Whoop! SIX fabulous new writers joining the LRT team!

I have a very exciting announcement.

Not one, not two, not three but six wonderful new writers have recently joined the Little Red Tarot team. 

Six! I know! What what?

With so many of our regular team taking a break just now, I thought summer was gonna be quiii-et.

But no. No no.

For the record, I wasn’t actually trying to, like, double the LRT team here. It was more that, well, everyone showed up at once. So here we all are!

Astrologer Luke Dani Blue and therapist/life-coach/activist Traci Medeiros-Bagan are coming on board long-term with monthly columns. Wren McMurdo wants to share new moon magic. Plus, Abbie Plouff, Anna Wong and Ileana Hang are each here with a new mini-series. We’ve got astrology. We’ve got self-care. We’ve got crystal magic. We’ve got intuition-meets-Aspergers, and yes, you guessed it… we’ve got Nordic witchcraft.

Read on to meet five of our new writers and hear a little about their forthcoming columns (and don’t forget to leave some love and encouragement in the comments!)

Luke Dani Blue

Hi! I’m Luke Dani Blue, or just Luke. I’m a fiction writer and accidental nomad currently based out of Alberta, Canada. I’m also a typical Capricorn does-it-count-as-workaholism-if-i-love-it? workaholic, so when I’m not writing, I’m astrologizing!

Astrology found me around 15 years ago. It was the first language that described who I was and helped untangle the most private, difficult parts of my experience. Most of my days now are spent counseling astrology clients all around the world (via the miracle of the internet) about the good and hard stuff going on their lives. You can also find fun (yet accurate) writing and videos about the lighter side of astrology at my website, Seagoat Astrology.

My Little Red Tarot column is going to focus on my favorite topic: LOVE. Love, in all its permutations. Self-love, toxic love, BFF love, break-ups, falling in love, partnership, commitment, polyamory, sex, getting old together, intimacy ISSUES and reasons no one should ever date anyone. (I’m mostly kidding on that last one. Or am I??) Read it to hear super, duper accurate descriptions of yourself, your loved ones and that bastard [insert your ex’s sign here] you just can’t get over. Also, it’s gonna be so gay you have to wear sequins just to read it.

Luke’s column starts on Wednesday!

Traci Medeiros-Bagan

My little dragon helping me pull tarot..

Hi there Little Red Tarot Readers!

It’s so nice to “meet” all of you! My name is Traci (She/They). I’m a queer vegetarian femme-inist of color with a busy therapy and life coaching private practice in Southern California, and a yoga practice which is a little dustier than I’d like it to be. Aside from always being in search of balance and self-growth, I’m also a proud parent to a senior grumpy cat, a shy but dapper tuxedo cat, a very rambunctious dragon kitten, and a charmingly stinky old cuddle monster of a pup. All of which are likely to make appearances here in my column! I was lucky enough to find myself in the company of some very wise tarot readers several years back who were kind enough to share their practice with me. I snagged a Collective Tarot Deck while they were still available, instantly fell in love, and the rest is queer processing history. I look to my decks for clarity, guidance, and to ground me in an intentional practice. My tarot education is more experience and feeling than traditional, but I wholeheartedly believe in what pulling tarot can offer us if we’re open to it, and the radical nature of being able to access this process ourselves!

My new column Sunday Spread: Simple Tips for Not So Simple Lives will be a once-monthly offering with this belief at its core! We all live complicated lives at many different intersections. We struggle with different challenges and celebrate different triumphs. We all sometimes feel a little lost, ungrounded, and lacking in direction. It’s my belief that sometimes the best healing is the simplest and the most accessible. That’s why a potluck brunch with your friends is the best medicine they don’t carry at any pharmacy! So on the first Sunday of each month, I’ll share a small “spread” of self-care ideas, intentions, and rituals to sink fully into this beautiful chaos we call life. I hope you’ll join me at this Sunday healing gathering. All are welcome! No experience needed!

Traci’s column begins on the first Sunday in August. Meanwhile, you can catch her on Twitter @CompassionateR1 or on their blog.

Abbie Plouff

I (she/her/hers) am a multipassionate witch. By day, my career is in environmental policy. By night, I am a professional witch. I live in northern Minnesota, on the shores of Lake Superior. I’ve been a practicing witch for almost 15 years, and have been studying and reading tarot for 12. About three years ago, my relationship to tarot shifted. Through opening up and talking more with other people who do tarot, and through getting more involved in the online tarot/witch community, my witchcraft shifted to a more daily practice. I started to draw daily cards, and it became a bigger part of my life. I opened up Northern Lights Witch to share my love and knowledge of all things tarot and witchcraft with others. But over the last year of Northern Lights Witch, my focus has expanded. I’ll be branching out into offering more information and services about witchcraft specifically.

I got the amazing opportunity to spend two months in Norway last summer and connect with the land of my ancestors. I’ve been called to study and learn more about Norse mythology, practices, runes, and magick. The column here is all about sharing this! I will be sharing my journey with you as I dig into my ancestry, learn how to use the runes in magick and divination, and find the divine feminine in Norse tradition. I have resisted Norse traditions for a long time, for various reasons (which I’ll touch on in my first column), but when Odin shows up in your kitchen, you best serve him some mead.

I would love to get to know you! Hit me up on Twitter @northlightwitch or Instagram @northern.lights.witch.

Abbie’s column will be starting in a few weeks’ time.

Anna Wong

Hello all of you glories out there – my name is Anna Wong and I am pretty dang effusively grateful to be joining the Little Red Tarot team!

As a jewelry designer and writer based out of Vancouver (Canada), I am very much into the symbolism and psychology behind both tarot and the subject of my forthcoming articles: crystals. My obsession with rocks has seen me through a misspent youth (cutting classes or avoiding my parents by lurking in metaphysical and crystal shops) to a gleeful adulthood of working rock and gem shows and taking up metal-smithy in order to drape myself in ALL the stones. I am looking forward to communicating some insider knowledge to guard and guide you in the sometimes murky market of crystal shopping, and sharing some thoughts and ideas about what you can do with these beautiful objects once you’ve got them.

Crystals and tarot are a natural pairing for me, as I feel tarot is all about exploring the deepest and most inaccessible parts of ourselves – while those are exactly the types of places where these stunning creations are formed in the earth. I’ve always felt an intuitive dialogue between the two – spoken in both the symbols of the cards and the infinite variations of minerals. I absolutely cannot wait to explore this twin language with all of you – the amazing and inclusive LRT community.

Anna’s column starts next week! Meanwhile, you can catch her on Instagram, Tumblr, or visit her Etsy store.

Wren McMurdo

Blessings, LTR readers! My name is Wren McMurdo and I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. I’m the creator and illustrator of the Dark Days Tarot, a dark-moon-themed deck. I use Tarot as a metaphysical safe space for developing bravery. Find me @darkdaystarot on Instagram or at darkdaystarot.com.

I’ll be posting a dark moon column for LTR, featuring a pull from the Dark Days Tarot deck, blending Tarot inspiration with astrological cues. The dark moon offers energy that encourages truth-telling and depth of emotion. Thus, staying alert of these darker days can be deeply reviving.

Wren’s column will begin just before the next dark moon (this weekend). The Dark Days Tarot is available in the Little Red Tarot Shop, or direct from Wren!

Please leave some support and encouragement in the comments!

Meet our whole gorgeous magical team right over here. Want to write for Little Red Tarot? Check out this page.

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    • Beth says:

      Yay! We rarely talk about crystals here – I’m excited about Anna’s approach and the gems (pun intended) she’s gonna share 🙂

  1. Ladyfrany says:

    oh those writers seem all great ! such promising stuff ! I’m really impatient to read their articles here 🙂

  2. This is amazing! with every single introduction I got more and more excited about reading their columns and contributions! Such beautiful people to share this space on the interwebs that you carved out with Beth.

  3. Dana says:

    So beyond excited to hear from all of these amazing people!! Little Red Tarot has very quickly become a one-stop shop for gorgeous prose and life lessons of all sorts. I can’t wait to read more! <3

  4. Meghan says:

    Oh man. All of these sound fascinating, and it’s so cool to recognise a few of the writers as well from following them outside LRT. It’s like all my faves are showing up at the same party!

  5. Kim says:

    Fabulous new columnists! I’m looking forward to all of your articles as well as exploring everyone’s websites.

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