Many Moons | Tarotscopes for the September Full Moon

Illustration by Sarah Gottesdiener

Monday, September 24th,we have our Harvest Full Moon.

This weekend, in the Northern Hemisphere, is the autumnal equinox – it is the spring equinox if you are in the Southern hemisphere. Wiccans and some Pagans also observe Mabon (or Ostara, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) on this day, a time to give thanks under the last harvest of the Witch’s Wheel of the Year. The Equinox is a balance between dark and light, and we observe the full spectrum of light and shadows in the source aspects in our own lives.

We are a couple of days into Libra season, so this Full Moon is in Aries. To perpetuate evolution, some of us need to be looking at the past. Some of us need to be focused on the future. All of us would benefit from examining the meaning that we make of our lives, together and apart.

Below are tarotscopes based off a one card pull for each sign. They are meant to be used for guidance and insight. Read for your sun, moon, and rising, or with what resonates. Each pull also has a song link for more inspiration. Happy Full Moon!


Knight of Pentacles

Aries, last month brought new forms of commitment and continued focus. Quite frankly, now that you are free from it, the entire summer, might have been an arduous process of differentiating the past from the present. There might have been paperwork to fill out, boundaries that had to be developed, and a lot, lot lot of wrapping up on the cosmic plane, and/or in the material realm. Now, you can focus more on where you are going. Your health plays a factor in all of this as well. Fertilizing your roots yields more growth over time. This Full Moon finds you getting even more serious, namely about your identity in career, your money, and your magic. Have you been compartmentalizing those things? Define what exactly you believe you can achieve. Lay out how your spiritual values can support what you do on this earth, for this earth. The spiritual is material. What you go after at this time, using discipline and dedication can end up flourishing—so long as you are as well.



Beautiful dreamer, your heart has been open this whole time. You’ve always been willing to share, to give, and transform the pain into gifts—or at least, lessons. Not everyone in your world has always been able to understand this, but this Full Moon time isn’t about everyone else. It is about you having the courage to delve the depths of your own heart and what your heart needs. This whole summer you’ve been coming back to your natural talents. You’ve been experimenting with what you need to feel whole, again, and again, and again. Through disappointments, through seemingly endless hiccups and molasses moments of waiting, what you continued to develop was the articulation of what was most important to your heart. Through victories, through patience, and new softness, what is awakening, more and more, are the most free and untamed parts of your self. Can you listen to the songs of those stirrings, can you obey the opera of your fierce desires? When you are acting from your heart-led intuition, you are simply unstoppable. At this Full Harvest Moon, call in all you have been wanting by practicing loving as much as you can. Remember that an army of lovers cannot fail.


Six of Pentacles Reversed 

Twin Star, the feels around this Full Moon may be in the key of an inner conflict. Giving yourself a teeny, tiny bit more C-R-E-D-I-T is the first suggestion. You have accomplished SO MUCH in a short period of time – even just the last six months! If you were to write it all out you hopefully would agree it is truly remarkable. All of the rest of things you still wish to do, accomplish, and experience will happen – in due time. For the love of the Goddess, take a moment to revel in the present. The second suggestion is to pay yourself more. Give yourself and your employees a raise. Put more in savings each month, if you work for someone else, or plan to ask for a raise, or look for a job that will pay you more. You are in a period of real expansion and growth – even if you feel unsure and afraid on some level. Changing what you want, how much you want, and where you want it is completely normal. Allowing your life to be even more impactful, even more abundant, all starts with acknowledging how much of a powerhouse you are. This is also a time for you to reconsider if you are spending the hours of your day in alignment with what is going to give you the most longterm enjoyment and material success. It is ok to scale back in one area so that another can flourish. It might also be a phase of realizing that a lot of your definitions of success include others – caring for them, nurturing them, and serving the greater collective. Remember that this is all a process. You can pause as you redefine and refine your various roles. This is a Full Moon that asks you to claim and name your own power. Accept and enjoy that you are becoming a truly masterful magician.


Two of Wands Reversed

Cancer, you are just about to see some profound external movement, after what feels like a summer of inertia and inner reflection. Now, with the 2 of Wands, the energy of change is on the horizon. There may have been new ideas bubbling. Why have they been put on the back burner? Are you afraid of not knowing where they will take you? Intuitively, you know you are changing, you know that exciting opportunities are on their way, and that is a little bit scary—especially because it may force you to be more public, or more seen. You will be going to different places and meeting new people. It is ok to be afraid of the unknown. It is not ok to resist your own growth. In a very short time, these inspiring energies will come out and shape where you are going for the rest of the year. Moonchild, you must make the choice to get out of your own way. You are about to travel further than you ever have into your own unique imagination. There are new aspects of yourself that are brewing in your cauldron : experimental adventurer, extroverted leader, importer and exporter of ideas and ingenuity. Follow the threads of your inspiration and cast a Full Moon spell that includes you as the navigator on a ship of your creation.


Nine of Cups

Wish fulfillment is a funny thing. When we don’t have what we want, it is very easy to imagine how getting what we want would cure everything. When we get what we want, we realize, that there is only more yearnings out there to hunger for. We might get caught up on different demands vying for our attention. We also realize, that if we’ve been focusing more attention on the external, that gaining superficial success rarely helps us heal internal wounds or solace our inner child. This year so far, you spent much of your time working quite hard in the external realm, and you’ve gotten results. It may be time to shift focus a bit, and really summon the qualities of that which will make you happy internally. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Integrate what your emotional body needs as you continue to move forward on what your ego deems valuable. The 9 of Cups wants to shower you with contentment from the inside out. Create a wish fulfillment blueprint for the next few weeks where you can enjoy flowing through the rivers and lakes of your soul.


Knight of Wands

YES. YES. YES. Virgo, at this Full Moon, let yourself say hell yes to pleasure. This Full Moon, orgasms are important. So are delicious oils and perfumes, hors d’oeuvres for no reason at all for no one but you on a random weeknight, long moments with fresh rosemary held up to your nose, and stretching your body across pillows and tennis balls. Get embodied, and get out there. Your work right now is to pollinate: your ideas, your impulses, your intuition. It doesn’t have to be perfect. For the next few weeks, there could be a lot of lessons learned by making a juicy mess first. Make a pleasure practice. Experience different vantage points by traveling to them. If there are important messages you need to express in the key of YES, this is the Full Moon that is all ears.


Ace of Cups 

Dear Libra, this Full Moon brings you a message of love. Love that feels messy and glorious all in the same moment. Love that feeds your perspective through freely flowing tears. This season, your season, can find you coming into a vast realm of self-awareness and spiritual awakening. It won’t be tied up in a bow, or make for a stunning photo, but the experiences, and insights that you are creating have the potential to open up new portals of sustenance for you, and your community. Give yourself time space for downloads. Stretch out into all the ways that loving yourself in spite of pain, mistakes, or imperfections is also a prayer to love deeper and more humbly than you ever have. Meditate on your whole, broken heart and see what messages are delivered to you. As Leonard Cohen reminds us, “The dove is never free.”


King of Pentacles

Hurray, Scorpio, huzzah! The King of Pentacles is here to remind that what you are making is manifesting. You are expanding, and what actions you take over the next month in the realm of the tangible will get you rewards. Want to help other make sense of their lives? Then help others make sense of their lives. Want to make boatloads of money through your passions? Then make boatloads of money through your passions. The King of Pentacles reminds us that there is no try  there is only do.  What you are doing now is creating a legacy in the world. Get a plan you believe in and invest in yourself.


Six of Wands

This Full Moon finds some message around promotions. You have recently achieved something beautiful by grace. The grace that comes with harmony, with sticking to your course, and with collaborating with spirit. What makes this positive development even sweeter, is that it was attained by doing it your way.  Whatever is unfolding for you during this next phase of your evolution is being created in beautiful alignment of your ideals, your values, who you are, and what you wish to contribute to your community. It might have been hard to stay on your path, there might have been ego show downs, there might have been so, so many ways to quit. Use this new position you are in to remind you that this the way you will be continuing to live your life, as it is the only way. Let this be a Full Moon of celebration and culmination. If your goals are still yet to be made tangible, this is the Full Moon to give your SELF a promotion, first. Your mindset needs to be in accordance with where you are going. Don’t pick unnecessary fights, and act as an embodiment of your highest ideals at this time. If there is still a ways to go, at this Full Moon, recognize your doubt as a distraction that you release every time you glide closer to the flickering flame of your most creative expression.


The High Priestess

Capricorn, if you’ve been doing the work of touching base with your intuition then the messages and insights are most likely flowing towards you like honey. Sometimes you have the tendency to compartmentalize between work and personal life, casual relationships and intimate partners. The High Priestess card at this time is asking you to bring magic and ritual into the every day. See every interaction, every transaction, every chore, and every conversation as holy. As your external world is blooming go behind the veil to dance with your psyche into the unknown. Let yourself descend. Meditate, draw, paint, gaze into a bowl of water in the dark and see what messages you receive. What you find will facilitate more emotional healing as you soften into more self-trust.


The Wheel of Fortune

Aquarius, buckle your safety belt, the next time period you are stepping into is going to be an interesting ride! Some people love roller coasters. Some people love getting lost. It is an experience that sprinkles some adventure our way. These are ways to feel more alive. The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most intriguing cards in the deck as it tells us that yes, change is coming, and we might not be able to know how or when. It is also a card that reminds us that heavily enacting control is not going to be the best course of action. As you go upside down, right side round, come back to your center. Remind yourself of what makes you feel alive and what wheels you are consciously choosing to put your hands behind. What you focus on will grow. Look to serendipity and coincidences as wheel greasers. Let the universe deliver you some clues as what fortune is about to transpire.


The Moon

Pisces, the Moon Card pulled for a Full Moon is an auspicious card indeed. This is the card that corresponds to your sign. It is a message about healing through transformation. This Full Moon is asking you to take a truthful look at the stories of your life. There are some glaring patterns – many stemming from hurt, from distrust, and from self-doubt. We can turn our pain into power. We can turn the suffering into stories, and share them in ways that others will feel less alone. Swim back to the beauty of yourself under the light of this Full Moon. An entirely different life is unfolding as soon as you finally decide to let go of the old.

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