MOONWORK: somatic practice for queers

Heads up, queer family and friends! The wonderful Hannah Harris-Sutro has just launched beautiful and much-needed class called MOONWORK: somatic practice for queers. The first cohort begins 25th September. Below, Hannah shares a personal take on the class and what it’s all about.

Cards from the Collective Tarot

The moon felt like an anchor:

a way to fall into a collective rhythm of work, support, and practice, in relationship with all that is alive, while leaving a vast space for people’s own lineages of spiritual practice and cultural protocol to come into play. And the moon felt like the tides, always changing and in relationship to the weather.

This paradox, anchor and tides in one, is the fulcrum MOONWORK teaches how to embody, the resilient and trusting relationship to transformation that we need for healing: for our own lives and bodies to be impacted by our interdependence, and for our embodiment to create ripple effects through our relationships and communities, ripple effects that echo our ethics and commitments.

Here at the new moon, I invite you to consider: what is my relationship to change?

Is it easy or stressful? How agile and adaptable am I? How much of my life aligns with my deepest desires? How able am I to act according to my internal compass, that lodestone turning always to the north star of truth, the complexities and contradictions of an integrated reality?

Cards from the Numinous Tarot

What I am teaching through MOONWORK is somatics for loving resilience, which supports our searching and our becoming and our creation, of many different types.

I am offering tools for moving joyfully with endings which are always beginnings, which is another way of saying change. Change is the core answer to “Why somatics?”: because change is happening, relentlessly, and the more skill we have at moving with and around change, the more agile we are in our agency. When we are skilled at change, when our bodies open up to and process change with resilience, we cannot help but align more fully with our ethics, our commitments, and our desires. We cannot help but meet the true limitations of our capacity with care and creativity. What would be different in your life if change were easier, if conflict, internal and external, were opportunity? What would be different if you were intimate with your true limits? What would be different if you were right-sized in your power?

Somatics is a practice of the body as a whole, as more than the sum of its parts, as vessel of memory, story, image, gesture, movement, pattern, sensation, breath, and meaning. To practice somatics, we need only have a body. We do not have to love our bodies unconditionally, though somatic practice supports such love. We do not have to feel our bodies easily or all the time, though somatic practice increases presence. My lineages of somatics are many, but primarily two: Somatic Experiencing’s gentle trauma-healing and nervous system regulation, and my mentor Vanissar Tarakali’s decades of politicized somatic practice including generative somatics, which has taught me some ways to map internalized dominance and oppression, and to unwind these shapes within our beings.

MOONWORK is a practice of making home in self, others, and the present moment, as perfect-for-now experiences that include past and future.

MOONWORK is a celebration and exploration of cyclical time. It is a practice of transformation. It’s a practice of change as generative and reliable, a practice of power as a vector of impact. It’s a way to feel more, without overwhelm. It’s a negotiation of community as care and nurturance, a constellation of communication grounded in capacity and clarity. It’s a practice of commitment and desire that is tangibly backed up by your way of being and doing in this world. It’s an engagement with shadow and shame that is accountable and liberatory, that supports sustainable action instead of collapse and denial. It is shedding. It is, above all, an emergent/emerging practice of the body as brilliant, wise, and worthy tool to cultivate loving resilience.

Cards from the Collective Tarot

In more practical terms, MOONWORK is an ongoing online somatic practice group for queers.

We will orbit the moon’s phases through a loose thematic pattern of the body’s three dimensions, and sessions will include solo & group somatic practice, 1:1 coaching, and mini-lessons. Each season (every three months), participants will have the opportunity to reflect on & redefine their commitments to their work within this space. Though participants may leave the group at any time, new participants will only be added at the start of a season, and my intention is to work intimately and deeply, in months and years rather than weeks.

As a new offering, grounded in emergence and resilient change, it is likely that the structure of MOONWORK will expand &/or shift over time. The core is strong and clear; the rest is adaptable, responsive cocreation. There will be more to this offering than our three group practice sessions per month, but I am waiting for you to show me what you need before deciding what “more” will be. MOONWORK is a space where all of my skillsets and toolkits over the last 12+ years of study & practice are available to you. The breadth of my learning & teaching spans trauma healing, somatic and movement practices of many types, nervous system health and resilience, tarot, birth work, yoga, writing and writing workshops, queer and femme and leather lineage/ancestry including antiracist/race traitor white dykes, mad pride/liberatory approaches to mental health, boundaries and consent, shadow/shame work, chosen family and polyamory and non-monogamy, and an ongoing question: “How do we embody and act from our power with integrity?”

To find out more about MOONWORK:

I invite you to check out my website at and/or my Instagram @bodywitchery to learn more, and to join me for a free MOONWORK group practice and Q&A on Friday, September 14th from 4:30 – 6:00 pm EST.

About Hannah

Hannah Harris-Sutro is a queer leatherfemme writer and somatics practitioner/facilitator who lives and makes family as a white settler of German Jewish & gentile, Scottish, and English descent in Tiohtià:ke, a meeting place of many nations on land whose traditional caretakers are the Kanien’kehá:ka, past, present, and future.

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    love this article. totally relate. Especially Moon shining light on my shadows. I am looking at my own shadows. I have invited my shadows, making friends with them

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