The kind you always wanted when you were a kid. Someone who loves unconditionally, supports without expectation, encourages vulnerability as a natural part of accepting yourself, and teaches that failure is never absolute. Be this woman to your kids. But most importantly, be this mother to your own self — the part of you who still is searching for her mother to take care of her.

      I hope this helps. Best wishes to you.

      • belelina says:

        Hi Valeria, thank you very much for your answer. I have been meditation all weekend about this being mother to myself and give myself what I was not given, to gently project that in the outside, with my children. Again, thank you very much. Best wishes,

    • Adi says:

      @ Isabel

      I am very touched by your sad story. Here is your card: 3 of swords:

      It is important to be able to timely switch from searching for static harmony within oneself to the vision of harmony in the dynamic connections of the world. Life is constantly changing. The card shows a heart pierced by three swords reflecting your own sadness, from the clouds in the background it rains. This picture seems to remind that the world is based on contradictions, The thought of a person must be reconciled to the laws of the world – and then you will be able to accept what previously did not fit in your mind.
      One of the most painful conditions a person can experience is the “loss of illusions”.

      • belelina says:

        Hi Adi,

        The loss of illusions is so painful, but let us see what is truth, what is real, out of our mind, illusions or expectations. Your answer has made me think about my expectations, and about the reality. Thank you very much. Best wishes,

    • Rebekah says:

      Dear Isabel:

      In answer to your question about healing your feminine wound, I drew one card, The Sun, from The Wild Unknown Tarot, and, for clarity, I also consulted The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck, from which two cards jumped: Cheetah and Deer.

      In this instance, the Sun tells me that the first step on your path of healing is bringing things into the light of your consciousness. Just writing what you’ve written above and asking the question is the beginning. You are on the right track. As this card is associated with enlightenment, it also suggests to me that this will be more an internal process first. Before you tackle this wound in relationships, you may need to reconnect to the energy of the feminine within yourself. Before the Buddha reached enlightenment, he sat outside under a tree and went inward. Perhaps spend some time alone outdoors in the sun, feel its warmth on your body. Let yourself feel and tap into your senses, a gateway to the feminine and to healing, and consider what the feminine, at its best, is for you. Connect with the energy of the Earth, long said to be feminine. How is it different from how you have conceptualized the feminine in the past? How is it the same? Approach this with curiosity. Radiate your own light, and let go of others’ opinions. Finally, what gives you joy and pleasure (two other associations with the Sun card)? Joy and pleasure are two components of the healthy feminine.

      As for the oracle cards, the Cheetah is the father figure of the deck and the Deer is the mother. That is very telling. You may need to re-parent yourself, again marking this as an internal process before it becomes an external process. How can you now give yourself what you did not receive growing up? This is what you need to do to heal. If you were your own parent, how would you talk to you? How would you treat you? You mentioned wishing your adoptive mother had loved the real you better than the idea of you. How can you do that for yourself now? Perhaps pull some cards on that subject and look them up in your book.

      Cheetah asks you to hold safe space for yourself as you bring this wound to light and work to heal it (a function of the healthy masculine), and to remind yourself of your purpose in seeking to heal this wound. Be sure it is for you and the betterment of your relationships with those in your life now, not for the past, and not for others’ approval. Form and maintain healthy boundaries while you explore. Seek help (including professional counseling) if you need to, if you need someone to hold that space for you.

      Deer reminds you to be very gentle and compassionate with yourself and others as you go through this process. Don’t rush. Don’t get frustrated if it isn’t fast. Take time to feel. Breathe, and listen to your body and that still, small voice inside. Starting your journey with tarot is good, as this card encourages connecting with your intuition, and tarot is one way to do that. (And sometimes let the imagery speak to you without the book. ;)) You can birth a new relationship to the feminine. You can heal.

      I hope this helps! Take what resonates and leave the rest.

      Best wishes for you on your healing path!

      • belelina says:

        Hi Rebekah, thank you very much for your reading. It has lot of sense, in fact everything has so much sense. I really appreciate all the answers to my comment, and the chance of commenting itself. This has meant a lot to me. Thank you!

    • Hi Isabel,
      You received The Hermit. Know that the path to healing already exists inside you. Trust your yourself and your insights as you move forward, even if you have someone helping you, your own wisdom will ultimately be most important and most correct. Take time and space to be alone so that you can hear your inner-voice telling you what you need in order to heal. This is going to be a very personal journey, so make sure you continue to check in with yourself and treat yourself with compassion. Now might be a good time to start a journal, so that your inner-voice has a place to come forward and talk to you. Or maybe you need to go find a quiet place to sit alone and just be with yourself. Since you’ve been living with others for a bit, getting time alone in peace and quiet may be difficult, but this card encourages finding a way to get that sacred time for yourself, you deserve it, you need it.
      Hope this helps,

      • belelina says:

        Hi Cameron, thank you very much for pulling a card for me, so soothing, so needed. Time to cocoon for me. Thank you. Best wishes,

  23. Lena says:

    This past year has taught me many things, especially when it comes to boundaries and self-worth. I turned 30 a few days ago and I want to continue to work on my boundaries and I want to cultivate my self-esteem and my self-worth.

    I guess what I’m looking for is some guidance, a day-to-day way to do that, something to keep in mind when I want to go back to old patterns because it’s easier.

    • Joanna says:

      I drew the 4 of pentacles for you, which makes me think you are thinking about security and boundaries a lot! You have accumulated some stability, which is great. Don’t be too scared to take chances, it’s not the same as going back on old patterns.

  24. Joanna says:

    I am now on the downhill side of a major creative endeavour, while already starting to dream up the next project. I want to find the ways to honour & sustain what we have already built, and use momentum for my next things. Anyone can pull an inspirational/advice card for me?

    • Rebekah says:

      Dear Joanna:

      I pulled the Ten of Pentacles from The Wild Unknown Tarot for you. This card signifies both material and spiritual abundance, and acknowledges the completion of birthing your creative endeavor. This recently-birthed project will be part of your legacy, as well as what comes after. You have proven to yourself that you can do this, and that “we” tells me that you did it in partnership or community, another theme of this card. To honor and sustain your creative energy and build momentum, take a moment to bask in your achievement. Know that your work matters in the world, to your family (and/or found family) and your community. Also consider how the next project can perhaps be a means of meeting a need of the collective while doing or being something that lights you up and feels fulfilling to make, and remember that, if it does get difficult, you don’t have to do it alone.

      Best wishes going forward!

      • Joanna says:

        Thank you so much! This: “meeting a need of the collective while doing or being something that lights you up and feels fulfilling to make, and remember that, if it does get difficult, you don’t have to do it alone” really resonated with me, and I am putting it (metaphorically and literally) somewhere safe where I can reflect on it often!

  25. Valeria says:

    I have struggling to complete a passion project for a long time now (many years). But it still has not gotten off the ground.

    So my question is “What is the one thing I need to know right now that will help me complete this life-changing masterpiece and get it out into the world?”

    • Elex says:

      Hi Valeria 🙂
      I have gotten a card from The Wild Wood Tarot for you, Eight of Vessels: Rebirth (alike Eight of Cups in other decks.)

      The one thing you need is Change of perception. For you have accumulated everything you need in the prior years, and have more than enough ways to make your wish manifest in reality and succesfully, as you have worked hard. Change the way you are looking at difficulties, see them instead as a multitude of options and hardships as letting you know how truly talented you are, see the difficulties of the past as learning opportunities that let you know what all you are capable of, and unstoppable.

      Do not be afraid to let ideas pour out as they are already, go ahead with the plans you do not have finished to every minutiae detail, let the strength of your passion make its own course.

      • Valeria says:

        Oh my god, Elex! I was thinking about this yesterday and loosely thought that I get too hung up over my ideas and don’t allow better ones to take their place. This was like a reconfirmation of that.

        Thank you so much for the wake up call! I will change my perception indeed.

        • Elex says:

          Hi Valeria,

          I am glad the message was useful to you and giving you new direction 🙂 May you have a blessed Samhain, and wishes of much success on your project(s). 🙂

  26. Cameron says:

    I have a couple creative projects that are about 3/4 finished and I’m looking for some guidance to help me push through to completion. I always seem to stall at this point and I want to actually finish something for a change. 😀

    • Laurie says:

      Hi Cameron,
      I drew the Queen of Cups for you, and so you may want to ask yourself…where are you at emotionally with regard to these unfinished projects? What sparks prompted you to begin them in the first place? And if you’re stalled, is it because your energy is being pulled in another direction you’d rather go? Pay attention to all the emotions you feel around your endeavors, and trust your intuition. You may find it’s wisdom is calling you to things that may surprise you ?

      • Cameron says:

        Thank you Laurie,
        I really struggle with connecting to the emotional side of projects, so this was a great reminder.

  27. Rebekah says:

    Right now, I am struggling with, as Rebecca Campbell puts it, “dimming to fit in.” I live in a small town in Appalachia in the United States, which can, at times, be really judgmental and rather like living in a fish bowl. There can be very real and painful social and economic sanctions for stepping too far outside the box. Close friends privy to the real me have suggested I just move away, as many of them have done, but I feel called to stay. If everyone leaves who doesn’t like the way things are, then nothing will ever change. There are also little glimmers of hope for change, which have been increasing as of late. How can I best go about allowing myself to answer the call the bloom where I am planted?

    • Rebecca says:

      Hello Rebekah,

      I felt drawn to answer your question both because of our similar names and because I have been in a similar position before. For you, I drew the Ace of Swords from the Rider-Waite deck. It depicts a hand issuing from a cloud holding a sword. The sword has a crown and olive branches and is floating above a mountain range.

      I interpreted your card as saying your way forward will require a lot of strength, in the emotional and mental sense. It will not be easy to be true to who you are in such a closed environment. However, from your dilemma and from the card, I can see that the love you have for your community despite its flaws will give you the strength to carry on. However, you cannot hurry this process as it might endanger you. It’s best to seize upon those glimmers of hope and use them to slowly widen the space in the community for change.

      I hope this made sense because this is my first time reading for another person, but just know I sympathize with your decision and I believe in you.

      • Rebekah says:

        This definitely made sense, so much sense. I even teared up a little, just feeling seen. And this section really resonated for me: “However, from your dilemma and from the card, I can see that the love you have for your community despite its flaws will give you the strength to carry on. However, you cannot hurry this process as it might endanger you. It’s best to seize upon those glimmers of hope and use them to slowly widen the space in the community for change.”

        Thank you!

    • Elex says:

      Hi Rebekah,

      Hope you dont mind also another reader, I just felt your question is sort of perfect to test a thematic deck on 🙂

      So, a Slow Holler reading. I have drawn Seven of Stones.

      The card asks you to find those people you can rely on, few there may be, that see the world similarly to you, at least in key respects, and one by one build a network for multiple needs. You yourself as a central pillar tying everyone together is more than enough, and in fact, can find victory and much needed change that way.

      As to where you get the energy to be that kind of a rock, or go looking? All around you. Let the darkness, beauty of the nature and gaps in the societal order nurture you, use what is lacking in the system, what others take for granted, what others overlook, what is not considered important or too small for their attention.

      Most of all, use the memory of your wholeness, beauty, being a part of the Creation and One with it, in every and all moments.

      • Rebekah says:

        Thank you, Elex. I don’t mind at all.

        This reading also resonated with me. These lines struck me the most:

        “The card asks you to find those people you can rely on, few there may be, that see the world similarly to you, at least in key respects, and one by one build a network…

        “…Let the darkness, beauty of the nature and gaps in the societal order nurture you, use what is lacking in the system, what others take for granted, what others overlook, what is not considered important or too small for their attention.

        “Most of all, use the memory of your wholeness, beauty, being a part of the Creation and One with it, in every and all moments.”

        I also looked up a photo of the card, and it is beautiful. Again, thank you!

  28. Naomi says:

    Sorry I am being a bit dim with where I post my replies ! This is great. It’s been a long time since I’ve been involved in a romantic and intimate relationship. I’m 55 now and really feel that my body, outlook and everything is changing (I also have Lyme Disease). As well as passion I’m also looking for companionship, kindness. A future.

    How is that going to happen !

    • Katya says:

      Hi, Naomi! 🙂 I can’t quite answer how it’s going to happen; instead I asked what sort of mindset or energy you need to embody to find an intimate relationship that brings you passion and companionship, now and in the future. I drew the King of Coins from the Fountain Tarot!
      You say that everything about you is changing, so it might help to focus on the things that ground you and bring you comfort, whether it’s your career, your day-to-day rituals, or your most fundamental relationships, such as with family and good friends. Find joy in the hard-earned stability you’ve made over the years, even as you adapt; be patient and gentle with yourself, while keeping your mind and energy open to more joyful possibilities. Good things–better things–come when you least expect them, which is often when you’re at your most content.
      Wishing you much strength, love, and happiness. <3

  29. Amanda says:

    Olo all,
    My query is: “What do I need to know about this current situation that I am unawares of?” : ) Thank you.

    • Beth says:

      Hi Amanda,
      For you I drew the Child of Swords, from Thea’s Tarot. It may be helpful to ‘forget everything you know’ about this situation and approach it completely afresh – as though you are encountering it for the first time. Imagine it belongs to somebody else and they have just called you up to talk it over. What are your first impressions, when your emotional baggage is stripped away? In particular, steer clear of ‘gossipy’ interpretations – as much as possible, keep your ego out of the way. You’re looking for clarity here, just the nuggets of truth.

      • Amanda says:

        Hello, Beth.
        Thank you for answering my query and for the insightful explanation of the pull- it’s very much on-point. Especially the suggestion of looking at it as if the situation was somebody else’s, as that helped clarify specifics for me quite a bit. X)


  30. Rebecca says:

    Hello all,

    I’m in a strange situation. There are a few possibilities for romantic interactions before me, which is unusual for me. However, not only am I torn between a few people, but traumatic experiences in my past have made me afraid to experience intimacy and make myself vulnerable to new people. How do I go about this by both letting myself heal and not shutting myself off from possibility?

    • Elex says:

      Hi Rebecca 🙂

      I have pulled The Sun from Tarot of the Crone for you.

      The card asks you to simply feel jooooy, in whichever form it is coming. Your happiness and joy is all that matters, only the Now is all that matters. Cast the past aside, as if not existing, and enjoy yourself to the max. You are not as vulnerable as you may be feeling, for you had enough strength to get to this point, and will have enough of it to carry you onward. Embrace the new life experience, and let your inner sense of what makes you happy be your guide.

      • Rebecca says:

        Thank you, Elex! This is what I’ve been feeling but needed some outside confirmation. I always have trouble letting go of the past, but hopefully this can help.

  31. Laurie says:

    This is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen on a blog 🙂

    Here’s where I’m at…my whole life I’ve been blessed with a strong and healthy body, but I am now 48 years old and in the midst of perimenopause. Aches and pains, some of them keeping me awake at night, hot flashes, night sweats, nasty mood swings, lack of energy…none of it is severe, and in no way compares to the plight of folks with chronic pain and other serious health issues. But for me, it feels as if aliens with bad intent have taken over my body, and I struggle with feeling frustrated and angry about it. Over the years I have gotten quite good at handling mental, emotional, and spiritual dark nights of the soul…I am a Hermit by nature and have spent many, many hours and days and years working to find balance and peace in that realm. But dealing with a wonky body is not something I’m any good at! So my question is, how can I find ways to be kind and patient with myself during this liminal, physically challenging time that may go on for several more years?

    • megan says:

      Hi Laurie : )

      I pulled the Six of Swords from the Spirit Speak Tarot for you. the booklet says,

      A Passing
      “the literal death card”
      moving on to a calmer place. A woman has traveled away from a fiery city and has moved past all the swords that tired to impale her on the way. Now she can go and live in peace (or rest).

      As a chronic pain person myself, I hear your cry of present and glorious suffering. I see many relatively able-bodied people truly struggle when they experience new and uncontrollable pain. Your experience is real, and it need not be compared to others. Your journey is bringing your through an incredible threshold, and it sounds like is asking a lot for you too!

      Walk! And keep walking. Or, find any activity that is Movement based. One that allows your to be present in your body in a way that You choose. This breeds self compassion, making time for our bodies, and it can help give you the tools to channel the discomfort you’re feeling in directions slightly more under your control.

      In all my years as a sickie I have discovered that above and beyond maintenance, self care, and pain management the only thing that really works is Knowing + Trusting I will feel something different later, for better and for worse.

      Being kind to yourself means reminding You that you have made it through the fires before. It means being gentle when the mind is being rough. It means literally telling yourself sometimes that you will be okay, and that it is also very okay to not be okay too.

      I have found that when my body hurt, my mind want to align with it (because they’re one thing really) so it starts getting dark thoughts. That is when I remind myself that my body is asking for something, usually a reassurance that it is loved and appreciated, and my mind can offer that.

      When you get impatient, enjoy it! Laugh at the humility your body is making your face. Laugh at how totally bad it feels. And laugh when you reach reprieve.

      Excited to meet you on this journey <3

      • Laurie says:

        Hi Megan, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful reply! Six of Swords actually feels very comforting and reassuring to me. And going for long walks in nature is one of my very favorite things to do…maybe incorporating that into a more intentional time of self-care is what I need. Blessings to you!

  32. megan says:

    Hello Friend,

    In the past six months (I mean it’s been a long time coming, I’m 32) I have witnessed myself sprout and begin to truly grow. I had been a lil seed in the dark and I could feel the slow rumblings of Spring for sooo long. Now I’m rising and everything feels more extreme. Not in a positive or negative way, simply more expansive in all directions.

    My question is, what are the necessary things right now to cultivate in my life to best ensure good growing seasons to come?


    • Tiana says:


      It brings me so much joy to read that this seed within you is cracking open. This death season brings so much life from the compost of the old. ???

      I drew for you 3 cards from the Wild Unknown Tarot:
      1. Justice
      2. Two of wands
      3. Mother of pentacles

      Pictured are two cats, one black one white, facing away and looking back over their shoulders at you. A sword, pointed down, rises between the two cats to symbolize the logical mind. This card symbolizes the balance that you may need in order to create the right “soil” for this growing season. This requires you to tap into your intuition and seek the answers from deep within you. Seeking your truth can be a challenge, especially when your decisions are questioned by others. Your intuition will guide you twards a place of balance.

      Two of wands
      This card depicts two wands, in a prismatic sea of rainbow, tilted together at the top. This card is the beginging of that seed unfurling it’s first sprouts. It represents your personal power moving forward. Maybe you need to make a plan to ride this new energy into further expansion. Creating some goals to aid you in pushing up through the heavy dark soil and into the sunlight above.

      Mother of pentacles
      For this card, calming blues and greens are the backdrop to a mother deer and her snuggled up fawn. Your ability to nurture your carrer, family, etc rests in the balance of your self care. You need to nurture this seedling into the strongly rooted plant that it will one day become. Create time to invest in yourself along side your other commitments will be of great importance to your growth. (Maybe self care could be one of the goals you set? This could look like creating, dancing, taking baths, taking a class, drinking a tea and lighting a candle each morning…anything! )

      To symbolize this expansion piriod, Maybe you want to ritualized it by either planting an affirmation or crystal in the earth or under a house plant. Carrying seeds in a pouch with you or placing them in a dark place and connecting with them and when your ready, planting them and nurturing them in their growth along side yours.

      Sending love your way in this exciting time ?Tiana

    • Monica says:

      Dear Megan

      Hello! Your comment really resonated with me as I have felt those same ‘rumblings’ over the past 6 months and change is afoot! And if you feel, it has been long time coming for you well my friend, take courage as I am 42 😉 Just to remind us that life goes in circular patterns!
      In any case I drew two cards for you – the first one that fell right on my lap from the deck -, was ‘The Fool’ which it’s not only about trusting those first steps but also it clearly indicates that you are on a journey. Now, the second card, the one that I pulled was the ‘Page of Cups’ (which is one of my personal favourites), this card is deeply encouraging of you to embrace life and look at it with fresh eyes. It also points to growth, as in a new phase in your life. The ‘Page of Cups’ can be shy; on one hand really excited to what it is to come but at the same slightly scared of getting hurt. Both of this cards encourage you to go forward and to trust using your resources; The Fool brings with it a lot of energy so if placed on front of The Page of Cups, it really points about the excitement of taking the leap – so go for it! Both of them, hint that you have the resources that you need so, allow creativity (either craftmanship or living life creatively), to become part of your life. These two cards hold a sense of taking advantage of what life has to offer, so my 5 cents would be to integrate all of this excitement, bubbling emotions and creativity within your life always minding your own personal energy (The Fool can be a bit much so awareness is important). Create a type of practice that allows you to continue growing but with the seasons, like these past 6 months were you have gently sprouted and not done so by burning the midnight oil. I hope it all makes sense and enjoy!

  33. Laurie says:

    Hi Megan, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful reply! Six of Swords actually feels very comforting and reassuring to me. And going for long walks in nature is one of my very favorite things to do…maybe incorporating that into a more intentional time of self-care is what I need. Blessings to you!

  34. Fiona says:

    How interesting the synchronicity of this post and the challenges you’ve been experiencing over the last few years Especially issues around bodily changes, pain and aging. It’s interesting as you talk about your relationship with your body in respect to feeling wonky. Something that I can relate to in my own life. The card I picked for you was The wheel of fortune from The Steam Punk Tarot by Barbara Moore. This card Is about timing and staying centred, as with all situations in life the wheel is always turning life goes up life goes down. On the card there are the astrological symbols around the wheel which maybe could draw you to look into your own personal astrology. It could help you to understand better the situation you’re experiencing, to see how to utilise your strengths but also to turn weaknesses into strengths. It might help you to see the gift within the situation rather seeing it as a curse. It’s all about perception. and staying present on the wheel rather being spun around on its edge where we are constantly experiencing a bumpy ride.
    Maybe I could ask you to pick a card that would advise me on the next best step for me!
    A fantastic blog idea for sharing readings blessings!

    • Monica says:

      Dear Fiona

      Hello! I read your reply to Laurie so I was not entirely sure if you were asking her directly to pick a card for you or if you were asking anyone to do so. So this is me here taking a chance – I hope this does not feel intrusive, if so forgive me please!
      I drew two cards, the first one is the ‘5 of wands’, which points to a tension (pretty much literal, as in being pulled from both ends), in itself it indicates sexual or intensely creative energy that it’s new territory. The need to give into a more charged or erotic energy or to delve into more meditative practices to learn from it and sublimate it. It does being growth with it and somehow demands that you take charge and get rid of all those habits that null the brain.
      The second card I drew was the ‘Queen of Swords’ she is intelligent and mature, she has a clear idea of what she has to say and yet she is open minded to new ideas. The ‘Queen of Swords’ looks inward but is aware of her surroundings and as sure as she is of her words, she can see through lies and illusions.
      Both cards, seem to me to be inviting you of bringing this situation of conflict together. Make a space both for in your life; the sexually charged or erotic together with more meditative practices, as a way to ground and take hold of a new phase in your life. There are a number of practices that use the power of both energies to deepen self knowledge and self awareness (such as tantric practices for example), so enjoy!

      PS. I used the Ostara Tarot by Applejohn, Cooke, Gibbard and Iredale. And I also read ‘La Via del Tarot’ by Jodorwosky to keep my bearings. All the best!

      • Fiona says:

        Hi Monica, so sorry about the confusion I wasn’t the very clear about who I was talking too. Thank you so much for your reading it was very helpful and insightful. Definitely somethings to work on much love, Fiona ?? Ps it was a bit late last night!

    • Laurie says:

      Hi Fiona, thank you so much! “The gift within the situation”…that really resonated, and will make a great subject for a future reading 🙂

      I did draw a card for you, the Knight of Wands…full of bright, spontaneous creative energy. My deck is the Tarot of White Cats, and this cat knight looks ready to race off for adventure. Hang on, and have fun!

      • Fiona says:

        Hi Monica, so sorry about the confusion I wasn’t the very clear about who I was talking too. Thank you so much for your reading it was very helpful and insightful. Definitely somethings to work on much love, Fiona ?? Ps it was a bit late last night!

        • Fiona says:

          Hi Monica in my reply I tryed to add some emoji hearts but they came out as ???? Apologise if my reply looks a little strange!

      • Fiona says:

        Hi Laurie, sorry about the confusion on my part. Your reading for me was lovely and very helpful. Much love ????? It was a bit late night but I enjoy the challenge of doing readings!

        • Fiona says:

          Laurie I just tried to put up some emojis in my reply to you but they came out as ???? Not hearts! as I intended, so sorry if my comment looks strange! Love Fiona.

  35. Tiana says:

    This is a beautiful idea, thanks to every one apart for giving to each other in this big healing circle!

    I’ve come a long way to allow myself to identify with the word witch. Being one my whole life, before I knew what that meant. But it is really only so privately that i identify this way. I have to hide myself from my parents entirely as they are very strict evangelical christians. I have always been what Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls “the mistaken zygote” , the one who doesn’t belong in the family. Even if I were to explain to my family what being a witch is to me (a term of empowerment, earth based spirituality and healing) the fear and worry would consume them. I Feel sad that I am another person when I’m with them. Editing myself and holding myself back to fit molds. Afraid to stir things up, like I always used to when I was living with them as child. Rooted in the fear that they would be hurt and scared for my eternal life and my daughters I hide myself completely when I’m with them. this goes against my basic nature, what being a witch means to me and the example I want to set for my young daughter. I feel like their issues become my burden to carry so one of them does not get hurt. (What I talk about here is just one small aspect of this dynamic)

    My question is:
    How can I heal my relationship with my parents and allow myself to be my full authentic self with them?

    • Sara Diane says:

      For you, I drew The Magician. For that is what you are! A strong, confident, competent person who thrives in the magical and finds love and healing and power in the Earth. The Magician stands alone, surrounded by their instruments and tools. Do they trade their power for loneliness? Or are they waiting patiently for another (a student, a comrade, a curious family member) to come along? If you come out of the broom closet to your parents, approach the conversation as you would approach any other magic you cast – with patience, with curiosity, with power, and with unconditional self-love.

      • Tiana says:

        Sara Diane,
        That was such a touching and supportive reading, thank you!
        It makes my heart swell to know that there is a web of magic weavers out there and that you are apart of it!
        Much love and graditude -Tiana

  36. Katya says:

    Oh, Beth, I will miss this place so, so much. This safe space you’ve created, this incredible community. I’m so glad to have the chance to join this last community card pool. <3 Thank you.

    I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety over the past couple of weeks, being pushed out of my comfort zone both at work and in relationships. My knee-jerk reaction is to act like I know what I’m doing, to look like I have the upper hand–but while soldiering on in the face of stress or crisis is admirable, I think I’ve resorted to unhealthy avoidance and denial to keep from dealing with my discomfort.

    My question is: What should I keep in mind as I move forward? What advice can you, or the cards, give me to help me grow stronger and resilient?

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Shawn says:

      Dear Katya,

      Before I even look at the cards, I feel pulled to offer my own thoughts to you. I know how scary it is to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing – and to believe that that is a weakness. I want to tell you that the people around you do not see it that way, and that in fact they probably have felt exactly the same way you do now. Asking for help or admitting that we don’t know everything can feel like we’re being too vulnerable, unsafe. But actually when we ask for help and genuinely embrace and accept it when given, we offer other people a chance to connect with us. Everyone has needed help from other people before. Consider – does it feel good when you’re able to help someone else, and it really makes a difference for them? Is it possible that people around you might feel that way about you?

      That said, it’s a lot easier said than done. So here is what the tarot has to add:

      From the Numinous Tarot, the Explorer of Tomes (Knight of Pentacles) and the 5 of Vials (cups). The Explorer depicts a hooded hunter figure astride a stag, holding a bow down at their side in one hand. The 5 of Vials shows a person weeping with their face in their hands, three smashed bottles and a vase of wilted roses before them. The contrast is stark to me here between this confident, well-armored hunter and this despairing person who feels their loss acutely. It’s easy to cling to things that we think will save us from feeling grief, loss, or abandonment – things like knowledge, competency, dependability, reputation; as you said, if we just “soldier on” well enough, won’t we deserve love, compassion, and loyalty? Yet the weeper is struggling to see that their current loss is superficial; the real grief is the lack of connection to what you already have. The fear of letting yourself be vulnerable is what needs to be addressed. Paradoxically, we often grow stronger by relying on others.

      I realized I wrote a LOT but I really did feel called to answer this question for you. I hope something in it resonates <3

      • Katya says:

        Dear Shawn,

        Thank you thank you thank you. Just writing my original comment made me feel vulnerable, which is why I tried to sound formal and impartial, but you got right to the heart of it. This hit me hard:

        “But actually when we ask for help and genuinely embrace and accept it when given, we offer other people a chance to connect with us. […] Consider – does it feel good when you’re able to help someone else, and it really makes a difference for them? Is it possible that people around you might feel that way about you?”

        Thank you for pulling those cards for me and going beyond to share your thoughts — they were beautiful, and I truly needed to hear everything you said. I want to print out your whole comment to look back on whenever I feel too scared to be vulnerable. (I just might!)

        And please, never apologize! This meant so much to me.

        Once again, thank you, you’re wonderful, and I appreciate this (and you) so much. <3

  37. Monica says:

    Dear All

    I am in a liminal space, which I know it will not hold for long, so I am asking for help.
    After more than a year of being physically sick and in the worst mental health I have been for years, I was stung (Literally. By a wasp and it sent me to hospital!), and with it I woke!
    I have shed and left behind a lot of the sadness and many of the fears that took hold of me. At the same time, I have not fully embodied this new part of me that I feel excited to meet and very drawn too. But for all that excitement, I am still scared (terrified!) to step into this newly revealed sense of self, because I know that when I do so, I will have to face long haunting demons. I sense, it’s a sort of ritual of initiation.
    At the same time, as afraid of going forward I am, I cannot go back to my old self because I can see through all the deception – staying back there would be stagnant and more importantly I would be lying to myself.
    I would very much appreciate if someone could draw a card for me, to shine light on how to bring courage into the forefront of my life, so I can be whole.
    Thank you so much!

    PS. I have no idea what that wasp injected in me when she stung me, but that was some serious juju!

    • Beth says:

      Hi Monica,
      Wow, that was some powerful wasp!
      For you I drew the Two of Pentacles, from Thea’s Tarot. It shows a person straddling two pentacles, as if it a circus act. One hand is against the wall for balance, as the situation looks kinda wobbly. Likewise you’re straddling these two elements of yourself – it’s a bold move, to be between the two and to acknowledge it, even bolder to stand upon them in this way. So it seems you already do have courage, and plenty of it. It is okay to reach to the wall for support, you haven’t got to get this perfect. Give each part of yourself equal attention – this is a balancing act – so doing the hard work of facing your demons, but not getting lost there, remembering to spend just as much time with your present and near future, the person you are now, the simple pleasures that remind you who you are and ground and nourish you. This balancing act is something you’ll need to practice, like a circus act, til it stops feeling like an ‘act’ or an effort at all. You are already whole, it is simply a wobbly situation as you learn to integrate all parts of yourself, but with practice, you’ll become kin with all your disparate elements, even the painful ones, just as a circus performer is with her tools.
      Hope this helps! I know it’s not easy <3

      • Monica says:

        Dear Beth

        Thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful response. It makes things clearer for me and it is also very encouraging! I think you are right, the only way to become is to be – thank you so much for reminding me of today, and of the little things. I will take your answer to heart. Again, thank you!
        And yes, this wasp meant serious business. In some cultures they are seen as female warrior energy, and counting with the fact that I have grown surrounded by them and never got stung it was quite momentous she did then. In fact, I was stung twice, once before she sent me to hospital and after the 5 days of having to spend time there! (I react with anaphylactic shock to pretty much anything!). So big juju and praise to that wasp too ;-). Looking forward to enjoying your new adventures!

  38. Sara Diane says:

    Hi all,
    This is my first, and I suppose also last, post to a community draw, but the love and magic I’ve seen in this thread has me all weepy and hopeful for whatever comes next for all of us.
    My dilemma: in the past few months my partner of five years and I have shifted our partnership to a friendship, and I’ve spent many weeks (and plenty of therapy sessions) wandering through the gaping hole in my chest where she used to sit. I know this transition is for the better, and though I’ve felt immense grief, the distance has healed/ is healing a lot of wounds we gave each other. My question is: What skills can I rely on to find comfort in alone-ness? And what healing is still waiting to happen that I can work toward?

    • Kathleen says:

      Hi Sara Diane,

      I’m so sorry you’re going through this right now. I know what a huge transition this can be and I’m sending you so much love and strength as you heal and move forward.

      I pulled the Two of Wands for you from the Carol Herzer Rider Waite deck (I am a sucker for glitter!). This shows a person holding a globe in their hand as they look through two staffs, out to sea. Wands folk are visionaries–they often see things others don’t when it comes to planning and dreaming next steps. This person literally holds the world in their hands and can see the big picture. To me, this card has always been about envisioning your best life, right before manifesting it.

      In regard to your question, these planning and visionary skills are something you are good at–these are your skills to lean on. Take this time to really hone in on what you do want (and try to be conscious of how many of your thoughts might be currently focused on what you feel you no longer have or are missing out on–easier said than done, I know! but important). This might be a painful and chaotic time, but this card is also saying that it’s ripe for planning a positive future for yourself.

      For the healing that is still waiting to happen, it looks like it’s very much about getting in touch again with yourself and what YOU want next (independent of what your previous life together might have looked like or of what you may have wanted when taking another person’s dreams into account with your own).

      This is also a card of progress and self-discovery. I’d say that even if you don’t feel like it right now, you are moving in the right direction and making more positive progress than you know. Hang in there.

      Sending all good energy your way!

      • Sara Diane says:

        Thank you Kathleen for this beautiful, insightful reading! It gives me so much to think and dream about <3

  39. Jan says:

    Hi Tiana – I drew two cards for you, from a deck I had forgotten I owned (my usual ones are in the boot of my car!), the cards depict dragons, which seems too coincidental, given that the Christian church demonised these fabulous creatures! The first card drawn was The Star- realisation, hope and inspiration. The imagery on this card is of a beautiful, serene, blue dragon, gazing heavenward, with a star shooting overhead (much like the star of Bethlehem?) and the dragon is pouring the water of life from a jug into a river – I took this to mean that you might find common ground within your beliefs and theirs, and that your daughter will help in this process – I want to say this, also: she is the shining star that gives your life meaning.
    The second card was The Hermit. A lovely green dragon – sitting on a huge rock, lantern (in the shape of a pentagram) shining, lighting the way for you and (again, too coincidentally) there is a church with a spire in the background. The Hermit shines his light to show you the way, one step at a time (there is no easy way, no shortcut) he gives you the courage to make your own way, there is also the idea that not everyone will listen to or hear your truth, and that is ok x

    • Tiana says:

      Beautiful interpretation! I had a little smile and tears welling up in the backs of my eyes, that was a very meaningful and healing reading. I have been, very recently allowing space for christian religious symbology (interpreted in a new way from my childhood/parents faith) in my life again. Your suggestion of my daughter as the bridge between the two was beautiful. Sending much love your way!
      With graditude, Tiana

  40. Sarah says:

    Hi Angharad, I drew for you the Six of Swords from the Tarot del Fuego deck. I believe the advice here is the best way to center your desire is to let go of these critical thoughts. They are exactly what’s not keeping you centered. It may also indicate that taking a trip/journey big or small may help you regain this center. This coming decision may require a regretful but necessary transition. It may require a more rational approach than the heart/intuition. I hope that helps!

  41. Kathleen says:

    Hi All,

    I am due to give birth to my first baby any day now (about to pass my due date, actually!) and the anticipation anxiety is a real thing. I’m setting the intention to go with the flow and to surrender to the process. It’s…much easier said than done and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

    My question is: What do my guides want me to know about this upcoming labor?

    Thanks in advance. xo

    • Willow says:

      Sending you so much love and support as you transition from maiden to mother. You have the power of the mothers and grandmothers who birthed you into being at your side and in your blood!

      I pulled 2 cards from the medicine woman tarot deck. 7 of pipes (wands) and the grandmothers (the moon)

      With pregnancy and birth comes a lot of fear based bullshit from external (and sometimes internal) sources. The 7 of pipes is here to show you that you’ve got this! Cast away the doubt because you are a well of power and strength.
      The grandmothers (moon) is a card of water, your womb waters are cradling your baby and soon they will bring your baby into your arms. It is time to seek wisdom from the old wise women. Follow your body, use your intuition (sometimes even if it goes against doctors and loved ones). Use the methods of nature and the earth.

      In other words, you are at the cusp of a powerful initiation and your guides spoke through the cards to say that you are supported and loved by your ancestral grandmothers who birthed you into being.
      From one mama to another, you got this and I send my love! Congrats

  42. Shawn says:

    Hi friends – would love to be part of this beautiful final community healing ??

    I recently ended my relationship with my partner of 5 years, after finding out that they had been sleeping with other people since we got together and lying to me about it. It has been incredibly difficult to hold this boundary for myself and to accept that I can still feel love and goodwill for them, even while also committing to my own well being by refusing to engage in this pattern of dysfunction again. The emotional conflict feels like a fog, sometimes.

    I understand that I’m being asked to learn a major lesson from the universe. This is a huge shift in an area where I’ve been clinging to stability, even when it didn’t really exist. Can you help me identify what lesson is being presented to me right now? What path will help me understand why this pain is necessary?

    Grateful for any insight large or small. Much love.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Shawn,

      I’m so sorry you’re going this this rough time. I pulled a card for you from the Kitty Kahane deck hoping for something bright and radiant to guide your way and out came the Three of Swords.

      It’s a tough card, the big pink cracked heart stabbed by swords and gushing water and blood. You can see it here:

      Right now, you’re cracked and hurting, but not broken. You’re learning that you have the capacity to feel so many more things than you knew. It is a horrible and hard lesson, but you are learning that you are alive and beating, and your capacity to love and hope and be is what has opened you to hurt. You could shut off this best true part of you in the hope of protecting your heart, but this card says you won’t do that.

      I think the Three of Swords is telling you that you need to do the work of feeling this pain. This heart is your power, and your power will come from feeling through this and not trying to paper it over or skip ahead to the next thing. It’s rough that after all this you’re being asked to do work too, but you need to connect back with your beautiful wet pink heart, to respect it for where it has brought you, to come back to yourself.

      Here’s a poem that might help:

      Sending you love. You’ve got this.


      • Shawn says:

        Thank you Jane. Your reading and insight really moved me. Of course it had to be the 3 of Swords, didn’t it? The capacity to open my heart even if it means accepting pain – not papering over what is real and needs to be felt – those struck deep notes of truth for me. And the poem made me cry in that flushed, surprising kind of way that feels like poison being lanced. Thank you, thank you. All my love.

  43. Jane says:

    I’m in the process of querying a novel at the moment and it is SO HARD. Facing a lot of rejection and questioning my work and thinking too much about the market in a way that has stopped bringing me joy. But at the same time, I’ve worked on this book for a long time and I believe in it and I so want it to find its place in the world. Guidance would be so appreciated!

    • Zélia says:

      Hello !
      I understand what you are talking about because I feel the same in some aspect of my life. So even if I don’t have a lot of experience in tarot reading, I pulled a card for you. If you don’t understand something, I will be glad to talk with you.

      I had drawn the King of Sword from the Schadowscape Tarot. For me, it’s talk about balance, and analyse situation. If you want to know more about this card :
      In the card, he is sitting, lost in his mind, with one hand on his sword : he analyze the situation, and see how he can act.

      This card encouraged you to find a balance, to make your look bigger, to find connextion, information and to act with all. He ask you if you have all the information in your head, have you think about all the path ? Maybe you’ll find a new way to introduce your work.
      Keep a moment to slow down, analyzing what’s wrong and collect information. See what is revelant or not, and maybe you’ll see how you can change thing, where are you power and how you can use it.

      Accept the light and the shadow of this market to know what you can do in order to get what you want. Something can’t be just great, it’ll always have ugly side, and this knowledge make you always stronger.
      Don’t push yourself over your limits, be wise, think rationnally, and the most important advice don’t forget your power !

      I send you a lot of love to overcome this challenging time. Don’t forget that you are great, and you can make great thing ! I hope this guidance can help you !


      • Jane says:

        Thank you so for all your great advice! I am so bad at slowing down and getting more information, but maybe this is a good time to do it. <3

  44. Mattie says:

    I’ve been coming to understand and heal from a legacy of abuse both as a child and an adult, and from being autistic, queer and trans in a neurotypical and straight world. One thing I have noticed I need to work on is recognising when I am safe, and holding the memory of feeling safe in me. I don’t feel safe. I’m slowly learning that love is not conditional on me doing things, but I am no where near embodying that.

    I have good community, work that I am enjoying doing and I’m reaping the harvest of a lot of hard work.

    What image should I focus on whilst I learn what safety is? What is my guide?

    • Elex says:

      Hi Mattie,

      I had drawn a Five of pentacles from Silicon Dawn deck for you, which in its upper right corner features a dragon, beautifully emerging from the dark mountains, surrounded by the darkness around, and proudly spreads their wings, not worried at all about any downfalls or being seen. 🙂

      So perhaps a mighty dragon image / guide? 🙂
      Blessed Samhain to you and strength as cruising life. 🙂

  45. Brittny says:

    Hello to all ?.
    I’m having an issue with doing readings for people. I feel I don’t know enough or am constantly questioning my intuition about the cards I draw. I tried answering on of the thread’s participant’s question, pulled a few cards and after then just scrapping the whole thing because who am I to give out guidance.
    How can I overcome these blocks ? Because I really love tarot and all the help and insight it’s given me but trying to give it back petrifies me. Any thoughts?

    Thanks to this lovely community ?

    • Katarzyna says:

      Hi Brittany,
      I pulled a card for you – The Hanged Man (with 8 of pentacles at the bottom).
      I feel like the key is patience, practice, and asking yourself one more time a question about your role and your responsibility.
      What is exactly your task? What do you want for a person you are reading cards for? What kind of change do you want to see in this person’s life? What result do you expect?

    • Elex says:

      Hi Brittny,

      Or you could take the question that interests you, ask the cards as if for yourself, and then put the answer forth for the querent? Without worrying about how they take the answer or if you are doing well enough. After all, that is your reading, something that the cards relayed through you, and your best, which is more than enough. 🙂

      Since this is a draw based Q & A, the card I pulled is Eight of Cups from the Tarot of the Healing Light, which speaks about accepting own limitations in face of what is healthy for us. If you need to walk away from the cards and reading for other people altogether for the sake of your health, as it causes you too much anxiety, by all means do so. Your well being takes priority, before all else.

  46. Katarzyna says:

    Hello beauties,
    right now I’m struggling with balance. Every kind of balance: masculine vs. feminine energy, work vs. fun, thinking vs. acting, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Have a great week,

    • Sara says:

      Dear Katarzyna,

      I pulled the Ace of Wands (from Ricardo Cavolo’s Tarot del Fuego) for you. I’d say that it points towards two positive aspects:
      1) A new beginning, so probably you’ll soon naturally find your own balance.
      2) Until then, perhaps it’s a good idea not to be too hard with yourself and try to embrace the more artistic, visceral, emotional aspects of yourself – it might be needed in order for you to actually find balance later!

      Hope that helps 🙂

      And my question for the next reader… I’ve just resumed a very big (professional, yet heavily personal) project that, for many reasons out of my control, had been stuck for years. What can I do to make sure it will work out this time?

      • Rhys says:

        Hello Sara,

        For you, I pulled the Four of Swords from the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot. At first, it seemed like an odd card to pull for a project that has just been resumed. However, when I consider it within the suite sequence it makes a bit more sense. It’s coming right after the grief of the Three of Swords (perhaps the pain caused by your project being stuck) and right before the bitter conflict of the Five of Swords.

        So your Four of Swords: I think you need to make sure that you are completely rested, refreshed, and recovered as you embark on this important personal and professional project. Even as you continue to undertake this project, don’t forget to step back and take a rest when you need it. Take care of yourself. Stop to smell the flowers, enjoy your comfort beverage of choice, get enough sleep, do your favourite activities. You can’t work on an empty tank, so make sure you’ve got energy in reserve.

        Wishing you the best of luck with your project!


        • Sara says:

          Thank you SO much, Rhys – that was a lovely reading to get, and it really resonates as I tend to forget about selfcare when I’m too focused in a project. Thank you!!!

    • Rhys says:

      Hello Kat,

      For you, I pulled the King of Swords from the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot. In this deck, it’s simply a sheathed sword against a dark background. The King of Swords is usually considered to be an impartial judge, one who steps away from their emotions and dispassionately considers the whole situation before making any decisions.

      Perhaps you might wish to take a step back and look at your struggle for balance from a big picture view. Consider some analytical questions: what exactly does balance look like for me and not for anyone else e.g. more work than play, more acting versus thinking? Why exactly am I looking for balance in my life? What areas in my life need balancing more than others?

      Maybe taking a look at those big answers might make it a little easier to bring balance to your everyday life.

      I do hope that helps, and all the best,


  47. Rhys says:

    Hello all,

    I’m so glad to be taking part in this last community open thread. It’s such a beautiful thing, and I must admit that I’ll miss it.

    My life is currently a bit tumultuous, with lots of both good and bad things happening all at once (wonderful vacation! recently engaged in a long-distance relationship! toxic everyday job. massive personal and project burnout.) My question is: what lessons can I learn from these interesting times?

    Thanks, and best wishes!

    • Janna says:

      Hi Rhys,

      I’m happy to have the opportunity to take part in this for the first time. Glad to have found it before it ended! 🙂

      For you Rhys I got the 6 of cups from the Sun and Moon tarot. It is all about fun and play and the image makes me think of the distance relationship which seems to bring you joy! Now for the lesson. Perhaps taking a more fun and play attitude towards life in general? A piece of hematite fell out of the box where I keep my cards which is a grounding stone. It seems like it would be a good idea to do some grounding every day, centering yourself. From that you will see the humour in it all (among other things). The ups and downs, all feelings and thoughts fluctuating. I read a quote from Rilke today that comes to mind. If you’re on instagram I could tag you? Otherwise this comment will be so long. I don’t know where you live but it seems like it would be a good idea to get your feet onto the grass and stay away from the computer as much as possible (an image I get). The lessons, as always, comes when it’s time. But you can always ask your heart. And do some flow writing, ask and you will receive!

      It’s a death and rebirth in one area of your life while simultaneously there are different things going on in other areas of your life. This can feel confusing but let it flow, you don’t need to understand with your mind. Let your heart guide you.

      Wish you all the best Rhys!!

      • Rhys says:

        Hello Janna,

        Thank you so much for such a beautiful reading. I’m not on insta, sorry, so if you want you could share the quote here. I’d love to see it. I have been trying to ground and centre myself a little bit more during the day, but I think I’ll lean into that a little more, and try to remember to have some fun and get onto the grass. And also, importantly, let my heart guide me. (I’m bad at that, sometimes.)

        Thank you again, Janna, this was very helpful!

        • Janna says:

          I’m happy you found it useful! Here is the quote;
          “God speaks to each of us as he makes us,
          then walks with us silently out of the night.

          These are the words we dimly hear:

          You, sent out beyond your recall,
          go to the limits of your longing.
          Embody me.

          Flare up like a flame
          and make big shadows I can move in.

          Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
          Just keep going. No feeling is final.
          Don’t let yourself lose me.

          Nearby is the country they call life.
          You will know it by its seriousness.

          Give me your hand.”

          • Rhys says:

            Ooooh, thank you so much Janna, that is beautiful! “Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror/ Just keep going. No feeling is final” really hit me hard. I’m going to save this and print it out somewhere.

            Thank you again!

  48. Lily A says:

    Hi there, hope everyone is enjoying Halloween season 🙂 recently I decided to re-direct myself professionally and it implicates taking up studies for several years, and I don’t know yet which career path to pursue, so I’d like to have an insight on how this new orientation is affecting my life on the long run?

    • tush says:

      Hi Lily A!

      Shadowscapes Tarot deck
      Knight of Pentacles

      This card to me feels like the card of long-term visions! Knight of pentacles to me speaks to focused vision, to perseverance, to goal-directed action, and states that you will certainly accomplish whatever goal you set out to do with power. This card’s main caution is that it can lead to tunnel-visioned approach in absolute focus of the goal ahead. It seems to me that this card is then saying to you that no matter which path you choose, like really really go for it, all in. But also recognize that in order to pursue strenuous studies, your life might feel off-balance in other respects for awhile, and if so – put some attention there! Good luck! <3

      • Lily A says:

        Thanks tush for your precious advice! I’m touched by the clarity and the subtlety of your reading 🙂 it gives me strength and I’ll try my best to remain open-minded regarding this matter <3

        Thanks also for this great experience, I really enjoy this Open Thread <3

    • Otelia says:

      Hi Lily!
      I’ve drawn for you the 4 of Cups from the AGM Urania Tarot of A.E. Waite and I love this card for your query. The figure sits beneath a tree with eyes closed in contemplation, opportunities and abundance surrounding and literally being handed to him. I see him here as centering himself, perhaps feeling lost, as if planning or perhaps unable to choose or to see what surrounds him due to internal doubt.
      The opportunities, support and abilities are all there for you, it only remains for you to call them in. To avoid staying in limbo, where can you look within for stability and guidance to resolve the causes of your concerns? Outside yourself, what resources and networks around you can you draw on to help you decide? What love and support is available that you might not be recognising, which might help you identify the field where you will feel the most stable and at home, or which could open up a choice to you which might right now feel frightening or lonely? These unrecognised resources can offer joy and abundance if you can recognise and drawn on the good will and support around you. This suggests your studies and career shift could to have an overwhelmingly positive effect once you get past this planning and deciding phase, and any internal doubt.
      I send my love and strength on your journey and wish you a fulfilling path in the end <3

      • Lily A says:

        Dear Otelia, thank you so much for your in depth reading, very kind of you, this reflexion is inspiring me to be more attentive, helping me to face myself a bit more and learning to considerate more serenely this new chapter, and I’m taking it as a good reminder that the glass might be half full rather than half empty <3

  49. Janna says:


    My family will move from Sweden to France next year and I could choose many different career paths. I’d really love to be of service, to my heart, to my family but also to the world. How to best be of service?

    (I have a hard time listening to my intuition here because ego gets in the way).

    Looking forward to your intuitive advices!!


    • Alodie says:

      Hello Janna,
      The card I pulled in response to your post is an auspicous card with regards to looking for work or material success. It is the King of Pentacles and points to tangtible results leading to comfort and success especially when motivated by love for family & generosity. This card is also about appreciating the good things in life and sharing with others. For you, I sense an energy around a talent or resource that you already possess that can create meaning in your life as you share this or use this to serve others. Surround yourself, work with, generous people.

    • Alodie says:

      This internal dialogue has become my path:
      “ I want to be in love” – with a man, with my community, with life, with myself no matter what! I want to stay in the state of Love as much as possible”
      “What is stopping you?
      Fear, outdated, unskillfull modes & conditioned behavoirs based on fear
      What are you waiting for?”

      My inquiry in this post is: am I on the right track and any help with the removal of these blocks? Any other questions I should be asking?

      Your generous offering is appreciated, Alodie

      • Janna says:

        Your internal dialogue seems to be an answer to my question as well. 😉 Beautiful!! It’s funny it’s called to “fall in love”. Perhaps the falling is something to feel into for you? Being in love indicates you’ve already fallen. Have you? 🙂

      • Beth says:

        Hi Alodie,
        Gosh, I know continually-cycling internal dialogue all too well!
        For you, I drew the Five of Cups from the Sasuraibito Tarot. A figure stands crying in the sea, in the background, a rainbow. Whilst three upturned cups pour their last drops into the sea, two more, still full, bob alongside the her, patiently waiting til she is ready to see them.
        There’s a strong message here about giving yourself permission to feel all of your feelings. Are you beating yourself up over this? Getting impatient and frustrated with yourself for not moving forwards quickly enough? Healing is non-linear and it’s so important to feel each feeling, to experience grief and sadness as part of your journey. Equally, it is important not to get bogged down in your grief, but to remain in motion. You are constantly evolving! Ironically, it’s when we beat ourselves up and try not to feel our sadness that we end up stuck and dwelling in it. So the message here is about a compassionate re-frame of where you’re at right now. Allow yourself space and time (an hour, an evening, a day, a month?) to sit with the sadness you hold. Really go there and allow it to come through. Journal it, meditate on it, make an altar, whatever resonates for you. Own it, embrace it – it is so human to be sad. In doing this, you are making room at the table for all of your self to be seen and welcomed, and saying ‘no’ to self-criticism. This compassionate foundation can be a sturdy base help you to move through the blocks and gradually turn to the rainbow and those two cups (i.e. Two of Cups: love, sharing, connection!) that await you.

  50. Lucy says:


    my question is – what is the next step in my professional life?
    Much looking forward to your intuitive guidance!

    • Steve says:

      Hi Lucy,

      I used the Thoth deck and pulled the Two of Wands for you. Although the RWS (which is was my first ever deck) card gives a sense of “new horizons”, I see the Thoth card as consolidating and innovating. There’s an awful lot of energy in it which could mean that at times you have to hold your tongue even though you’re certain that you’re in the right. If you’re not there already, it could be a move into a more managerial position, certainly taking on more responsibility. Mars in Aries shows an almost frightening fierceness and strength in your approach to work: you can do it with energy to spare! Just be careful not to burn others (or burn out yourself). A memory flash came to me while writing this of how I used to visualise stress leaving me at a very stressful time in my life: I’d be walking the dogs and I’d rain stress in my wake so that it set fire to the grass – scorched earth… I cheated and asked the Deviant Moon (my usual working deck) what it thought: Seven of Wands. There’s competition going on (a new job?), but don’t be fazed by others as the Seven is just confirming what the Two is saying. It’s your year to make progress in the direction you want to be going.

  51. Steve says:


    My question… Well, I had been planning on moving to Bristol but that fell through so I’m staying put. I changed my HIV care over to the local clinic and things are beginning to come together, but my doctor has retired and I’ll be meeting the new one in a week or two. I’m concerned at forming a relationship with a new doctor, especially given that I’m a long term survivor and have quite a few complications. I’ve only just managed to get the pain management people to up the pain meds (I have peripheral neuropathy) and I’m on salvage therapy for HIV. I consider myself well-informed about HIV treatment, and can see that a non-standard approach is what’s needed, but the clinic tends to be quite conservative. I’ve found that the best doctors view health as a co-operative venture; how best to get on with Dr Newbie?

  52. Lee says:

    Hi Steve.
    I have been meaning to pull a card since Friday and have finally the time to do it , I have never posted like this and I am quite new to the website I pulled my card after concentrating on the energies I was getting from you and interpreted however I feel I wasn’t concentrating on your question so please forgive that I did feel compelled to pull another just on your question , using RIder-waite style Lo scarabeo dragons
    For yourself I got the 5 of chalices , the card shows an emerald dragon swimming down stream away from burning ruins he passes 4 cups and about to reach his 5th. I translated that you were focusing more on your losses than the new opportunities that were being presented, your sense of disappointment is overshadowing. You have possibly been blaming your self or someone else and that it feels like things are just not going your way. There are opportunities that are waiting for you and you need to reflect on the lessons you have learned and move forward with forgiveness to your self or the others and see the blessing that is in disguise.
    As for your new relationship with your doctor I pulled the chariot , depicted as a man confidently riding a golden dragon again moving forward, the card shows willpower, determination , and strength. This card is one of encouragement and that you are invited to push past all the obstacles that will stand in your way. The journey that you are about to embark will have its bumps but it confirms that you will be successful in building the relationship with your doctor that you desire as long as you are assertive with what you expect from them , I expect a bit that challenges will arise at the beginning but this test of strength will be rewarded with victory if you stay focused on what you want from them and take the reins

    • Steve says:

      Thank you! That sure makes a lot of sense: in America they’re beginning to talk about aids survivor syndrome, a form of PTSD affecting people (poz or not) who went through the times before treatment that worked. I lived in London in those days and was involved with HIV from the start, starting at Gay Switchboard (as it was called then) when the first reports of mysterious cancers and pneumonias were coming in to burying two husbands (as opposed to boyfriends – the law hadn’t yet been changed), the second of them in 2007. I’ve had a couple of bad drug reactions involving sleep disturbances/nightmares in which both Stuart and John figured prominently: I used to have to work out who was alive and who was dead every morning on waking every morning for years. Kinda takes a toll on you, and I think the Five of Cups describes the feeling well. Disappointment also in the fact that the newer drugs don’t work for everyone, which is the reason I’m on salvage therapy, hoping that the one drug I can take will keep me going till something I can take comes along.

      The Chariot is always significant for me as 7 is my life number. While I can hide myself away like the crab, I can also be tenacious: it took about three years of nagging to get the referral to the pain management clinic and at this moment I’m doing a gradual escalation of my gabapentin dosage. Dr Newbie is expected to get the consultancy post at the clinic, so once in post I can see The Chariot representing her pushing ahead against the clinic’s cautious ethos possibly bringing in trial drugs (which I’ve already said I’m willing to try – we long term survivors are used to being the guinea pigs!).

      Thank you so much Lee. You’ve made a lot of sense and sent me away thinking 🙂

      • LEe says:

        I’m pleased Steve ,
        Your story is very close to my heart , I was not around in the 80s but I have read about and watched the impact that HIV and aids had on people , it was only yesterday morning I was watching yet another documentary on it before logging on here to see who I was reading for ,
        I had a scare about 10 years ago myself after a relationship and that week of my life I was a mess but the support I got from medical staff and the trust was amazing so congratulations on getting to this point you are a strong powerful person . Looking at my notes I made and now knowing a little bit more about you , I have scribbled “you did the best you could” “releasing negative thoughts as they are keeping you from moving on ”
        And the actual card is a large city in the background then a small island set apart from the main city which is burning that the dragon is swimming from , maybe a positive that segregation of a community from the main community is no longer a practice but you may feel that burning/crumbling old island/community is a link to your past but I do have in big letters scribbled down bLESSINg IN DISGUIse .
        If this is complete B******* then please do let me know I have not been reading for long and rely a lot on books for translations, I have recently being experimenting with pictorial translations but as the decks are so varied it’s a lot of personal translations and knowing a bit of background kind of paints a picture that helps it fit

        • Steve says:

          Not b******* at all! The dragon swimming away from the city resonates: I moved from London to Bristol (where I experienced the best medical care I’ve had these past 30 years, hence my wish to move back there) to a small blink-and-you-miss-it village, and thence to the edges of Neath. I went to a London event for World Aids Day last year and despite living there for over twenty years I couldn’t wait to get away.

          Sometimes the cards can be very literal 🙂 to the point where one piece of advice I’ve repeated over and over is “say what you see” (obviously not so successful with decks that rely on esoteric symbolism, but even there there are exceptions). Different decks carry different vibes with them, which is why if I’m reading for someone else I offer them a choice of several decks to work with. Sometimes a card will say “I know that the accepted meaning is, but this time I’m saying the opposite”, if that makes sense – listen to intuition 🙂

          • Lee says:

            I will take your advice. I have the one deck that has stayed with me , untouched for about 15 years , moved to 5 different homes , lasted through 5 different relationships , and never been touched until about 4 months ago . I knew one day I would get around to learning them

  53. Lee says:

    My question ,
    I have recently experienced a great loss with very little answers I have been campaigning for some kind of justice however my attempts have not been fruitful however I do believe that the message has gotten through to the people of blame . As for punishment for their crime I believe it will never get that far. My question is when do I move forward from this whole saga Without feeling like I have Let my person down in not getting a conviction.

    • Jennifer says:


      I can tell from your language that there is some serious drama and history behind this question, and so for you I used the Mythic Tarot, which features characters and stories from Greek mythology.

      I drew three cards for you. The Ten of Pentacles, the Five of Cups, and the Knight of Pentacles. Though this loss took something rooted and stable from you, though it is heartbreaking and confusing, I interpret the knight as a sign that you can and will find that stability and abundance again. The Mythic Tarot depicts the Knight of Pentacles as Aristaeus, god of many rustic arts and practices – beekeeping, cheesemaking, things like that. His domain is small, but keeps the population alive and well enough to do things like create and love and yes, bring justice to those who warrant it.

      From your question, I gather that you have made the decision to move on from this chapter of your life. How you stop from feeling like you’ve let your person down is to mind the small, practical aspects of life. To keep moving forward. To not dwell on the spilled cups or the roots that have been pulled up, but to keep your nose clean and your head down.

      I hope that this helps.

  54. Jennifer says:


    My question relates to my career and art. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been making moves towards making a living through my artistic pursuits. Very, very sl o o o o w moves. I’m quite shy and getting over the discomfort of the actual showing of the work (like, my website has been crappy for years). Also, I feel that since I used to be not a very kind person, karma is going to come and bite me and I’ll fail publicly and horribly. I hope to someday be in a position to move to France, but for that I’ll need work that I can either do remotely or that has some sort of outpost there, which is not the case for my current job.

    Meanwhile, I spend a lot of time on things that are low-stakes or that I am great at without much effort (for example, my job where I get paid almost too little to live). My focus is constantly split because I’m always falling in love with new things and new subjects. I know that I have some talent, but it’s underdeveloped because there’s always work to go to or dinner to make or an art exhibit closing or this or that.

    Which is to say that my intention for the new year is to figure out a way through these blocks and self-sabotaging habits. How can I unsplit my focus while still making a living while I figure out a better, more soul-nourishing and freedom-supporting way to make a living? I hope this makes sense. Thank you for reading.

    • Alexis J. Cunningfolk says:

      Hiya, Jennifer!

      Thanks for sharing your story – your vulnerability is powerful and I can sense that you’re really trying to focus that amazing will of yours. So, since it’s getting close to Samhain here in the northern hemisphere, I pulled a card from The Halloween Tarot by Kipling West. I also sensed that this deck would be helpful in bringing in some soul-nourishing levity to the hard work you’re doing to be who you want to be in the world.

      The card I pulled is the Ten of Ghosts (aka Cups) and this card is all about focusing in on the pleasures of life, including celebrating how far you’ve come. In what you shared, it seems like you worry about who you’ve been and where you want to go that distracts you from being in the here and now.. It sounds like to me that you have a lot of self-awareness and you also have confidence in what you do (which is great! keep that!) but feeding your fear is much easier than tending to the fruits of your success. What the 10 of Ghosts invites you to do is to really dwell in what you have already done and accomplished. Write it down, say it out loud, hold a mini ritual of celebration around your accomplishments. Because you want to open up the path of using pleasure and joy as your compass instead of fear. Switching your focus from “I’m afraid I’m not worthy of being a successful artist and I deserve failure” to “I love doing {artistic amazingness} and how it makes me feel, so I’m going to do more and more of it in whatever way I can.”

      What I love, too, is that the 10 of Cups shows pleasure in variety and abundance, demonstrating that there are many things that make us happy – so instead of thinking that you lack focus because you’re so excited about the world, trust in following your pleasure and what it is you desire to do. Commit to your pleasure and allow it to take you where you need to go. You’re lucky to have a multi-passionate self with many wells of inspiration to draw from – celebrate it!

      Overall, the Ten of Ghosts is an auspicious card to pull when it comes to success in whatever you’re endeavoring to do. You got this!

      On a funny little side note, in the last few months I helped my friend finally pursue her dream of moving to France. So, I’m sending you a bit of synchronistic magick, too!

  55. Alexis J. Cunningfolk says:

    Inspired by folks vulnerability and openness, I’m attempting a bit of my own!

    Ok, friends, here’s the deal. I’m currently trying to do a thing in my life which is attempting to make friends in my city. I am good at creating community spaces, teaching classes with lots of folks, doing one-on-one healing work, and generally trying to make myself useful, but I am less skilled at one-on-one friend things (What does one do if you’re not talking about life, the universe, and everything? Where do I put my feet? What should I wear? Why do my words come out sideways or like I’m at a renaissance faire?). And I get frustrated about this part of myself and even feel a bit of shame about it (a very un-useful thing). I would love some insight on shifting perceptions or even little steps I can take over the next few months to help me feel less stressed about making friends.

    Thank you in advanced for taking the time to help me untangle this knotty bit of my life. You’re awesomesauce.

    • Rhys says:

      Hello Alexis,

      First of all, let me say thank you so much for your wonderful columns. They’ve really helped me get to a much better place in taking care of myself. I even made my first little altar!

      Next, I totally sympathize with trying to make friends…. “…like I’m at a renaissance faire!” indeed! So I pulled three cards for you from the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot: Eight of Swords, Seven of Cups, and Knight of Coins.

      Your first card was the Eight of Swords, which in this deck is the right hand gripping the left hand and stopping it from moving. In your situation, it suggests that your own frustration and shame (and fear, and anxiety) are all holding you back. But of course the good news is that you can let go. Let go the feeling of shame, let go the fact that you think you sound super awkward. Try to walk away from your own fears holding you back.

      Your second card is the Seven of Cups, which features a number of ravens holding many different items, some good, some not so good. In this situation, I think it’s representing some of the scenarios that you’re imagining in your head: all sorts of things that could go wrong. But remember… many of these are just fantasies, illusions. Don’t let yourself get caught up in all the different ways that you think things might go badly. Remember all the ways that things could go right!

      Lastly, I pulled the Knight of Coins (Pentacles) for you. In this deck, the Coins are roses, so the workhorse Knight of Coins is a little shovel. And for your situation, I think it represents being diligent and doing some hard work. My analytical self wants to tell you to try breaking it down into some little goals for every day: today, I’m going to chat with a group of people I already know. Maybe tomorrow I’ll attend an event with just a few folks I know. Another day, I’ll go to an event with just one person I know, and try holding a five minute conversation with someone I don’t know. Another day, I’ll ask someone about their hobby, and tell someone about mine. Maybe another day, I’ll join a knitting circle, something else that gives me a group to hang out with where I can slowly (or quickly!) make new friends. Tiny little steps towards your overall goal of making friends—and don’t forget to reward yourself for every little goal you meet, because you’ve worked super hard! Don’t forget to take breaks sometimes, and don’t beat yourself up if you don’t meet a goal…just take a breath, take some time, and jump in again when you’re ready.

      I really hope that this helps you as you go forward on the (sometimes terrifying!) task of making many new friends. And just from my perspective–I love it when new acquaintances talk about life, the universe, and everything, cause that’s pretty much how I made most of my friends. So there’s people out there for you to be friends with, just let go your shame, ignore some of those scary fantasies, and take it step by step.

      Best of luck, and thank you again,


      • Oh, Rhys, thanks for holding space and a gentle mirror up for me. It helped to alleviate that 7 of Cups place that I get myself stuck in all too often. Your insight resonates and thanks for the reassurance that others like to talk deep early on in a relationship – I know this intellectually, but it’s good to be able to feel it in my heart more. I’m off to build my own little altar featuring the cards from this spread.

        (And by coincidence, I just sent my Raven’s Prophecy deck off to a new home feeling that it was time to give it back out into the world and this was a sweet message to receive back.)

        And knowing that you found what I’ve written useful fills me with a real sense of happiness – thank you. Your words are helping me in my own self care, so blessed be this circle of support we’ve created. <3

  56. tush says:

    curious – i’m considering a move in the next year or two and am uncertain about how to go about making this decision, as there are of course many factors weighing in. Any outside illumination would be honored! 🙂 <3

    • Zoë says:

      Hi Tush,
      The card I pulled was the Six of Wands (The Sasuraibito Deck). As you mentioned in your post, there are so many factors that go into a big decision like moving. The energy of this card suggests however, that the decision to move or not should be made from a place of pride and recognition of the things you have achieved. Perhaps you decide to move because you have succeeded in getting to a place in your career that now requires you to take the next leap to somewhere else. Perhaps you have contributed greatly to your community and are sensing that it is time to take the gifts and talents you have to another community that needs enrichment. This card encourages you to stay true to your principles and ideals as you make this decision. The Six of Swords encourages you to celebrate yourself and your successes while also maintaining a sense of humility. There is no need to make this decision from a place of fear, pressure, or a sense that something is lacking. This card encourages you to make this decision from a place of triumph and gratitude, rather than a place of ‘not enough’.

      • tush says:

        Zoë, thanks so much! I love your urge towards acting from a place of “moving towards” rather than “running from.” Grateful for your thoughtful insight. <3

  57. Zoë says:

    A recent period of upheaval in two of my friendships has led me to a place where I am now better at listening to and honoring my own voice and self-knowledge. This upheaval has required me to ask myself how my energy is being spent and if the energy I spend on others is also helping to fill my cup or just depleting it. As I move into the winter months (I’m in the northern hemisphere) I find myself wondering: how can I best refuel myself in order to ready myself to welcome new and positive energy and friendships into my life?

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Zoë,
      You’re strong to recognise the need to listen to yourself and honour your energy and needs. I’ve pulled Hermit for you (from the Numinous Tarot which has a lovely wintery feel for the months ahead), which is echoing what you already know; you need to make that space alone yourself, spend time getting comfortable in solitude and understanding yourself and your needs. Don’t rush, but take the winter slowly for yourself, and I’m sure the earth will provide the seeds of new friendships when the time is right.

  58. Heidi says:

    I’ve had a year filled with false starts and complications, and I’m desperate to find the right path in a career, as I feel that my life is on hold until I do. I feel called towards teaching, but I’m second guessing myself after making many poor decisions previously, and I’m filled with self doubt. How can I learn to trust my instincts?

    • Lily A says:

      Hi Heidi, I draw the Four of Cups for you and it’s seems to be all about feelings, as described beautifully in the famous song! More precisely, it suggests a change of perspective with the purpose to overcome certain obstacles and appreciate what life brings you. Sometimes when a new wave is emerging, the whole landscape can be blurred by it, and put aside the hope of a better tomorrow. The deck I used for your reading is the Crystal Unicorn Tarot from Pamela Chen, and it warmly proposes the correlation between the Rose Quartz and the suit of Cups. Self love is an important key to find balance as an extend to personal achievement, and succeeding in a career is an aspect of it. You can take the best of this moment by refining your relationship with the world, keep on the lookout for new opportunities, and must of all, be kind to yourself <3

    • Jess says:

      Hi Heidi! Hope you don’t mind an additional reading. I’m a classroom teacher so I felt drawn to your question. For me personally, teaching has been the most rewarding, inspiring, depleting, and frustrating work of my life. It is not a career path to take lightly, so the pause is understandable and relatable.

      When I pulled your card from The Rarot of the Cat People deck, the chariot firmly announced itself, along with two jumpers: the magician and the ace of wands. I interpreted this as a yes to move forward in pursuit of your goal. The chariot suggests forward motion, focus, and accomplishment. The ace is a lovely nod to your spark and energizing new energy, and the magician…you’ve got the resources and oomph to follow through. As I put the deck away, the bottom card caught my eye. Death: an invitation to not let past disappointments and “false starts” run off from a new adventure…a new season/cycle is here.

      Regardless of your next steps, may you feel energized and confident that you have much to offer!

  59. Hamsadhwani says:

    Hello everyone! Thank you Beth for this opportunity. I have had an incredibly tough 2018. It has been hard personally and professionally. I feel very lost in my life right now and feel deeply unachored. My question is: What do I need to know about having a happy romantic relationship in my life in the immediate future? Thank you.

    • Lucy says:

      Hi Hamsadhwani, I got the empress for you from the Motherpeace tarot. The energy I get from this card is satisfaction, self-love, sensuality and nourishment. To me this is a card that highlights the importance of self-love and self-care ( internal such as meditation, visualisation, journaling, work with inner guides etc.. ) and external self-care ( contact with nature, exercise, yoga,time out with friends, time out with yourself doing something that brings you joy, comfort and a sense of satisfaction, a deep inner nourishment ). Giving to yourself as much as you would give to someone you dearly love. Giving yourself that fertile soil that makes everything grow by giving and filling yourself with love and compassion. Practicing gratitude and rediscovering pleasure from your senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. Rediscovering textures, colors, smells, slowing down, letting go of what feels outgrown and weights you down. Perhaps engaging in a conversation with your body ( looking into practices such as body talk for example) to establish a dialogue within your own body to heal some unheard parts. Free movement practices, creative dancing, compassion, self-care and nourishment in form of unconditional love from yourself to the beautiful empress that lives in your heart.

  60. Jenna says:

    Hi Heidi,
    I drew The High Priestess for you. That highly intuitive, knowing woman, that’s you! That’s her calling! And she’s got a few questions for you;-) 1. Do you discuss your doubts, your indecision, your fears etc. with other people? I mean, a lot? If so, please don’t! Don’t seek the input from others around you. The High Priestess is a loner. She doesn’t talk. She keeps her secrets until she knows that she’s got the message right. She doesn’t ask other people for the answers she alone can give. And you’re alone in this…and this can be a good thing. In fact, it’s the only way to get the answers right. 2. There’s a lot of mind-full-ness and self-criticism going on. Do whatever you can to quiet your mind. The mindmachine will almost always stop you from listening to your instinct. I know, I can talk;-) Self-medication for self-criticism: Honour the path you have come so far. Honour your faults and errors, the detours you have taken, the false starts, the complications. Honour your efforts, Woman! 3. Own your time, own your space, own yourself! 4. You feel that your life is “on hold” until you figure out what, when, why and how?! That’s a rather toxic thought, “veiling” what you really need to know. And I didn’t draw the Hanged Man, did I? 5. And here comes the most paradox advice I have ever given: Don’t listen to me! Don’t take anything for real I just said! Stop Asking and Start Knowing! YOU ALL-ONE KNOW!

  61. Candice Anne says:

    Beth bless you for this amazing event! I am happy to participate. I would like to know when my twin flame & I will meet and if he & I will be getting married in the next year. We have already decided we will marry. I just don’t know when and where. We have had many past lives together and the last one we had was in France. We know we are destined to marry in this life and are working toward financial stability and career freedom in order to be able to do that. I look forward to the response I receive for this question.

    Kind Regards,

  62. Juliette says:

    Hello Friends. I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch this autumn as school picks up again and I’m trying to juggle family responsibilities, classes that are not at all engaging but necessary for my degree, two jobs and my own changing expectations about the path of my life. It’s all getting a bit overwhelming and though winter always makes me very calm, introspective and cheerful, I’m losing that to the bustle of life. Instead of attacking my to do list I end up dreading it. My question is this; What is it that’s holding me back from fully engaging with it all? How can I better organize myself or orient myself to fully participate in my life instead of running from task to task like a headless chicken?
    Thank you to anyone who has a card for me. I look forward to seeing what’s in store.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Juliette! I drew the Fortitude card from the Hermetic Tarot Deck.

      I am no expert on tarot, but it seems like a card that has a lot to say to you in your current life situation, Juggling two jobs, taking classes that you may not enjoy so much but that you need for your degree, trying to balance family responsibilities…. Sounds like a situation that could draw the strength out of Wonder Woman. On a rational level you may see you are doing the right things that match your ambitions, doing all the required tasks to reach your goals, but maybe it is hard to stay emotionally grounded and keep focus. What are your goals in the long run? To-do-lists can be a good thing to keep track of what you need to do but sometimes you can get stuck in a “powering through” mode, where you may lose the sense of why you are doing all these things in the first place, and for whom. I hope your to-do-lists involve taking care of yourself as well, and that you remember to prioritize this.

      The Fortitude card calls for balance between powering through (you certainly do have the power and strenght to do that) the tasks you have before you, in order to reach the goals you are heading for, and staying in touch with your emotions and needs for the moment.

      I hope winter will bring you the calm and introspection you need, and the Fortitude this card promises. If not you maybe you need to actively create space to get in touch with yourself, giving yourself what you need in the midst of all responsibilities and to-do-lists.

      • Juliette says:

        Thank you so much Anne for your reading. It was a lovely encouragement and helped to remind me of some of the reasons I began this path in the first place.

  63. Marianna says:

    Hello lovelies,
    I am an artisan and I sell my products online. Things are going pretty well but I need to review a couple of things so I’m planning to take a sabbatical month or two around January to come up with new ideas.
    Lately sales are going very well but I find myself halfway between the need to earn and the need to disappear to think, plan, experiment and devote myself to my spirituality and other things that make me feel good in addition to my fantastic work.
    I do not want to disappoint my customers but I feel a little bit stuck.
    What should I do?
    Hope your cards can help me! Thank you!


    • Juliette says:

      Hey Mariana. I pulled a rather lovely card for you, the Chariot from the Numinous Tarot Deck. (see here –

      In this card there is a person standing between two unicorns and guiding them along the path. The animals are wild and powerful and unbridled, but they do not question their lead. The person guides them along calmly and with a firm hand, never doubting their way. To me this is a powerful card about confidence. The person has a massive task ahead of her on a path where the end is still far out of sight, yet they never falter. We all follow our own paths through life on which we balance many overwhelming tasks, but we must trust in ourselves to make the right decisions and handle the consequences of our mistakes. To me it sounds like you’ve reached a crossroad where you have to make a decision to prioritize yourself or your shop. It’s admirable that you want to be there for your customers, and I understand that reliability and availability is important when running an online business, but consider that perhaps taking the winter for yourself and your own personal development will allow you to better serve your customers. A break and some introspection can be very refreshing and inspiring to all work but especially creative work. Whatever you decide, The Chariot reminds you not to doubt your step. You’ve made it this far with the many decisions you’ve made before. You have built the life you lead and you continue to do so. Trust in yourself to make the right decision and handle the consequences either way, be they good or bad or anything in between.

  64. Rachael says:

    Hello love people,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful space/offering!
    I’ve moved back to the UK after several years teaching abroad (I love to travel and explore) and am really struggling to settle back into life here. I’ve never found my career calling (have tried many different jobs) and feel incredibly frustrated by that as I desperately want to be of service but have no idea where to start. My partner and I would also like to start a family but our lack of financial/career stability overshadows this. I keep pulling at threads of curiousity in the hope that it may lead me to discover a new career path but instead find myself repeating the cycle of being in poorly paid corporate office jobs (which leave me heavy and unfulfilled) and struggle to find something alternative that lights me up. I feel like I’m massively off my path so any suggestions for what I might do would be hugely appreciated. Thanks so much for any help you can offer.

    • Ignacia Karime says:

      Hi Rachael:
      I took my favorite cards -the Vision Quest deck, based on the wisdom of native americans (I’m from Chile)- and the card I pulled of was the VII – Spiritual Warrior. It’s a beautiful warrior who comes from the war in his horse, feathers in his hair -mark of gained wisdom. You can see it here:
      His is a warrior who comes back home victorious with more wisdom than before.
      This card is here to tell you that the human spirit is a powerful tool you can access only if you put yourself completely to the task. This card is about the struggles we have with ourselves and with life. It promises that with diligence, honesty and perseverance we can overcome the most insurmountable of obstacles.
      Is an encouraging message. It comes after a period of struggle, and is here to tell you that even if you feel tired of fighting, you are winning. If you wanna make a change in your life it will be fine too. Your problems are coming to an end.
      Will you find your career path? Probably yes. You have to put everything you are in this fight. Listen to your intuition. Focus in what is important to you.
      In order to find your path, you need to work with yourself so nothing gets in the way of your truly call. Seek for your internal unification and then go to fight, because this time you’ll win.

    • Jenn says:

      Hi Rachael,

      The card I drew for you is the King of Swords. Looking at the Rider Waite image I see the outward power of clarity of mind and transformation (those butterflies on the back of the throne!). From the way you word your question I can see that you have this analytical power. You know where you are. So I see the King of Swords inviting you to acknowledge your skills and strengths with confidence and also to examine the thoughts, beliefs and contexts (in your control and out of your control) that keep leading you back to the jobs where you don’t want to be. Is there a strength you have that you hesitate to claim fully? With clarity and compassion, why might that be? On the bottom of the deck I spied the Knight of Pentacles heading towards the future with pentacle in hand! Whatever insights and talents you are able to claim by approaching this moment in your work life with confidence in your intellect and the power of your mind will serve you in creating a grounded future. I wish you the best!

  65. Hi Marianna. I pulled one card in answer to your question, “What should I do?”
    It’s the V of Wands in the Morgan Greer deck, suggesting a standstill because of ideas that, though true and good, conflict with each other. Because of this, you feel you are stuck and can’t move forward; you are too busy “holding the line.”
    If it’s possible for you to keep a balance by doing some work while taking time off, you would feel the most stability and least amount of discomfort.
    But if not, then take the time off to nurture yourself and give yourself space to be renewed with fresh vigour. You will benefit a lot by taking the break, and it seems you are already well aware of the need to do this. You don’t “owe” your customers anything, but what do you owe yourself? The permission to deepen your focus and practice as you are being led to do. Remember, doing so will strengthen your abilities and you’ll provide even better service to your customers when you have filled your own well of longing. -Kate

    • Marianna says:

      Thank you so much, Kate!
      It all makes sense and I think I will print this answer so that I can remember your words.
      P.S. it’s so strange (actually, not so strange) but the Morgan Greer deck is my fav deck of this period and I’m using it right now!

  66. Ignacia Karime says:

    Hi, I’m Ignacia from Chile.
    I have to burning questions and I couldn’t decide on one. So I’m gonna put both and whoever gets my request can put both or pick one. So, here I go:
    – I recently started a new relationship and I would love to see what forces the future brings. I feel like his the first really good men I’m with. He’s a beautiful human being and I’m amazed by how everything is happening: lovingly, peaceful, harmonious.
    – Next year I’m going to school again. I’m 32 and very scared. I struggle my whole life with depression and I never could finish my old career. Now I’m gonna change my path -from journalism to programing!- and I would really wanna know the force I should embrace in order to be there in fully spirit and this time depression don’t get in my way and I can finish school once for all.
    Thanks for this loving activity.

    • Rhonda says:

      Ignacia , I drew the King of Cups in regards to your relationship question. This card to me provides reassurance that his intentions are genuine. He is motivated by feelings and wants to have a loving relationship.

      In regards to your career I drew the High Priestess. This card tells me that you need to embrace your intuition more. Once you make a decision be sure you make a commitment to it and let nothing divert you from it. Recognize the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and cut them out from your life.

      • Ignacia Karime says:

        Hi Rhonda
        Thanks for your kind words, they filled my heart.
        But suddenly yesterday the men pull himself out of the relationship, afraid of how fast is everything going. Is this normal? I’m so sad.

  67. Rhonda says:

    I have attempted to help my adult son get his life in order over the years. He got himself into some trouble now yet again . This time I am not helping him at all. I feel tougher love is needed. However I would like an honest answer about if he will learn his lesson this time and make changes in his life.
    Thanks ahead of time.
    love and light

  68. Cat says:


    I pulled the Ace of Pentacles for you and your adult son. In my experience when helping people who are not willing to help themselves, the pull to help them again and again is something that has more to do wth me than with them. So when I pulled this card I found it very telling. This is a new endeavor for you. You are trying something material and tangible, not supporting your son out of his own mess, and that can be an entirely new opportunity, new thought patterns, new way of connecting with him and with yourself. I did not ask if he was going to learn the lesson finally because I am curious if it’s your opportunity to learn a lesson about where and how you create energy for others.

  69. Cat says:

    Oops. My question for the thread is about encouraging others to trust themselves. My partner is trying to figure out how to move on from a lay-off. I am trying my hardest to support her emotionally as she navigates this, but I often find myself frustrated with her lack of follow-through. So I guess I am curious about what I can do for me so that I can be a more supportive and empathetic partner to her in her time of unknowing.


    • Kaye says:

      Hey there Cat!
      For you I drew the Four of Bells (Swords) and XII The Hanged One from the Numinous Tarot deck (both were jumpers!). The Four of Bells suggests that perhaps you and/or your partner need to take a much needed rest after this lay-off. Take time to recuperate and rest. Now that an old way of life has stopped being a part of us, it is time to turn inward and discover new dreams. The fours are all about stability, so whether you or your partner can feel it or not, you are supported! Trust that you’re not going to be missing out on anything in this dormant period.
      Likewise, the Hanged One suggests that even in your predicament all you can do is make the best of the situation. Rather than focusing on the lay-off or your partner’s lack of follow-through, try to see the positives of the current situation. Let go of whatever preconceived notions you have, and just make the best of the current moment. What new perspectives are available to you? How are things different? How can you make the best of the current situation and opportunities?
      Overall, I would suggest that you take it easy and just enjoy the extra time you may have with your partner now. Enjoy the moment for what it is, and trust that the universe will present you will even better gifts.


    • Erika Hashi says:

      Hi, Cat!

      I drew the Ace of Pentacles reversed as a response to your question. I feel that this has to do with releasing expectations of answers and narratives that have to do with finance and opportunity. In other words, you might find peace in releasing expectations of what role you’re supposed to take in this cirucumstance. It might be your first instinct to nudge your partner towards bouncing back, but maybe it’d be easier (for both of you!) to give your partner more time and space to flow in their process, even it feels a little uncomfortable. You don’t have to be the hand coming from the clouds offering a pentacle, especially if you’re starting to feel frustrated in the process.

      I think this card encourages you to trust your partner, trust yourself (and honor your feelings), and trust in timing.

      Best of luck to both of you! I’m sending warm thoughts your way!

    • Ifé says:

      Hey cat,

      I pulled the chariot from the osho tarot which is called ‘awareness’. It shows someone’s outer tormented layer being burned away, revealing her true equanimous self. At first i thought it was a surprising réinterprétation of the chariot, but actually not so much since the chariot is about being able to move towards our true destiny because we have harnessed both our lights and shadows. Interestingly, before i pulled the card, when i read ‘i feel frustrated by her lack of follow through’ i wondered what needs of yours is unmet in the situation, causing the frustration. When i asked myself that, i will often look up a list of needs online and see which one jump out to me. This greatly raises m’y awareness of what is truly going on for me. Then i can identify something i can request from thé person that will meet m’y true needs.
      Seeing thé card, i thought this might be relevant. In short thé answer to your question would be to raise your awareness of what is truly going on for you.

  70. Kaye says:

    Hello all!

    I have been really struggling these past couple of years (haven’t we all?). The past year-and-a-half or so has been especially difficult and I can only categorize it by great loss. I had to drop out of college for financial reasons, me and my partner of five years split up, I had to move back into an un-supporting family home, I lost all of my friends through a series of fallouts, pets have passed away, and most devastatingly a beloved died by suicide. I know that all of this will only make me a new and changed person, and hopefully for the better, after all this transformation– but I just feel so broken and lost.
    My question is this: how can I recover and rebuild after this tremendous loss?

    • Erika Hashi says:


      Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve experienced a series of events that reminds me of The Tower card. My personal interpretation of your question is that you’re ready to step into The Star (post-Tower), but how can you begin to embody that space of healing? Here are the four (!) cards that flew out from my deck:

      6 of Pentacles
      4 of Pentacles
      Knight of Pentacles
      Knight of Swords

      I feel that the 6 of Pentacles is encouragement to acknowledge and embrace that it’s time for your cup to be filled – it’s your time to receive, or it’s coming soon. In the meantime, the 4 of Pentacles suggests surrendering to the fact that you’re in at time of need instead of trying to hold onto things and engage in a complicated balancing act – what would you like to let go of to make you feel lighter? What are the first steps you can take to release?

      From the knights I’m getting a sense that moving can be powerful. There’s lot of energy here. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Knight of Pentacles appears after two other Pentacles card. My interpretation of this is that you might consider directing the energy from the loss you described towards another pursuit (maybe something you’re working on?). Anger is an energy, sadness is an energy. This can be a potent time in which that energy is transformed into something you’re wanting to create. The Knight of Swords always reminds me of literal movement, so you might consider grounding through movement like walking or yoga or whatever you feel inclined to do. If that doesn’t resonate, the card at least suggests that you’re ready to go. The world is ready to receive you whenever you’re ready!

      Hugs and warm wishes from Los Angeles!

      • Kaye says:

        Thank you so much Erika!
        Your reading really reminded me of the abundance of energy I still have, and feels very validating and resonates a lot.

    • Ifé says:

      Hey Kaye,

      I feel so sorry and empathetic too, i also have lost many friends and had to go back for a while to an unsupportive family home. It really sucks!!!

      I pulled the 8 of pentacles in the fellowship of the cool, which shows someone standing, her head bent and focused on a pentacle she is painting. So i’d say a way to rebuild could be to focus on a craft, a skill that you have or want to learn and devoting yourself to it and/or creating ressources and stability for yourself. She is smiling and there is a garden behind her, indicating that pleasure and openness might come from the dedication to making progress one small concrète step at a time.

      I wish so much good things to you!

      • Kaye says:

        Thank you so much for your reading Ifé!
        While I’m certainly not glad that you have also experienced loss, it is always comforting to be reminded that we are not alone <3
        This is a great reminder to keep diving into tarot and astrology (I’m still a total newbie!) and to consider making it an even larger part of my life.

        Sending lots of gratitude and and warm wishes to you!

  71. Ifé says:

    Hi all,
    I’m loving this chance to read for others and so curious to get your insights!

    So my question…. Well honestly, i feel like shit right now. I feel weighted down by problems and systemic injustice that are beyond my capacity to fix, i feel isolated, in a maze where i cant find the exit, like im not truly in my life. I have even begun to feel apathy and blasé about my professional projet which i know to be what i want to do and had been driving me, but there are many logistigal challenges that have been preventing me from getting started, such as housing instability and not knowing how/where to set down roots.

    So, whats the next turn to get out of the maze?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Emelle says:

      Hi Ifé,

      I pulled the 7 of Swords from the Star Tarot.
      Normally the 7 of Swords reminds me that there is always a way to overcome obstacles, and that perseverance and ingenuity are the keys.
      The Star Tarot version puts a spiritual spin on this concept. It not only tells us that we can use our mind to cut through confusion and nut out a solution to our problems, it also speaks of uniting the mental and spiritual for true success.
      The card features a majestic white stag which symbolises the spiritual.

      To clarify, I pulled The Empress card. I feel as though your creative side is being somewhat stifled by the mental confusion that you’re experiencing. If there is a creative outlet which you have been neglecting recently, I’d like to suggest you revisit it. When we allow ourselves to be creative just for the hell of it, with no preconceived notions of what to expect from it, it allows the subconscious to speak more clearly. Solutions to problems can surface with less resistance from the conscious mind.

      Overall, I think that by feeling so confused and scattered, your higher self feels hamstrung in its efforts to help. By being creative, and putting your fears aside for even a short time, it will allow your subconscious to speak more clearly and send you the “aha” moments you need to move forward with more clarity.

      I also feel that by mid 2019 you will have put down roots and will be feeling much more stable.

      The Universe wants me to remind you that you are never alone. Ever. You are loved and appreciated.

      Many blessings

  72. Erika Hashi says:

    Hi, everyone!

    I’m looking to compost some bad work habits this year mostly in the way of procrastination. I’ve been aware of this problem for about a year and trying to let it go, so my question for everyone is what block is keeping me from moving forward and doing my best at work?

    Thank you in advance for your love and kindness!

    • Kaye says:

      Hey Erika!
      For you I received three jumpers! From the Numinous Tarot:

      Explorer of Candles (Knight of Wands)
      Three of Candles (Wands)
      Six of Candles (Wands)

      Well now, it certainly seems that there is some sort of passion lying within you!! Your question makes me think of you as the figure in the Four of Cups. Just sort of stuck in a “blah” head-space. Many of us often find ourselves in this position, and it can certainly feel tricky to find our way out! Given your current situation, I think that the Explorer invites you to look in to what your true passions and desires are. This Explorer is brave and courageous and passionate, but only for the things they hold dear to their heart. If you aren’t living in line with that, I would suggest a serious reassessment of your field of work.
      With the Three of Wands, we are reminded of the vastness of the opportunities that lay ahead of us. If you don’t feel that spark of motivation, where can you go to find it? Pay attention to what’s around you and look for ways to expand your mind and body. This card can often indicate some sort of travel. If this is possible, then I suggest you do so! If not, then maybe create a “new” environment by changing up the way your desk is organized, your professional appearance, or even just approach your work methods in a different way.
      Finally, with the Six of Wands we have reason to celebrate. Have confidence that this feeling will pass! You will resolve whatever internal conflicts you have and find love and support from those around you. Conversely, maybe you aren’t giving yourself enough credit for the work you’ve already done. Take some time to pat yourself on the back and reward yourself for your accomplishments. Carrying on when you are in a weird mental space is an accomplishment in itself!!

      I wish you lots of joy, luck, and inspiration!

    • Maria Holland says:

      Hi Erika,
      I drew the Hermit for you from The Linestrider – a beautiful card with a bear heading I think for hibernation. And since you mention composting, the bear is covered with autumn leaves. This card is often about introspection and perhaps is telling you that one reason you havent moved forward is that you are not quite ready and need to spend some time thinking about a plan for the future. It is also about nurturing yourself – perhaps you are being too critical about your need for change and need some self-love and consideration about what role the practices you wish to change are really playing for you at work and focus on why you feel the drive to change and what you need to grow and thrive (the strengths and positives rather than the negatives) which will then have a positive impact. I hope this is useful. It is always tough to move forward.

  73. Jenn says:

    I am so grateful for this thread! And I have really appreciated this space over the past years. A truly heartfelt thank you.

    My question is: After going through some transformative and destructive times I am just starting to see the glimmers of a new phase. I feel clear that changing where I live is an important part of whatever might come next but in most areas of my life (personal, work, financial) I am not yet prepared to do this. How can I focus my energy to welcome the new place?

  74. Ailsa says:

    Hi Jenn,
    I pulled Queen of Pentacles for you from the Dark Days tarot. I’m no pro reader but it speaks to me greatly on an intuitive level: the Queen is holding – gentle yet strong – with feather-winged arms a circular, star-filled egg which feels like pure potential. There is space around this egg – it is not being squeezed tightly but is protected&safe. There is tenderness, patience. The star-filled egg containing the pentacles reminded me straight away of a star-topped yurt (which is my own favourite dwelling space), and the womb-like feeling of nurture&protection being in a circular space gives. Not saying you should live in a yurt (necessarily!), there is some message about holding yourself gently&taking time for dreaming in your perfect home, which may currently be a little mysterious like the star inside an apple. Emily Mundy’s words in the deck name this Queen as a ‘symbol of perseverance and security’ and an indicator of your ability to be ‘practical and nurturing with your earthly resources’. I imagined it might be helpful for you to draw a circle with a star/pentacle in and write qualities of the home you would love by each of the star’s points, inside the circle, then imagining holding this and nurturing it into being, trusting the time for practical action will show itself. X

    • Jenn says:

      Ailsa, this is an amazing reading. I love the image + suggestion of the star inside an apple. Thank you <3

  75. Maria Holland says:

    I am really struggling with my partner right now. We seem to be in an endless cycle of pushing and pulling against each other with misunderstanding and misaligned desires for the future. I dont want to end my relationship which has so much good in it in other areas, but just find ways to achieve more peace and harmony.

  76. louisetrueheart says:

    Hey Maria,

    I’m sorry to hear you are having a hard time with your partner! I pulled the Hermit for you, from the Medicine Woman Tarot. To me, this card indicates that the place you need to go for peace and harmony is inside yourself. Sometimes problems with partners can take up so much headspace, making it impossible to see things clearly. I suggest having some gentle tender time with your own inner landscape, as a healing practice, a moment that your partner has nothing to do with, like a boundary, and as a moment of pause before you make a decision.

    My question: my partner and I are long distance and have been for two years (Berlin/Tel Aviv). We manage the situation pretty well, and our relationship is strong, loving, supportive, communicative. In some ways it’s a good arrangement for me because I need a lot of space and am pretty independent (sagittarius!). However, I feel a sense of doom – like we will never really be able to be in each other’s daily lives and that it will ultimately become a very big problem. I want to get a dog and not spend tons of money on flights all the time, you know? But love is so amazing and grounding!! I want to end this distance, but I don’t know how. How?

    • Hey louisetrueheart!
      For you I drew Art, from Thea’s tarot – this card corresponds to the Hanged Man. While you feel in limbo and that things are frustratingly ‘not moving’, everything is in fact in flux, there is change and growth even in the stillness of things apparently staying the same. It is good, of course, to think of the future and what you want, but for the remainder of this year at least, work on being super, super present with what is right now, observing what is shifting for both of you and within your relationship. Practice meditation, journalling, showing up for each other without expectation – the soft and still activities that bring you into the present moment. Try not to let you brain lead you to angst and overthinking, and try not to focus on the future for now. The answer to this will come, but it will be slowly, subtly – through stillness activities such as meditation, awareness, and real presence, rather than through pushing at it.

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