March Sunday Spread | Crystal Unicorn Tarot deck review

Hello, darling magical Little Red Tarot community!

Welcome to March! The days are getting longer and we’re starting to tiptoe our way towards spring! As a self-proclaimed self-care pusher, I take my winter hibernation very seriously, but the temperate weather and warm sun have been calling me out from under the covers and cups of warm tea. I’m ready for a little more moving and shaking. On my list, this year has been calling healing back into my life in an intentional way. I’ve been adding in small practices to get me back into a routine of ritual and presence, and have generally been keeping my eyes open to catch glimpses of the sparkling underbelly of kindness and connection. Some call this gratitude, I like to think of it as evidence of our communal magic.

Just as I was blazing through work emails and thinking about wanting to make space for these things, a note popped in about reviewing a new deck by Pamela Chen, “clairvoyant, a friend of the Unicorns, and a crystal intuitive”.

The Crystal Unicorn Tarot deck review

Deck: Crystal Unicorn Tarot (2.75” x 4.75”)

Included: Hard box and guidebook

Creator: Pamela Chen

Illustrated: Lisa Higuchi

Graphics/Calligraphy: Karina Cometa

Instagram: @lunaprosperity

I’m going to be honest, this deck had me at “Crystal Unicorn” – but aside from my affinity for mythical creatures, this deck has so much wisdom to offer. The Crystal Unicorn Tarot deck is filled with images as colorful and magical as their creator. It holds the classical 78 cards without any of the titles changed.

It also includes a guidebook with short interpretations of the tarot imagery and added crystal/stone interpretations. I’ll always have a preference for decks that come with guidebooks. This is partially because I’m no expert tarot scholar and reading different interpretations helps me learn more about tarot. However, maybe even more importantly, I love to hear what the creator has to say about each card. I sometimes think that my pull starts when I decide what deck I want to use for a particular inquiry, knowing that each deck will have a little something different to offer me.

There are several things I LOVE about this deck, especially, as it relates to our little community here on the Sunday Spread! However, the first and foremost is the intersection of depth and accessibility in this deck. Based on the classic Rider-Waite but with a sparkly unicorn twist, it gives the user the opportunity to link into traditional meanings without getting overwhelmed in too much detail. Also, while there is the traditional use of binary gendered Kings and Queens, there’s also something magically queer about them represented as pink and lavender bedazzled unicorns! The symbolism is clear yet profound. The cartoonish unicorns don’t take themselves too seriously, but their messages pack a major punch. And, as someone just starting to delve into the world of crystal magic, Pamela’s extra insight and about stones and energy is an added bonus!

Secondly, as related to Little Red Tarot’s site-wide goals of an alternative approach to tarot, it’s hard not to love a deck that invites the user in with so much warmth and all-encompassing lightness. It’s a good reminder that tarot doesn’t have to be all about the work and the study. Commitment to practice will always help with development but sometimes it’s about feeling comfortable to just dive in and believe in the magic. There’s more than one way to get where we want to be!

Beyond the literal aspects of the deck, I love the way that Chen discusses the creation of the deck and how she did it, because it was something she didn’t see out in the world and wanted. She talks about the importance of connecting to a deck and how these were images she felt connected to. I  think this feels clear in the way you’re invited in to share the creator’s passion for unicorns and crystals. And I can’t even count how many times I’ve encouraged my own magical queer unicorn clients and community to go create and be the positive reflections they don’t see represented in the world around them! I often think about tarot as a DIY kind of processing and healing. It has traditional practices and meanings but it also invites the practitioner to have agency in their experience. Tarot gives us loose guidance but encourages us to imagine and create our own paths, and this deck inspires no less!

Imagine, Sparkle, & Manifest Spread

With this deck and my post-hibernation intentions in mind, I wanted to offer a spread to lead us back to our inherent magic. Chen invites us to “Imagine, Sparkle, and Manifest” with two pulls offered in the guidebook that comes along with the deck – and I’d like to offer one more for March’s Sunday Spread.

There are lots of different ways to think about and define magic. I often think of magic as intention made manifest through vision and ritual. However, like many things simple in concept, I think this can be quite complicated and challenging in practice. Sometimes we need something to point us (pun totally intended) in the right direction. I thought The Crystal Unicorn Tarot deck would be the perfect deck to help me find my way back to some magic, and I hope this spread will help you do the same!

Clear and shuffle as you always do. I cut my deck in thirds three times for each piece of inquiry. Then cut one more time and, pulling from the top, set your top three cards down starting closest to you and moving further away. Since Pamela also offers some crystal wisdom, I invite you to add this to your practice as well. Perhaps think about the energy you’re trying to nurture through this process. Is there a stone that represents this for you? Place this stone close to you and think about what you’re asking of it as you shuffle. This will serve as the base for your ‘unicorn horn’ to point you in the direction you need to go!

Card 1 Imagine: This first card represents what you need to build a solid foundation for your journey. It might answer with some wisdom about where you’re at or where you need to be. This card is about vision and clarity. We can’t move forward until we feel grounded and clear about where are.

Card 2 Sparkle: This is our action card! What kind of movement do we need to get where we want to go?

Card 3 Manifest: This card gives us wisdom and encouragement for where we want to get to. Once we’ve linked back into our magic what might we have to look forward to? Where might we be taken if we lean into the ride?

I hope that you will check out the Crystal Unicorn Tarot and think about whether it feels like a good to fit to add to your own magic toolkits! I want to thank Pamela Chen for her passion, vision, and wisdom!

To imagining, sparkling, and manifesting!



~~The crowdfunded deck went live on 2/27/18 and can be found HERE! Come and get it, unicorns!~~

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      Hey Lindsay! I work on a super limited budget in the shop and bring things in with a mixture of intuition, personal passion and popular demand! Lots of folks have enquired about this deck and it’s high up on my list. Sorry I can’t make a clearer yes or no right now – it’s a ‘hopefully soon!’

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